January 2005 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
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#5 Most Ordered Issue

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A slow open to the year found growth only in the overall category, with slippage in the narrower categories.

Marvel took the first 13 slots on the charts.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11New Avengers 2$2.25Marvel153,443
22Ultimates 2 2$2.99Marvel113,152
33X-Men Phoenix Endsong 1$2.99Marvel108,248
47Ultimate X-Men 54$2.25Marvel90,437
58Ultimate X-Men 55$2.25Marvel87,271
69Uncanny X-Men 454$2.25Marvel87,236
710X-Men 166$2.25Marvel85,762
811Ultimate Spider-Man 71$2.25Marvel83,819
913Amazing Spider-Man 516$2.25Marvel79,682
1014Wolverine 24$2.25Marvel79,671
114Wolverine The End 6$2.99Marvel74,580
1217Ultimate Fantastic Four 15$2.25Marvel74,352
136X-23 1$2.99Marvel68,202
1418Teen Titans 20$2.50DC65,821
1522JLA 110$2.25DC63,966
1612Marvel Knights Spider-Man 10$2.99Marvel61,707
175X-Men Fantastic Four 2$3.50Marvel60,344
1815JLA Classified 3$2.95DC60,104
1925Batman 636$2.25DC58,513
2016X-23 2$2.99Marvel56,254
2119Captain America 2$2.99Marvel53,200
2235Flash 217$2.25DC49,671
2336Spectacular Spider-Man 23$2.25Marvel48,776
2421Daredevil 69$2.99Marvel48,630
2539Spectacular Spider-Man 24$2.25Marvel47,729
2623Incredible Hulk 77$2.99Marvel47,085
2724Fantastic Four 522$2.99Marvel46,242
2837JSA 69$2.50DC43,563
2926Wanted 6$2.99Image43,258
3027Legion of Super Heroes 2$2.95DC42,176
3149Flash 218$2.25DC41,585
3228Detective Comics 802$2.95DC40,760
3329New X-Men 8$2.99Marvel40,099
3443Outsiders 19$2.50DC39,449
3530The Punisher 16$2.99Marvel39,262
3631Conan 12$2.99Dark Horse39,233
3744Adventures of Superman 636$2.50DC39,174
3833New X-Men 9$2.99Marvel38,121
3958Nightwing 101$2.25DC38,021
4053Action Comics 823$2.50DC36,564
4161Nightwing 102$2.25DC36,020
4238Army of Darkness Ashes 2 Ashes 4$2.99Devil's Due35,979
4340Army of Darkness Shop Til You Drop Dead 1$2.99Devil's Due35,254
4441Soulfire 3$2.99Aspen35,254
4542Pulse 7$2.99Marvel34,710
4660Batman Gotham Knights 61$2.50DC33,007
4770Robin 134$2.25DC32,785
4832Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes 5$3.50Marvel32,703
4962Green Arrow 46$2.50DC32,404
5046Space Ghost 3$2.95DC32,129
5145Exiles 58$2.99Marvel32,065
5234Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes 6$3.50Marvel31,942
5347New Thunderbolts 4$2.99Marvel31,661
5448Darkness Superman 1$2.99Image31,579
5550Stormbreaker Saga of Beta Ray Bill 1$2.99Marvel31,234
5651Marvel Knights 4 14$2.99Marvel31,228
5765Justice League Elite 7$2.50DC31,152
5852Planetary 22$2.95DC31,006
5954Spider Man Human Torch 1$2.99Marvel30,555
6055Fantastic Four Foes 1$2.99Marvel30,269
6156Arana Heart of the Spider 1$2.99Marvel29,783
6271Birds of Prey 78$2.50DC29,397
6357Powers 8$2.95Marvel29,379
6472Batgirl 60$2.50DC29,169
6574Spawn 142$2.50Image28,648
6685Marvel Team-Up 4$2.25Marvel27,162
6778Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 187$2.50DC26,799
