September 2005 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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All-Star Batman's second issue and a two-issue month for New Avengers and JLA helped the comics market close out the third quarter 5% above the same period in 2004.

It was actually an off month compared with the previous September, which had one more shipping week; it was the only month of 2005 which did not beat its 2004 counterpart. But the gap disappeared in some comparisons. The Top 300 Comics plus the Top 100 Trades sold almost exactly in September what they sold in the previous September.

Marvel led DC in Diamond's reported overall unit and dollar market shares, although by only 2.6% in the dollar category. DC had an even 100 comics in the Top 300 versus Marvel's 82. Image led Dark Horse in all the narrower market share categories; in the overall category where backlist trade paperbacks are added, Dark Horse sprang forward to a four-to-three advantage.

Bakers #1 from Kyle Baker ranked as the top new publisher debut, landing in 226th place with 2,900 copies ordered.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder2$2.99DC178,573
23New Avengers10$2.50Marvel142,999
32House of M6$2.99Marvel138,116
44New Avengers11$2.50Marvel131,347
55Superman Batman22$2.99DC103,234
77Ultimates 28$2.99Marvel95,970
88Ghost Rider1$2.99Marvel95,172
1012Omac Project6$2.50DC93,364
1317Uncanny X-Men464$2.50Marvel85,876
1419Villains United5$2.50DC82,484
159Green Lantern Corps Recharge1$3.50DC80,710
1926Ultimate Spider-Man82$2.50Marvel75,748
2027Ultimate X-Men63$2.50Marvel74,752
2128Ultimate Spider-Man83$2.50Marvel73,789
2229Rann Thanagar War5$2.50DC72,561
2330Ultimate Fantastic Four23$2.50Marvel71,486
2418Ultimate Iron Man4$2.99Marvel71,189
2531Amazing Spider-Man524$2.50Marvel71,057
2632Day of Vengeance6$2.50DC70,483
2820Ultimate Secret3$2.99Marvel67,039
2914Superman Shazam First Thunder1$3.50DC66,412
3110Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual1$3.99Marvel65,377
3222Young Avengers7$2.99Marvel65,126
3323Spider-Man House of M4$2.99Marvel64,803
3434Fantastic Four House of M3$2.99Marvel57,281
3543Action Comics831$2.50DC55,282
3636Iron Man House of M3$2.99Marvel55,157
3737Red Sonja2$2.99Dynamic55,144
3845JSA Classified3$2.50DC54,926
4038Incredible Hulk86$2.99Marvel52,986
4139Captain America10$2.99Marvel52,603
4240Serenity3$2.99Dark Horse52,307
4341Fantastic Four531$2.99Marvel49,740
4454Adventures of Superman644$2.50DC49,232
4542Marvel Knights Spider-Man18$2.99Marvel47,649
5049JLA Classified12$2.99DC43,710
5150New X-Men18$2.99Marvel43,281
5252Supreme Power Hyperion1$2.99Marvel42,542
5455Black Panther8$2.99Marvel40,490
5556Supreme Power Nighthawk1$2.99Marvel39,500
5670Detective Comics811$2.50DC38,768
5724Teen Titans Outsiders Secret Files 2005$4.99DC38,583
5857Mutopia X3$2.99Marvel38,062
5959Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle1$2.99DC37,686
6060Daredevil Father3$2.99Marvel37,567
6251Marvel 1602 New World3$3.50Marvel36,815
6364X-Men Colossus Bloodline1$2.99Marvel36,505
6666Conan20$2.99Dark Horse34,895
6767Legion of Super Heroes10$2.99DC34,829
6876Green Arrow54$2.50DC34,328
6968Thor Blood Oath1$2.99Marvel34,169
7169Weapon X Days of Future Now3$2.99Marvel32,672
7383Birds of Prey86$2.50DC31,266
7485Batman Journey Into Knight2$2.50DC30,897
7686Batman Gotham Knights69$2.50DC30,435
