June 2005 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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June proved to be the best month of the year in overall sales, thanks to two issues of Marvel's "event" comic for the year, House of M. Sales of comic books and trade paperbacks to comics shops increased 9% in the first half of 2005 to $168.4 million.

Marvel led DC in Diamond's reported overall unit and dollar market shares, and that held true for each of the narrower calculations. DC had 98 comics in the Top 300 versus Marvel's 86; Image posted a strong month with 35 titles making the list. Dark Horse's strength continued to be in its backlist, coming in third in Diamond's overall dollar list despite having only 13 comics in the Top 300, just one more than IDW.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in my original report from the month, the first of my monthly reports published to the internet, appearing first on the Comics Buyer's Guide website. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11House of M 1$2.99Marvel233,721
22House of M 2$2.99Marvel168,944
33New Avengers 6$2.25Marvel161,546
44Green Lantern 2$2.99DC117,794
55Superman Batman 20$2.99DC114,078
69JLA 115$2.50DC95,358
710Villains United 2$2.50DC94,370
811Omac Project 3$2.50DC93,994
912Uncanny X-Men 461$2.50Marvel91,205
106Spider-Man House of M 1$2.99Marvel85,110
1113Rann Thanagar War 2$2.50DC83,787
1214Uncanny X-Men 460$2.50Marvel82,443
1316X-Men 171$2.50Marvel80,292
1417Wolverine 29$2.50Marvel79,936
1518Ultimate Spider-Man 78$2.50Marvel79,405
1619X-Men 172$2.50Marvel78,875
1720Ultimate X-Men 60$2.50Marvel78,599
1821Day of Vengeance 3$2.50DC78,431
1922Amazing Spider-Man 521$2.50Marvel74,104
2023Teen Titans 25$2.50DC70,529
2130Ultimate Fantastic Four 19$2.25Marvel70,287
2225Ultimate Fantastic Four 20$2.50Marvel69,084
2315Young Avengers 5$2.99Marvel68,674
2426Batman 641$2.50DC67,196
2532Superman 218$2.50DC61,504
2627Fantastic Four 528$2.99Marvel55,927
2728X-Men The End Heroes & Martyrs 4$2.99Marvel54,865
2829Marvel Knights Spider-Man 15$2.99Marvel54,093
2931Supreme Power 17$2.99Marvel52,278
3038Outsiders 25$2.50DC52,178
328Giant Size X-Men 3$4.99Marvel48,677
3334Daredevil 74$2.99Marvel48,166
3446Flash 223$2.50DC48,005
3535Captain America 7$2.99Marvel47,151
3680Wildsiderz 0$1.99DC44,356
3739JLA Classified 8$2.99DC43,496
3840Incredible Hulk 82$2.99Marvel43,241
3956Action Comics 828$2.50DC42,992
4042JLA Classified 9$2.99DC42,790
417Prelude To Infinite Crisis$5.99DC41,057
4247Last Hero Standing 1$2.99Marvel39,572
4348Seven Soldiers Zatanna 2$2.99DC39,471
4449Legion of Super Heroes 7$2.99DC39,148
4550Detective Comics 807$2.99DC38,490
4651Lex Luthor Man of Steel 4$2.99DC38,073
4773Birds of Prey 83$2.50DC38,060
4874Adventures of Superman 641$2.50DC38,013
4952Punisher 22$2.99Marvel37,804
5054Black Panther 5$2.99Marvel37,395
5155Conan 17$2.99Dark Horse37,025
5278Nightwing 109$2.50DC36,595
5343Strange 6$3.50Marvel35,836
5457Last Hero Standing 2$2.99Marvel35,600
5545Shanna The She Devil 5$3.50Marvel35,406
5658Seven Soldiers Shining Knight 3$2.99DC35,150
5759Exiles 65$2.99Marvel34,478
5860Last Hero Standing 3$2.99Marvel34,324
5961Seven Soldiers Klarion The Witch Boy 2$2.99DC34,162
