2007 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $429.9 Million

(up 9% year-over-year)


#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

2008 managed to stay slightly positive overall year-over-year, despite slippage in the narrower categories.
Civil War's ending give comics a February almost as strong as its JanuaryCaptain America #25, featuring the character's death, helped Marvel account than half of the units and dollars represented by Diamond's Top 300 Comic Books for the first time in years in March.

In April, the Civil War trade paperback releases boosted Diamond's Top 100 trades above $5 million for just the second time; in May, trade paperbacks topped $6 million for the first time. In JuneWorld War Hulk helped push the direct sales market to a 10% year-to-date gain versus the first six months of 2006.

In JulyThor #1 gave Marvel its best month in the unit sales category since 1996. August managed to beat the strong performance of a year before. The midlist pushed deep in September, with the 300th place comic book selling more than 4,000 copies — resulting in the best month then to date in the Diamond Exclusive Era for Overall Sales, Top 300 Comics Dollar Sales, and Top Comics Puls Top Trades. The average cost per comic book in the Top 300 also set a record high. 

New Avengers #35 led the charts in an October that soared over the same month in the previous year, which had one less shipping week. Sales dipped in November but kept the year on a positive pace. In December, Ultimates 3 #1 helped finish off 2007 on a positive note; the year was up 9% overall from 2006 and the seventh straght year of growth for the industry.

