September 2006 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Marvel's Civil War #4 topped the new comics list, selling at least 272,500 copies in its initial month. It was the fifth consecutive month at least one issue had sales over 200,000 copies, and the sixth time in 2006. 

September 2006's total shipments of comics, graphic novels, and magazines totalled $30.81 million, which increased to $34.12 million, up 5% from the $29.33 million ordered in the U.S. in September 2005. The third quarter finished up 14% overall.

The parity in offerings seen for months vanished, as DC placed 95 issues in the Top 300, versus Marvel's 76; yet Marvel still led all categories tracked. Dark Horse nudged past Image for third place in overall dollars. 

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Civil War4$2.99Marvel272,547
23Justice League of America2$2.99DC143,398
35Astonishing X-Men17$2.99Marvel124,014
46Amazing Spider-Man535$2.99Marvel117,044
52Ultimate Spider-Man100$3.99Marvel116,186
118Civil War Front Line6$2.99Marvel105,279
129Wolverine Origins6$2.99Marvel101,004
134Ultimates 212$3.99Marvel97,249
1413Civil War X-Men3$2.99Marvel92,965
1617Uncanny X-Men478$2.99Marvel89,841
1719Captain America22$2.99Marvel82,223
1921Green Lantern13$2.99DC78,094
2022Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways3$2.99Marvel75,490
2110Civil War Files0$3.99Marvel74,677
2223X-Men Phoenix Warsong1$2.99Marvel71,717
2324Ultimate X-Men74$2.99Marvel68,867
2526Flash Fastest Man Alive4$2.99DC66,657
2627Teen Titans39$2.99DC65,963
2728Ms Marvel7$2.99Marvel64,967
2829Moon Knight5$2.99Marvel64,729
3031Detective Comics823$2.99DC64,209
3132Heroes For Hire2$2.99Marvel63,989
3333Ultimate Fantastic Four34$2.99Marvel63,441
3435Cable Deadpool32$2.99Marvel57,787
3536Action Comics843$2.99DC56,079
3738Sensational Spider-Man30$2.99Marvel54,462
3839Ghost Rider3$2.99Marvel54,023
3940Incredible Hulk98$2.99Marvel52,982
4041Captain America21$2.99Marvel49,045
4142Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man12$2.99Marvel48,058
4243Green Lantern Corps4$2.99DC46,615
4334Mystery in Space1$3.99DC46,606
4849Trials of Shazam2$2.99DC41,152
4950Secret Six4$2.99DC40,778
5051X-Men First Class1$2.99Marvel39,855
5152New X-Men30$2.99Marvel39,654
5456Supergirl & Legion of Super Heroes22$2.99DC36,731
5557Iron Man12$2.99Marvel36,274
5862Star Wars Legacy3$2.99Dark Horse34,265
6064New Excalibur11$2.99Marvel34,100
6266Green Arrow66$2.99DC33,790
6367All New Atom3$2.99DC33,251
6570Birds of Prey98$2.99DC32,712
6671Martian Manhunter2$2.99DC32,620
6855Marvel 1602 Fantastick Four1$3.50Marvel31,780
7175JSA Classified17$2.99DC30,337
7378Blue Beetle7$2.99DC29,076
7479Conan32$2.99Dark Horse29,067
7681Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters3$2.99DC28,428
7782Aquaman Sword of Atlantis44$2.99DC27,998
7883JLA Classified27$2.99DC27,752
7958Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man0$3.99Marvel26,856
8185Black Panther20$2.99Marvel26,582
8286She-Hulk 212$2.99Marvel26,445
8388Red Sonja14$2.99Dynamic25,888
8489Y The Last Man49$2.99DC25,687
8677Batman & Mad Monk2$3.50DC25,514
8891Lone Ranger1$2.99Dynamic25,340
8992Union Jack1$2.99Marvel25,331
9269Spider-Man Special Black & Blue & Read All Over0$3.99Marvel24,783
