June 1989 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Preordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Capital City Distribution

These figures are for Capital City. Click to see Diamond Comic Distributors' sales charts.

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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June 1989 proved to be one of most important months in modern comics industry history — one that provided an emphatic answer to what has since become a perennial question: "Has a movie ever helped comics sales?"

The Batman TV show in 1966 had temporarily made the comic-book series of that name the top seller in the business, but the show had relatively little sales impact beyond that. By contrast, the movie in 1989 — and the nimble response of a comics retail industry that had prepared well for it — helped to kick off the record-setting comics boom of the early 1990s. More lastingly, it helped to put the character's comics in the top sales echelon for a generation, supercharging a sales improvement begun earlier in the decade with Frank Miller's work.

The night of Thursday, June 22, 1989 saw the release of the first Batman feature film directed by Tim Burton — and its $42.7 million opening weekend made it a pop-culture phenomenon. It spawned immediate and multiple repeat viewings by many filmgoers (including your founder, a few of whose ticket stubs appear at left) — and a tidal wave of related merchandise in mass-market venues. It still wasn't enough: people even stole Batman cardboard standees from Taco Bell, which had lucked out by landing a fast-food tie-in license that larger chains had apparently passed on.

But while Batman-logo items would be ubiquitous in shops of all kinds several weeks after the film's release (including record stores, thanks to separate soundtracks from Prince and Danny Elfman), comics retailers disproportionately benefited from the film early on thanks to a strong buildup of product beforehand in the Direct Market. Capital City Distribution's Advance Comics #6 (released in April 1989, for June-shipping material) included plenty of Batman merchandise. A lot of it had existed previously and so was connected only to the character, but a significant amount was movie-related. (Click to see our page on the month's sales by Diamond Comic Distributors.)

Retailers ordered deeply on DC's Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told trade paperback; Topps' Batman movie card set and movie magazine; a 1990 movie calendar; action figures; replica movie Batmobile and Batwing toys and die-cast miniatures; various T-shirts and movie posters which wouldn't circulate in the mass market for some time; and, of course, the Batman Official Movie Adaptation comic from DC, which shipped in both $2.50 (Standard) and $4.95 (Prestige) editions.

The cheaper Standard Edition appears to have sold more copies, but as we'll see, that's an illusion. Internal files I obtained from Capital preceding the company's 1996 closure show that its retailers ordered 39,750 copies of the standard edition of the and 20,900 of the prestige edition. But it also shipped in a 25-copy prepack display for $124; as the charts below show, Capital sold at least 1,000 prepacks to its approximately 1,200 accounts, which would add another 25,000 copies to the total and put the Prestige Edition ahead of the Standard one. The Prestige Edition was the top item at Capital in the month in terms of dollars.

While we don't know the exact orders at Diamond, they are likely higher than Capital's; for books priced at $2.50 and $4.95 in 1989, it was quite a performance for one comic book.

And then there was the main Batman title itself, which along with Detective Comics and the Superman titles were the last remaining comics in the industry still priced at 75¢. Capital stated in its June report that the preorders for issues #436 and #437 of the regular Batman comics series — then running the "Year 3" storyline biweekly  — had vaulted past perennial top-seller Uncanny X-Men, moving one-and-a-half times as many copies as the latest issues of that series. Capital sold more than 110,000 copies of each of the two Batman issues; Diamond's totals, again, would have been higher, so overall sales plus newsstand would likely have been at least in the half-million copy neighborhood. (Unusually even for 1989, Uncanny X-Men #250 did not mark its milestone number with a double-sized issue; it was embedded within the title's biweekly summer run.)

So comics retailers had been well aware of the Batman film and its prospects long before the national advertising campaign began in late May — which itself was a relatively early publicity launch for movies in that era. A few weeks out from release, Capital reported, "The merchandise is shipping in huge quantities and demand still appears to be building faster than the supply... Still no sign of where this is going to top out."

As it turned out, the Direct Market, which had seen distributor failures in the late 1980s following the collapse of the "Black and White Glut" (an explosion of independent titles published in black-and-white) turned the summer of 1989 into a period of revival. Batmania launched in earnest what would become the comics boom of the early 1990s. The first new Batman comics series launched in the wake of the Batman film's success, September's Legends of the Dark Knight #1, would even feature the first major variant-cover marketing scheme, one of the hallmarks of that boom. (The more determinative factor of the frenzy, however — too-easy credit for retailers wanting to open stores — can't be laid at the Batcave's door.)