The final rankings for all comics and trade paperbacks during the year appear below. Diamond Comic Distributors reported these issues without indexes, so no sales estimates are calculated. You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; click one of the months at the bottom or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. But note that those monthly numbers do not include reorders for the entire year; the rankings below do take the entire year's sales into account.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisher
11Captain America25$3.99Marvel
22Civil War7$2.99Marvel
35Civil War6$2.99Marvel
53Dark Tower Gunslinger Born1$3.99Marvel
64World War Hulk1$3.99Marvel
77Dark Tower Gunslinger Born2$3.99Marvel
88World War Hulk2$3.99Marvel
922Fallen Son Death of Captain America Wolverine0$2.99Marvel
1023Fallen Son Death of Captain America Iron Man0$2.99Marvel
1127New Avengers31$2.99Marvel
129Mighty Avengers1$3.99Marvel
1318Justice League of America7$3.50DC
1430Amazing Spider-Man539$2.99Marvel
1531Buffy Vampire Slayer1$2.99Dark Horse
1610World War Hulk4$3.99Marvel
1711Amazing Spider-Man544$3.99Marvel
1813Dark Tower Gunslinger Born3$3.99Marvel
1936Fallen Son Death of Captain America Avengers0$2.99Marvel
2014World War Hulk5$3.99Marvel
2137Fallen Son Death of Captain America Captain America0$2.99Marvel
2238Amazing Spider-Man538$2.99Marvel
2315World War Hulk Match To3$3.99Marvel
2416Dark Tower Gunslinger Born4$3.99Marvel
2517X-Men200 Finch Cover$3.99Marvel
266Civil War Initiative0$4.99Marvel
2726Justice League of America12$3.50DC
2842Fallen Son Death of Captain America Spider-Man0$2.99Marvel
2943Buffy Vampire Slayer2$2.99Dark Horse
3019Dark Tower Gunslinger Born5$3.99Marvel
3228Justice League of America6$3.50DC
3345Justice League of America8$2.99DC
3446Justice League of America9$2.99DC
3547Justice League of America10$2.99DC
3648Ultimates 31$2.99Marvel
3720Dark Tower Gunslinger Born6$3.99Marvel
3849Civil War Confession0$2.99Marvel
3951Avengers Initiative1$2.99Marvel
4052Captain America26$2.99Marvel
4153Buffy Vampire Slayer3$2.99Dark Horse
4254New Avengers30$2.99Marvel
4321Dark Tower Gunslinger Born7$3.99Marvel
4455New Avengers27$2.99Marvel
4556Civil War Return0$2.99Marvel
4657New Avengers29$2.99Marvel
4758Mighty Avengers2$2.99Marvel
4859Justice League of America13$2.99DC
4924Amazing Spider-Man545$3.99Marvel
5060Amazing Spider-Man537$2.99Marvel
5161New Avengers32$2.99Marvel
5262Justice League of America11$2.99DC
5464Buffy Vampire Slayer4$2.99Dark Horse
5565Incredible Hulk106$2.99Marvel
5666Amazing Spider-Man540$2.99Marvel
5767Astonishing X-Men21$2.99Marvel
5868Astonishing X-Men20$2.99Marvel
5970New Avengers28$2.99Marvel
6071New Avengers33$2.99Marvel
6172Incredible Hulk $2.99Marvel
6273Mighty Avengers3$2.99Marvel
6374Astonishing X-Men22$2.99Marvel
6475All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder5$2.99DC
6632X-Men Messiah Complex One Shot $3.99Marvel
6877New Avengers34$2.99Marvel
6979Astonishing X-Men23$2.99Marvel
7035Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man24$3.99Marvel
7281New Avengers35$2.99Marvel
7382Uncanny X-Men492$2.99Marvel
7585All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder6$2.99DC
7686Amazing Spider-Man541$2.99Marvel
7787Mighty Avengers4$2.99Marvel
7939Ultimate Spider-Man104$3.99Marvel
8089New Avengers36$2.99Marvel
8190Incredible Hulk108$2.99Marvel
8291Amazing Spider-Man543$2.99Marvel
8392Amazing Spider-Man542$2.99Marvel
8493Buffy Vampire Slayer5$2.99Dark Horse
8540Ultimates 213$3.99Marvel
8794New Avengers37$2.99Marvel
8841Sensational Spider-Man41$3.99Marvel
8996Incredible Hulk109$2.99Marvel
9097Avengers Initiative2$2.99Marvel
9198Buffy Vampire Slayer6$2.99Dark Horse
9299Justice League of America14$2.99DC
94100All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder7$2.99DC
95101Uncanny X-Men493$2.99Marvel
96102Justice Society of America5$2.99DC
97103Incredible Hulk111$2.99Marvel
98104Captain America27$2.99Marvel
99105Justice Society of America6$2.99DC
103109Civil War Front Line10$2.99Marvel
106112Justice League of America15$2.99DC
107113Mighty Avengers5$2.99Marvel
109115Brave & Bold1$2.99DC
110116Justice Society of America10$2.99DC
11125Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special1$4.99DC
112119Buffy Vampire Slayer7$2.99Dark Horse
113120Wolverine Origins10$2.99Marvel
117199World War Iii Part Two Valiant0$2.50DC
119122All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder8$2.99DC
120204World War Iii Part Three Hell Is For Heroes0$2.50DC