7775Seven Soldiers Guardian4$2.99DC29,927
7977Black Widow 21$2.99Marvel27,387
8279Daredevil Vs Punisher4$2.99Marvel26,853
8480Y The Last Man37$2.99DC26,635
8581Marvel Knights 422$2.99Marvel26,444
8682Hunter Killer4$2.99Image26,213
8784New Thunderbolts12$2.99Marvel25,909
8887Cable Deadpool19$2.99Marvel25,296
89104Batman Legends of the Dark Knight195$2.50DC25,203
9188Cable Deadpool20$2.99Marvel24,979
9861Giant Size X-Men4$4.99Marvel22,386
9997Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Leader1$2.99Dark Horse22,261
101999Hulk Destruction3$2.99Marvel21,885
102999Neil Gaimans Neverwhere4$2.99DC21,634
103999Batman Jekyll & Hyde6$2.99DC21,495
104999Soulfire Dying of the Light2$2.99Aspen21,383
105999Marvel Team-Up12$2.99Marvel21,238
106999Drax The Destroyer1$2.99Marvel20,994
108999X-Men Kitty Pryde Shadow & Flame4$2.99Marvel20,057
109999Star Wars Empire35$2.99Dark Horse19,747
110999Wildcats Nemesis1$2.99DC19,661
111999Star Wars Empire34$2.99Dark Horse19,641
112999Blood of the Demon7$2.50DC19,245
113999G.I. Joe Snake-Eyes Declassified2$2.95Devil's Due19,186
115999Official Handbook Marvel Universe Alt Universes 2005$3.99Marvel18,678
116999Authority Magnificient Kevin1$2.99DC18,441
119999Gotham Central35$2.50DC17,563
120999Authority Magnificient Kevin2$2.99DC17,451
121999Desolation Jones3$2.99DC17,372
123999Jack Cross2$2.50DC16,633
124999BPRD Black Flame2$2.99Dark Horse16,039
125999Marvel Nemesis Imperfects5$2.99Marvel16,039
126999Spider-Man Unlimited11$2.99Marvel15,683
127999Rising Stars Voices of the Dead4$2.99Image15,557
128999Top Ten Beyond Farthest Precinct2$2.99DC15,531
131999100 Bullets64$2.75DC14,706
132999Doom Patrol16$2.50DC14,324
133999Ororo Before Storm4$2.99Marvel14,317
134999Angel The Curse4$3.99IDW14,053
135999Arana Heart of the Spider8$2.50Marvel13,756
136999JSA Classified2 2nd Ptg$2.50DC13,677
138999George Romeros Land of the Dead1$3.99IDW13,301
139999Teen Titans Go23$2.25DC12,931
140999Arana Heart of the Spider9$2.99Marvel12,918
141999Tomb Raider Greatest Treasure of All One Shot$6.99Image12,806
142999Revelations2$2.99Dark Horse12,562
143999New Warriors4$2.99Marvel12,483
146999Amazing Fantasy12$2.99Marvel11,981
150999House of M1$2.99Marvel11,480
151999Simpsons Comics110$2.99Bongo11,315
152999Sonic X1$2.25Archie11,249
153999Silent Dragon3$2.99DC11,216
154999Books of Magick Life During Wartime14$2.75DC11,051
155999Fantastic Four Presents Franklin Richards Son of Genius$2.99Marvel10,919
156999Justice League Unlimited13$2.25DC10,913
157999JSA Classified1$2.50DC10,603
158999Mega Morphs3$2.99Marvel10,424
159999Goon14$2.99Dark Horse10,286
160999Tarot Witch of the Black Rose34$2.95Broadsword10,134
161999Medieval Lady Death Belladonna1$3.99Avatar9,982
162999Lady Death Abandon All Hope2$3.99Avatar9,870
163999Swamp Thing19$2.99DC9,725
165999Batman Strikes13$2.25DC9,283
166999Strangers in Paradise76$2.95Abstract9,039
167999Lenore12$2.95Slave Labor8,993
168999Winter Men2$2.99DC8,861
169999Simpsons Super Spectacular1$4.99Bongo8,788
170999City of Tomorrow6$2.99DC8,663
175999Sonic The Hedgehog153$2.25Archie8,029
176999Son of Vulcan4$2.99DC8,010
177999Abc A To Z Tom Strong & Jack B Quick$3.99DC7,944
178999City of Heroes5$2.99Image7,930
179999Garth Ennis 3035$3.99Avatar7,825
180999Plastic Man18$2.99DC7,700
182999Shaun of the Dead3$3.99IDW7,396
183999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man7$2.50Marvel7,198
