June 1987 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

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June 1987 was noteworthy for a story event in comics that would have implications for many years: the wedding of Peter Parker to Mary Jane Watson, which took place in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21. It was a major milestone in the life of the character, and one Marvel would later re-evaluate several times. It was also a media event, as Marvel further advertised the development with a mock wedding ceremony that took place before a New York Mets game in Shea Stadium.

It also was an early moment in the history of variant covers as a sales tactic, as the issue was delayed and resolicited when Marvel decided to publish different newsstand and Direct Market covers. The issue ultimately did not spawn a speculator wave, the way that several later variants did; newsstand sales were still occasionally topping 100,000 copies for the regular Amazing Spider-Man title in 1987, which would have been a significant part of the run in that era.

The Direct Market version (featuring Spider-Man) placed ninth at Diamond; the newsstand version (featuring Spider-Man) placed 26th.

Diamond was not indexing sales yet, but we know from Marvel's internal records that the Direct Market version of the annual would likely have had total sales of more than 160,000 copies, while Direct Market orders for the newsstand variant would have been over 90,000 copies. With the two covers combined, we'd estimate that the issue likely would have placed first for the month at Diamond both in units and dollars; that's what it did, combined, at rival Capital City Distribution, which was reporting indexed sales by that time. Capital also found much greater parity between the two variants than Diamond did.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21's release date is listed in the June Capital Orderpak and Amazing Heroes #119 as May 19. The Mets game in question was on June 5, and the New York Times reported the issue released the following week, which would put it at June 9, 1987 — but the Times may have been referring to the newsstand date, which June 9 appears to have been. We'll revise the dates below if more solid evidence appears.

Diamond's top five varied from Capital's in that Punisher #3 was second at Capital, and Silver Surfer #4 was fourth.

The raw version of the chart below was presumably published in the May 1987 Diamond Dialogue newsletter; it was reprinted in Comics Values Monthly #18, where we found it. We've added publishers and ship dates. Diamond did not yet report market shares; Capital City this month found Marvel with a dollar share of 32.04%, DC with a dollar share of 27.56%, and Eclipse at 6.28%.

Diamond only included one graphic novel in its report, a Spider-Man graphic novel — but it appears to have not been released, either this month or later. Solicitation records say it was to have been featured Kingpin, and been written by Alan Zelenetz, Larry Lieber, and Vince Colletta.

The dates shown below are the dates the comics shipped from the printer, according to Capital City's Orderpak (June 1989) and subsequently reported in Amazing Heroes #120-122 (July 1, July 15, and Aug. 1, 1989). Capital reported almost all dates as Tuesdays, which corresponded to when the printer Ronald's released its comics — but World Color Press wasn't releasing its books until 12:01 a.m. on Thursdays. It's not clear which books came from that printer, however, so we've kept everything on Tuesday.