12250World War Hulk Prologue World Breaker0$3.99Marvel
127208World War Iii Part One A Call To Arms0$2.50DC
129211World War Iii Part Four United We Stand0$2.50DC
130126All Star Superman6$2.99DC
131127Incredible Hulk110$2.99Marvel
133129Marvel Zombies 21$2.99Marvel
136130Justice Society of America2$2.99DC
137131Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness1$2.99Marvel
143133Justice League of America16$2.99DC
145134New Avengers Illuminati3$2.99Marvel
149135Avengers Initiative4$2.99Marvel
151136Green Lantern21$2.99DC
153138New Avengers Illuminati2$2.99Marvel
154139Buffy Vampire Slayer8$2.99Dark Horse
156142Avengers Initiative3$2.99Marvel
158144All Star Superman7$2.99DC
160146Captain America28$2.99Marvel
161147Mighty Avengers6$2.99Marvel
162148Civil War Front Line11$2.99Marvel
16334Green Lantern25$4.99DC
16469X-Men Endangered Species One-Shot0$3.99Marvel
166151Justice Society Of America11$2.99DC
167152Buffy Vampire Slayer9$2.99Dark Horse
170155New Avengers Illuminati4$2.99Marvel
171157Avengers Initiative5$2.99Marvel
173160Uncanny X-Men490$2.99Marvel
174161Uncanny X-Men489$2.99Marvel
177165World War Hulk X-Men1$2.99Marvel
180168Uncanny X-Men488$2.99Marvel
182171Fantastic Four544$2.99Marvel
186175Uncanny X-Men491$2.99Marvel
187176World War Hulk Front Line1$2.99Marvel
188177New Avengers Illuminati5$2.99Marvel
190180All Star Superman8$2.99DC
192182Fantastic Four542$2.99Marvel
193183Captain America29$2.99Marvel
195186Uncanny X-Men482$2.99Marvel
197190Uncanny X-Men483$2.99Marvel
198191Uncanny X-Men484$2.99Marvel
20184Marvel Zombies Dead Days0$3.99Marvel
202194Uncanny X-Men486$2.99Marvel
203196Uncanny X-Men485$2.99Marvel
204197Justice Society of America7$2.99DC
207203Uncanny X-Men487$2.99Marvel
209212Justice Society of America4$2.99DC
211214Justice Society of America8$2.99DC
212215Justice Society of America3$2.99DC
213218Captain America30$2.99Marvel
214220Green Lantern24$2.99DC
215222World War Hulk X-Men2$2.99Marvel
216231Wolverine Origins11$2.99Marvel
217232Green Lantern23$2.99DC
22095Fantastic Four543$3.99Marvel
221235Justice Society of America9$2.99DC
222237All Star Superman9$2.99DC
225240Captain America33$2.99Marvel
226241Fantastic Four545$2.99Marvel
227242World War Hulk X-Men3$2.99Marvel
228243Green Lantern22$2.99DC
229245Moon Knight7$2.99Marvel
230246Flash Fastest Man Alive13$2.99DC
231247Captain America31$2.99Marvel
232248Moon Knight8$2.99Marvel
236254Incredible Hulk112$2.99Marvel
238258World War Hulk Front Line2$2.99Marvel
239259Ultimate Spider-Man112$2.99Marvel
241261Ultimate Spider-Man111$2.99Marvel
242262Marvel Zombies 22$2.99Marvel
245265Iron Man19$2.99Marvel
247267Superman Batman32$2.99DC
248268Punisher War Journal7$2.99Marvel
249269Countdown to Final Crisis26$2.99DC
251271Wolverine Origins12$2.99Marvel
252111JLA Wedding Special1$3.99DC
253272Iron Man20$2.99Marvel
254273Ultimate Spider-Man105$2.99Marvel
255274Punisher War Journal2$2.99Marvel
258278Countdown to Final Crisis24$2.99DC
259280Captain America32$2.99Marvel
260281Ultimate Spider-Man110$2.99Marvel
262282Countdown to Final Crisis25$2.99DC
263283Ultimate Spider-Man106$2.99Marvel
264284Ultimate Spider-Man107$2.99Marvel
265285Countdown to Final Crisis23$2.99DC
266118World War Hulk Aftersmash World War Hulk0$3.99Marvel
267286Avengers Initiative6$2.99Marvel
268288Ultimate Spider-Man108$2.99Marvel
269289Countdown to Final Crisis22$2.99DC
270291Fantastic Four546$2.99Marvel
271292All Flash1$2.99DC
272293Ultimate Spider-Man109$2.99Marvel
273295Superman Batman33$2.99DC
274296New X-Men45$2.99Marvel
275297Countdown to Final Crisis21$2.99DC
276298Countdown to Final Crisis20$2.99DC
278300Wolverine Origins13$2.99Marvel
279301Punisher War Journal3$2.99Marvel
281304Countdown to Final Crisis19$2.99DC
282306Countdown to Final Crisis18$2.99DC
283307Fantastic Four547$2.99Marvel
284140Wolverine Origins16$3.99Marvel
285308Green Lantern26$2.99DC
286310Wonder Woman4$2.99DC
287311Superman Batman34$2.99DC
288312Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness2$2.99Marvel
289313Moon Knight9$2.99Marvel
290314Brave & Bold2$2.99DC
292316Wolverine Origins14$2.99Marvel
293317World War Hulk Front Line3$2.99Marvel
294318Superman Batman35$2.99DC
295319New X-Men44$2.99Marvel
296320Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness4$2.99Marvel
297323World War Hulk Gamma Corps1$2.99Marvel
298149Captain America Chosen1$3.99Marvel
299324Ultimate Spider-Man113$2.99Marvel
300325Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness5$2.99Marvel