184999Dragonlance Chronicles2$2.95Devil's Due7,126
185999Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty0$3.99IDW7,126
186999Megacity 909 Zoddd8$2.95Devil's Due6,624
188999Stardust Kid2$3.50Image6,380
189999Wonder Woman219 2nd Ptg$2.50DC6,136
191999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four4$2.50Marvel6,063
192999Human Race7$2.99DC5,938
194999Serenity1$2.99Dark Horse5,469
195999Jon Sable Freelance Bloodline4$3.99IDW5,443
196999Knights of the Dinner Table107$3.99Kenzer5,417
198999Marvel Milestones Ghost Rider Black Widow & Iceman$3.99Marvel5,285
199999Scooby Doo100$2.25DC5,239
200999Machine Teen5$2.99Marvel5,225
201999Spider-Man House of M2 Ltd Ed Var$2.99Marvel5,206
202999Stray Bullets39$3.50El Capitan5,159
203999BMW Films Hire3$2.99Dark Horse4,889
204999The Gift13$2.99Image4,816
205999Sea of Red4$2.99Image4,764
207999Incredible Hulk84$2.99Marvel4,678
208999Donald Duck & Friends332$2.95Gemstone4,638
209999DC Countdown To Infinite Crisis1 2nd Ptg$1.99DC4,440
210999Powerpuff Girls66$2.25DC4,387
211999New X-Men16 Ltd Ed Variant$2.99Marvel4,381
212999Shonen Jump Oct 0534$4.99Viz4,374
213999Robert Jordans New Spring2$3.95Red Eagle4,321
214999Rex Mundi14$2.99Image4,289
215999Noble Causes13$3.50Image4,262
217999Mickey Mouse & Friends281$2.95Gemstone4,104
218999Blade of the Immortal105$2.99Dark Horse4,064
220999CSI New York Bloody Murder3$3.99IDW3,715
221999Gold Digger67$2.99Antarctic3,398
223999Cavewoman Reloaded1$3.95Basement3,272
224999Polly & Pirates1$2.99Oni3,002
225999Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles15$3.25Mirage2,976
226999Bakers1$3.00Kyle Baker2,949
228999Oz Wonderland Chronicles0$2.99BuyMeToys2,863
229999Indigo Vertigo One Shot$4.99Image2,811
230999Super Manga Blast55$5.99Dark Horse2,784
231999Omac Project5$2.50DC2,751
233999Brian Pulidos Unholy3$3.50Avatar2,705
234999All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder1$2.99DC2,705
235999Looney Tunes130$2.25DC2,659
236999Bone Rest3$2.99Image2,626
237999Green Lantern4$2.99DC2,593
238999Stronghold1$4.95Devil's Due2,534
239999JLA Classified11$2.99DC2,474
240999Darkness & Tomb Raider B&W Cvr1$2.99Image2,441
242999Sabrina Vol. 270$2.25Archie2,382
243999Witchblade & Tomb Raider B&W Cvr1$2.99Image2,263
244999Night Mary2$3.99IDW2,171
245999Nodwick29$2.99Dork Storm2,144
247999Dead Men Tell No Tales1$3.95Archie2,091
248999PS23813$2.99Dork Storm2,085
249999PS23812$2.99Dork Storm2,065
250999Dracula Vs King Arthur2$2.95Silent Devil2,025
251999Smoke & Mirrors1$2.99Speakeasy2,019
252999Shojo Beat Oct 05 Vol. 14$5.99Viz1,979
254999Super Crazy Tnt Blast1$2.99Speakeasy1,946
255999Ferro City2$2.99Image1,940
257999Cartoon Network Block Party13$2.25DC1,887
258999House of M5$2.99Marvel1,841
259999New Avengers9$2.50Marvel1,828
260999Superman219 2nd Ptg$2.50DC1,788
261999Oz Manga3$2.99Antarctic1,775
262999Of Bitter Souls2$2.99Speakeasy1,775
264999Action Philosophers Self Help For Ugly Loosers$2.95Evil Twin1,722
266999Revelations1$2.99Dark Horse1,709
267999Helios In W/New1$2.99Speakeasy1,709
268999Adventures of Superman642$2.50DC1,636
269999Betty & Veronica Digest160$2.39Archie1,583
270999Archie Double Digest164$3.59Archie1,577
271999Pals N Gals Double Digest97$3.59Archie1,537
272999Wonder Woman220$2.50DC1,471
273999Spunky Knight XXX3$3.95Fantagraphics1,471
274999Tales From Riverdale Digest5$2.39Archie1,451
