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2016 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $580.91 Million

(up 0.3% year-over-year)


January was a slow start for the market. The comparatives were distorted a number of ways; the previous year had Loot Crate sales included, whereas January 2016 also included a lot of volume that came from publishers deep-discounting graphic novels. February's sales were also slow. March sales recovered ground lost earlier in the year with strong orders for graphic novels.

April started off the second quarter on a down note as the month faced tough comparatives versus the best month of 2015; Black Panther #1 topped a quarter million copies to become the year's biggest seller to date. May saw the launches of DC Rebirth and Civil War II, but the real impact of the events wasn't felt until June, which was the strongest month in the business to that date in dollar terms in the Diamond Exclusive Era.

July saw the Rebirth event expand into multiple DC titles, allowing the publisher to take the top slot in market share for the first time in three years. The $2.99 price of the relaunch's titles contributed to the best month for comics unit sales since 1997. August was a blockbuster month, with Diamond shipping more than 10 million copies for the first time in the Diamond Exclusive Era. Rebirth continued being the top draw in September.

October saw the first Loot Crate book of the year, Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #1, top the charts, just above the first issue of Champions. November's sales were off considerably in total, with a huge number of graphic novel releases unable to offset a smaller slate of comics.

— John Jackson Miller

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