October 2005 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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The recovery which began in the comics industry in late 2000 continued, with overall comics, trade, and magazine sales are estimated at $288.42 million through October 2005, versus $269 million through the same month in 2004.

Helped by the estimated 249,100 copies of Infinite Crisis #1 ordered by retailers, DC managed a rare feat, leading Marvel in every single category calculated: Top 300 Comics units, Top 300 Comics dollars, Top 300 Comics plus Top 100 Trades, and the Overall category, which includes backlist trades and comics not in the Top 300. While it came close in May of 2005, DC last led Marvel in all calculations in August 2000. 

There were only two publishers new to the Top 300. Zenescope was the highest ranking publisher debut, with its Grimm’s Fairy Tales #1 placing 197th with approximately 6,100 copies ordered. It was the beginning of a long run for the title. The first comics product from former Marvel President Bill Jemas’s new firm, 360ep, placed 242nd with approximately 3,400 copies ordered. The issue, Advent Rising: Rock Planet #1, was based on the Majesco video game.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Infinite Crisis1$3.99DC249,107
23House of M7$2.99Marvel134,344
34New Avengers12$2.50Marvel127,868
55Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man1$2.99Marvel85,707
66Uncanny X-Men465$2.50Marvel84,217
77Villains United6$2.50DC83,854
911Amazing Spider-Man525$2.50Marvel79,469
1219Ultimate X-Men64$2.50Marvel75,070
1320Ultimate Spider-Man84$2.50Marvel74,623
1623Rann Thanagar War6$2.50DC71,329
1724Ultimate Fantastic Four24$2.50Marvel70,504
198Ghost Rider2$2.99Marvel69,644
2010Green Lantern Corps Recharge2$2.99DC68,882
2228Teen Titans28$2.50DC66,539
2313Marvel Knights Spider-Man19$2.99Marvel66,098
2415Ultimate Secret4$2.99Marvel64,868
2517Young Avengers8$2.99Marvel63,833
2626DC Special Return of Donna Troy4$2.99DC57,749
2731JSA Classified4$2.50DC55,868
2816Superman Shazam First Thunder2$3.50DC54,567
3135Wonder Woman221$2.50DC52,861
3236Adventures of Superman645$2.50DC51,000
3342Action Comics832$2.50DC47,937
3544Wonder Woman222$2.50DC47,035
3733Captain America11$2.99Marvel45,133
3949JLA Classified13$2.50DC43,805
4037Incredible Hulk87$2.99Marvel42,427
4138New X-Men19$2.99Marvel41,665
4340Captain Atom Armageddon1$2.99DC40,637
4441Black Panther9$2.99Marvel40,147
4756Detective Comics812$2.50DC39,245
4846Supreme Power Hyperion2$2.99Marvel37,399
4948She-Hulk 21$2.99Marvel37,196
5151Supreme Power Nighthawk2$2.99Marvel35,161
5252Conan21$2.99Dark Horse34,210
5453Legion of Super Heroes11$2.99DC34,091
5554Mutopia X4$2.99Marvel33,944
5666Green Arrow55$2.50DC32,783
5768Birds of Prey87$2.50DC32,063
5847Marvel 1602 New World4$3.50Marvel31,818
5957Weapon X Days of Future Now4$2.99Marvel30,385
6075Batman Gotham Knights70$2.50DC30,280
6158New Thunderbolts13$2.99Marvel29,231
6361X-Men Colossus Bloodline2$2.99Marvel28,867
6463Thor Blood Oath2$2.99Marvel28,462
6564Conan & Demons of Khitai1$2.99Dark Horse28,357
6683Batman Journey Into Knight3$2.50DC28,196
6765New Thunderbolts14$2.99Marvel27,846
6867Astro City Dark Age4$2.99DC27,350
7170Army of Darkness1$2.99Dynamic26,623
7271Y The Last Man38$2.99DC26,518
7472Thor Blood Oath3$2.99Marvel26,504
7677Marvel Knights 423$2.99Marvel25,084
7778Cable Deadpool21$2.99Marvel25,014
7879Nick Fury Howling Commandos1$2.99Marvel24,972
