April 2008 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Overall, the comics industry fared better against the previous April — but only overall. Comparatives in the narrower categories remain slightly down, even considering this April had five ship weeks (versus four last year). But the backlist strength bumped the overall category up 6% this month — with the year-to-date ahead by nearly $1 million, or 1%.

Secret Invasion #1 with its 250,000 copies ordered kicked off the summer event season. It would on to top the charts in every month it released.

Diamond Comic Distributors also did something unusual: while in the past it had generally not allowed low-priced sampler issues to be represented in the Top 300 list, for the second month in a row Marvel samplers in bundles of 25 (this month, the Iron Man/Hulk sampler and the Avengers/Invaders sketchbook) were ranked in the Top 300.

Cable #1 curiously made a repeat appearance this month; it is unknown whether its figures for March or for April are the correct ones (or, somehow, both).

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Secret Invasion1$3.99Marvel250,213
23New Avengers40$2.99Marvel110,448
32Dark Tower Long Road Home2$3.99Marvel103,008
44Mighty Avengers12$2.99Marvel97,219
55Uncanny X-Men497$2.99Marvel93,350
810Amazing Spider-Man555$2.99Marvel86,885
911Justice League of America20$2.99DC85,789
1113Buffy the Vampire Slayer13$2.99Dark Horse83,563
1214Captain America37$2.99Marvel80,619
1315Justice Society of America14$2.99DC80,491
1416Amazing Spider-Man556$2.99Marvel78,442
1517X-Men Legacy210$2.99Marvel77,425
1618Amazing Spider-Man557$2.99Marvel77,041
1821Countdown to Final Crisis1$2.99DC72,688
1922Young X-Men1$2.99Marvel71,579
2124Countdown to Final Crisis2$2.99DC70,149
2225Countdown to Final Crisis3$2.99DC69,815
2326Countdown to Final Crisis4$2.99DC69,616
2528Green Lantern30$2.99DC65,334
269X-Men: Divided We Stand1$3.99Marvel65,327
2729Fantastic Four556$2.99Marvel65,000
3034Action Comics863$2.99DC56,870
3135Ultimate Spider-Man121$2.99Marvel56,622
3236Serenity: Better Days2$2.99Dark Horse56,117
3537Avengers Initiative11$2.99Marvel52,866
3638Superman Batman47$2.99DC52,546
3739Avengers Initiative12$2.99Marvel52,333
3941Wolverine Origins24$2.99Marvel49,289
4042Ultimate X-Men93$2.99Marvel49,097
4143Action Comics864$2.99DC48,428
4244Detective Comics843$2.99DC48,421
4346Teen Titans58$2.99DC47,347
4447Green Lantern Corps23$2.99DC46,771
4531Angel After The Fall6$3.99IDW46,636
4648Kick Ass2$2.99Marvel45,654
4749Incredible Hercules116$2.99Marvel44,566
4833Thor Ages of Thunder0$3.99Marvel43,428
4950Ultimate Human4$2.99Marvel43,414
5051Ms Marvel26$2.99Marvel42,269
5152Project Superpowers2$2.99Dynamic41,614
5256Wonder Woman19$2.99DC39,481
5357Captain Marvel5$2.99Marvel38,663
5459Brave & Bold12$2.99DC37,731
5560Ultimate Fantastic Four53$2.99Marvel37,454
5661Batman & Outsiders6$2.99DC36,543
5762Booster Gold8$2.99DC35,974
5845Iron Man28$3.99Marvel35,747
5964DC Wildstorm Dreamwar1$2.99DC34,787
6166Green Arrow Black Canary7$2.99DC32,027
6267Young Avengers Presents3$2.99Marvel31,977
6453Immortal Iron Fist14$3.99Marvel30,875
6670Teen Titans Year One4$2.99DC30,476
6771Young Avengers Presents4$2.99Marvel30,299
6854Daredevil: Blood of Tarantula0$3.99Marvel30,299
6972Star Wars Legacy22$2.99Dark Horse30,199
7063Death of New Gods8$3.50DC29,929
7255Annihilation Conquest6$3.99Marvel29,872
7476Punisher War Journal18$2.99Marvel29,559
7578New Exiles4$2.99Marvel29,225
7679Legion of Super Heroes41$2.99DC28,933
7780New Exiles5$2.99Marvel28,499
7858Hulk Vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide0$3.99Marvel28,407
8183Moon Knight17$2.99Marvel27,802
