June 2008 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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June 2008 comics sales had an easier time in comparison with June 2007 sales, in part thanks to the second best trade paperback month recorded to this point among Diamond’s Top 100 Trade Paperbacks. While ground was still lost in the narrower categories (such as Top 300 comics units and dollars, down 4% and 3% respectively), the Trade Paperback and wider categories saw increases year-over-year. Overall June 2008 orders were up 5% to nearly $37 million, with Diamond's Top 25 trades up 25% to just over $6 million.

The result was that all categories were still even or slightly off for the second quarter and for the year, but the losing margins weren't that bad. The overall total (the sum of all Diamond comics, trade paperback, and magazine orders, including items not on the top-sellers charts) was at $208.8 million, just under the previous year's first half mark of $210.11 million. Diamond sold about 2.6 million fewer comic books in its Top 300 in the first half of 2008 versus the first half of 2007; that's the category that had the most ground to make up.

There were four titles above 100,000 copies in estimated sales; perhaps the bigger help to June making up ground was the three trade paperbacks with orders over 10,000 copies.

A little numerological strangeness — here in the sixth month of the year, a month which saw Number of the Beast #6 ship — Diamond's Top 300 comics sold 6.66 million copies to retailers!

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Secret Invasion3$3.99Marvel175,670
23Ultimate Origins1$2.99Marvel136,367
32Final Crisis2$3.99DC126,034
44New Avengers42$2.99Marvel108,454
67Ultimates 34$2.99Marvel95,652
78Mighty Avengers15$2.99Marvel93,979
910Justice League of America22$2.99DC84,981
1011Avengers Invaders2$2.99Marvel82,981
1113Uncanny X-Men499$2.99Marvel81,069
1214Buffy The Vampire Slayer15$2.99Dark Horse80,434
1315Captain America39$2.99Marvel79,358
145Dark Tower Long Road Home4$3.99Marvel79,240
1516Justice Society of America16$2.99DC77,299
1617Skaar Son of Hulk1$2.99Marvel73,670
1718Amazing Spider-Man561$2.99Marvel72,345
1819X-Men Legacy213$2.99Marvel71,866
1920Amazing Spider-Man562$2.99Marvel71,382
2021Amazing Spider-Man563$2.99Marvel70,766
2223Invincible Iron Man2$2.99Marvel68,995
2324Green Lantern32$2.99DC64,814
2528Avengers Initiative14$2.99Marvel62,213
2630Fantastic Four558$2.99Marvel60,980
2712Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust0$3.99Marvel60,976
3034Ultimate Spider-Man123$2.99Marvel57,166
3338Incredible Hercules118$2.99Marvel52,956
3439Superman Batman49$2.99DC52,560
3540Secret Invasion Fantastic Four2$2.99Marvel51,415
3641Kick Ass3$2.99Marvel50,877
3742Action Comics866$2.99DC50,139
3843Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers1$2.99Marvel50,105
4045Detective Comics845$2.99DC48,902
4146Ultimate X-Men95$2.99Marvel48,119
4247Wolverine Origins26$2.99Marvel48,041
4325Angel After The Fall8$3.99IDW47,870
4448Green Lantern Corps25$2.99DC47,381
4527Angel After The Fall9$3.99IDW47,063
4629Thor Ages of Thunder Reign of Blood0$3.99Marvel46,559
4749Young X-Men3$2.99Marvel45,210
4951Teen Titans60$2.99DC45,019
5032X-Force Ain't No Dog0$3.99Marvel44,970
5153Ms Marvel28$2.99Marvel42,178
5337Marvel 19852$3.99Marvel40,119
5556Captain Britain & Mi 132$2.99Marvel37,972
5758Wonder Woman21$2.99DC37,072
5860Ultimate Fantastic Four55$2.99Marvel35,718
5961Iron Man Director of Shield30$2.99Marvel35,371
6062Batman & The Outsiders8$2.99DC34,627
6163Booster Gold10$2.99DC34,422
6264Brave & The Bold14$2.99DC34,349
6366Project Superpowers4$2.99Dynamic33,111