8096Batman Legends of the Dark Knight196$2.50DC24,916
8130Batman Gotham County Line1$5.99DC24,518
8281Daredevil Vs Punisher5$2.99Marvel24,371
8382Book of Lost Souls1$2.99Marvel24,350
8584X-Men Unlimited11$2.99Marvel23,329
8989Ex Machina15$2.99DC21,734
9060New X-Men Academy X Yearbook Sp$3.99Marvel21,720
9192G.I. Joe Americas Elite4$2.95Devil's Due21,385
9393Marvel Team-Up13$2.99Marvel21,035
9495Black Widow 22$2.99Marvel20,853
9598Star Wars Republic78$2.99Dark Horse20,671
96104G.I. Joe Snake-Eyes Declassified3$2.95Devil's Due19,804
97100Soulfire Dying of the Light3$2.99Aspen19,762
98101Star Wars Empire36$2.99Dark Horse19,685
99106Hulk Destruction4$2.99Marvel19,490
10076Ghost Rider1 Directors Cut$3.99Marvel18,930
101999Authority Revolution12$2.99DC18,245
103999Gotham Central36$2.50DC18,014
104999Fantastic Four Iron Man Big in Japan1$3.50Marvel17,678
105999Walking Dead22$2.99Image17,623
108999Wildcats Nemesis2$2.99DC16,818
109999Drax The Destroyer2$2.99Marvel16,588
110999Spider-Man Other Sketchbook$2.99Marvel16,406
111999Marvel Monsters Devil Dinosaur$3.99Marvel16,280
112999Authority Magnificient Kevin3$2.99DC16,182
113999Jack Cross3$2.50DC15,972
114999Official Handbook Marvel Universe Horror 2005$3.99Marvel15,839
115999BPRD Black Flame3$2.99Dark Horse15,818
116999Marvel Monsters Monsters of the Prowl$3.99Marvel15,671
120999Marvel Nemesis Imperfects6$2.99Marvel14,986
123999100 Bullets65$2.75DC14,734
124999Marvel Monsters Where Monsters Dwell$3.99Marvel14,706
126999Angel Curse5$3.99IDW14,650
127999Top Ten Beyond Farthest Precinct3$2.99DC14,490
128999Blood of the Demon8$2.50DC14,448
130999Marvel Monsters Fin Fang Four$3.99Marvel14,280
131999Doom Patrol17$2.50DC14,105
134999Rising Stars Voices of the Dead5$2.99Image13,888
135999Spider-Man Family1$4.99Marvel13,657
136999Shaolin Cowboy4$3.50Burlyman13,497
138999Cannon Hawke1$2.99Aspen13,014
139999Teen Titans Go24$2.25DC12,986
141999Aeon Flux1$2.99Dark Horse12,902
143999Revelations3$2.99Dark Horse12,615
144999X-Men & Power Pack1$2.99Marvel12,287
145999Bart Simpsons Treehouse of Horror11$4.99Bongo12,266
149999Amazing Fantasy13$2.99Marvel11,965
150999Arana Heart of the Spider10$2.99Marvel11,916
151999Escape of the Living Dead1$3.99Avatar11,769
152999Robotech Prelude To Shadow Chronicles1$3.50DC11,727
153999Cannon Hawke2$2.99Aspen11,629
154999Amazing Fantasy14$2.99Marvel11,615
156999Wonder Woman220 2nd Ptg$2.50DC11,364
157999Simpsons Comics111$2.99Bongo11,259
158999G.I. Joe Americas Elite Data Desk Handbook$2.95Devil's Due11,224
160999Cannon Hawke Prelude$2.50Aspen11,070
161999Silent Dragon4$2.99DC10,958
162999Books of Magick Life During Wartime15$2.75DC10,867
163999Robotech Prelude To Shadow Chronicles2$3.50DC10,804
164999Justice League Unlimited14$2.25DC10,699
165999Swamp Thing20$2.99DC10,203
166999Serenity2$2.99Dark Horse10,189
168999Adventures of Superman643 2nd Ptg$2.50DC9,168
169999Strangers in Paradise77$2.95Abstract9,070
171999Futurama Comics21$2.99Bongo8,951
172999Batman Strikes14$2.25DC8,944
173999Evil Ernie in Santa Fe1$2.95Devil's Due8,881
174999George Romeros Land of the Dead2$3.99IDW8,867
175999Astonishing X-Men12$2.99Marvel8,853
176999Sonic X2$2.25Archie8,811
177999Mega Morphs4$2.99Marvel8,783
178999Haunted Mansion1$2.95Slave Labor8,783
179999Purgatori1$2.95Devil's Due8,573
180999Dragonlance Chronicles3$2.95Devil's Due8,566
183999Sonic The Hedgehog154$2.25Archie8,238
185999Fear Agent1$2.99Image7,643
186999Garth Ennis 3036$3.99Avatar7,594