9397Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic8$2.99Dark Horse24,372
95100Batman Legends of the Dark Knight210$2.99DC24,180
96101Hunter Killer7$2.99Image24,171
98103Nextwave Agents of Hate8$2.99Marvel23,056
9974Civil War1$3.99Marvel22,864
1000Jack of Fables3$2.99DC22,371
1010Conan & Songs of the Dead3$2.99Dark Horse21,978
103999Walking Dead31 (Res)$2.99Image21,366
104999Savage Red Sonja2$3.50Dynamic20,800
105999Civil War2$2.99Marvel20,471
106999Ex Machina23$2.99DC20,133
107999All New Off Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z9$3.99Marvel18,964
108999Jonah Hex11$2.99DC18,955
109999Transformers Stormbringer3$2.99IDW18,790
110999Batman Journey Into Knight12 (Res)$2.99DC17,886
111999G.I Joe Americas Elite15$2.95Devil's Due17,448
112999Firestorm The Nuclear Man29$2.99DC17,448
113999Transformers Spotlight Shockwave0$3.99IDW16,863
114999Ninja Scroll1$2.99DC16,817
115999Marvel Team-Up24$2.99Marvel16,735
116999Red Sonja Monster Island One Shot0$4.99Dynamic16,269
117999Transformers Evolutions Hearts of Steel4$2.99IDW15,657
121999Agents of Atlas2$2.99Marvel14,415
122999Army of Darkness10$2.99Dynamic14,351
123999G.I. Joe Scarlett Declassified0$4.95Devil's Due13,912
125999Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit5$2.99DC13,529
126999Invincible35 (Res)$2.99Image13,319
128999Civil War Amazing Spider-Man Decisions0$5.99Marvel13,172
129999100 Bullets76$2.99DC13,081
130999Escapists3$2.99Dark Horse12,542
132999Man Called Kev3$2.99DC12,131
133999G.I. Joe Sp Missions Tokyo0$4.95Devil's Due12,067
134999Rush City2$2.99DC11,866
135999American Virgin7$2.99DC11,766
136999American Splendor1$2.99DC11,528
137999Justice League of America1$3.99DC11,327
138999Dwight the Albatross Goon Noir1$2.99Dark Horse11,263
139999Bart Simpsons Treehouse of Horror12$4.99Bongo10,852
141999Krypto The Super Dog1$2.25DC10,368
142999Snakes of Plane2$2.99DC10,331
145999Savage Dragon128$2.99Image10,149
146999Simpsons Comics122$2.99Bongo10,094
147999Battler Britton3$2.99DC9,984
148999Justice League Unlimited25$2.25DC9,984
149999Teen Titans Go35$2.25DC9,939
151999Albion6 (Res)$2.99DC9,464
152999Transformers Generations (Idw)7$2.49IDW9,455
153999Tarot Witch of the Black Rose40$2.95Broadsword9,409
154999Spike Asylum1$3.99IDW8,998
155999Cross Bronx1$2.99Image8,879
156999Strangers in Paradise84$2.95Abstract8,705
157999Skye Runner4$2.99DC8,651
158999Marvel Adventures Avengers5$2.99Marvel7,993
159999American Way8$2.99DC7,938
160999Batman Strikes25$2.25DC7,765
161999Sonic The Hedgehog166$2.25Archie7,646
162999Claw The Unconquered4$2.99DC7,628
163999Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 22$4.95Devil's Due7,317
166999Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane10$2.99Marvel6,623
167999CSI Dying in the Gutters2$3.99IDW6,385
168999Ramayan 3392 Ad1$2.99Virgin6,358
169999Marvel Spotlight Stan Lee Jack Kirby0$2.99Marvel6,312
170999Escape of the Living Dead Fearbook1$3.99Avatar6,303
173999Escape of the Living Dead Airborne1$3.99Avatar6,056
174999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man19$2.99Marvel6,056
176999Night of the Living Dead Back From Grave0$2.99Avatar5,901
177999Usagi Yojimbo97$2.99Dark Horse5,874
178999Looking Glass Wars Hatter M3$3.99Image5,810
179999Manifest Eternity4$2.99DC5,654