Unlike Diamond, Capital in this era did release market shares; they can be seen at left.

The raw version of the chart below was published in the June 1989 Internal Correspondence. We've added ship dates, and have integrated dollar rankings that appeared in a different table. The orders below are just for Capital, and are derived by comparing its reported order index numbers with the known sales as provided to this writer by Capital; in most cases they match exactly with Capital's internal documentation.

We can see that apart from Batman items, Marvel took every spot in Capital's Top 14, and it also took 38 of the top 50 slots. Dark Horse had a strong launch with the first issue of its sequel to the original Aliens miniseries; it placed 26th.

As the chart below reports preorders, some of the comics ranked did not come out on schedule, or at all. The Punisher hardcover in the rankings was intended to reunite the Steven Grant/Mike Zeck team from the original miniseries; it had already been canceled once by this ranking, and even though it was the top dollar item of the month, it does not appear to have been released either then or later. The Punisher movie wouldn't release for another year, so its adaptation would also be delayed. And Swamp Thing #89, ranked 92nd below, wouldn't come out for months after the editorial upheaval surrounding the intended depiction of Jesus Christ in #88 of that title.

The 13th-place Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown #4, meanwhile, was a resolicitation of an issue originally scheduled for earlier in the year.

Capital's sales charts were also customarily much deeper than Diamond's, which were still limited to 100 places. Just about everything that had more than 100 copies shipped made the Capital list, including, as seen below, some graphic novels and non-comics items. These have been retained for historical documentation purposes, but have been weeded out in our overall calculations. Capital also offered a number of older 1970s undergrounds from Last Gasp, as well as publications based on Steve Ditko's work; these also made the charts.

The dates shown below are the dates Capital said each item was shipping, according to its catalog Advance Comics #6 (June 1989); Capital's dates also appeared in Amazing Heroes #168 (July 1, 1989), Comics Buyer's Guide, and Comic Shop News. They're Thursdays — and Thursday at 12:01 a.m. is when World Color Press in Sparta, Ill. released its comics to distributors. (Milton Griepp of Capital said by the end of the day on Thursday, more than half its customers had usually received their comics.) Diamond Previews #118 (June 1989) used dates that were two days earlier, which seems to correspond with the Tuesday release from another printer, Ronald's. Not all books below necessarily hit stands in this calendar month, and specific on-sale dates were rarely announced in advance for smaller publishers' titles as they could seldom guarantee printer times.