187999Brian Pulidos Medieval Lady Death7$3.99Avatar7,511
188999Son of Vulcan5$2.99DC7,252
189999City of Heroes6$2.99Image7,245
190999House of M4$2.99Marvel7,084
191999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man8$2.50Marvel7,084
192999Bart Simpson Comics26$2.99Bongo6,804
193999JSA Classified3$2.50DC6,587
194999Usagi Yojimbo87$2.99Dark Horse6,224
19599913th Son Worse Thing Waiting1$2.99Dark Horse6,203
196999Usagi Yojimbo88$2.99Dark Horse6,175
197999Grimm Fairy Tales1$2.99Zenscope6,070
198999Serenity1$2.99Dark Horse5,993
199999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four5$2.50Marvel5,965
200999Saw Rebirth$3.99IDW5,923
201999JSA Classified2$2.50DC5,776
202999Black Panther8$2.99Marvel5,741
203999Knights of the Dinner Table108$3.99Kenzer5,462
204999Battle Pope Color3$2.99Image5,462
205999Ghost Rider1$2.99Marvel5,448
206999Casefiles Sam & Twitch19$2.50Image5,329
207999Stardust Kid3$3.50Image5,133
209999Uncle Scrooge347$6.95Gemstone5,119
210999Serenity3$2.99Dark Horse4,874
212999Uncle Scrooge346$6.95Gemstone4,748
213999Sea of Red5$2.99Image4,720
214999Marvel Milestones Blade Man-Thing & Satana$3.99Marvel4,699
215999Apocalypse Nerd2$2.99Dark Horse4,629
216999Shonen Jump Nov 0535$4.99Viz4,615
217999Scooby Doo101$2.25DC4,601
218999Iron Ghost4$2.99Image4,587
219999All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder2$2.99DC4,518
220999Donald Duck & Friends333$2.95Gemstone4,441
221999Shonen Jump Dec 0536$4.99Viz4,350
222999Powerpuff Girls67$2.25DC4,336
224999Season of the Witch1$3.50Image4,238
225999Noble Causes14$3.50Image4,238
227999Prelude To Infinite Crisis$5.99DC4,049
228999Blade of the Immortal106$3.99Dark Horse3,986
229999Mickey Mouse & Friends282$2.95Gemstone3,951
230999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories661$6.95Gemstone3,867
232999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories662$6.95Gemstone3,811
233999Green Lantern Corps Recharge1$3.50DC3,776
234999Strange Girl4$2.99Image3,762
235999Lost Squad1$2.95Devil's Due3,741
236999Abiding Perdition1$3.50APC3,622
237999CSI New York Bloody Murder4$3.99IDW3,615
238999Tick Days of Drama2$3.95New England3,608
239999Adventures of Superman644$2.50DC3,573
240999Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles24$2.95Mirage3,545
241999Battle Hymn4$2.99Image3,497
242999Advent Rising Rock Planet1$2.25360ep3,350
243999Legend of Isis4$2.99Alias3,350
244999Gold Digger68$2.99Antarctic3,329
245999Poison Elves Dominion1$3.50Sirius3,182
246999Lonely Tombstone One Shot$5.99Image3,182
249999Dork Tower32$3.49Dork Storm2,965
251999Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles16$3.25Mirage2,944
252999Jenny Finn Messiah2 (Res)$6.99Boom2,930
253999Age of Bronze21$3.50Image2,895
254999All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder1$2.99DC2,804
25599910th Muse Vol. 25$2.99Alias2,804
256999Giant Monster1$6.99Boom2,797
257999Common Foe3$3.50Image2,776
258999New Avengers11$2.50Marvel2,762
260999Gold Digger Halloween Special1$2.99Antarctic2,713
261999Super Manga Blast56$5.99Dark Horse2,692
262999Looney Tunes131$2.25DC2,671
263999Golden Plates3$7.99AAA Pop2,629
264999Freshmen1 Extra Credit Ed$2.99Image2,559
266999Betty & Veronica212$2.25Archie2,469
268999Angel Curse1 3rd Ptg$3.99IDW2,427
269999Jack Staff9$3.50Image2,392
270999Sin City1/2 Just Another Saturday Night $4.99New England2,392
271999Bone Rest4$2.99Image2,392
272999Nodwick30$2.99Dork Storm2,371
273999Omac Project6$2.50DC2,329
274999Night Mary3$3.99IDW2,294