6062New X-Men 15$2.99Marvel34,001
6163Fathom Prelude 1$2.99Dynamic33,900
6264X-Men Kitty Pryde Shadow & Flame 1$2.99Marvel33,779
6365Batman Dark Detective 3$2.99DC33,779
6466Batman Dark Detective 4$2.99DC33,222
6567Pulse 9$2.99Marvel32,765
6668Last Hero Standing 4$2.99Marvel32,731
6769Astro City The Dark Age 1$2.99DC32,684
6870Spider-Man Breakout 3$2.99Marvel32,590
6971Last Hero Standing 5$2.99Marvel32,120
7072Hellboy The Island 1$2.99Dark Horse31,878
7194Batman Gotham Knights 66$2.50DC31,864
7275Planetary 23$2.99DC31,394
7376Fathom 1$2.99Aspen31,354
7496Green Arrow 51$2.50DC31,340
7577Neil Gaimans Neverwhere 1$2.99DC30,809
7697Day of Vengeance 1$2.50DC30,446
77111Wonder Woman 217$2.25DC30,016
7899Robin 139$2.50DC29,640
7982Toxin 3$2.99Marvel29,244
8024Year One Batman Ras Al Ghul 1$5.99DC29,116
8184New X-Men Hellions 2$2.99Marvel28,558
8285Runaways 5$2.99Marvel28,404
8353Dream Police 1$3.99Marvel28,303
84105Justice League Elite 12$2.50DC28,283
8586Gla 3$2.99Marvel28,242
8687Marvel Knights 4 19$2.99Marvel28,148
87106Spawn 146$2.50Image28,088
8888Powers 11$2.95Marvel27,698
89108Spawn 147$2.50Image27,490
9089Conan & The Jewels of Gwahlur 3$2.99Dark Horse27,322
9190New Thunderbolts 9$2.99Marvel27,295
9291G.I. Joe Americas Elite 1$2.95Devil's Due27,147
93114Batgirl 65$2.50DC26,791
9436Batman Villains Secret Files 2005$4.99DC26,757
9592Y The Last Man 34$2.99DC26,751
9693Wolverine Soultaker 5$2.99Marvel26,737
9795Ororo Before The Storm 1$2.99Marvel26,368
98116Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 192$2.50DC26,206
99118Omac Project 1$2.50DC25,877
10098X-Men Unlimited 9$2.99Marvel25,393
101999Batman Allies Secret Files 2005$4.99DC24,936
102999Fables 38$2.75DC24,809
103999Army of Darkness Shop Til You Drop Dead 3$2.99Dynamic24,634
104999Cable Deadpool 16$2.99Marvel24,607
105999Batman Jekyll & Hyde 3$2.99DC24,332
106999Year One Batman Scarecrow 2$5.99DC24,224
107999Day of Vengeance 2$2.50DC23,814
108999Marvel Team-Up 9$2.25Marvel23,525
109999Stormbreaker Saga of Beta Ray Bill 6$2.99Marvel22,645
110999Marvel Nemesis Imperfects 2$2.99Marvel22,403
111999Nightcrawler 7$2.99Marvel22,396
112999Ex Machina 12$2.99DC22,000
113999Off Handbk Marvel Universe Fantastic Four 2005$3.99Marvel21,966
114999Sw General Grievous 3$2.99Dark Horse21,778
115999Catwoman 44$2.50DC21,570
116999Astonishing X-Men 10$2.99Marvel21,308
117999Hawkman 41$2.50DC21,234
118999New Warriors 1$2.99Marvel20,837
119999Star Wars Republic 76$2.99Dark Horse20,649
120999Gravity 1$2.99Marvel20,300
121999Rogue 12$2.99Marvel20,286
122999Daredevil Redemption 5$2.99Marvel19,655
123999Gambit 11$2.99Marvel19,648
124999Spider-Girl 87$2.99Marvel19,601
125999Authority Revolution 9$2.99DC19,326
126999Top Cow Triple Play$.99Image19,272
127999Batman Begins Movie Adaptation$6.99DC18,936
128999Gambit 12$2.99Marvel18,848
129999District X 14$2.99Marvel18,795
130999Albion 1$2.99DC18,788
131999Aquaman 31$2.50DC18,398
132999Nightmare On Elm Street Sp 1$3.99Avatar18,398
133999Firestorm 14$2.50DC18,371
134999X-Force Shatterstar 4$2.99Marvel18,062
135999Authority Lobo Spring Break Massacre$4.99DC17,861
136999Fantastic Four The Movie 1$4.99Marvel17,478
137999Villains United 1$2.50DC17,363
138999Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sp 1$3.99Avatar17,296
