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Welcome to Comichron, a resource for comic book circulation and other data gathered by

John Jackson Miller and other pop culture archaeologists interested in comics history.

New! Sales estimates for October 2019 and historic charts from October 1989!

Top advance reordered issue LATEST SALES DATA for Week of Nov. 4-10

«« Top reordered November-release comic book
New Mutants #1 (Marvel)
See the November sales data so far here!

Top advance-reordered December-release comic »»
Dark Knight: The Golden Child #1 (DC)

See all the December advance sales reports here!
Top advance reordered issue


Below are links to the distributor sales figure pages for all the years from 1991 onward here on site, aggregating unit and dollar sales and depicting the top-selling comic book from each month. Links can be found to individual months on most of the annual pages; all of them can be found here. You can also find earlier years in our Postal Sales Record section — and aggregated data from individual years on our Yearly Sales master page. More coming soon!


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