180999Sonic X12$2.25Archie5,645
181999Clive Barkers Great & Secret Show6$3.99IDW5,572
182999Civil War3$2.99Marvel5,390
183999Occult Crimes Taskforce2$2.99Image5,216
184999Medieval Lady Death War of the Winds4$3.99Avatar5,143
185999Sock Monkey Inches Incident1$2.99Dark Horse5,088
187999Bloodrayne Plague of Dreams1$3.99Denis Kitchen5,024
188999Se7en Gluttony1$3.99Zenescope5,006
190999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four16$2.99Marvel4,686
191999Lions Tigers & Bears Vol. 23$2.99Image4,668
193999Uncle Scrooge358$6.95Gemstone4,577
194999Shonen Jump Nov 0647$4.99Viz4,531
195999Donald Duck & Friends344$2.95Gemstone4,394
196999Scooby Doo112$2.25DC4,385
198999Sam Noir Samurai Detective1$2.99Image4,376
200999Cable Deadpool31$2.99Marvel4,220
201999Shonen Jump Oct 0646$4.99Viz4,184
202999Love & Rockets Vol. 217$4.50Fantagraphics4,175
203999Truth Justin & American Way4$2.99Image3,955
204999Noble Causes23$3.50Image3,937
205999Mickey Mouse & Friends293$2.95Gemstone3,910
207999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories673$6.95Gemstone3,681
208999Blade of the Immortal117$2.99Dark Horse3,517
210999Wonderland2$3.50Slave Labor3,407
211999Tyler Kirkham Sketchbook0$2.99Image3,252
212999Sea of Red12$2.99Image3,152
213999Hero Squared Ongoing3$3.99Boom3,133
215999Bad Moon Rising Sp1$3.99Avatar3,024
218999Trials of Shazam1$2.99DC2,850
219999Marvel Milestones X-Men & Starjammers Pt 20$3.99Marvel2,814
220999Scarlet Traces Great Game3$2.99Dark Horse2,795
222999Looney Tunes142$2.25DC2,695
223999Revolution of the Planet of the Apes6$3.95MR2,686
224999Wonder Woman2$2.99DC2,658
225999Knights of the Dinner Table118$4.99Kenzer2,658
226999Road To Hell2$3.99IDW2,603
227999Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways2$2.99Marvel2,576
229999True Story Swear To God Image Ed1$2.99Image2,485
230999Gold Digger Throne of Shadows4$2.99Antarctic2,430
232999Sabrina Vol. 279$2.25Archie2,348
233999Angel Scriptbook7$3.99IDW2,302
234999Mouse Guard3$3.50Archaia2,284
235999Negative Burn4$5.99Image2,275
236999Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight4$3.25Mirage2,265
238999Jack Staff11$3.50Image2,156
240999Nodwick34$2.99Dork Storm2,128
243999Task Force One3$3.50Image2,046
244999Wonder Woman1$2.99DC2,010
245999Nitrogen Prophet1$3.99Arcade2,010
246999Amazing Spider-Man534$2.99Marvel2,001
248999Justice League of America0$2.99DC1,964
250999Cartoon Network Block Party25$2.25DC1,918
253999Nightwolf Price2$2.95Devil's Due1,745
254999Archie Double Digest173$3.69Archie1,745
256999Second Wave War of the Worlds6$2.99Boom1,726
257999Poison Elves Lost Tales6$2.95Sirius1,717
258999CVO African Blood1$3.99IDW1,717
260999Civil War X-Men2$2.99Marvel1,699
261999Ninja High School141$2.99Antarctic1,681
262999More Than Mortal Legend Reborn Sp Cvr0$2.99Avatar1,672
263999A.G. Super Erotic Anthology41$4.99Icarus1,672
264999Shojo Beat Oct 06 Vol. 210$5.99Viz1,672
265999A.G. Super Erotic Anthology42$4.99Icarus1,653
266999Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic1$2.99Dark Horse1,653
268999Cartoon Network Action Pack5$2.25DC1,644
269999More Than Mortal Legend Reborn0$2.50Avatar1,626
270999Star Wars Legacy1$2.99Dark Horse1,617
271999Betty & Veronica Digest169$2.49Archie1,608
272999A G Super Erotic Anthology43$4.99Icarus1,589