8284Iron Man Legacy of Doom1$2.99Marvel27,297
8486Salvation Run6$2.99DC26,273
8587World of Warcraft6$2.99DC26,266
8688Ghost Rider22$2.99Marvel25,861
8789Last Defenders2$2.99Marvel25,725
8890Tangent Supermans Reign2$2.99DC25,647
8991Wolverine First Class2$2.99Marvel25,605
9075Trials of Shazam12$3.50DC25,384
9192World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound5$2.99Marvel24,531
9293Star Wars Knights of Old Republic27$2.99Dark Horse24,282
9394Batman Confidential16$2.99DC24,033
9596Gotham Underground7$2.99DC23,521
9698New Warriors11$2.99Marvel22,632
9799Walking Dead48$2.99Image22,461
98100Birds of Prey117$2.99DC22,176
99101Star Wars Dark Times10$2.99Dark Horse21,984
100102Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures10$2.99Marvel21,458
101103She-Hulk 228$2.99Marvel20,839
103105Batman Death Mask1$2.99DC20,213
104106Superman Confidential14$2.99DC18,919
105108Star Wars Rebellion13$2.99Dark Horse18,720
107116DC Special Raven2$2.99DC17,959
10877Powers Annual 20080$4.95Marvel17,838
11097Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom One-Shot0$3.99Image17,219
113124Jack of Fables22$2.99DC16,302
115127BPRD 19464$2.99Dark Horse16,053
116107G.I. Joe America's Elite34$3.50Devil's Due16,045
117128Supernatural Rising Son1$2.99DC16,010
118129Amazing Spider-Girl19$2.99Marvel15,967
119110Criminal 22$3.50Marvel15,882
120131Red Sonja32$2.99Dynamic15,861
122133JSA Classified37$2.99DC15,733
123134Black Summer6$2.99Avatar15,704
124135Suicide Squad: Raise The Flag8$2.99DC15,505
125136Abe Sapien: Drowning3$2.99Dark Horse15,469
126138Ex Machina36$2.99DC15,185
127139Lone Ranger11$2.99Dynamic15,071
128140X-Men First Class Vol. 211$2.99Marvel14,893
131119Terry Moore's Echo2$3.50Abstract14,381
132145Metal Men7$2.99DC14,367
133120Blue Beetle26$3.50DC14,282
134109War Is Hell First Flight: Phantom Eagle Max2$3.99Marvel13,990
135147Simon Dark7$2.99DC13,933
136148Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter2$2.99Virgin13,890
137112Anna Mercury1$3.99Avatar13,812
139113Witchblade Devi1$3.99Image13,713
140114Marvel Comics Presents8$3.99Marvel13,627
142151Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters8$2.99DC13,449
143152Jonah Hex30$2.99DC13,250
144118Giant Size Avengers/Invaders1$3.99Marvel12,852
145156Number of Beast1$2.99DC12,731
146157All New Atom22$2.99DC12,575
147123Doctor Who3$3.99IDW12,312
151165Gen 1319$2.99DC11,885
152137Transformers Spotlight Grimlock0$3.99IDW11,408
153168Kick Ass1$2.99Marvel11,380
154169Spawn Godslayer8$2.99Image11,337
155153Grendel Behold The Devil6$3.50Dark Horse11,294
156170Number of Beast2$2.99DC11,273
157201Tiny Titans3$2.25DC11,195
158142Star Trek Year Four: Enterprise Experiment1$3.99IDW11,010
159174100 Bullets90$2.99DC10,853
161175Infinity Inc8$2.99DC10,647
163161Army of Darkness8$3.50Dynamic10,434
164177Groo Hell of Earth4$2.99Dark Horse10,370
165178Goon23$2.99Dark Horse10,299
166149Darkness Butcher (One Shot)0$3.99Image10,270
167162Army of Darkness/Xena: Why Not2$3.50Dynamic10,249
168179Mice Templar4$2.99Image10,199
170184Young Liars2$2.99DC9,915
171155Doktor Sleepless6$3.99Avatar9,858
172186Avengers Fairy Tales2$2.99Marvel9,666
173187New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero7$2.99Dynamic9,666
175190Grimm Fairy Tales26$2.99Zenescope9,403
176173Darkness vs. Eva2$3.50Dynamic9,367
177158Star Trek New Frontier2$3.99IDW9,282
178159Dead of Night Featuring Man Thing3$3.99Marvel9,203
179193Avengers Classic11$2.99Marvel9,104
180194Tales From Wonderland: Queen of Hearts1$2.99Zenescope9,068
181195Simpsons Comics141$2.99Bongo9,054
182115Conan Legacy Frazetta Covers2$5.99Dark Horse9,033
183221Super Friends2$2.25DC8,933