6469Guardians of Galaxy2$2.99Marvel32,955
6552Wolverine Dangerous Game0$3.99Marvel31,928
6874Green Arrow Black Canary9$2.99DC30,319
6975Immortal Iron Fist16$2.99Marvel29,810
7278Star Wars Legacy25$2.99Dark Horse29,537
7581Teen Titans Year One5$2.99DC29,062
7783Young Avengers Presents6$2.99Marvel28,466
7868Salvation Run7$3.50DC28,197
8086Punisher War Journal20$2.99Marvel27,277
8159Hulk Raging Thunder0$3.99Marvel26,984
8271Rann Thanagar Holy War2$3.50DC26,436
8388Moon Knight19$2.99Marvel25,810
8489New Exiles7$2.99Marvel25,732
8691Batman Confidential18$2.99DC24,871
8767Robin Spoiler Special1$3.99DC24,764
8893Ghost Rider24$2.99Marvel24,485
8994Batman Gotham After Midnite2$2.99DC24,250
9095Newuniversal Shockfront2$2.99Marvel23,932
9196Star Wars Dark Times12$2.99Dark Horse23,879
9297DC Wildstorm Dreamwar3$2.99DC23,546
9398Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook0$2.99Marvel23,385
9499World of Warcraft8$2.99DC23,302
9573Punisher Max Little Black Book0$3.99Marvel22,818
96101Gotham Underground9$2.99DC22,764
97103Iron Man Legacy of Doom3$2.99Marvel22,108
98104Madame Xanadu1$2.99DC22,064
99105Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic30$2.99Dark Horse21,908
100106Tangent Supermans Reign4$2.99DC21,693
101107Birds of Prey119$2.99DC21,585
102108Last Defenders4$2.99Marvel21,536
103109She-Hulk 230$2.99Marvel21,008
104110New Warriors13$2.99Marvel20,984
105112Wolverine First Class4$2.99Marvel20,192
106113Black Panther37$2.99Marvel19,981
107114Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures12$2.99Marvel19,859
109116House of Mystery2$2.99DC19,478
11090Mythos Captain America0$3.99Marvel19,277
111119Star Wars Rebellion14$2.99Dark Horse18,568
11292Spider-Man With Great Power4$3.99Marvel18,441
114100Magdalena Daredevil0$3.99Image17,174
115124BPRD War On Frogs1$2.99Dark Horse16,793
117125Huntress Year One3$2.99DC16,583
118127Jack of Fables23$2.99DC16,138
119128BPRD Ectoplasmic Man One Shot0$2.99Dark Horse16,059
120120Criminal 23$3.50Marvel15,834
121129Huntress Year One4$2.99DC15,810
123132Amazing Spider-Girl21$2.99Marvel15,653
12487What If Fantastic Four Tribute To Mike Wieringo0$4.99Hero Initiative15,531
125111Angel Revelations2$3.99Marvel15,345
126134Red Sonja34$2.99Dynamic15,301
127252No Hero0$1.00Avatar15,213
128135Batman Death Mask3$2.99DC15,096
129136JSA Classified39$2.99DC14,988
130137DC Special Cyborg2$2.99DC14,954
131138Ex Machina37$2.99DC14,915
132139Abe Sapien The Drowning5$2.99Dark Horse14,866
133140Invincible Iron Man1$2.99Marvel14,788
137117Transformers Movie Sequel Reign of Starscream2$3.99IDW14,323
138148Marvel Spotlight Secret Invasion0$2.99Marvel14,201
139149X-Men First Class Vol. 213$2.99Marvel14,152
140118Kick Ass1 Directors Cut$3.99Marvel14,089
142121Haunt of Horror Lovecraft1$3.99Marvel13,600
143152War That Time Forgot2$2.99DC13,291
145155Jonah Hex32$2.99DC12,964
146123Marvel Comics Presents10$3.99Marvel12,895
147156DC Special Raven4$2.99DC12,587
148158Simon Dark9$2.99DC12,509
153167All New Atom24$2.99DC11,771
154130War Is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle Max4$3.99Marvel11,761
155133First Born Aftermath0$3.99Image11,707
156170American Dream3$2.99Marvel11,536
157173Supernatural Rising Son3$2.99DC11,272
158102Sky Doll2$5.99Marvel11,203
160176American Dream4$2.99Marvel11,027
161143Transformers Movie Prequel Special0$3.99IDW10,930
162201Tiny Titans5$2.25DC10,905
163145Transformers Spotlight Cyclonus0$3.99IDW10,802
164179100 Bullets92$2.99DC10,793
165147Anna Mercury2$3.99Avatar10,670
166159Grendel Behold The Devil8$3.50Dark Horse10,656
168150Transformers Spotlight Wheelie0$3.99IDW10,406
169182Goon25$2.99Dark Horse10,064