139999Walking Dead 19$2.95Image17,222
140999Gotham Central 32$2.50DC16,691
141999Fantastic Four Foes 5$2.99Marvel16,523
142999Hercules 3$2.99Marvel16,456
143999Son of Vulcan 1$2.99DC16,450
144999Arana Heart of the Spider 5$2.99Marvel16,376
145999Blood of the Demon 4$2.50DC16,308
146999Darkness Vampirella One Shot*$2.99Image16,275
147999Monster War Tomb Raider Vs Wolf Men 2$2.99Image16,235
148999Witchblade 86$2.99Image15,912
149999Fantastic Four Foes 6$2.99Marvel15,710
150999Amazing Fantasy 9$2.99Marvel15,603
151999Spider Man Human Torch 5$2.99Marvel15,509
152999Angel The Curse 1$3.99IDW15,354
153999Doom Patrol 13$2.50DC15,287
154999Hellblazer 209$2.75DC15,146
155999Majestic 6$2.99DC14,924
156999Darkstalkers 6$2.95Devil's Due14,904
157999Solo 5$4.99DC14,259
158999Otherworld 4$2.99DC14,212
159999Teen Titans Go 20$2.25DC14,111
160999Manhunter 11$2.50DC14,037
161999DC Special The Return of Donna Troy 1$2.99DC12,949
162999Vimanarama 3$2.99DC12,727
163999 OMAC Project 2 (2nd pr)$2.50DC12,693
164999Shaolin Cowboy 3$3.50Burlyman12,384
165999Captain America 6$2.99Marvel12,290
166999Rann Thanagar War 1$2.50DC12,048
167999Tom Strong 33$2.99DC11,954
168999Books of Magick Life During Wartime 12$2.75DC11,894
169999Simpsons Comics 107$2.99Bongo11,833
170999Doc Frankenstein 3$3.50Burlyman11,786
171999Lucifer 63$2.75DC11,692
172999Justice League Unlimited 10$2.25DC11,632
173999Invincible 23$2.95Image11,450
174999City of Heroes 2$2.99Image11,403
175999Swamp Thing 16$2.99DC10,960
176999Girls 2$2.95Image10,738
177999City of Tomorrow 3$2.99DC10,503
178999Green Lantern 1$3.50DC10,362
179999Spellbinders 4$2.99Marvel10,187
180999Stardust Kid 1$3.50Image10,106
181999Shaun of the Dead 1$3.99IDW10,079
182999Batman Strikes 10$2.25DC10,046
183999Livewires 5$2.99Marvel9,958
184999Intimates 8$2.99DC9,824
185999Machine Teen 2$2.99Marvel9,811
186999Man with the Screaming Brain 2$2.99Dark Horse9,656
187999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 1$2.50Marvel9,616
188999Breach 6$2.50DC9,253
189999Futurama Comics 20$2.99Bongo9,239
190999Strangers in Paradise 74$2.95Abstract9,239
191999Brian Pulidos Medieval Lady Death 4$3.99Avatar6,384
192999Human Race 3$2.99DC9,233
193999John Constantine Hellblazer Special Papa Midnite 5$2.99DC9,118
194999Shi Ju Nen 4$2.99Dark Horse9,105
195999Bart Simpson Comics 24$2.99Bongo9,078
196999Brian Pulidos Medieval Lady Death 3$3.99Avatar9,031
197999Frank Millers Robocop 8$3.99Avatar8,984
198999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 4$2.50Marvel8,877
199999Losers 25$2.99DC8,789
200999Concrete Human Dilemma 6$3.50Dark Horse8,789
201999Sonic The Hedgehog 150$2.25Archie8,682
202999Metal Gear Solid 9$3.99IDW8,534
203999Tenth Darkk Dawn One Shot$4.99Image8,413
204999Mnemovore 3$2.99DC8,399
205999Mary Jane Homecoming 4$2.99Marvel8,305
206999Power Pack 4$2.99Marvel8,305
207999Matador 2$2.99DC8,292
208999Fantastic Four Directors Cut 527$3.99Marvel8,090
209999Strange Girl 1$2.95Image8,064
210999Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Homeland Cvr A 1$4.95Devil's Due8,010
211999Bigfoot 4$3.99IDW7,956
212999Grimjack Killer Instinct 5$3.99IDW7,909
213999Human Race 4$2.99DC7,862
214999Lethal Instinct 1$.75Alias7,835