Further, in this era, distributor catalog dates for all publishers did not synch up exactly with the calendar month, so Capital's June charts include two week's worth of DC comics from July — and are missing the first two weeks' comics, which appeared in Capital's May charts. This would continue until March 1995, when DC would realign its solicitations with the Direct Market's calendar month (that chart only included three weeks of DC sales as a result). The same was the case with Archie, which was off by nearly a full month; Capital's June chart below lists mostly July-shipping titles for that publisher.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Capital's chart, including some graphic novels and noncomics items.
Items marked (resolicited) were offered in an earlier month but never shipped; disregard any previously reported figure, as earlier orders were canceled when the books were resolicited.
Items marked (reoffered) went on sale in a previous month; the figures below are additional sales.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePriceShippedPublisherEst. Units
58X-Factor Annual4$2.0006/22/89Marvel60,700
1044Detective Comics603$0.7507/06/89DC49,900
1129Amazing Spider-Man321$1.0006/08/89Marvel49,750
1230Amazing Spider-Man322$1.0006/22/89Marvel49,150
134Havok & Wolverine4$3.5006/15/89Marvel47,350
1424Punisher War Journal9$1.5006/15/89Marvel44,450
1533Justice League Europe5$1.0006/29/89DC42,900
1613New Mutants Annual9$2.0006/15/89Marvel42,400
1714Avengers Annual18$2.0006/08/89Marvel42,000
1916Web of Spider-Man Annual5$2.0006/29/89Marvel40,500
2010Batman Movie AdaptaionStandard Ed.$2.5006/22/89DC39,750
2137Avengers West Coast49$1.0006/08/89Marvel39,600
225Wolverine Saga2$3.9506/08/89Marvel39,000
2327Sensational She-Hulk6$1.5006/08/89Marvel36,300
2448Justice League America29$1.0006/15/89DC35,750
2549New Mutants80$1.0006/15/89Marvel35,400
2728Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.2$1.5006/22/89Marvel35,150
3055Iron Man247$1.0006/29/89Marvel32,100
3138What If?4$1.2506/22/89Marvel31,500
3257Web of Spider-Man55$1.0006/15/89Marvel29,800
3423Aliens II1$2.2506/30/89Dark Horse29,600
3563Spectacular Spider-Man155$1.0006/29/89Marvel28,750
3634Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1989 Update4$1.5006/15/89Marvel28,250
3790Action Comics644$0.7507/06/89DC28,000
3852Classic X-Men38$1.2506/29/89Marvel27,800
3967Silver Surfer28$1.0006/22/89Marvel27,400
4070Fantastic Four331$1.0006/29/89Marvel26,750
4171Captain America359$1.0006/08/89Marvel26,450
4272Captain America360$1.0006/22/89Marvel26,450
4343Marc Spector, Moon Knight5$1.5006/29/89Marvel25,050
4659Green Arrow21$1.2506/22/89DC23,400
4761Green Arrow22$1.2507/06/89DC23,250
4880Incredible Hulk360$1.0006/22/89Marvel23,100
4965Marvel Comics Presents31$1.2506/29/89Marvel22,800
5066Marvel Comics Presents30$1.2506/15/89Marvel22,500
5186Hawk & Dove3$1.0006/22/89DC21,400
529Punisher Movie$4.9506/05/90Marvel21,400
532Batman Movie AdaptationPrestige Ed.$4.9506/22/89DC20,950
54n.a.Adventures of Superman457$0.7506/29/89DC20,550
5551New Titans58$1.7506/29/89DC20,100
5622New Titans Annual5$3.5006/15/89DC19,750
5741Alpha Flight75$1.9506/15/89Marvel19,600
5964L.E.G.I.O.N. '897$1.5006/29/89DC19,150
61n.a.Nth Man3$1.0006/15/89Marvel18,650
6469Doctor Strange Sorceror Supreme8$1.5006/29/89Marvel18,000
65n.a.Avengers Spotlight23$1.0006/15/89Marvel17,750
66n.a.Marvel Age79$1.0006/22/89Marvel17,100
6762Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles22$1.7506/13/89Mirage16,550
68n.a.Wonder Woman33$1.0006/15/89DC16,250