170168Man With No Name2$3.50Dynamic9,937
172154Secret Invasion2$3.99Marvel9,785
174187Grimm Fairy Tales27$2.99Zenescope9,663
175188Infinity Inc10$2.99DC9,497
176157Doktor Sleepless7$3.99Avatar9,404
177190Amory Wars II1$2.99Image9,399
178160Star Trek Assignment Earth2$3.99IDW9,326
179178Lost Boys Reign of Frogs2$3.50DC9,228
180162Locke & Key5$3.99IDW9,194
181163Star Trek New Frontier3$3.99IDW9,066
182193Simpsons Comics143$2.99Bongo8,915
183194New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero9$2.99Dynamic8,890
184196Young Liars4$2.99DC8,587
185171Secret Invasion1$3.99Marvel8,577
186197Madman Atomic Comics9$2.99Image8,475
187199Evil Dead4$2.99Dark Horse8,455
188184Darkness Vs Eva4$3.50Dynamic8,450
189226Justice League Unlimited46$2.25DC8,431
190202Avengers Fairy Tales3$2.99Marvel8,186
191177Tales From Wonderland Mad Hatter1$3.99Zenescope8,157
192229Super Friends4$2.25DC8,035
193189Battlestar Galactica Origins6$3.50Dynamic8,030
194151DC Universe Special Superman Mongul0$4.99DC7,986
196205Omega Unknown9$2.99Marvel7,722
197207Number of the Beast5$2.99DC7,541
198161Spider-Man Family9$4.99Marvel7,428
199185Pilot Season Lady Pendragon1$3.99Image7,330
200210Secret History Authority Hawksmoor4$2.99DC7,296
201211Number of the Beast6$2.99DC7,189
202241Batman Strikes46$2.25DC7,115
203243Sonic The Hedgehog189$2.25Archie7,071
205191Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers1$3.99Marvel6,934
206169DC Universe Special Reign In Hell 80 Page Giant0$4.99DC6,915
207192Final Crisis1$3.99DC6,876
208215Aspen Splash 2008 Swimsuit Spectacular0$2.99Aspen6,846
209220New Avengers40$2.99Marvel6,729
210258Legion of Super Heroes In The 31st Century15$2.25DC6,563
211195Streets of Glory5$3.99Avatar6,460
212208Red Mass For Mars1$3.50Image6,367
214200Doctor Who Classics7$3.99IDW6,313
215209Texas Chainsaw Massacre Raising Cain2$3.50DC6,294
216212Hack Slash Series12$3.50Devil's Due6,132
217174Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons2$5.50Devil's Due6,108
218231Marvel Adventures Spider-Man40$2.99Marvel5,951
219206Tank Girl Visions of Booga2$3.99IDW5,751
220232American Splendor Season Two3$2.99DC5,726
221233Dean Koontzs Frankenstein Vol. 12$2.99Dabel5,702
223236Aspen Showcase Aspen Matthews1$2.99Aspen5,516
224224Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 312$3.50Devil's Due5,448
225238Vinyl Underground9$2.99DC5,443
227240Mighty Avengers13 2nd Ptg Yu Var$2.99Marvel5,374
228242Marvel Adventures Avengers25$2.99Marvel5,325
229245Fear Agent22$2.99Dark Horse5,272
230247George R. R. Martin's Wild Cards3$2.99Dabel5,247
232249Lords of Avalon Sod5$2.99Marvel5,193
233250Marvel Illustrated Iliad7$2.99Marvel5,120
234217Iron Man Viva Las Vegas1$3.99Marvel5,096
235198Civil War Chronicles12$4.99Marvel5,071
236218Pilot Season Genius1$3.99Image5,061
237253Pigeons From Hell3$2.99Dark Horse5,052
238219Fallen Angel27$3.99IDW5,047
239256Fear Agent21$2.99Dark Horse4,978
240257Bart Simpson Comics42$2.99Bongo4,973
242261Crossing Midnight19$2.99DC4,856
243222Jim Butchers Dresden Files3$3.99Dabel4,856
244223Pilot Season Alibi1$3.99Image4,841
245225Duo Stars1$3.99IDW4,773
246263Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow2$2.99DC4,724
247264Marvel Adventures Hulk12$2.99Marvel4,714
248228Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment2$3.99IDW4,704
249230Thor Search For Odin0$3.99Marvel4,523
250288Scooby Doo133$2.25DC4,499
251246Bomb Queen V2$3.50Image4,494
252270Power Pack Day One4$2.99Marvel4,489
253272Dead Space4$2.99Image4,450
254172Uncle Scrooge376$7.99Gemstone4,269
255234Thor Ages of Thunder0$3.99Marvel4,254
259216Knights of the Dinner Table140$4.99Kenzer4,074
