2004 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $328.25 Million

(up 6% year-over-year)


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#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
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#5 Most Ordered Issue

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January's start to the year was slow, with few new series launches then or in February. But the appearance of a new Supergirl in Superman/Batman #8 helped boost March strongly over the previous year.

Superman titles topped the list for the second month running in April. Joss Whedon's new Astonishing X-Men title rocketed to the top of the charts in May, which was also the last month with Crossgen titles appearing on the charts. DC's blockbuster Identity Crisis series launched in June, helping the first half of the year close up 9% overall.

The market showed strength heading out of July, with a double-digit increase overall in August. "Avengers Disassembled" continued in September, helping propel the market to another up month.

With an off-month for Avengers, October suffered a 10% drop versus 2003, when the month included some strong releases. But Supergirl again provided a kickstart to sales in Superman/Batman in November. In December, the relaunched Avengers title sent 2004 out on a positive note, up 6% over the previous year overall.

The final rankings for all comics and trade paperbacks during the year appear below. Diamond Comic Distributors reported these issues without indexes, so no sales estimates are calculated. You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; click one of the months at the bottom or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. But note that those monthly numbers do not include reorders for the entire year; the rankings below do take the entire year's sales into account.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisher
215New Avengers1$2.25Marvel
41Identity Crisis1$3.95DC
55Astonishing X-Men1$2.99Marvel
84Identity Crisis2$3.95DC
127Green Lantern Rebirth1$2.95DC
1421Astonishing X-Men4$2.99DC
159Identity Crisis3$3.95DC
1710Identity Crisis4$3.95DC
192Avengers Justice League Unlimited4$5.95DC
2111Identity Crisis5$3.95DC
2212Identity Crisis7$3.95DC
2326Marvel Knights Spider-Man1$2.99Marvel
2413Identity Crisis6$3.95DC
2528Astonishing X-Men2$2.99Marvel
2614Secret War1$3.99Marvel
2729Astonishing X-Men6$2.99Marvel
2830Astonishing X-Men5$2.99Marvel
2931Astonishing X-Men7$2.99Marvel
3133Astonishing X-Men3$2.99Marvel
3255Ultimate Fantastic Four2$2.25Marvel
3459New X-Men151$2.25Marvel
3539Green Lantern Rebirth2$2.95DC
3662New X-Men152$2.25Marvel
4064New X-Men154$2.23Marvel
4166New X-Men153$2.25Marvel
4419Secret War2$3.99Marvel
4669Uncanny X-Men444$2.25Marvel
4772Ultimate Fantastic Four3$2.25Marvel
4832Marvel 16026$3.50Marvel
4922Secret War Book3$3.99Marvel
5146X-Men The End Book 1 Dreamers & Demons1$2.99Marvel
5378X-Men The End Book 1 Dreamers & Demons157$2.25Marvel
5479Ultimate Fantastic Four4$2.25Marvel
5548Green Lantern Rebirth3$2.95DC
5837Marvel 16027$3.50Marvel
5982Ultimate Fantastic Four5$2.25Marvel
6083Ultimate Spider-Man60$2.25Marvel
6184Ultimate X-Men50$2.25Marvel
6225Marvel 16028$3.99Marvel
6486Ultimate Nightmare1$2.25Marvel
6540Avengers Finale1$3.50Marvel
6687Uncanny X-Men450$2.25Marvel
6788Ultimate Spider-Man61$2.25Marvel
6889Ultimate Spider-Man54$2.25Marvel
6991Ultimate Fantastic Four13$2.25Marvel
7092Ultimate Fantastic Four6$2.25Marvel
7194Ultimate X-Men41$2.25Marvel
7296New X-Men155$2.25Marvel
7397Ultimate Fantastic Four7$2.25Marvel
7449Wolverine The End2$2.99Marvel
76100Uncanny X-Men451$2.25Marvel
7751Marvel Knights Spider-mMan2$2.99Marvel
7852X-Men The End Book 1 Dreamers & Demons2$2.99Marvel
79101New X-Men156$2.25Marvel
80102Uncanny X-Men445$2.25Marvel
81103Ultimate Spider-Man62$2.25Marvel
82105Ultimate Fantastic Four8$2.25Marvel
83106Ultimate X-Men42$2.25Marvel
84107Ultimate X-Men46$2.25Marvel
86109Uncanny X-Men446$2.25Marvel
87110Ultimate X-Men43$2.25Marvel
88111Ultimate X-Men45$2.25Marvel
89112Ultimate X-Men44$2.25Marvel
90113Ultimate Spider-Man63$2.25Marvel
91114Ultimate Spider-Man66$2.25Marvel
92115Uncanny X-Men447$2.25Marvel
93117Ultimate Six6$2.25Marvel
94118Ultimate Spider-Man52$2.25Marvel
9556Conan1$2.99Dark Horse
96119Ultimate Spider-Man67$2.25Marvel
97120Ultimate X-Men51$2.25Marvel
98121Ultimate X-Men47$2.25Marvel
99122Ultimate X-Men48$2.25Marvel
100123Uncanny X-Men448$2.25Marvel