7077Advanced Dungeons and Dragons9$1.5007/06/89DC15,800
7168Legion of Super-Heroes63$1.7506/29/89DC15,600
7242El Diablo1$2.5006/29/89DC15,300
7353Predator2$2.2506/13/89Dark Horse15,300
7585Doctor Fate9$1.5007/13/89DC14,550
761Punisher HC GN$16.9506/08/89Marvel14,450
7792Saga of the Sub-Mariner12$1.5006/22/89Marvel13,800
78n.a.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles5$1.0006/13/89Mirage13,700
79n.a.G.I. Joe91$1.0006/22/89Marvel13,650
80n.a.Groo The Wanderer56$1.0006/15/89Marvel13,500
8193Secret Origins43$1.5006/22/89DC13,500
8295Animal Man14$1.5006/29/89DC13,250
8396Cloak & Dagger7$1.5006/29/89Marvel13,250
85n.a.Captain Atom32$1.0007/06/89DC13,200
8628Swamp Thing Annual5$2.9507/13/89DC13,100
87n.a.Mister Miracle7$1.0006/22/89DC13,050
90n.a.New Gods7$1.5007/06/89DC12,400
91n.a.Power Pack49$1.5006/15/89Marvel12,400
92n.a.Swamp Thing89$1.5010/03/89DC12,350
93n.a.Suicide Squad32$1.0007/06/89DC12,250
9479Marvel Fanfare46$1.9506/22/89Marvel11,950
953Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told$15.9506/29/89DC11,650
96n.a.Doom Patrol25$1.5006/29/89DC11,500
97n.a.Firestorm The Nuclear Man88$1.0006/13/89DC11,450
10173Punisher Magazine1$2.5006/15/89Marvel10,450
102n.a.Power of the Atom15$1.0006/27/89DC10,300
10346Batman: The Killing Joke (reoffered)$3.50DC10,300
10447Groo Chronicles4$3.5006/29/89Marvel10,250
105n.a.Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade1$1.0006/08/89Marvel10,000
107n.a.Rock and Roll Comics2$1.50Revolutionary9,800
110n.a.Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade2$1.0006/22/89Marvel9,350
111n.a.G.I. Joe Special Missions26$1.0006/08/89Marvel9,050
112n.a.Alien Legion12$1.5006/29/89Marvel8,950
113n.a.Doc Savage11$1.7506/15/89DC8,600
11678Lone Wolf and Cub26$2.95First8,050
117n.a.Badger Goes Berserk2$1.9506/16/89First8,000
118n.a.Marvel Tales228$1.0006/22/89Marvel7,850
119n.a.New Guardians11$1.2506/29/89DC7,850
121n.a.Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children2$2.0007/06/89DC7,450
122n.a.Savage Sword of Conan164$2.2506/15/89Marvel7,450
12384Lum Urusei Yatsura2$2.95Viz7,450
1257Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment HC$17.9506/29/89Marvel7,400
127n.a.Hero Hotline5$1.7506/22/89DC7,300
130n.a.Young All-Stars28$1.7506/15/89DC7,250
13174Melting Pot1$3.50Mirage7,150
133n.a.Uncle Scrooge238$0.95Gladstone6,950
13499Appleseed: Book Two5$2.75Eclipse6,850
136n.a.Donald Duck Adventures238$0.95Gladstone6,850
137n.a.Uncle Scrooge Adventures16$0.95Gladstone6,800
138n.a.Donald Duck275$0.95Gladstone6,700
140n.a.Duck Tales9$1.50Gladstone6,550
141n.a.Mickey and Donald14$0.95Gladstone6,550
143n.a.Star Blazers2$1.9506/27/89Comico6,400
144n.a.Robotech II: The Sentinals8$1.95Eternity6,400
145n.a.Unknown Soldier9$1.7506/15/89DC6,350
146n.a.Dirty Pair II1$2.00Eclipse6,250
147n.a.St. George8$1.5006/15/89Marvel6,150
149n.a.Walt Disney's Comics and Stories543$1.50Gladstone5,650
151n.a.Fist of the North Star3$2.95Viz5,500
153n.a.G.I. Joe European Missions13$1.7506/08/89Marvel5,200
154n.a.Tick5$1.95New England5,200
155n.a.Mickey Mouse251$0.95Gladstone5,100
156n.a.New Justice Machine1$1.95Innovation5,100
158n.a.Maze Agency7$2.5006/13/89Comico4,650
159n.a.Dark Horse Presents32$3.5006/20/89Dark Horse4,600
16125Batman: The Dark Knight GN (reoffered)$12.95DC4,500
162n.a.Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Magazine$2.9505/25/89Marvel4,500
163n.a.Ghostbusters II1$1.95Now4,450
164n.a.Death's Head8$1.7506/22/89Marvel4,350
165n.a.Scout: War Shaman12$1.95Eclipse4,350
166n.a.Gizmo and the Fugitoid1$1.75Mirage4,350