260279Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four37$2.99Marvel3,971
261221Shonen Jump July 080$4.99Viz3,971
262181Walt Disneys Comics & Stories691$7.99Gemstone3,907
263254Transformers Best of Uk Space Pirates4$3.99IDW3,775
264255Warhammer Condemned By Fire2$3.99Boom3,761
265260Silent Hill Sinners Reward4$3.99IDW3,648
266262Blood Bowl1$3.99Boom3,560
267286Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick5$2.99Marvel3,545
268265Star Trek: TNG Intelligence Gathering5$3.99IDW3,511
269266Fall of Cthulhu13$3.99Boom3,477
270267Mummy Movie Prequel Rise & Fall of Xangos Ax3$3.99IDW3,457
271287Rex Mundi12$2.99Dark Horse3,452
273269Cthulhu Tales3$3.99Boom3,423
274300Charlatan Ball1$2.50Image3,384
275281Noble Causes34$3.50Image3,364
276271Angel After The Fall10$3.99IDW3,364
277310Sonic X34$2.25Archie3,340
278273Kill All Parents1$3.99Image3,330
279213Spider-Man Magazine1$6.99Marvel3,017
280276Scream Queen1$3.99Boom3,012
281277Dark Tower Long Road Home2$3.99Marvel2,993
282278Mack Bolan The Executioner Devils Tools3$3.99IDW2,988
283280Fire & Brimstone1$3.95Antarctic2,988
285361Giant Size X-Men First Class New Beginnings0$1.50Marvel2,934
286282Everybody's Dead4$3.99IDW2,934
287283Voyages of Shebuccaneer1$3.99Great Big2,915
289327Looney Tunes163$2.25DC2,792
291303Gold Digger97$2.99Antarctic2,714
292289Oz Wonderland Chronicles3$3.50Buymetoys2,694
294244Soleil Sky Doll1$5.99Marvel2,650
295307My Inner Bimbo5$2.99Oni2,626
296377Giant Size Fantastic Four Cosmic Threats0$1.50Marvel2,616
297293Wildguard Insider2$3.50Image2,587
299295Drafted8$3.50Devil's Due2,572

June 2008 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Diamond's top-selling trade paperbacks category was the only one that was up by midyear — by about $30,000 over the first half of 2007.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
13Y The Last Man Vol. 10 Whys & Wherefores$14.99DC14,724
22Fables Vol. 10 The Good Prince$17.99DC13,159
34Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image13,037
45Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 Unstoppable$19.99Marvel9,198
510Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse7,682
66All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder HC Vol. 1$24.99DC7,286
79Marvel Zombies 2 HC$19.99Marvel6,983
87Green Lantern HC Vol. 2 The Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC6,396
917Captain America Vol. 1 Death of Captain America$14.99Marvel5,849
1019Invincible Vol. 9 Out of This World$14.99Image5,614
1122Jack of Fables Vol. 3 The Bad Prince$14.99DC5,335
1215Lobster Johnson Vol. 1 Iron Prometheus$17.95Dark Horse5,008
138Green Lantern Tales of Sinestro Corps HC$29.99DC4,704
1414New Avengers Vol. 7 Trust$19.99Marvel4,695
1570Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1$6.95Dark Horse4,665
1623Star Wars Legacy Vol. 3$17.95Dark Horse4,435
1768Bleach Vol. 23$7.95Viz4,162
181Absolute Sandman HC Vol. 3$99.00DC3,633
1924Justice League of America HC Vol. 3 Injustice League$19.99DC3,609
2025Joker The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC3,584
2116Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 2$24.95Dark Horse3,531
2218Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Prem HC$24.99Marvel3,423
2320Eternals By Neil Gaiman$24.99Marvel3,360
2428Legion of Super Heroes 1050 Years in the Future$19.99DC3,345
2521Marvels Prem HC$24.99Marvel3,247
2738Chronicles of Conan Vol. 15 Corridor of Mullah Kajar$16.95Dark Horse3,086
2839Showcase Presents The Flash Vol. 2$16.99DC3,071
2947Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 10 Ghosts$15.99Marvel3,027
3054Batman Jekyll and Hyde$14.99DC3,022
3137Blade of Immortal Vol. 19 Badger Hole$17.95Dark Horse2,988