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2007 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel orders soared 18% for the year in the Top 100, helping to offset softer comics sales and put the market in positive territory for the year. Marvel's Civil War, collecting its hit series from 2006-07, had a lot to do with it.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisher
11Civil War$24.99Marvel
26Marvel Zombies$19.99Marvel
32Heroes HC$29.99DC
53300 HC$30.00Dark Horse
613Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image
74League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier HC$29.99DC
816Civil War Road To Civil War$14.99Marvel
918Y: The Last Man Vol. 9 Motherland$14.99DC
1034Walking Dead Vol. 7 Calm Before$12.99Image
1114Fables Vol. 9 Sons of the Empire$17.99DC
1257Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image
1315Civil War Amazing Spider-Man$17.99Marvel
1426Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 Torn$14.99Marvel
1528Boys Vol. 1$14.99Dynamic Forces
165Hulk Planet Hulk HC$39.99Marvel
1766Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC
1810Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Premium HC$24.99Marvel
1917Ultimates 2 Vol. 2 Grand Theft America$19.99Marvel
202152 Vol. 1$19.99DC
2163Civil War Captain America$11.99Marvel
2250Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image
2354Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.99Image
2441Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC
2556Y: The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC
263130 Days Of Night$17.99IDW
2744Civil War Front Line Book 1$14.99Marvel
2812Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 4 Spider-Man HC$24.99Marvel
2927Justice Vol. 2 HC$19.99DC
3043Buffy Vampire Slayer Long Way Home$15.95Dark Horse
3149Batman Year One Deluxe SC$14.99DC
323252 Vol. 2$19.99DC
3337Civil War Wolverine$17.99Marvel
3477Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image
3533Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness HC$19.99Marvel
3690DMZ Vol. 2 Body of a Journalist$12.99DC
3791Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC
3822Mouse Guard Vol. 1 Fall 1152 HC New Ptg$24.95Ars
3964Kingdom Come$14.99DC
4036Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 3 Hulk HC$19.99Marvel
4168Civil War Front Line Book 2$14.99Marvel
42118Civil War X-Men$11.99Marvel
433852 Vol. 3$19.99DC
4470Jack Of Fables Vol. 1 Nearly Great Escape$14.99DC
45105Y: The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC
4674Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Edition$14.99DC
4747Fables Vol. 8 Wolves$17.99DC
4880Y: The Last Man Vol. 8 Kimono Dragons$14.99DC
49187Serenity$9.95Dark Horse
5042All Star Superman Vol. 1 HC$19.99DC
51133Ultimate X-Men Vol. 15 Magical$11.99Marvel
5251Civil War Fantastic Four$17.99Marvel
5385Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.99DC
54135Civil War Iron Man$11.99Marvel
5553Civil War Peter Parker Spider-Man$17.99Marvel
5645Justice Vol. 3 HC$19.99DC
5730Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 17 Clone Saga$24.99Marvel
58128Ex Machina Vol. 5 Smoke Smoke$12.99DC
59132100 Bullets Vol. 11 Once Upon A Crime$12.99DC
6048Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC
6195Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 18 Ultimate Knights$15.99Marvel
62103Ultimate X-Men Vol. 16 Cable$14.99Marvel
63142Y: The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC
64237DMZ Vol. 1 On Ground$9.99DC
6524Spider-Man Birth of Venom$29.99Marvel
66451Star Wars Clone Wars Advs Vol. 7$6.95Dark Horse
6755V For Vendetta$19.99DC
68364Runaways Vol. 7 Live Fast Digest$7.99Marvel
69174Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways$11.99Marvel
7073Fables Vol. 4 March of the Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC
71116Fell Vol. 1 Feral City$14.99Image
725952 Vol. 4$19.99DC
73479Hellboy Animated Vol. 1 Black Wedding$6.95Dark Horse
74266Fruits Basket Vol. 16 $9.99Tokyopop
7562Batman The Long Halloween$19.99DC
7684Hellboy Vol. 7 Troll Witch & Others$17.95Dark Horse
77164Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.99Image
78401Naruto Vol. 13$7.95Viz
79147Civil War X-Men Universe$13.99Marvel
80149Civil War Thunderbolts$13.99Marvel
81168Y: The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.99DC
82197Civil War Marvel Universe$11.99Marvel
83413Death Note Vol. 1$7.99Viz
8469Batman Year One Hundred$19.99DC
8571Spider-Man Reign Premiere HC$19.99Marvel
86296Plain Janes$9.99DC
87138New Avengers Vol. 4 Collective$14.99Marvel
88183DMZ Vol. 3 Public Works$12.99DC
89144Fables Vol. 5 Mean Seasons$14.99DC
90145Y: The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of the Truth$14.99DC
91457Naruto Vol. 1$7.95Viz
92460Naruto Vol. 14$7.95Viz
93148Y: The Last Man Vol. 7 Paper Dolls$14.99DC
94190Y: The Last Man Vol. 6 Girl On Girl$12.99DC
95456Death Note Vol. 12$7.99Viz
96462Runaways Vol. 1 Pride & Joy Digest$7.99Marvel
97314Fruits Basket Vol. 17 $9.99Tokyopop
98152Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights & Days$14.99DC
99467Naruto Vol. 15$7.95Viz
100575Star Wars Clone Wars Advs Vol. 8$6.95Dark Horse

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