169n.a.Hero Alliance2$1.95Innovation4,150
170n.a.Judge Dredd33$1.80Fleetway/Quality4,150
171n.a.Cerebus Bi-Weekly15$1.25Aardvark-Vanaheim4,050
172n.a.Cerebus Bi-Weekly16$1.25Aardvark-Vanaheim4,050
174n.a.Cerebus Bi-Weekly14$1.25Aardvark-Vanaheim4,050
177n.a.Kings of the Night2$2.2506/27/89Dark Horse4,000
178n.a.Conan Saga29$2.2506/29/89Marvel4,000
179n.a.Nexus Legends6$1.5006/16/89First3,850
18043Batman: Son of the Demon GN (reoffered)$9.95DC3,700
181n.a.Law of Dredd3$1.50Fleetway/Quality3,600
18332Fantastic Four: Trial of Galactus TPB$12.9506/15/89Marvel3,450
184n.a.Gnatrat: The Movie1$2.25Innovation3,300
18583X-Men: Savage Land Trade (reoffered)$6.9506/15/89Marvel3,250
186n.a.Legends of the Stargazers3$1.95Innovation3,150
187n.a.Uncensored Mouse5$2.50Eternity3,150
18856Batman: Year One TPB (reoffered)$9.95DC3,150
189n.a.Mister X3$2.00Vortex3,150
190n.a.Uncensored Mouse6$2.50Eternity3,150
191n.a.Usagi Yojimbo17$2.00Fantagraphics3,150
192n.a.Outlanders7$2.00Dark Horse3,150
19387Dream Walker GN (resolicited)$6.9506/08/89Marvel3,100
194n.a.Disney Album: Uncle Scrooge20$5.95Gladstone3,000
195n.a.Cobalt Blue2$1.95Innovation3,000
19681Daredevil: Love & War (reoffered)$7.9506/15/89Marvel2,950
198n.a.Real Ghostbusters14$1.75Now2,850
199n.a.Vietnam Journal12$1.95Apple2,850
200n.a.Last of the Viking Heroes8$1.95Genesis West2,850
201n.a.Ninja High School13$1.95Eternity2,700
202n.a.Racer-X Vol.21$1.75Now2,700
203n.a.Fish Police17$2.5006/13/89Comico2,650
204n.a.Spirit56$2.00Kitchen Sink2,650
205n.a.Flare Magazine1$2.95Hero2,550
206n.a.Group Larue3$1.95Innovation2,500
207n.a.Warlock 5 Book II1$2.00Aircel2,400
208n.a.Speed Racer24$1.75Now2,400
209n.a.Blood Sword12$1.95Jademan2,400
210n.a.Drunken Fist12$1.95Jademan2,400
211n.a.Force of Buddha's Palm12$1.95Jademan2,400
212n.a.Oriental Heroes12$1.95Jademan2,400
213n.a.Cyber 74$2.00Eclipse2,400
214n.a.Flare Magazine2$2.95Hero2,400
216n.a.Ralph Snart Adventures Vol.312$1.75Now2,350
218n.a.Adventures of Baron Munchausen3$1.75Now2,250
219n.a.Adventures of Baron Munchausen4$1.75Now2,250
22060Shell Shock$12.95Mirage2,250
224n.a.Deadworld15 Graphic Cvr$1.95Caliber2,200
225n.a.Fright Night11$1.75Now2,200
226n.a.Untold Origin of the Femforce1$4.95Americomics2,200
227n.a.Mayhem2$2.5006/20/89Dark Horse2,200
228n.a.Timejump War2$1.95Apple2,200
22936Art of Walter Simonson TPB$19.9507/06/89DC2,100
23194Sinners Graphic Album$9.9506/22/89DC2,050
233n.a.Archie's R/C Racers1$0.95Archie1,950
238n.a.Betty & Veronica24$0.9507/04/89Archie1,800
239n.a.Team Nippon1$1.95Aircel1,800
240n.a.Archie 30004$0.9507/04/89Archie1,750
241n.a.Tick (2nd Printing)2$1.95New England1,750
242n.a.Drug Wars1$1.95Pioneer1,650
243n.a.Snarf12$2.00Kitchen Sink1,650
244n.a.Archie's R/C Racers2$0.9507/04/89Archie1,650
245n.a.Bayou Billy1$1.0006/27/89Archie1,650
246n.a.Caliber Presents6$1.95Caliber1,650
247n.a.Rust Vol. 29$1.75Now1,650
248n.a.Spacehawk2$2.0006/13/89Dark Horse1,650
249n.a.Tiger X2$1.95Eternity1,650
251n.a.Archie's Pals 'N' Gals210$0.9507/11/89Archie1,600
252n.a.Betty's Diary29$0.9507/18/89Archie1,600
253n.a.Archie & Me603$0.9507/04/89Archie1,600
254n.a.Betty & Me179$0.9507/25/89Archie1,600
255n.a.Everything's Archie145$0.9507/11/89Archie1,600
257n.a.New Archies18$0.9507/25/89Archie1,600
258n.a.Vegas Knights1$1.95Pioneer1,600
259n.a.Baker Street4$1.95Caliber1,500
261n.a.Bad Company10$1.50Fleetway/Quality1,500
262n.a.Archie at Riverdale High604$0.9507/25/89Archie1,500
264n.a.Black Cat3$2.00Recollections1,450
265n.a.Dead Heat1$1.95Innovation1,450
266n.a.Blood of Dracula16$1.95Apple1,350