6864We 3 3$2.95DC26,547
6963Nightcrawler 5$2.99Marvel26,389
7067Majestic 1$2.95DC26,097
7166Cable Deadpool 11$2.99Marvel25,792
7268Y The Last Man 30$2.95DC25,693
7391Wonder Woman 212$2.25DC25,558
7420Superman Strength 1$5.95DC24,856
7569Rogue 7$2.99Marvel24,815
7687Fables 33$2.50DC24,318
7788Catwoman 39$2.50DC24,113
7875Gambit 6$2.99Marvel23,481
7976She Hulk 11$2.99Marvel23,189
8077Black Widow 5$2.99Marvel22,551
8179District X 9$2.99Marvel22,200
8280Mystique 23$2.99Marvel21,685
8381Captain America & The Falcon 11$2.99Marvel21,451
8482Madrox 5$2.99Marvel21,258
8583Bullseye Greatest Hits 5$2.99Marvel21,252
8684Authority Revolution 4$2.95DC20,942
8773JSA Strange Adventures 6$3.50DC20,807
8859Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Women of Marvel 2005$3.99Marvel20,795
8986G.I. Joe39$2.95Devil's Due20,655
9095Hawkman 36$2.50DC20,427
9196Aquaman 26$2.50DC20,333
9289Spider-Girl 82$2.99Marvel19,964
9398Firestorm 9$2.50DC19,953
9490New Invaders 6$2.99Marvel19,719
9592Spider-Man India 3$2.99Marvel18,437
9693Spider-Man Unlimited 7$2.99Marvel18,279
9794Alpha Flight 11$2.99Marvel18,262
98107Doom Patrol 8$2.50DC17,934
9997Deadshot 2$2.95DC17,056
10099Breach 1$2.95DC16,857
101111Gotham Central 27$2.50DC16,717
102101Witchblade 82$2.99Image16,518
103103Intimates 3$2.95DC16,343
104102Thor Son Of Asgard 12$2.99Marvel16,173
105105Question 3$2.95DC15,553
106104Tomb Of Dracula 4$2.99Marvel15,389
107106BPRD The Dead 3$2.99Dark Horse15,336
108117100 Bullets 57$2.50DC15,038
109108Tomb Raider 49$2.99Image14,897
110115Hellblazer 204$2.75DC14,494
111120Manhunter 6$2.50DC14,306
112109Swamp Thing 11$2.95DC14,271
113124Teen Titans Go 15$2.25DC14,265
114110Futurama Simpsons Crossover Crisis Part 2 1$2.99Bongo13,990
115122Books of Magick Life During Wartime 7$2.50DC13,651
116114Toe Tags Feat George Romero 4$2.95DC13,522
117116Green Lantern Rebirth 1$2.95DC13,171
118130Justice League Unlimited 5$2.25DC12,691
119118Udon Darkstalkers 2$2.95Devil's Due12,539
120119Simpsons Comics 102$2.99Bongo12,077
121127Lucifer 58$2.50DC12,007
122139Batman Strikes 5$2.25DC11,784
123121Jubilee 5$2.99Marvel11,457
124123Terra Obscura Vol. 2 5$2.95DC11,053
125125Sleeper Season Two 8$2.95DC10,702
12611230 Days of Bloodsuckers Tales 4$3.99IDW10,374
127126Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 30$2.95Broadsword10,269
128144Marvel Age Spider-Man 19$2.25Marvel10,158
129142Richard Dragon 9$2.50DC10,088
130113Stkpers Dracula 3$3.99Marvel10,076
131128Strangers In Paradise 70$2.95Abstract9,924
132129Shi Ju Nen 3$2.99Dark Horse9,719
133131Invincible 19$2.95Image9,660
134132Witching 8$2.95DC9,655
135133Trigger 2$2.95DC9,631
136134Plastic Man 14$2.95DC9,421
137136Losers 20$2.95DC9,344
138135Samurai Heaven & Earth 2$2.99Dark Horse9,292
139138Flaming Carrot 1$2.95Image9,040
140140Youngblood Imperial 1$2.99Arcade8,625
141141Green Lantern Rebirth 3$2.95DC8,613
142168Sonic The Hedgehog 145$2.19Archie7,952
143143Human Target 18$2.95DC7,835