273999Ninja High School142$2.99Antarctic1,571
274999Pals N Gals Double Digest106$3.69Archie1,553
276999Astonishing X-Men16$2.99Marvel1,526
277999Star Wars Rebellion1$2.99Dark Horse1,516
278999Amazing Spider-Man533$2.99Marvel1,498
279999Civil War Front Line5$2.99Marvel1,480
280999Flash Fastest Man Alive2$2.99DC1,434
281999Flash Fastest Man Alive3$2.99DC1,434
283999Civil War X-Men1$2.99Marvel1,352
285999Fred Perry’s S-Guild1$3.50Antarctic1,334
286999Dracula Vs Capone1$2.95Silent Devil1,315
287999Jughead & Friends Digest14$2.49Archie1,306
288999New Avengers23$2.99Marvel1,288
28999910th Muse Vol. 212 (Res)$3.50Alias1,261
290999Tales From Riverdale Digest14$2.49Archie1,261
291999Toy Box1$3.50Alias1,251
292999Ninja High School Yearbook 20060$4.99Antarctic1,251
295999Fell 3rd Ptg3$1.99Image1,188
297999Princess Natasha4$2.25DC1,188
299999Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters2$2.99DC1,142
300999Battlestar Galactica1$2.99Dynamic1,142

September 2006 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks and graphic novels reported by Diamond had orders worth $3.68 million at full retail in September, a drop of 5% from the same month in 2005.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Pride of Baghdad HC$19.99DC10,733
23Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image10,094
32Justice Vol. 1 HC$19.99DC7,235
45New Avengers Vol. 3 Secrets & Lies$14.99Marvel6,002
57Life & Times of Scrooge Mcduck Companion$16.99Gemstone5,115
610Batman Face The Face$14.99DC5,088
714Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1$14.99Marvel4,412
816Superman Up Up & Away$14.99DC4,257
917Batman Chronicles Vol. 2$14.99DC4,184
108New Avengers Vol. 4 Collective Prem HC$19.99Marvel4,047
1121X-Men End Book 3 Men & X-Men$14.99Marvel3,827
1218Essential Tales of Zombie$16.99Marvel3,645
1311Doom Patrol Vol. 4 Musclebound$19.99DC3,544
1425JSA Vol. 11 Mixed Signals$14.99DC3,526
1519Essential Thor Vol. 3$16.99Marvel3,517
1622Essential Hulk Vol. 4$16.99Marvel3,352
1726Berserk Vol. 13$13.95Dark Horse3,325
1833Uncanny X-Men New Age Vol. 5 First Foursaken$11.99Marvel3,279
1931Jonah Hex Face Full of Violence$12.99DC3,179
2032Batman Gotham By Gaslight$12.99DC3,033
2127Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 1 Derailed$14.99Marvel2,951
226Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Ultimate Coll$29.99Marvel2,951
2352Fables Vol. 1 Legends in Exile$9.99DC2,722
2445X-Men Apocalypse Dracula$10.99Marvel2,695
2547Negima Vol. 11 Gn$10.95Random House2,658
2634Losers Endgame$14.99DC2,567
2728Superman Infinite City Sc$17.99DC2,448
2872Bleach Vol. 15$7.95Viz2,329
2920Thor Eternals Saga Vol. 1$24.99Marvel2,293
3023Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne Vol. 6$24.99Marvel2,192
3136Fantastic Four Life Fantastic$16.99Marvel2,192
3263Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 9$9.99Viz2,174
3329Batgirl Destuctions Daughter$19.99DC2,165
3430Ms Marvel Vol. 1 Best of the Best Prem HC$19.99Marvel2,138
354Shazam Family Archives Vol. 1 HC$49.99DC2,083
3613Daredevil Vol. 6 HC$34.99Marvel2,001
3741Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 1$15.99Zenescope1,964
3850Wolverine Classic Vol. 4$14.99Marvel1,864
3940Ultimate X-Men Vol. 3 World Tour$17.99Marvel1,818