215999Metal Gear Solid 10$3.99IDW7,748
217999Marvel Must Haves Nyx 4 & 5$3.99Marvel7,082
218999Megacity 909 7$2.95Devil's Due6,787
219999Savage Dragon God War 3$2.95Image6,746
220999Trigger 6$2.99DC6,693
221999Hack Slash Vs Evil Ernie*$4.95Devil's Due6,666
222999Jon Sable Freelance Bloodline 2$3.99IDW6,605
223999Shadowhawk 2$2.99Image6,585
224999Billy The Kids Old Time Oddities 3$2.99Dark Horse6,525
225999Usagi Yojimbo 84$2.99Dark Horse6,410
226999Trigger 7$2.99DC6,276
227999Marvel Milestones Dr Doom Sub-Mariner & Red Skull$3.99Marvel6,236
228999Flaming Carrot Comics 3$3.50Image6,007
229999Manga Darkchylde 2$2.99Dark Horse5,933
230999Twilight Experiment 5$2.99DC5,812
231999Atomika 3$2.99Speakeasy5,725
232999Knights of the Dinner Table 103$3.99Kenzer5,705
233999Legend of Isis 1$2.99Alias5,705
234999Iron Ghost 2$2.95Image5,604
235999Casefiles Sam & Twitch 17$2.50Image5,584
236999Knights of the Dinner Table 104$3.99Kenzer5,470
237999Castlevania The Belmont Legacy 4$3.99IDW5,349
238999Stray Bullets 38$3.50El Capitan5,302
239999Lullaby Wisdom Seeker 3$2.95Image5,228
240999Shonen Jump July 2005 Vol. 3 7$4.99Viz5,208
241999Cal Mcdonald Supernatural Freak Machine 3$3.99IDW5,188
242999Queen & Country Declassified Vol. 3 1$2.95Oni5,174
243999Imaginaries 2$2.95Image5,167
244999Pact 2$2.99Image4,919
245999Death Jr 2$4.99Image4,885
246999Uncle Scrooge 343$6.95Gemstone4,858
247999Scooby Doo 97$2.25DC4,818
248999The Gift 12$2.99Image4,798
249999Powerpuff Girls 63$2.25DC4,771
250999Noble Causes 10$3.50Image4,710
251999Zombie Tales 1$6.99Atomeka4,643
252999Brian Pulidos War Angel 2$3.50Avatar3,192
253999Sea of Red 3$2.95Image4,616
254999CSI Secret Identity 4$3.99IDW4,603
255999Donald Duck and Friends 329$2.95Gemstone4,563
256999Brian Pulidos Belladonna 5$3.99Avatar4,556
257999Noble Causes 11$3.50Image4,529
258999Blacklight 1$2.99Image4,475
259999CSI Secret Identity 5$3.99IDW4,374
260999Flak Riot 1$2.95Image4,368
261999Mr the 1$3.50APComics4,301
262999Mickey Mouse & Friends 278$2.95Gemstone4,274
263999Brian Pulidos War Angel 3$3.50Avatar4,247
264999Blade of the Immortal 102$2.99Dark Horse4,247
265999Battle Hymn 3$2.95Image4,133
266999Beowulf 2$2.99Speakeasy4,086
267999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories 658$6.95Gemstone3,971
268999Pact 3$2.95Image3,938
269999Batman 640$2.25DC3,911
270999Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 22$2.95Mirage3,850
27199910th Muse Vol. 2 2$2.99Alias3,662
272999Hero Camp 2$2.95Image3,588
273999Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine 1$3.99Marvel3,528
274999Phantom 7$3.50Moonstone3,521
275999Green Lantern Secret Files 2005$4.99DC3,508
276999Ultimate Tales Flip Magazine 1$3.99Marvel3,494
277999Gold Digger 64$2.99Antarctic3,467
278999Phantom 6$3.50Moonstone3,440
279999Outsiders 24$2.50DC3,420
280999Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11$3.25Mirage3,407
281999Elsinore 2$2.99Alias3,360
282999Ultimate Marvel Flip Magazine 1$3.99Marvel3,266
283999Marvel Select Flip Magazine 1$3.99Marvel3,246
284999Grimoire 4$2.99Speakeasy3,246
285999Dracula Vs King Arthur 1$2.95Silent Devil3,212
286999Super Manga Blast 52$5.99Dark Horse3,071
287999Poison Elves Ventures 1 Cassandra $3.50Sirius3,057