267n.a.Rogue Trooper33$1.50Fleetway/Quality1,350
268n.a.Rocketeer Poster2$6.9506/13/89Comico1,350
270n.a.Gun Fury6$1.95Aircel1,350
271n.a.Katy Keene32$0.9507/25/89Archie1,350
272n.a.Sherlock Holmes12$1.95Eternity1,300
273n.a.Grendel TPB: The Devil Insie2$11.9506/20/89Comico1,300
274n.a.Ben Eglund Sketchbook$2.25New England1,300
275n.a.Last Generation5$1.95Black Tie1,300
276n.a.Denizens of Deep City4$2.00Kitchen Sink1,300
278n.a.Mighty Mites1$1.95New England1,200
279n.a.Blind Fear3$1.95Eternity1,200
280n.a.Werewolf At Large1$2.25Eternity1,200
281n.a.Weirdo26$2.95Last Gasp1,200
282n.a.Amazon Warriors1$2.50Americomics1,150
283n.a.Cat & Mouse2$1.75E.F. Graphics1,150
284n.a.Edge: Volume Two1$2.00Greater Mercury1,150
285n.a.2000 AD Showcase39$1.50Fleetway/Quality1,150
286n.a.Straw Men1$1.95Innovation1,150
287n.a.Shattered Earth7$1.95Eternity1,050
288n.a.Hero Sandwich8$1.75Slave Labor1,050
289n.a.Hepcats2$2.00Double Diamond1,050
290n.a.Robotech II: The Sentinals1$1.95Eternity1,050
291n.a.Angry Shadows1$4.95Innovation1,050
292n.a.Stranger In A Strange Land1$2.00Rip Off1,050
294n.a.Batman Movie Adaptation (25-Copy Prestige Prepack )$124.0006/22/89DC1,000
295n.a.Demon Hunter4$1.95Aircel1,000
296n.a.Betty & Veronica Double DIgest15$2.2507/04/89Archie1,000
297n.a.Jughead's Double Digest1$2.2507/11/89Archie1,000
298n.a.Pirates Corps1$1.75Slave Labor1,000
299n.a.Savage Henry10$2.00Vortex1,000
300n.a.Dick Tracy Weekly90$2.00Blackthorne1,000
301n.a.Dick Tracy Weekly91$2.00Blackthorne1,000
302n.a.Dick Tracy Weekly92$2.00Blackthorne1,000
303n.a.Dick Tracy Weekly93$2.00Blackthorne1,000
304n.a.Spicey Tales9$2.25Eternity1,000
305n.a.Strontium Dog26$1.50Fleetway/Quality1,000
306n.a.Vanguard: Outpost Earth1$2.00Comics Interview1,000
308n.a.Deadworld15 Tame Cvr$1.95Caliber900
309n.a.Moonwalker In 3-D2$2.50Blackthorne900
311n.a.Richie Rich241$1.00Harvey900
312n.a.Rip Off Magazine23$2.95Rip Off900
313n.a.Dick Tracy Special3$2.95Blackthorne900
314n.a.Yummy Fur11$1.75Vortex900
315n.a.Video Classics1$3.50Eternity900
316n.a.Archie Comics Digest98$1.5007/04/89Archie850
317n.a.Blazing Western1$2.50Americomics850
318n.a.D.O.A. Comics$1.00Saving Grace850
319n.a.Futurama2$1.75Slave Labor850
321n.a.Mighty Thun'Da: King of the Con1$2.50Americomics850
322n.a.Slaine The King26$1.50Fleetway/Quality850
324n.a.Betty & Veronica Annual Digest1$1.5006/27/89Archie850
325n.a.Sam Slade33$1.50Fleetway/Quality850
326n.a.Femme Noire2$2.00Cat Head850
328n.a.Battle Armor4$1.95Eternity850
329n.a.Edgar Allan poe$1.95Eternity850
330n.a.Fright Night11$1.95Eternity850
331n.a.Screenplay1$1.75Slave Labor850
332n.a.Jungle Comics5$2.00Blackthorne850
333n.a.Betty & Veronica Annual Digest2$1.5007/18/89Archie850
334n.a.Official Prince Valiant17$2.50Pioneer750
335n.a.Official Prince Valiant18$2.50Pioneer750
336n.a.Panda Khan4$2.00Abacus750
337n.a.Jughead Jones Digest59$1.5007/18/89Archie750
338n.a.Archie Andrews Where Are You Digest64$1.5007/11/89Archie750
339n.a.Friendly Ghost Casper248$1.00Harvey750
341n.a.Dragonforce Chronicles3$2.95Aircel700
343n.a.Hamster Vice2$1.95Eternity700
344n.a.Hot Stuff174$1.00Harvey700
345n.a.Tought Guys, Wild Women2$2.25Eternity700
346n.a.Cosmic Heroes7$2.25Eternity700
347n.a.Official Mandrake14$2.50Pioneer700
348n.a.Point Blank3$2.95Eclipse700
349n.a.Unsupervised Existence1$2.00Fantagraphics700
350n.a.Deep Deep Sleep21$2.503-D Zone600
351n.a.Martians in 3-D1$2.00Blackthorne600
353n.a.Dinosaurs For Hire: Guns N' Lizards$5.95Eternity600
354n.a.Official Jungle Jim16$2.50Pioneer600
355n.a.Offician Mandrake15$2.50Pioneer600