4037Wildcats Nemesis$19.99DC1,800
4148Daughters of the Dragon Samurai Bullets$15.99Marvel1,790
4251Ultimates 2 Vol. 1 Gods & Monsters$15.99Marvel1,726
4338Otherworld Vol. 1 Book One$19.99DC1,717
4455Satsuma Gishiden Vol. 1$14.95Dark Horse1,690
4539V For Vendetta$19.99DC1,681
4656Gen 13 Who They Are & How They Came To Be$14.99DC1,672
4765Little Butterfly Vol. 2$12.95Digital Manga1,626
489Enemy Ace Archives Vol. 2 HC$49.99DC1,617
4957Godland Vol. 2 Another Sunny Delight$14.99Image1,608
5070Hybrid Child $12.95Digital Manga1,562
5388Actor Comics Presents Vol. 1$10.00ACTOR1,562
5471Close The Last Door Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga1,553
5544Haunt of Horror Edgar Allan Poe HC$19.99Marvel1,526
5659Crying Freeman Vol. 3$14.95Dark Horse1,526
5760G.I. Joe Vs Transformers Vol. 3 Art of War$14.95Devil's Due1,516
5861Y The Last Man Vol. 7 Paper Dolls$14.99DC1,480
5964How To Self Publish Comics$14.95Devil's Due1,416
6049Transformers Infiltration$19.99IDW1,398
6192Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol. 1$10.95Dark Horse1,398
62307Armorquest Genesis Vol. 1$3.50Alias1,388
63120New Mangaverse Rings of Fate Digest$7.99Marvel1,352
6454Top Cows Best of David Finch$19.99Image1,325
6574Dear My Self $12.95Digital Manga1,306
6675Banya Explosive Delivery Man$12.95Dark Horse1,297
67131Spider-Girl Presents Fantastic Five in Search Doom Digest$7.99Marvel1,297
6812Marvel Masterworks Human Torch Vol. 1 HC Var Ed 66$54.99Marvel1,288
6943Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1-4 Bxd Set$23.99Tokyopop1,288
7015Street Fighter Ultimate Ed$49.99Udon1,279
7185Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image1,224
7283Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image1,215
7384Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,215
7491Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,188
75153One Piece Vol. 12$7.95Viz1,160
76184Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 4 Concrete Jungle Digest$6.99Marvel1,151
7776Kingdom Come$14.99DC1,114
7862Marvel Zombies HC$19.99Marvel1,096
7978Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Ed.$14.99DC1,096
8024Marvel Masterworks Human Torch Vol. 1 New Ed HC$49.99Marvel1,087
8153Kiss of Fire$24.95Digital Manga1,078
8280Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights & Days$14.99DC1,069
8366Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC1,041
8499Lions Tigers & Bears Vol. 1$12.99Image1,032
8590Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC1,023
86238Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1$5.99Tokyopop1,023
87142Chickenhare House of Klaus$9.95Dark Horse996
8889Perhapanauts$15.95Dark Horse977
8973Superman Red Son$17.99DC959
90148Line Manga Vol. 1$9.99ADV959
91400Disney Jr Vol. 1 Finding Nemo$3.99Disney950
92107Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC950
93139Cantarella Vol. 4$10.99Go913
94428Disney Jr Vol. 2 Lilo & Stitch$3.99Disney904
95157Fruits Basket Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop886
96106Museum of Terror Vol. 2$13.95Dark Horse886
97164Read Or Die Vol. 4$9.99Viz859
9896Essential Incredible Hulk Vol. 1$16.99Marvel850
99152School Rumble Vol. 3$10.95Random House850
100115Y The Last Man Vol. 6 Girl of Girl$12.99DC850