144161Hard Time 12$2.50DC7,776
145146Legion Of Super Heroes 1$2.95DC7,642
146149Ultra 6$2.95Image7,501
147151Studio Ice Megacity 909 5$2.95Devil's Due7,355
148100Constantine Movie Adaptation$6.95DC7,121
149171Marvel Age Fantastic Four 11$2.25Marvel7,039
150172Marvel Age Fantastic Four 12$2.25Marvel6,934
151154Ghostbusters Legion 4$2.9588 MPH6,916
152169Casefiles Sam & Twitch 12$2.50Image6,828
153158Wild Girl 3$2.95DC6,752
154159Angeltown 3$2.95DC6,641
155160Usagi Yojimbo 81$2.99Dark Horse6,524
157147Warren Ellis Angel Stomp Future 1$3.50Avatar6,407
158163Bloodhound 7$2.95DC6,314
159164Green Lantern Rebirth 2$2.95DC6,267
160167The Gift 9$2.99Image6,038
161152Warren Ellis Simon Spector 1$3.50Avatar6,033
162148Knights of the Dinner Table 99$3.99Kenzer5,623
163170Aftermath Breakdown 3$2.95Devil's Due5,582
164150Brian Pulidos Belladonna 3$3.99Avatar5,506
165137Shonen Jump Vol. 3 Feb 2005 2$4.99Viz5,436
166165Tales Of Tellos 3$3.50Image5,196
167166Noble Causes 6$3.50Image5,161
168188Powerpuff Girls 58$2.25DC5,079
169155CSI Dominos 5$3.99IDW5,067
170156Hero Squared Xtra Sized Special 1$3.99Atomeka5,055
171176Aftermath Blade of Kumori 3$2.95Devil's Due5,015
172190Scooby Doo 92$2.25DC4,862
173178Donald Duck & Friends 324$2.95Gemstone4,780
174179Blade of the Immortal 97$2.99Dark Horse4,658
175181Superpatriot War On Terror 2$2.95Image4,570
176182Mickey Mouse & Friends 273$2.95Gemstone4,383
177175Grendel Devils Reign 7$3.50Dark Horse4,248
178184Superman Batman 16$2.95DC4,014
179185Beyond Avalon 1$2.95Image3,979
180186Freedom Force 1$2.95Image3,932
181145Lore 5$5.99IDW3,792
182173Bloodrayne Skies Afire $3.99Digital Webbing3,792
183174Desperadoes Banners of Gold 2$3.99IDW3,745
184198Teen Titans 19$2.50DC3,698
185177Eric Reds Containment 1$3.99IDW3,675
186191Poison Elves Hyena 3$2.95Sirius3,622
187192Pigtale 1$2.95Image3,610
188183Ghostbusters Legion Brereton Cvr 4$3.5088 MPH3,593
189194Detonator 2$2.95Image3,587
190193Gold Digger 59$2.99Antarctic3,552
191180Simpsons Classics 3$3.99Bongo3,405
192196Bloodstream 4$2.95Image3,376
193157Super Manga Blast 48$5.99Dark Horse3,347
194221The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty 6$1.99Beckett3,177
195200Pat Lees Transformers G.I. Joe 1$2.95Dreamwave3,101
196153Firebreather Iron Saint One Shot$6.95Image3,025
197201Space Ghost 2$2.95DC3,013
198203Small Gods 6$2.95Image2,920
199218Looney Tunes 122$2.25DC2,891
200205Gold Digger Adventures Stand Alone Special 1$2.99Antarctic2,838
201228Archie 554$2.19Archie2,586
202202Luba 10$3.50Fantagraphics2,510
203197CVO Covert Vampiric Operations Rogue State 3$3.99IDW2,469
204204Mad Magazine 450$3.50DC2,434
205209Amazing Joy Buzzards 1$2.95Image2,422
206189Vertigo Secret Files Hellblazer 1$4.95DC2,288
207236Archie & Friends 88$2.19Archie2,253
208238Veronica 158$2.19Archie2,212
209219Dogwitch 15$2.95Sirius2,194
210241Betty 144$2.19Archie2,171
211237Batman 635$2.25DC2,165
212220JLA Classified 2$2.95DC2,159
213239Cartoon Network Block Party 5$2.25DC2,136