356n.a.Battle Axe Magazine2$2.95Comics Interview600
357n.a.Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness GN$7.95TSR550
358n.a.Giant-Size Official Prince Vali1$3.95Pioneer550
359n.a.Prince Valiant Monthly2$3.95Pioneer550
360n.a.Return of Valkyrie Graphic Album$7.95Eclipse550
361n.a.Rockers6$2.00Rip Off550
362n.a.Marvel Masterworks (reoffered)5$29.95Marvel550
363n.a.Fox Comics Special1$2.95Fantagraphics550
364n.a.Honkytonk Sue: In The Man Canyon$9.95Eclipse550
366n.a.Prime Cuts12$3.95Fantagraphics550
367n.a.Torrid Affairs4$2.95Eternity550
368n.a.Electric Fear4$2.00Sparks550
369n.a.Fred & Bianca's Censorship Sucks1$2.25Comics Interview550
370n.a.Kull In 3D3$2.50Blackthorne550
371n.a.Nard N' Pat2$1.75Kitchen Sink550
372n.a.True North (reoffered)$3.50Comic Legends450
373n.a.Changes GN$9.95Arcane450
375n.a.Spider-Man & Hobgoblin Standups$35.0006/15/89Marvel400
376n.a.Uncle Sham (underground, reoffered)$0.50Yahoo400
377n.a.Tales from the Berkeley-Con (underground, reoffered)$0.50Last Gasp400
378n.a.Mister A2$0.75Bruce Hershenson400
379n.a....Wha!?3$0.75Bruce Hershenson400
380n.a.Daikazu6$1.50Ground Zero300
381n.a.Sherlock Holmes GN Coll. Hardcover$14.95Eternity300
382n.a.Media Starr Trade Paperback1$8.95Innovation300
383n.a.Noonwalker In 3-D (reoffered)1$2.50Blackthorne300
384n.a.Strip Aids (reoffered)$9.95Last Gasp300
38531Disney Comic Albums Ltd. SetVol. 1-3$150.00Gladstone300
386n.a.Black Cat (reoffered)1$2.00Recollections300
387n.a.Casper Digest Mag9$1.75Hero300
388n.a.Avenging World$0.75Bruce Hershenson300
389n.a.Tales of the Ninja Warriors15$2.25CFW300
390n.a.Jazz Age Chronicles3$1.50E.F. Graphics300
391n.a.Retief Graphic Novel$14.95Apple300
392n.a.Gun Fury (reoffered)2$1.95Aircel300
393n.a.Tales The Striped Man Knew3$1.50Backstreet300
395n.a.Anything but Monday4$2.00Anything but Monday250
396n.a.Kung-Fu Warriors15$2.25CFW250
397n.a.Transit (reoffered)3$1.75Vortex250
398n.a.Jack of Nines3$1.50Kid Gang250
400n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)2$2.28Last Gasp150
401n.a.Steel Pulse4$3.50Fandom House150
402n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)3$2.25Last Gasp150
403n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)4$2.25Last Gasp150
404n.a.American Flagg: State of the Union HC$35.9506/23/89First150
405n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)6$2.50Last Gasp150
406n.a.Shattered Earth (reoffered)1$1.95Eternity150
407n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)10$2.50Last Gasp150
409n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)9$2.50Last Gasp150
410n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)8$2.50Last Gasp150
411n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)11$2.50Last Gasp150
412n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)12$2.50Last Gasp150
413n.a.Acme Comics9$3.00Fandom House150
414n.a.Demon Hunter (reoffered)1$1.95Aircel150
415n.a.Phoebe & the Pigeon People1$1.00Kitchen Sink150
416n.a.China Sea$6.95Aircel150
417n.a.Phoebe & the Pigeon People2$1.00Kitchen Sink150
418n.a.Phoebe & the Pigeon People3$1.50Kitchen Sink150
420n.a.Grits (underground, reoffered)$1.00California Grimpet100
421n.a.Return of Valkyrie Ltd. HC$29.95Eclipse100
422n.a.Saloon (underground, reoffered)$1.00Yahoo100
423n.a.Tales from Roslyn1$1.00Zolna100
424n.a.Hell for Leather2$1.75Komik Arkyves100
425n.a.Weirdo (reoffered)5$2.50Last Gasp100
426n.a.Origins of the Southern Knights4$4.95Comics Interview100
427n.a.Tales From Roslyn2$1.00Zolna100
428n.a.Dalgoda Four Pack$5.95Fantagraphics100
429n.a.Sherlock Holmes GN Coll. HC$29.95Eternity100

