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Fantastic Force
Sales Figures

Average Total Paid Circulation as Reported in Postal Records, 1995

Issue Statement appearing in: #15 Jan        
Date of filing: 10/1/95        
Issues published during year: 12        
Annual subscription price: $22.00        
Cover price during year: $1.75        
Total Copies PRINTED (avg): 36,057        
Sales through DEALERS (avg): 32,675        
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg): 1,000        
Total PAID circulation (avg): 33,675        
Samples by MAIL (avg): 750        
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg): 0        
Total FREE circulation (avg): 750        
TOTAL DISTRIBUTION: 34,425        
Copies not distributed (office): 500        
Copies not distributed (RETURNS): 1,132        
Reported % Paid/Requested: 99%        
% of RUN RETURNED: 3.1%        
Copies existent: 34,925        
SELL-THROUGH at RETAIL: 93.4%        

Green year: Complete data

Orange year: Partial data

White year: Report needed

Gray year: Data doesn't exist

Pink year: Errors in data

Last updated:

April 6, 2009

Statement history:

    There was no Statement for 1994, as it was too early in the series' run.

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