184197Transformers: Focus of Decepticons0$2.99IDW8,926
185199Secret History Authority Hawksmoor2$2.99DC8,770
186243Captain Action0$1.99Moonstone8,585
187200Bat Lash5$2.99DC8,585
188225Justice League Unlimited44$2.25DC8,513
189172Amazing Spider-Man544$3.99Marvel8,314
190202Omega Unknown7$2.99Marvel8,300
191185Friday the 13th Abuser & Abused1$3.50DC8,257
192203Grimm Fairy Tales Piper2$2.99Zenescope8,229
193204Marvel Spotlight Iron Man Movie0$2.99Marvel8,122
194191Halloween Nightdance3$3.50Devil's Due7,916
195154Spider-Man Family8$4.99Marvel7,888
196146Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons1$5.50Devil's Due7,724
197206George R. R. Martins Wild Cards1$2.99Dabel7,710
198130Iron Man Hulk Sampler (Bundle of 25)0$6.25Marvel7,617
199244Batman Strikes44$2.25DC7,539
200180Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man24$3.99Marvel7,532
201182Locke & Key3$3.99IDW7,504
202207American Splendor Season Two1$2.99DC7,468
203247Teen Titans Go54$2.25DC7,468
204183Star Trek: The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering4$3.99IDW7,447
206164Countdown Special Kamandi 80 Page Giant0$4.99DC7,155
207141Avengers Invaders Sketchbook (Bundle of 25)0$6.25Marvel7,112
208209New Dynamix2$2.99DC7,112
210189Ghost Whisperer2$3.99IDW7,063
211213Bart Simpson Comics41$2.99Bongo7,041
212252Sonic Hedgehog187$2.25Archie7,020
214192Jim Butcher's Dresden Files1$3.99Dabel6,842
215220Pigeons From Hell1$2.99Dark Horse6,728
216196Doctor Who Classics5$3.99IDW6,728
218227Ultimates 33$2.99Marvel6,358
219265Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century13$2.25DC6,330
220231Lords of Avalon Sod3$2.99Marvel6,159
221234Hedge Knight 2 Sworn Sword6$2.99Marvel6,102
222215Hack Slash11$3.50Devil's Due5,974
223216Scud Disposable Assassin23$3.50Image5,967
224240Vinyl Underground7$2.99DC5,861
225241Marvel Adventures Spider-Man38$2.99Marvel5,832
227166Soleil Sampler (Bundle of 25)0$6.25Marvel5,640
228246Usagi Yojimbo111$2.99Dark Horse5,626
229249Marvel Adventures Avengers23$2.99Marvel5,555
230250Crawl Space XXXombies4$2.99Image5,477
231226Dynamo 512$3.50Image5,455
232251Elephantmen War Toys3$2.99Image5,413
233228Highlander Way of Sword4$3.50Dynamic5,384
234198Civil War Chronicles10$4.99Marvel5,348
235212Fallen Angel IDW26$3.99IDW5,284
236230Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 3 Roberts Cvr A9$3.50Devil's Due5,277
237253Marvel Illustrated Iliad5$2.99Marvel5,256
238214Kiss 4k6$3.99Platinum5,249
239254Dead Space2$2.99Image5,242
240219Wormwood Calamari Rising3$3.99IDW5,164
241256Fear Agent20$2.99Dark Horse5,114
242257Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby4$2.99Dark Horse5,107
243222Mack Bolan Executioner Devils Tools1$3.99IDW5,014
244238Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 3 Roberts Cvr A10$3.50Devil's Due5,014
246261Marvel Adventures Iron Man12$2.99Marvel4,865
247262Buffy the Vampire Slayer7$2.99Dark Horse4,836
248263Power Pack Day One2$2.99Marvel4,829
249264Buffy the Vampire Slayer6$2.99Dark Horse4,822
250224Wormwood Calamari Rising4$3.99IDW4,815
251292Sonic X32$2.25Archie4,751
252205Shonen Jump May 08 0$4.99Viz4,744
253266Marvel Adventures Hulk10$2.99Marvel4,644
254232Cthulhu Tales1$3.99Boom4,609
255233Angel After The Fall4$3.99IDW4,573
257235Transformers Best of U.K. Dinobots6$3.99IDW4,502
259268Bad Planet5$2.99Image4,467
261297Scooby Doo131$2.25DC4,403
262237Transformers Best of U.K. Space Pirates2$3.99IDW4,403
263239Angel After The Fall7$3.99IDW4,403
265167Uncle Scrooge374$7.99Gemstone4,324
266271Serenity Better Days1$2.99Dark Horse4,310
267300Project Superpowers0$1.00Dynamic4,282
268273Willow Creek1$2.99Zenescope4,275
269211Knights of the Dinner Table138$4.99Kenzer4,225