3284Path of the Assassin Vol. 11$9.95Dark Horse2,885
3372Negima Vol. 18$10.95Random House2,885
3544Conan Born of Battlefield Sc$17.95Dark Horse2,802
3660Penny Arcade Vol. 5 Case of Mummys Gold$12.95Dark Horse2,787
3749Showcase Presents Haunted Tank Vol. 2$16.99DC2,768
3862Gantz Vol. 1$12.95Dark Horse2,748
3953Essential Captain Marvel Vol. 1$16.99Marvel2,699
4026Iron Man Haunted$26.99Marvel2,616
4150Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC2,611
4252Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction$17.95Dark Horse2,602
4332Captain America Prem HC Chosen$24.99Marvel2,533
4496Vinyl Underground Vol. 1 Watching The Detectives$9.99DC2,465
4533Star Wars Omnibus Droids Vol. 1$24.95Dark Horse2,411
4793Silver Surfer In Thy Name$10.99Marvel2,347
4883Hideyuki Kikuchis Vampire Hunter D Vol. 2$12.95Digital Manga2,225
4936Hulk World War Hulk$24.99Marvel2,205
5029Wolverine Enemy of State Ultimate Collection$29.99Marvel2,196
5230Ex Machina Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC2,166
5381Penance Relentless$13.99Marvel2,103
5457Atomic Robo Vol. 1$18.95Red 52,098
5582House of M Avengers$13.99Marvel2,078
5640Predator Omnibus Vol. 3$24.95Dark Horse2,073
5741Hulk Vs The Marvel Universe$24.99Marvel2,064
5842Aliens Omnibus Vol. 4$24.95Dark Horse2,064
5992Hulk Wwh Damage Control$12.99Marvel2,064
6043Eternals By Jack Kirby Book 01$24.99Marvel2,029
6145Conan Born of Battlefield HC$24.95Dark Horse1,990
6211Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales of Suspense HC Vol. 2$59.99Marvel1,981
63144Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 7$7.95Archie1,907
6495Superman Camelot Falls Vol. 1$12.99DC1,902
6512Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC Vol. 24$59.99DC1,897
6664Hellboy Vol. 2 Wake The Devil$17.95Dark Horse1,897
67122Dot Hack XXXX Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,883
6813Marvel Masterworks Sgt Fury HC Vol. 2$54.99Marvel1,858
6935Worlds Finest Deluxe Edition HC$29.99DC1,858
7067Hellboy Vol. 7 Troll Witch & Others$17.95Dark Horse1,848
7169Hellboy Vol. 3 Chained Coffin and Others$17.95Dark Horse1,829
7271Programme Vol. 1$17.99DC1,785
7361Question The Five Books of Blood HC$19.99DC1,780
7455Civil War$24.99Marvel1,770
75117MPD Psycho Vol. 5$10.95Dark Horse1,760
7676Hellboy Vol. 6 Strange Places$17.95Dark Horse1,716
7775Tom Strong Book 06$17.99DC1,716
78132Battle Vixens Vol. 13$9.99Tokyopop1,707
7978Hellboy Vol. 5 Conqueror Worm$17.95Dark Horse1,707
8027Ultimate X-Men HC Vol. 8$39.99Marvel1,697
8185Terror Inc$16.99Marvel1,677
8294Dynamo 5 Vol. 2 Moments of Truth$14.99Image1,668
8380Hellboy Vol. 4 Right Hand of Doom$17.95Dark Horse1,668
84165Rosario Vampire Vol. 1$7.99Viz1,584
8589Witchblade Vol. 4$17.99Image1,570
8674Wormwood Calamari Rising$19.99IDW1,555
8777Incredible Hercules Against World Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,540
88173One Piece Vol. 18$7.95Viz1,526
89143Dot Hack Sign Gu Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,521
9079Hedge Knight II Sworn Sword Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,501
91104Shadowpact Vol. 3 Darkness & Light$14.99DC1,467
92102Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 2 No Future For You$15.95Dark Horse1,433
93113Zombie Simon Garth$13.99Marvel1,433
9446Apple Anthology Vol. 1$34.95Udon1,413
95125Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,403
96189Transformers Animated Vol. 3$7.99IDW1,394
9791Tangent Comics Vol. 3$19.99DC1,394
98145Oh My Goddess Rtl Vol. 9$10.95Dark Horse1,379
99153Welcome To NHK Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,379
100106Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home$15.95Dark Horse1,355