276999Small Gods11$2.99Image2,210
277999Zombie Tales Oblivion1$6.99Boom2,203
278999Archie & Friends95$2.25Archie2,189
279999Mr. T2$3.50APC2,161
280999Dragonlance Chronicles2 Cvr B$5.95Devil's Due2,133
281999Shojo Beat Nov 05 Vol. 15$5.99Viz2,119
283999JSA Classified1$2.50DC2,007
284999Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 21$2.99Image1,979
285999Super F---ers2$5.00Top Shelf1,958
286999Young Avengers7$2.99Marvel1,902
287999Betty & Veronica Double Digest137$3.59Archie1,874
288999Oz Manga4$2.99Antarctic1,804
289999Cartoon Network Block Party14$2.25DC1,804
290999Paris1$2.95Slave Labor1,804
291999Little Gloomys Superary Monster Show2$2.95Slave Labor1,769
292999Ferro City3$2.99Image1,748
294999Ultimate Spider-Man83$2.50Marvel1,741
295999Surrogates2$2.95Top Shelf1,734
296999Hero at Large2$2.99Speakeasy1,727
298999Archie Double Digest165$3.59Archie1,706
299999Teens at Play3$4.95Fantagraphics1,685
300999Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual1$3.99Marvel1,657

October 2005 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Among trade paperbacks, Vertigo First Offenses was the top seller. Essentially a DC 100-page giant at $4.99, its inclusion in this category was unusual, since similarly sized items (and at higher prices) had been customarily been classed by Diamond with the comic books.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
137Vertigo First Offenses$4.99DC6,839
231Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 4$6.95Dark Horse6,483
32X-Men Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 2$29.99Marvel6,084
43Green Lantern Rebirth HC$24.99DC5,888
510Supreme Power Vol. 3 High Command$14.99Marvel5,049
616Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 4 Inhuman$12.99Marvel5,049
726Batman Under Hood$9.99DC4,979
81Watchmen Absolute Ed HC$75.00DC4,811
99Essential Spider-Man Vol. 7$16.99Marvel4,518
1013Essential Werewolf By Night Vol. 1$16.99Marvel4,056
1115Showcase Presents Metamorpho Vol. 1$16.99DC4,000
128Quitter HC$19.99DC3,979
1312Arkham Asylum Annv Ed$17.99DC3,846
1422Berserk Vol. 9$13.95Dark Horse3,790
1533Battle Royale Vol. 14$9.99Tokyopop3,671
164V For Vendetta HC New Ed$29.99DC3,650
1721Conan Vol. 2 God in the Bowl & Other Stories$15.95Dark Horse3,448
186Identity Crisis HC$24.99DC3,420
1924X-Men End Vol. 2 Heroes & Martyrs$14.99Marvel3,406
2025Outsiders Vol. 3 Wanted$14.99DC3,399
2127Daredevil Vol. 12 Decalogue$14.99Marvel3,273
2217Doom Patrol Vol. 3 Down Paradise Way$19.99DC3,266
2320Astro City Local Heroes$17.99DC3,196
2461Fog$6.95Dark Horse3,133
2542Samurai Champloo Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop3,084
2643X-Men Bizarre Love Triangle$9.99Marvel2,958
2711Conan God in the Bowl & Other Stories HC$24.95Dark Horse2,958
2848Curse of Dracula $9.95Dark Horse2,776
2949Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 1$9.99DC2,748
3063Donald Duck Adventures Vol. 14$7.95Gemstone2,664
3151Fathom Dawn of War Vol. 1$9.99Aspen2,650
3223Superman in the Forties$19.99DC2,580
3352Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 1$9.99DC2,545
3419Goon Fancy Pants Ed HC$24.95Dark Horse2,455
3558New X-Men Hellions$9.99Marvel2,238
3640Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 6 Final Curtain$14.99Marvel2,077
3769Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 16$9.99Tokyopop1,958
3878Sea of Red Vol. 1 No Grave But Sea$8.95Image1,923
3946Daredevil Redemption$14.99Marvel1,888