275999Ag Super Erotic Anthology19$4.99Icarus1,425
277999Sword of Dracula Color Ed1$3.50Digital Webbing1,419
278999Jughead & Friends Digest5$2.39Archie1,359
279999El Arsenal2$2.95Arcana1,346
280999Action Comics829 2nd Ptg$2.50DC1,333
282999Vaistron1$2.95Slave Labor1,280
284999Teen Titans27$2.50DC1,214
286999Serenity2$2.99Dark Horse1,194
287999Young Avengers6$2.99Marvel1,188
289999Captain Gravity & Power of the Vril6$2.95Penny Farthing1,161
290999Runes of Ragnan1$2.95Silent Devil1,161
291999Omac Project4$2.50DC1,148
292999Living W/Zombies4$2.50Frightworld1,075
293999Johnny The Homicidal Maniac1$2.95Slave Labor1,069
294999Angry Youth Comix9$3.50Fantagraphics1,062
295999Adventures of Superman643$2.50DC1,042
296999Jack Cross1$2.50DC1,029
297999Adventures of Bio Boy1$2.99Speakeasy1,016
299999House of M3$2.99Marvel1,016

September 2005 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The Top 100 trade paperbacks and graphic novels reported by Diamond had orders worth $3.89 million at full retail in September. 

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Identity Crisis HC$24.99DC11,922
27Ex Machina Vol. 2 Tag$12.99DC6,030
32Worlds Greatest Super Heroes Oversized Slipcase HC$49.99DC5,549
418Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 1$9.99DC5,496
524Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 1$9.99DC5,212
625Samurai Executioner Vol. 5 10 Fingers 1 Life $9.95Dark Horse5,206
73Absolute Batman Hush Oversized HC$49.99DC5,159
88Batman War Games Act Three$14.99DC4,863
95Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 1$16.99Marvel4,704
1015Superman Batman Vol. 2 Supergirl$12.99DC4,526
1119Hellsing Vol. 7 $13.95Dark Horse3,932
1243Runaways Vol. 4 True Believers Digest$7.99Marvel3,813
1311JLA Vol. 17 Syndicate Rules$17.99DC3,675
1420Wolverine Enemy of the State Vol. 1$14.99Marvel3,655
1535Sgt Rocks Combat Tales Vol. 1$9.99DC3,589
1626Lady Snowblood Vol. 1 $14.95Dark Horse3,226
1748Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 19 $7.95Viz3,160
1813Superman Birthright$19.99DC3,154
1929Hellblazer Black Flowers$14.99DC3,147
2038Negima Vol. 7 GN$10.95Random House3,134
2123Chronicles of Conan Vol. 8 Tower of Blood & Other Stories$16.95Dark Horse3,108
2217BPRD Dead$17.95Dark Horse3,068
2330Avengers Serpent Crown$15.99Marvel2,916
2431Sleeper Vol. 4 Long Way Home$14.99DC2,705
2521Wonder Woman Vol. 3 Beauty & Beasts$19.95DC2,705
2627Exiles Vol. 11 Time Breakers$17.99Marvel2,679
276Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6 HC$29.99Marvel2,613
2870Bleach Vol. 9 $7.95Viz2,573
2932Katsuya Terada The Monkey King Vol. 1$14.95Dark Horse2,501
3042Robin Batgirl Fresh Blood$12.99DC2,501
3190Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1 GN$5.99Tokyopop2,487
3250Ronin Hood of the 47 Samurai GN$9.99Image2,468
3328Hulk Visionaries Peter David Vol. 2$19.99Marvel2,395
3439Last Hero Standing$13.99Marvel2,369
3545Wolverine Classic Vol. 2$12.99Marvel2,204
3660Secret of the Swamp Thing$9.99DC2,204
3733Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 1 Hard Goodbye 2nd$17.00Dark Horse2,184
3868Devil May Cry 3 GN$9.99Tokyopop2,065
3969Yotsuba Manga Vol. 3$9.99ADV2,058
4071Dears Vol. 4 GN$9.99Tokyopop2,039
4122Acme Novelty Library HC$27.50Random House1,946
424Kamandi Archives Vol. 1 HC$49.99DC1,887
4316Punisher Max Vol. 1 HC$29.99Marvel1,874