Further, in this era, distributor catalog dates for all publishers did not synch up exactly with the calendar month, so Diamond's June charts include a week's worth of DC comics from July — and are missing the first week's comics, which would have appeared in Diamond's May charts. This would continue until March 1995, when DC would realign its solicitations with the Direct Market's calendar month (that chart only included three weeks of DC sales). Because Diamond did not report indexed sales, there is no way to know where those comics would have landed in this month's chart.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 chart.
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UnitsComic-book TitleIssuePriceShippedPublisher
1Uncanny X-Men222$0.7506/16/87Marvel
4X-Factor Annual2$1.2506/09/87Marvel
5Silver Surfer4$0.7506/16/87Marvel
6Doom Patrol1$0.7506/23/87DC
8G.I. Joe A Real American Hero64$1.0006/16/87Marvel
9Amazing Spider-Man Annual21 Direct$1.25 05/19/87Marvel
10New Mutants56$0.7506/02/87Marvel
11Amazing Spider-Man293$0.7506/09/87Marvel
12Classic X-Men14$1.0006/23/87Marvel
13Fallen Angels7$0.7506/09/87Marvel
14Justice League6$0.7506/09/87DC
15G.I. Joe Special Missions7$1.0006/02/87Marvel
16Action Comics Annual1$1.2506/16/87DC
18Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe18$1.5006/23/87Marvel
19Web of Spider-Man31$0.7506/02/87Marvel
20Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters3$2.9507/07/87DC
21Avengers Annual16$1.2506/02/87Marvel
23Avengers 284$0.7506/16/87Marvel
24Alpha Flight51$0.7506/09/87Marvel
25Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man131$0.7506/23/87Marvel
26Amazing Spider-Man Annual21 Newsstand$1.25 05/19/87Marvel
27Phantom Stranger1$0.7506/30/87DC
28West Coast Avengers25$0.7506/02/87Marvel
29Fantastic Four307$0.7506/23/87Marvel
31Action Comics593$0.7507/07/87DC
34Iron Man223$0.7506/23/87Marvel
36Wonder Woman9$0.7506/09/87DC
37Detective Comics579$0.7507/07/87DC
38Web of Spider-Man Annual3$1.2506/09/87Marvel
39Adventures of Superman433$0.7506/23/87DC
40Incredible Hulk336$0.7506/16/87Marvel
42Captain America334$0.7506/09/87Marvel
44Suicide Squad6$0.7506/30/87DC
45Wild Dog2$0.7506/09/87DC
46Who's Who Update '873$1.2506/09/87DC
47New Teen Titans36$1.5006/23/87DC
48 Doctor Fate4$1.5006/23/87DC
49Captain Atom8$0.7507/07/87DC
50Strange Tales7$0.7506/09/87Marvel
51Marvel Age55$0.5006/16/87Marvel
52Power Pack32$1.0006/09/87Marvel
53Star Brand Annual1$1.2506/16/87Marvel
55Marvel Age Annual3$0.7506/02/87Marvel
57Swamp Thing Annual3$2.0007/07/87DC
59Strikeforce: Morituri11$0.7506/02/87Marvel
60Legion of Super-Heroes39$1.5006/16/87DC
61Young All-Stars5$1.0006/16/87DC
62Legion of Super-Heroes Annual3$2.2506/30/87DC
64Swamp Thing65$1.0006/23/87DC
65Fury of Firestorm Annual5$1.2506/30/87DC
66Teen Titans Spotlight15$0.7507/07/87DC
67Green Lantern Corps217$0.7506/23/87DC
68Secret Origins19$1.2506/16/87DC
69Psi Force12$0.7506/02/87Marvel
70Star Trek43$0.7506/16/87DC
71Psi Force Annual1$1.2506/23/87Marvel
73Groo the Wanderer32$1.0006/09/87Marvel
74Elfquest: Siege at Blue Mountain5$1.7506/01/87Warp
76Marvel Saga23$1.0006/16/87Marvel
77Superman IV Movie Adaptation$2.0007/07/87DC
78Lone Wolf and Cub2$1.9505/29/87First
79Blue Beetle17$0.7506/16/87DC
80Conan the Barbarian199$1.0006/16/87Marvel
81Infinity Inc.43$1.5006/23/87DC
83Fury of Firestorm64$0.7506/09/87DC
84Booster Gold21$0.7506/23/87DC
86Outsiders 24$1.5006/09/87DC
88Spider-Man Graphic Novel$5.9506/23/87Marvel
90Codename: Spitfire13$0.7506/23/87Marvel
91Star Blazers4$1.7507/17/87Comico
93Justice Machine7$1.5007/01/87Comico
94Jonny Quest14$1.5007/17/87Comico
96Kickers, Inc.12$0.7506/09/87Marvel
98Warlord Annual6$1.2506/09/87DC
99Jonny Quest Classics3$2.0007/01/87Comico

Diamond did not have a graphic novel list in this era.

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