214222Superman Batman 15$2.95DC2,130
215214Cavewoman Meriems Gallery 4$3.25Basement2,071
216232Superman 212$2.50DC2,071
217213Shaolin Cowboy 1$3.50Burlyman1,954
218254Wolverine 23$2.25Marvel1,843
219217Betty & Veronica Double Digest 130$3.59Archie1,826
220230Iron Man 2$2.99Marvel1,755
221231Star Wars Obsession 2$2.99Dark Horse1,744
222234Lenore 11$2.95Slave Labor1,720
223278Ruule Kiss & Tell 7$1.99Beckett1,633
224240Helios 2$2.99Dakukawa1,592
225227Archie Double Digest 158$3.59Archie1,592
226257Superman 211$2.50DC1,586
227223Spunky Knight Extreme 4$3.95Fantagraphics1,574
228206Marvel 2005 New Year Deal $5.00Marvel1,568
229242Ninja High School 123$2.99Antarctic1,568
230246Adam Strange 4$2.95DC1,551
231243Army of Darkness Ashes 2 Ashes 1$2.99Dynamic1,539
232225Identity Crisis 7$3.95DC1,515
233247Flare 3$2.99Heroic1,504
234207Night of the Living Dead Barbaras Zombie Chron 3$4.95Dead Dog1,480
235229Pals N Gals Double Digest 91$3.59Archie1,463
236195Waterloo Sunset 3$6.95Image1,451
237250Neotopia Vol. 4 5$2.99Antarctic1,451
238208Batman Danger Girl$4.95DC1,445
239235Milk 44$3.50Radio1,439
240210Dorothy 1$5.00Illusive1,428
241274Laugh Digest 199$2.39Archie1,393
242268Batgirl 59$2.50DC1,393
243255Astonishing X-Men 7$2.99Marvel1,369
244256Captain Gravity & Power of Vril 2$2.95Penny Farthing1,357
245276Manhunter 5$2.50DC1,328
246215A G Super Erotic Anthology 10$4.99Icarus1,322
247262Udon Darkstalkers 1$2.95Devil's Due1,235
248251Furrlough 142$3.50Radio1,229
249263Superman Batman 14$2.95DC1,211
250224Genus Male 4$4.99Radio1,205
251291Jughead With Archie Digest 199$2.39Archie1,200
252266100 Girls 3$2.95Archie1,194
253187Aftermath 0$9.95Devil's Due1,153
254292Captain Canuck Unholy War 3$2.50Com X1,135
255273Star Wars Obsession 1$2.99Dark Horse1,118
256248Arisinoe 1$3.95Fantagraphics1,112
257277Next Exit 2$2.95Slave Labor1,106
258279Ultra 1 2nd Prtg$2.95Image1,094
259296Green Arrow 45$2.50DC1,082
260252Girl + Girl 1$3.95Fantagraphics1,071
261311Flash 216$2.25DC1,047
262280The Incredibles 2$2.99Dark Horse1,012
263281I Hunt Monsters Vol. 2 1$2.99Antarctic1,006
264285Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7$2.95Mirage1,001
265282Quagmire USA 6$2.99Antarctic995
266317Ultimate Fantastic Four 13$2.25Marvel995
267286True Story Swear To God 12$2.95Clibs Boy989
268288Johnny The Homicidal Maniac 1$2.95Slave Labor983
269226Frank Millers Robocop Officer Lewis 7$5.99Avatar971
270259Blowjob 12$3.95Fantagraphics971
271323JLA 109$2.25DC954
272264Sin City Angels 1$3.95Fantagraphics895
273267Identity Crisis 5$3.95DC884
274270Identity Crisis 3$3.95DC872
275300Supreme Power 14$2.99Marvel866
276253AP You Can Draw Manga 12$4.95Antarctic848
277283Catwoman When in Rome 3$3.50DC848
278272Bootleg 12$3.95White Lightning848
279324Teen Titans 17$2.50DC848
280306Brick City Bunch 1$2.95Urban Sequence831
281308City of Heroes 9$2.95Blue King819
282309Squee 1$2.95Slave Labor807
283341New Avengers 1$2.25Marvel796
284344Amazing Spider-Man 515$2.25Marvel796