288999Age of Bronze 20$3.50Image3,037
289999Looney Tunes 127$2.25DC2,990
290999Deal With The Devil 2$2.99Alias2,936
291999Judo Girl 2$2.99Alias2,916
292999Archie 558$2.25Archie2,849
293999Freedom Force 6$2.95Image2,816
294999Lethal Instinct 2$2.99Alias2,728
295999Small Gods 9$2.95Image2,708
296999Sabrina Vol. 2 67$2.19Archie2,641
297999Karney 3$3.99IDW2,621
298999Shonen Jump Aug 05 32$4.99Viz2,594
299999Betty & Veronica 209$2.19Archie2,553
300999NYC Mech Beta Love 2$2.95Image2,527

June 2005 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel sales were up 10% in the Top 100, and up 26% for the year overall.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
16We 3$12.99DC7,687
24Marvel 1602$19.99Marvel6,209
325Fruits Basket Vol. 10$9.99Tokyopop5,544
415Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 3 N-Zone$12.99Marvel5,322
510Batman War Games Act Two$14.99DC5,261
63Superman Infinite City$24.99DC5,060
729Superman Godfall$9.99DC4,805
87New Teen Titans Who Is Donna Troy$19.99DC4,522
911Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 4$16.99Marvel4,469
1012Life & Times of Scrooge Mcduck$16.99Gemstone4,341
1124JSA Vol. 8 Black Reign$12.99DC4,267
128X-Men Phoenix Endsong$19.99Marvel4,206
1326Batman Begins The Movie & Other Tales of the Dark Knight$12.99DC4,180
1433Battle Royale Vol. 13$9.99Tokyopop4,146
1549Smoke #1$7.49IDW4,133
1643Walt Disneys Vacation Parade #2$8.95Gemstone3,810
1755Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 15$7.95Viz3,561
1827Lucifer Vol. 8 The Wolf Beneath The Tree$14.99DC3,508
1920Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity$17.99DC3,393
2065Silent Hill The Grinning Man$7.49IDW3,333
2123Blade of the Immortal Vol. 14 Last Blood$17.95Dark Horse3,185
2236Fantastic Four The Movie$12.99Marvel3,125
2319Fantastic Four Visionaries George Perez Vol. 1$19.99Marvel3,098
2439Darkstalkers Vol. 1$12.99Devil's Due3,004
2548Negima Vol. 6$10.95Random House2,883
2678Donald Duck Adventures Vol. 12$7.95Gemstone2,782
2785Clive Barkers Thief of Always Vol. 3$7.49IDW2,681
2840Liberty Meadows Vol. 3 Summer of Love$14.95Image2,600
2928Captain America By Jack Kirby Bicentennial Battles$19.99Marvel2,553
3013Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1$29.99Marvel2,446
3170Saiyuki Vol. 9$9.99Tokyopop2,432
3231Batman Tales of the Demon New Ptg$17.99DC2,412
3372Dears Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop2,412
3434Hulk Gray$16.99Marvel2,399
3589Bleach Vol. 7$7.95Viz2,399
3650Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine Classic Vol. 1$12.99Marvel2,352
3764XXXholic Vol. 5$10.95Random House2,352
3891Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol. 4$7.95Gemstone2,352
3952Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image2,312
4075Negative Burn Winter 2005$9.95Image2,305
4153Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 3 Vamp$12.99DC2,285
4230X-Men Fantastic Four$19.99Marvel2,285
435Batman Archives Vol. 6$49.99DC2,265
4432Ice Haven$18.95Random House2,224
4579Chrono Crusade Manga Vol. 5$9.99ADV2,211
4680Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image2,204
4781Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 14$9.99Tokyopop2,170
4858Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC2,103