4454Cbldf Spx 2005 Anthology$12.95CBLDF1,821
4536Bloody Mary$19.99DC1,768
46104One Piece Vol. 8 GN $7.95Viz1,722
4734Black Panther Who Is Black Panther HC$21.99Marvel1,682
4840V For Vendetta$19.99DC1,656
4985I Luv Halloween Vol. 1 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,649
5041District X Vol. 2 Underground$19.99Marvel1,623
5186Covenant Vol. 1 GN$9.99Image1,610
5255Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol. 1 Homeland$14.95Devil's Due1,577
5357Rogue Forget Me Not$14.99Marvel1,537
54117Dragonball Z Vol. 22 $7.95Viz1,537
5558Gambit Hath No Fury$14.99Marvel1,524
5667Snk Vs Capcom Vol. 2 Svc Chaos$13.95Dr Masters1,484
5761Trigun Anime Manga Wolfwood Vol. 2 $14.95Dark Horse1,465
59125Justice League Untd Jam Packed Action$7.99DC1,445
60126Spider-Girl Vol. 4 Turning Point Digest$7.99Marvel1,438
6195Tenjho Tenge Vol. 3 $9.99DC1,438
6262Coyote Vol. 1$14.99Image1,438
6397Fushigi Yugi Vol. 16 GN $9.95Viz1,432
6499Rg Veda Vol. 3 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,412
6537Zombieworld Winters Dregs & Other Stories $24.95Dark Horse1,386
6656Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 3 Big Fat Kill 2nd$17.00Dark Horse1,366
67152Black Forest Vol. 2 Castle of Shadows GN$6.99Image1,326
6810Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Vol. 2 HC New Ed$49.99Marvel1,326
6959Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 2 Dame To Kill For 2nd$17.00Dark Horse1,313
7082Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.99DC1,306
71114Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden Vol. 7 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,267
7274Fables Vol. 5 Mean Seasons$14.99DC1,267
73115Lullaby Wisdom Seeker Vol. 1$9.99Alias1,260
7449Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.95DC1,247
75116Angel Sanctuary Vol. 10 GN $9.99Viz1,247
769Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Vol. 2 HC Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,234
7714Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel Vol. 1 HC New Ed$49.99Marvel1,234
7891Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 5 Family Values 2nd$12.00Dark Horse1,234
7951Grendel Red White & Black$19.95Dark Horse1,227
80145Hikaru No Go Vol. 5 $7.95Viz1,214
82120Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image1,188
83150Death Note Vol. 1 $7.99Viz1,174
84122Rave Master Vol. 17 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,168
8512Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel Vol. 1 HC Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,168
8665Ultimates Vol. 2 Homeland Security$17.99Marvel1,168
8781Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of theruth$14.99DC1,148
8893Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC1,115
8996Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,108
9078Ultimates 2 Vol. 1 Gods & Monsters$15.99Marvel1,102
91168Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol. 9 $7.95Viz1,095
92198MaGNus Robot Fighter Vol. 1 GN $6.95iBooks1,075
9363Batman Long Halloween$19.95DC1,069
94103Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image1,056
96106Full Moon Fever GN$12.95Astronauts in Trouble1,049
97139Remote Vol. 7 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,036
98129Wallflower Vol. 5 GN$10.95Random House1,009
99186Yu Yu Hakusho Vol. 8 $7.95Viz1,009
100141Chikyu Misaki Vol. 1 $9.99DC1,009