June 1989 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Preordered by North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Capital City Distribution

Capital released no Graphic Novel list in this month; this chart amalgamates relevant reported data.
Where Capital did not provide dollar rankings for an item; "999" is entered for sorting purposes.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Capital did not publish graphic novel charts in this era, but it did include better-selling graphic novels in its overall unit sales rankings, and those books' dollar rankings were noted in a table devoted to them.

What would have been the top graphic novel in these charts, the above-mentioned Punisher, never came out and has been omitted.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told$15.95DC11,650
22Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment HC$17.95Marvel7,400
33Batman: The Dark Knight GN (reoffered)$12.95DC4,500
47Batman: Son of the Demon GN (reoffered)$9.95DC3,700
55Fantastic Four: Trial of Galactus TPB$12.95Marvel3,450
610X-Men: Savage Land Trade (reoffered)$6.95Marvel3,250
78Batman: Year One TPB (reoffered)$9.95DC3,150
887Dream Walker GN (resolicited)$6.95Marvel3,100
9999Disney Album: Uncle Scrooge Vol. 20$5.95Gladstone3,000
109Daredevil: Love & War (reoffered)$7.95Marvel2,950
1160Shell Shock$12.95Mirage2,250
126Art of Walter Simonson TPB$19.95DC2,100
1311Sinners Graphic Album$9.95DC2,050
14999Grendel 2: The Devil Inside$11.95Comico1,300
15999Dinosaurs For Hire: Guns N' Lizards$5.95Eternity600
16999Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness GN$7.95TSR550
17999Return of Valkyrie Graphic Album$7.95Eclipse550
18999Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5 (reoffered)$29.95Marvel550
19999Honkytonk Sue: In The Man Canyon$9.95Eclipse550
20999Changes GN$9.95Arcane450
21999Sherlock Holmes GN Coll. Softcover$14.95Eternity300
22999Media Starr Vol. 1$8.95Innovation300
23999Strip Aids (reoffered)$9.95Last Gasp300
244Disney Comic Albums Ltd. Set (Vol. 1-3)$150.00Gladstone300
25999Retief Graphic Novel$14.95Apple300
26999American Flagg: State of the Union HC$35.95First150
27999China Sea$6.95Aircel150
28999Return of Valkyrie Ltd. HC$29.95Eclipse100
29999Sherlock Holmes GN Coll. HC$29.95Eternity100