285333Superman 210$2.50DC790
286347Ultimate Fantastic Four 14$2.25Marvel784
287334Elvira 141$2.50Claypool778
288312Cryptozoo Crew 1$2.95NBM778
289315Walking Dead 14$2.95Image772
290245Panzer 1946 3$5.95Antarctic767
291320Adam Strange 3$2.95DC743
292233Femforce 130$6.95AC 737
293356Sonic & Knuckles Mecha Madness Special Curr Prtg 1$2.25Archie737
294293Identity Crisis 6$3.95DC708
295211Flash 215$2.25DC708
296363Tim Seley G.I. Joe Sketchbook$9.95Devil's Due708
297364Sonic In Your Face Special Curr Prtg 1$2.25Archie702
298368Sonic & Knuckles Special Curr Prtg 1$2.25Archie690
299295New Avengers 1 Directors Cut$3.99Marvel690
300271Belly Button 2$4.95Fantagraphics679

January 2005 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel sales were up slightly for the month in dollar terms, when comparing the Top 50 from this month with the Top 50 from January 2004.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
19Samurai Executioner Vol. 3$9.95Dark Horse7,185
24Avengers Disassembled$15.99Marvel5,986
317Ex Machina First Hundred Days$9.95DC5,500
41Ghost in the Shell 2 Vol. 1 Man Machine Interface$24.95Dark Horse4,839
52Hellblazer All His Engines HC$24.95DC4,523
613Berserk Vol. 6$13.95Dark Horse4,400
715Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 8 Sins Past$12.99Marvel4,295
811Essential Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1$16.99Marvel4,061
910Loki HC$17.99Marvel3,932
1014John Constantine Hellblazer Rare Cuts$14.95DC3,797
1137Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 10 $7.95Viz3,604
1241Clive Barkers Thief of Always Vol. 1$7.49IDW3,517
1332Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. 2 Venomous$9.99Marvel3,452
1429Ultimate Elektra Devils Due$11.99Marvel3,148
1520Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Gifted$14.99Marvel3,101
1718Birds of Prey Sensei And Student$17.95DC2,785
1816Hulk Visionaries Peter David Vol. 1$19.99Marvel2,750
1924Constantine Hellblazer Collection$14.95DC2,744
2152Mighty Man $7.95Image2,674
2226Danger Girl Odd Jobs$14.95DC2,621
2333Wonder Woman Bitter Rivals$12.95DC2,621
2463Blood Stained Sword $7.49IDW2,504
2539Negima Vol. 4$10.95Random House2,481
2644Bone Vol. 1 Out of Boneville Color Ed$9.99Scholastic2,481
2735Elektra Movie$12.99Marvel2,475
2830Superman Unconventional Warfare$14.95DC2,452
2934Marvel Knights 4 Vol. 2 Stuff of Nightmares$13.99Marvel2,422
3031District X Vol. 1 Mr M$14.99Marvel2,411
3121Oh My Goddess Sora Unchained Vol. 19 $18.95Dark Horse2,393
3222Authority Fractured Worlds$17.95DC2,370
3319Catwoman Relentless$19.95DC2,364
3442Tsubasa Vol. 4$10.95Random House2,323
357Udon Street Fighter Eternal Challenge$34.99Devil's Due2,159
3628Hanging Out with the Dream King$17.95Fantagraphics2,124
3749XXXholic Vol. 4$10.95Random House2,054
3836Liberty Meadows Creature Comforts Vol. 2$14.95Image2,030
393Green Lantern Archives Vol. 5 HC$49.95DC2,007
4058Full Metal Panic Manga Vol. 7$9.99ADV2,007
4138Elektra The Hand$13.99Marvel2,001