271276Justice League of America10$2.99DC4,225
272245Speed Racer Chronicles of Racer4$3.99IDW4,218
273259Gargoyles Bad Guys2$3.50Slave Labor4,211
274277Evil Dead4$2.99Dark Horse4,168
275171Walt Disneys Comics & Stories689$7.99Gemstone4,161
276278Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four35$2.99Marvel4,154
277280Flash Fastest Man Alive13$2.99DC4,097
279283Star Wars Legacy2 New Ptg$2.99Dark Horse4,047
280286Infinite Horizon3$2.99Image3,926
281255Locke & Key1 2nd Ptg $3.99IDW3,890
282287Marvel Illustrated Picture Dorian Gray5$2.99Marvel3,869
283288Star Wars Legacy1 New Ptg$2.99Dark Horse3,855
284290Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick3$2.99Marvel3,713
285272Noble Causes32$3.50Image3,656
286293Rex Mundi11$2.99Dark Horse3,570
287279Suburban Glamour4$3.50Image3,542
288294Return of the Gremlins2$2.99Dark Horse3,535
290229Sheena Trail of the Mapinguari Stone Cvr A One Shot0$5.50Devil's Due3,393
291267Fall of Cthulhu11$3.99Boom3,371
292289Noble Causes33$3.50Image3,272
293274Everybodys Dead2$3.99IDW3,201
294275Bloodrayne Prime Cuts2$3.99Digital Webbing3,193
296248Demonwars Vol. 2 Demon Spirit1$5.50Devil's Due3,051
297284Gene Simmons Zipper5$3.99IDW3,023
298285Angel After The Fall1 4th Ptg$3.99IDW3,009
299218Iron Man Poster Book0$6.99Marvel2,966
300296Wildguard Insider1$3.50Image2,959

April 2008 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The Marvel trade Secret Invasion Infiltration led the trade paperbacks list, but last April’s Civil-War-strewn charts were too steep to conquer. Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol. 2 made a repeat appearance, reportedly owing to a printing error; however, the number of copies shipped in April was more than in February, so it’s not entirely clear which month which sales should be attributed to.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
15Secret Invasion Infiltration$19.99Marvel7,247
27Batman Killing Joke Sp Ed$17.99DC6,010
32Hulk Planet Hulk$34.99Marvel5,789
413Facts in the Case of Departure of Miss Finch $13.95Dark Horse5,477
59Thor By J Michael Straczynski Prem Vol. 1$19.99Marvel5,142
64Marvel Zombies Dead Days$29.99Marvel5,043
712BPRD Vol. 8 Killing Ground $17.95Dark Horse4,481
83X-Men Messiah Complex$39.99Marvel4,353
911JSA Vol. 2 Thy Kingdom Come Part 1$19.99DC4,339
1010Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 4 $24.95Dark Horse4,118
1169Aliens Vs Predator Vol. 2 Civilized Beasts$6.95Dark Horse3,940
1281Kabuki Reflections Vol. 10$5.99Marvel3,933
1322Daredevil Vol. 2 Hell To Pay$15.99Marvel3,890
1431Fallen Son Death of Captain America$13.99Marvel3,841
1526What If: Civil War$16.99Marvel3,499
1618Batman Grendel $19.95Dark Horse3,371
1730Showcase Presents Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 2$16.99DC3,215
1963Path of Assassin Vol. 10 $9.95Dark Horse3,009
2024Superman Batman Vol. 6 Torment$19.99DC3,009
2115Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol. 2 $24.95Dark Horse2,994
2265Serenity$9.95Dark Horse2,966
2335Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol. 2$16.99DC2,923
2442Batman Chronicles Vol. 5$14.99DC2,923
2547X-Men Emperor Vulcan$13.99Marvel2,909
2636Essential Iron Man Vol. 3$16.99Marvel2,838
2746Supernatural Origins$14.99DC2,738
286Hellboy Library Ed Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction & Wake The$49.95Dark Horse2,703
2933Punisher Prem Circle of Blood$19.99Marvel2,674
3019Deadpool Vs Marvel Universe$24.99Marvel2,568
3214New Avengers Vol. 2$29.99Marvel2,504
3344Showcase Challengers of Unknown Vol. 2$16.99DC2,489
3449Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home $15.95Dark Horse2,482
351Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol. 1$99.99Marvel2,447
3651Superman 3 2 1 Action$14.99DC2,440
3752Amory Wars 01 Second Stage Turbine Blade $14.99Image2,440
3823Green Arrow Year One$24.99DC2,411
3925Shazam Greatest Stories Ever Told$24.99DC2,397
4017Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel2,354
4139Joss Whedons Fray Future Slayer$19.95Dark Horse2,304
4255Supergirl & Legion Quest For Cosmic Boy$14.99DC2,283
4340Wolverine Prem Death of Wolverine$19.99Marvel2,255
4484Star Wars Episode V Empire Strikes Back Photo Comic $9.95Dark Horse2,233
4528Avengers Kree Skrull War$24.99Marvel2,226
4632Batman Lovers & Madmen$24.99DC2,148
4771Jonah Hex Vol. 4 Only Good Die Young$12.99DC2,084
4861Jenny Finn Doom Messiah$14.99Boom2,020
4934Civil War$24.99Marvel2,006
5095Star Wars Episode VI Return of Jedi Photo Comic$9.95Dark Horse1,970
5174Justice League Unlimited Ties That Bind$12.99DC1,906
5229Complete Peanuts Vol. 9 1967-1968 $28.95Fantagraphics1,906
538Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel Vol. 3$54.99Marvel1,899
5438Conan Vol. 5 Rogues In The House $24.95Dark Horse1,878
5578Fantastic Four Beginning of End$12.99Marvel1,849
56103Un-Men Vol. 1 Get Your Freak On$9.99DC1,842
5841X-O Manowar Birth$24.95Valiant1,785
59121Vampire Knight Vol. 4 $8.99Viz1,785
60123Inu Yasha Vol. 33 $8.95Viz1,764
61107Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,757
6268X-Men First Class Mutant Mayhem$15.99Marvel1,743
6345Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Prem Vol. 2$24.99Marvel1,650
6457Boys Vol. 2 Get Some $19.99Dynamic1,636
6591God Save The Queen Sc$12.99DC1,615
6677Simpsons Comics Dollars To Donuts$14.95Bongo1,607
6770Boys Vol. 1$16.99Dynamic1,607
6848New Mutants Classic Vol. 3$24.99Marvel1,600
6998Sonic Hedgehog Select Vol. 1$11.95Archie1,593
70161Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adv Vol. 1 $7.99Viz1,572
71117Oh My Goddess Rtl Vol. 8 $10.95Dark Horse1,529
7259Witchblade Takeru Manga Vol. 1$19.99Image1,522
7360Zombies Vs Robots Vs Amazons$19.99IDW1,515
7462Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 2$19.95Oni1,508
7572Mystery In Space Vol. 2$17.99DC1,494
7664Punisher War Journal Prem Vol. 3 Hunter Hunted$19.99Marvel1,479
77100Y Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC1,458
7889Tales of the Fear Agent $14.95Dark Horse1,430
79127Black Panther Little Green Men$10.99Marvel1,422
8016Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3$49.99DC1,422
8154Green Lantern Vol. 1 Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC1,401
8275Wildstorm Armageddon$17.99DC1,351
83113Y Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC1,316
8480Stormwatch Phd Vol. 2$17.99DC1,316
85152Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC1,302
86220Marvel Adventures Avengers Vol. 5 Digest$7.99Marvel1,280
87118Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.99Image1,280
88224Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 9 Foes Digest$7.99Marvel1,266
8920Complete Green Lama Featuring Art of Mac Raboy $49.95Dark Horse1,259
90119Street Fighter III Manga Vol. 2 Ryu Final$12.95Udon1,252
91120Y The Last Man Vol. 4: Safeword$12.99DC1,245
92229Marvel Adventures: Hulk Defenders Vol. 2 Digest$7.99Marvel1,245
93101Batman: The Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC1,245
94168Living With The Dead $9.95Dark Horse1,230
95122Holmes$12.95Astronauts in Trouble1,223
9676Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Grand Theft America$19.99Marvel1,216
97139Howard The Duck: Media Duckling$11.99Marvel1,202
9888Team Zero$17.99DC1,195
9979Serenity: Those Left Behind $19.95Dark Horse1,195
100151Hellgate London Vol. 1$10.99Tokyopop1,195