4047Cable Deadpool Vol. 3 Human Race$14.99Marvel1,881
4173Little Lulu Vol. 6 Letters To Santa$9.95Dark Horse1,839
4229Black Hole Coll HC$24.95Random House1,825
4380Initial D Vol. 20$9.99Tokyopop1,713
4453Vision Yesterday & Tomorrow$14.99Marvel1,664
457Plastic Man Archives Vol. 7 HC$49.99DC1,636
46113Teen Titans Jam Packed Action Vol. 1$7.99DC1,636
4785Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image1,629
4888Suikoden III Vol. 8$9.99Tokyopop1,545
4991Elfquest Grand Quest Vol. 11$9.99DC1,511
5050Tomorrow Stories Book Two$17.99DC1,483
5160Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol. 1 Homeland$14.95Devil's Due1,469
5270Yellow Vol. 2$12.95Digital Manga1,448
53147Batman Strikes Vol. 2 in Darkest Knight$6.99DC1,448
5544V For Vendetta$19.99DC1,427
5699Get Backers Vol. 12$9.99Tokyopop1,420
57101Full Metal Panic Overload Manga Vol. 2$9.99ADV1,399
5877Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,371
595Rising Stars HC$69.99Image1,371
6066Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of Truth$14.99DC1,371
61138Tony Millionaire Little & Large HC$7.95Dark Horse1,350
6232Marvel Visionaries John Romita Jr HC$29.99Marvel1,343
6379Damn Nation$12.95Dark Horse1,329
64140Livewires Clockwork Thugs Yo Digest$7.99Marvel1,329
6538Stokers Dracula HC$24.99Marvel1,308
66163Mary Jane Vol. 2 Homecoming Digest$6.99Marvel1,301
67170Magnus Robot Fighter Vol. 1$6.95iBooks1,287
6886Alone in My Kings Harem Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga1,245
6918Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol. 4 HC New Ed$49.99Marvel1,245
7014Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol. 4 HC Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,238
71116King of Hell Vol. 11$9.99Tokyopop1,238
72117Hana Kimi Vol. 8 $9.99Viz1,238
7336Complete Peanuts Vol. 4 1957-1958 HC $28.95Fantagraphics1,231
7454Krazy & Ignatz 1935-1936 Wild Warmth of Chromatic Gravy$19.95Fantagraphics1,203
75157Ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cinemanga Vol. 1 Gift$7.99Tokyopop1,182
76123History of Violence New New Ed$9.99DC1,175
77124Vampire Game Vol. 13$9.99Tokyopop1,168
78125Telepathic Wanderers Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,168
7971Ultimates 2 Vol. 1 Gods & Monsters$15.99Marvel1,161
8056Complete Clive Barker Thief of Always$19.99IDW1,140
8181Hack Slash Vol. 1 First Cut$14.95Devil's Due1,140
82164Spellbinders Signs & Wonders Digest$7.99Marvel1,133
8393Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC1,133
84130Wally Woods Lunar Tunes$9.95Vanguard1,133
85129Mark of the Succubus Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,126
86131Blame Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,126
87132Rebirth Vol. 16$9.99Tokyopop1,126
8857Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut$19.95Slave Labor1,119
8959Push Man & Other Stories HC$19.95Drawn & Quarterly1,112
90134You Deserved It$9.95Dark Horse1,105
9189Hercules New Labors of Hercules$13.99Marvel1,098
9262Kong King of Skull Island $19.95Dark Horse1,084
93136Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol. 1 $9.99DC1,084
94137Video Girl Ai Vol. 13 $9.99Viz1,084
9572Life & Times of Scrooge Mcduck$16.99Gemstone1,077
96102Superman Batman Vol. 2 Supergirl$12.99DC1,070
97103Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image1,070
98208Favole Stone Tears Vol. 1$6.95Dark Horse1,063
99106Night Fisher$12.95Fantagraphics1,049
100142Tramps Like Us Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,049