2004 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel sales increased strongly this year, led by the Batman: Hush collection.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisher
18Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC
23Superman Red Son$17.95DC
344Spawn Simony One Shot$7.95Image
44Hellboy Vol. 1 Seeds of Destruction$17.95Dark Horse
55Ultimates Vol. 2 Homeland Security$17.99Marvel
632Teen Titans A Kids Game$9.95DC
713Y The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.95DC
86Superman/Batman Public Enemies HC$19.95DC
937Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image
1024Ultimate X-Men Vol. 7 Blockbuster$12.99Marvel
1115Kingdom Come$14.95DC
1227Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.95DC
1316League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol. 2$14.95DC
1411Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 9 Ultimate Six$17.99Marvel
1512Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 8 Cats & Kings$17.99Marvel
16178Aliens vs. Predator Thrill of the Hunt$6.95Dark Horse
1725Supreme Power Vol. 1 Contact$14.99Marvel
1928Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.95DC
20282Aspen Extended Ed.$5.99Aspen
2141Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 10 Hollywood$12.99Marvel
2231Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Gifted$14.99Marvel
2343Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.95DC
242Bone One Vol. Ed.$39.95Cartoon
2519Hellboy 2 Wake Up The Devil New Prtg.$17.95Dark Horse
26242Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 1$6.95Dark Horse
27121Samurai Executioner Vol. 1$9.95Dark Horse
2859Ultimate X-Men Vol. 8 New Mutants$12.99Marvel
2970Y The Last Man Cyclkes Vol. 2$12.95DC
3029Hellboy Vol. 3 Chained Coffin & Others New Prtg$17.95Dark Horse
319Marvel 1602 Vol. 1 HC$24.99Marvel
3230Hellboy Vol. 4 Right Hand of Doom New Prtg.$17.95Dark Horse
33152Twisted Toyfare Theater Vol. 4$9.99Wizard
3422Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.95DC
3547Transmetropolitan Vol. 10 One More Time$14.95DC
3681Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 11 Carnage$12.99Marvel
3782Y The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.95DC
38125Ultimate X-Men Vol. 9 Tempest$10.99Marvel
39162Witchblade Darkminds Return of Paradox$9.99Image
4039Chronicles of Conan Vol. 2 Monoliths & Stories$15.95Dark Horse
4189New X-Men Vol. 6 Planet X$12.99Marvel
4292Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Fantastic$12.99Marvel
4354Trigun Vol. 2$14.50Dark Horse
4457Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Power & Responsibility$14.95Marvel
4533Hellboy Vol. 5 Conqueror Worm New Prtg.$17.95Dark Horse
46105Outsiders Looking For Trouble$12.95DC
47107100 Bullets Vol. 7 Samurai$12.95DC
48110Creatures of the Night HC$12.95Dark Horse
49111Ultimates Vol. 1 $12.99Marvel
50196Fables Vol. 1 Legends in Exile$9.95DC
5135524 One Shot #1$6.99IDW
52171New X-Men Vol. 7 Here Comes Tomorrow$10.99Marvel
5363Chronicles of Conan Vol. 4 Red Nails & Other Stories$15.95Dark Horse
54102Hellsing Vol. 2$13.95Dark Horse
5646Fables Vol. 4 March of the Wooden Soldiers$17.95DC
5736Batman Hush Vol. 2$19.95DC
5872Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6 Venom$15.99Marvel
59224Teen Titans Family Lost$9.95DC
6097Supreme Power Vol. 2 Powers & Principalities$14.99Marvel
61225Trigun Maximum Vol. 1 Hero Returns$9.95Dark Horse
6221Superman True Brit HC$24.95DC
6350Sandman Endless Nights$17.95DC
6438Superman Godfall HC$19.95DC
6540Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Director's Cut$19.95Slave Labor
66109Essential Punisher Vol. 1$14.99Marvel
67127Berserk Vol. 2 Guardians of Desire$13.95Dark Horse
6879Essential Spider-Man Vol. 6$16.99Marvel
69155Formerly Known as the Justice League$12.95DC
70113Legends of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol. One$14.95DC
71158Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image
72114Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.95DC
73257Megatokyo Vol. 2 $9.95Dark Horse
74159Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 7 Irresponsible$12.99Marvel
75437Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 2$6.95Dark Horse
7783Ultimate X-Men Vol. 6 Return of the King$16.99Marvel
78116Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 3 $14.95DC
7986Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2$16.99Marvel
80137Hellsing Vol. 3$13.95Dark Horse
81385Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 3$7.95Viz
8248Sandman Vol. 2 Dolls House$19.95DC
8314Wizard Jim Lee Millenium Ed. Ltd. Deluxe HC$29.99Wizard
84122Planetary Crossing Worlds$14.95DC
851Justice League America Avengers Coll. Ed. Oversized Slipcased$75.00DC
86264Fruits Basket Vol. 4$9.99TokyoPop
87173Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.95DC
8852Dark Days$19.99IDW
89398Rmarvel Age Runaways Vol. 2 Pride & Joy Digest$7.99Marvel
90413Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 5$7.95Viz
91483Uncle Scrooge #328$6.95Gemstone
92164Berserk Vol. 3$13.95Dark Horse
93295100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Show Last Call$9.95DC
9476Bone Vol. 9 Crown of Horns$18.95Cartoon
959530 Days of Night$17.99IDW
96141Lucifer Vol. 5 Inferno$14.95DC
9723Complete Peanuts Vol. 1 1950-1952 HC$28.95Fantagraphics
98142Global Frequency Planet Ablaze$14.95DC
99300Fruits Basket Vol. 1 $9.99TokyoPop
100146Preacher Vol. 1 Gone to Texas$14.95DC

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