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(Gene Roddenberry's) Xander in Lost Universe
Sales Figures

Average Total Paid Circulation as Reported in Postal Records, 1995-96

Issue Statement appearing in: #4 Jan
Date of filing: 10/11/95
Issues published during year: 3
Annual subscription price: $19.95
Cover price during year: $2.25
Total Copies PRINTED (avg): 261,615
Sales through DEALERS (avg): 110,573
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg): 232
Total PAID circulation (avg): 110,805
Samples by MAIL (avg): 3
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg): 7,911
Total FREE circulation (avg): 7,914
Copies not distributed (office): 8,348
Copies not distributed (RETURNS): 134,548
Reported % Paid/Requested: 1
% of RUN RETURNED: 51.4%
Copies existent: 127,067

Green year: Complete data
Orange year: Partial data
White year: Report needed
Gray year: Data doesn't exist
Pink year: Errors in data
Last updated:
December 10, 2010

Statement history:
    Xander published its Statement of Ownership in only its fourth issue — fifth, if you count the #0 — and so the data published is mightly skewed. The publisher would not have had a complete picture of returns from the newsstand, and the high sales on the first issue would have greatly distorted average sales. It's possible that Tekno considered it the same title as the preceding Lost Universe book, however. The title did not survive to a second filing.

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