4992Strangers in Paradise Vol. 16 Molly & Poo$8.95Abstract2,070
5035Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1$19.99IDW2,029
5184Princess Ai Vol. 2 Lumination$9.99Tokyopop2,029
5287Yotsuba Manga Vol. 1$9.99ADV1,969
5388Little Lulu Vol. 4 Sunday Afternoon$9.95Dark Horse1,949
5468Batman Hush Vol. 2 New Ptg$12.99DC1,895
5590Full Metal Panic Overload Manga Vol. 1$9.99ADV1,875
5669New X-Men Academy X Vol. 2 Haunted$12.99Marvel1,875
5747Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 2 Dame To Kill For 2nd$17.00Dark Horse1,861
581Fantastic Four Omnibus$45.00Marvel1,834
5974Star Wars Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith$12.95Dark Horse1,794
6062Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.95DC1,774
6194Get Backers Vol. 10$9.99Tokyopop1,754
6246Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 4 That Yellow Bastard 2nd$19.00Dark Horse1,740
632League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Absolute Ed Vol. 2 Oversized$75.00DC1,720
6497Sakura Taisen Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,700
6545Age of Bronze Vol. 2 Sacrifice$19.95Image1,693
66102Rg Veda Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,666
6766Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 6 Booze Broads Bullets 2nd$15.00Dark Horse1,660
68104Gravitation Vol. 12$9.99Tokyopop1,653
699Magnus Robot Fighter Vol. 2 4000 Ad$49.95Dark Horse1,646
70105Gunslinger Girl Manga Vol. 3$9.99ADV1,640
7176Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson$13.95Bongo1,640
72128Dragonball Z Vol. 20$7.95Viz1,626
7357Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 1 Hard Goodbye 2nd$17.00Dark Horse1,606
7482Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image1,606
75111Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,552
7651Batman Year One Dlx Ed$19.99DC1,525
77116Kare Kano Vol. 16$9.99Tokyopop1,498
7861Captain America & Falcon Vol. 2 Brothers & Keepers$17.99Marvel1,478
79118Angel Sanctuary Vol. 8$9.99Viz1,472
8063Earthboy Jacobous$17.95Image1,445
8154Watchmen New Ptg$19.99DC1,438
8296Blue Monday Vol. 4 Painted Moon$11.95Oni1,431
83119Ex Machina Vol. 1 The First Hundred Days$9.95DC1,425
84120King of Hell Vol. 10$9.99Tokyopop1,404
8514Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Sub-Mariner Vol. 1 New Ed$49.99Marvel1,398
8683Nail Vol. 1$14.95Dark Horse1,364
8759Incal Vol. 2 The Epic Journey$19.99DC1,357
8844Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Vol. 3$24.99Broadsword1,351
8960New Invaders To End All Wars$19.99Marvel1,344
9037Wizard Best of Basic Training Dlx$29.99Wizard1,337
9138Best of Spider-Man Vol. 4$29.99Marvel1,330
9286Wars End Profiles From Bosnia 1995-96$14.95Drawn & Quarterly1,324
9316Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 2 New Ed$49.99Marvel1,317
94154Hikaru No Go Vol. 4$7.95Viz1,297
95142Whats Michael Vol. 10 Sleepless Nights$8.95Dark Horse1,283
96155Marvel Age Spider-Man Team Up Vol. 1 Help Friends Digest$7.99Marvel1,277
97129Heat Guy J$9.99Tokyopop1,277
98130Jing King of Bandits Twilight Tales Vol. 4$9.99Tokyopop1,263
99156Fantastic Four Clobberin Time Digest$7.99Marvel1,263
100161Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol. 5$7.95Viz1,257