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2017 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for Diamond's Comics,
Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year through AUGUST

around $347.67 Million

(down 10.47% year-over-year)


2017 started out slightly off in a January that saw Marvel offer a 10% overship on its entire new comics line. February brought Image's 25th anniversary, and its 25-cent Walking Dead issue which sold more than 750,000 copies. In March, a $9.99 Amazing Spider-Man issue became the most expensive comic book ever to top the charts, helping to close out the quarter just 3% off the previous year's pace.

Marvel's slow start to 2017 worsened in April as Secret Empire #0 released; while the market as a whole was down year-to-date, the market not including Marvel was up. Both Marvel and the market excluding Marvel were up in May, which, having an extra week than the same month the previous year, provided a welcome rebound. Those gains were given back in a weak June, which was up against the best month in 20 years.

By July, the slowdown accelerated, with DC joining Marvel in being behind its 2016 pace due to comparsions with the previous year's Rebirth launch. In August the comparatives were at their toughest, but DC released the best-selling issue of the year thus far in Dark Nights: Metal #1.


The following figures are not from an end-of-year release by Diamond, but they do combine the estimates for each of Diamond's monthly reports provided thus far in 2017 to provide a projected Top 10 for the year. As such, they will not represent the final orders for each issue for the year, as only some months' reorders are included: only those months in which a reordered book made the Top 300. Furthermore, the final figures are not known for issues with asterisks; those issues had their orders reduced by 10% to account for returnability, and their final numbers may be lower or higher than those seen here. Variant-priced collector's editions of books are fused in the rankings below. Final-order rankings for the year may differ.

Items marked with asterisks had reported orders reduced by 10% to account for returnability.
The links lead to current auctions for each issue on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsReleaseComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
1Aug-17Dark Nights Metal1$4.99DC261,997
2Jun-17Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man1$4.99Marvel231,566
3Apr-17Batman (plus Lenticular Ed.)21$3.99DC219,472
4May-17Batman (plus Lenticular Ed.)22$3.99DC186,914
5Apr-17Flash (plus Lenticular Ed.)21$3.99DC174,803
6May-17Flash (plus Lenticular Ed.)22$3.99DC163,767
7Apr-17Secret Empire0$4.99Marvel162,718
8May-17Secret Empire1$4.99Marvel157,517
10Jun-17Dark Days: The Forge1$4.99DC139,088
12Jul-17Dark Days The Casting1$4.99DC128,261
13Jul-17Astonishing X-Men1$4.99Marvel122,287
14Jun-17Star Wars Darth Vader1$4.99Marvel118,644
15Jun-17Dark Knight III Master Race (plus Coll. Ed.)9$5.99DC118,628
16Apr-17X-Men Gold1$4.99Marvel114,332
17Mar-17Amazing Spider-Man25$9.99Marvel113,934
18Jan-17U.S. Avengers1$3.99Marvel110,729
19Apr-17X-Men Blue1$4.99Marvel108,839
21Mar-17Dark Knight III Master Race (plus Coll. Ed.)8$5.99DC107,892
24Feb-17Star Wars Darth Maul1$4.99Marvel105,177
26May-17Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout1$4.99Marvel104,217
30May-17Secret Empire2$4.99Marvel100,983
34Jun-17Edge of Venomverse1$3.99Marvel98,052
38Mar-17X-Men Prime1$4.99Marvel95,739
39Feb-17Justice League of America1*$2.99DC93,494
40Jan-17Justice League Power Rangers1$3.99DC93,443
41Jun-17Secret Empire4$3.99Marvel91,621
42May-17Secret Empire3$3.99Marvel91,611
43Feb-17Super Sons1*$2.99DC90,345
44Mar-17Iron Fist1$3.99Marvel89,652
46Jun-17Secret Empire5$3.99Marvel87,675
47Aug-17Secret Empire10$4.99Marvel86,123
48Jul-17Secret Empire6$4.99Marvel85,887
49Aug-17Generations Wolverine & All-New Wolverine1$4.99Marvel85,688
50Jan-17Walking Dead162$2.99Image85,395

My analyses of final orders from Diamond Comic Distributors for individual months can be found here:

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