4227Incal Vol. 1 Epic Conspiracy$19.95DC1,960
4360GTO Vol. 22$9.99Tokyopop1,960
4466Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,808
4585Arana Vol. 1 Heart of Spider Digest$7.99Marvel1,790
4668Dears Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,785
4771Kare Kano Vol. 13$9.99Tokyopop1,714
4812Bone One Vol. Ed$39.95Cartoon1,709
4992Emma Frost Vol. 2 Mind Games Digest$7.99Marvel1,679
5043Vivid Girls Vol. 1 $14.99Avatar1,656
5153Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.95DC1,633
525Doctor Solar Man of the Atom Volume 1 HC $49.95Dark Horse1,621
5399Dragonball Z Shonen J Ed Vol. 18 $7.95Viz1,609
5455Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC1,603
55100Shaman King Vol. 5 $7.95Viz1,603
5679Ant Vol. 1 Days Like These$9.95Archie1,545
576Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 New Ed HC$49.99Marvel1,515
5882Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 9 $9.99Viz1,480
5983Saiyuki Vol. 6$9.99Tokyopop1,475
6059Marvel Knights 2099$13.99Marvel1,422
6187Seikai Trilogy Vol. 3 Banner of the Stars II$9.99Tokyopop1,416
6289Vagabond Vol. 18 $9.95Viz1,404
6346Strangers In Paradise Vol. 4 Pocket$17.95Abstract1,340
6448Mighty Love$17.95DC1,322
658Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,322
6695Pet Shop Of Horrors Vol. 10$9.99Tokyopop1,305
6761Classic 40 Oz Tales From The Brown Bag$14.95Image1,305
6896Excel Saga Vol. 10 $9.99Viz1,305
69177Hulk Vol. 1 Incredible Digest$5.99Marvel1,299
7098Imadoki Vol. 4 $9.95Viz1,293
7175G.I. Joe Vol. 5 Return of Serpentor$12.95Devil's Due1,270
7247Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut$19.95Slave Labor1,194
7369Supreme Power Vol. 1 Contact$14.99Marvel1,188
7474Phantom Graham Nolan Sunday Vol. 1$13.95Moonstone1,188
75116Instant Teen Just Add Nuts Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,129
7673Love Fights Vol. 2$14.95Oni1,123
77118Tokyo Babylon Vol. 5$9.99Tokyopop1,100
79119Video Girl AI Vol. 10 $9.99Viz1,077
80120Pretear Manga Vol. 4$9.99ADV1,077
81121Descendants of Darkness Vol. 3 $9.99Viz1,065
82165Prince Of Tennis Vol. 5 $7.95Viz1,053
83122Pita Ten Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,053
8454Spookhouse Vol. 2$19.99IDW1,042
85125Girl Got Game Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,036
8656Singularity 7$19.99IDW1,018
87108Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Vol. 11$11.99Kenzer1,012
88127Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image1,006
89129Land of the Blindfolded Vol. 2 $9.95DC1,001
90130Until The Full Moon Manga $9.99Broadsword989
91134Saikano Vol. 3 $9.95Viz971
92136Madara Vol. 2$9.95DC971
93135Slayers Premium Vol. 1$9.99CPM965
9445Labyrinth Tarot HC$24.95Heavy Metal965
95137Bastard Vol. 6$9.99Viz965
96138Psychic Academy Vol. 6$9.99Tokyopop965
97140Hyper Police Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop954
9876Sin City A Dame To Kill For$17.00Dark Horse954
99142Battle Royale Vol. 11$9.99Tokyopop954
100144Battle Angel Alita Vol. 7 2nd Ed $9.95Viz948