September 2013 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

In the 1980s, September was called "Black September" in the comics market, owing to a back-to-school dropoff in volume — but 2014 was part of a string of years with major publisher events in the month. As such, DC's "Villains Month" prompted North American comics retailers to order in record volume in September.

The event, which saw many DC titles splitting for the month into several issues featuring different stories and 3-D covers, spearheaded a $48 million month for the trade overall. each (apart from the chart-topping Forever Evil #1) numbered as part of a parent title: for example, Batman #23.1 featured the Joker, #23.2 featured the Riddler, #23.3 featured the Penguin and #23.4 starred Bane. While each title was intended to have a 3-D cover, demand resulted in the printing of a second "standard edition" version. The result was that DC had 129 new comics releases in September, of which 128 made the Top 300; that figure was only one less than its record high from early in the DC relaunch.

That $48 million figure is the largest non-inflation adjusted dollar amount for orders seen to that point the 2000s, beating both the previous month and the previous September by more than $9 million. Despite the high month-to-month volatility recently, the quarter overall was up 7.64%.

More comics were sold of the 300th-place comic book than any time in the Diamond Exclusive Era; Diamond apparently responded by listing the Top 400 comics in full, a practice it continued to do for some months. Diamond laterwent back to the Top 300, with one source reporting that the shift to 400 had been in error.

Read more in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Small Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with asterisks [*] had their reported orders reduced by 10% due to returnability.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Forever Evil1$3.99DC139,976
46X-Men Battle of Atom1$3.99Marvel113,928
54Batman (Joker)23.1$3.99DC107,680
65Batman (Riddler)23.2$3.99DC107,413
77Mighty Avengers1$3.99Marvel101,921
88Batman (Bane)23.4$3.99DC95,298
1010Batman (Penguin)23.3$3.99DC89,850
1111Superior Spider-Man17$3.99Marvel89,118
1212All New X-Men16$3.99Marvel84,218
1314Superior Spider-Man18$3.99Marvel80,178
1416The Star Wars1$3.99Dark Horse78,467
1515Justice League (Darkseid)23.1$3.99DC78,200
1617Uncanny X-Men12$3.99Marvel76,790
1925Walking Dead114$2.99Image70,440
2021Guardians of Galaxy6$3.99Marvel69,030
2120Batman Superman (Doomsday)3.1$3.99DC68,150
2222Uncanny Avengers12$3.99Marvel66,353
2313Batman Black & White1$4.99DC65,018
2423New Avengers10$3.99Marvel60,682
2524Wolverine And X-Men36$3.99Marvel59,684
2726Action Comics (Cyborg Superman)23.1$3.99DC50,146
2827Batman and Robin (Two Face)23.1$3.99DC49,917
2928Justice League of America (Black Adam)7.4$3.99DC49,625
3031Action Comics (Zod)23.2$3.99DC49,557
3129Batman and Robin (Ras al Ghul)23.3$3.99DC49,452
3233Action Comics (Lex Luthor)23.3$3.99DC49,310
3332Batman and Robin (Court of Owls)23.2$3.99DC49,205
3430Detective Comics (Posion Ivy)23.1$3.99DC49,200
3534Detective Comics (Harley Quinn)23.2$3.99DC48,776
3635Detective Comics (Scarecrow)23.3$3.99DC48,671
3736Green Lantern (Sinestro)23.4$3.99DC48,263
3837Batman and Robin (Killer Croc)23.4$3.99DC48,152
3938Thor God of Thunder13$3.99Marvel48,007
4039Detective Comics (Man Bat)23.4$3.99DC46,590
4370Kick-Ass 33$2.99Marvel44,540
4440Justice League (Secret Society)23.4$3.99DC44,008
4571Jupiters Legacy3$2.99Image43,766
4641Superman (Parasite)23.4$3.99DC43,631
4744Indestructible Hulk13$3.99Marvel41,805
4893Deadpool Kills Deadpool3$2.99Marvel41,023
4973Batman (Joker)23.1 Std*$2.99DC39,304
5042Powerpuff Girls1$3.99IDW38,992
5179Justice League (Lobo)23.2 Std*$2.99DC38,704
5246Captain America11$3.99Marvel38,521
5347Savage Wolverine8$3.99Marvel38,208
5458Sex Criminals1*$3.50Image37,893
5697Star Wars9$2.99Dark Horse37,502
5750Superior Spider-Man Team Up3$3.99Marvel37,363
5849Green Lantern (Relic)23.1$3.99DC36,965
5994Detective Comics (Harley Quinn)23.2 Std*$2.99DC36,774
6152Aquaman (Black Manta)23.1$3.99DC36,555
6251Superman (Brainiac)23.2$3.99DC36,475
6359Iron Man15$3.99Marvel36,346
6454Green Lantern (Mongul)23.2$3.99DC36,281
6553Green Lantern (Black Hand)23.3$3.99DC36,281
6655Justice League (Lobo)23.2$3.99DC36,240
6763Uncanny X-Force11$3.99Marvel36,186
6857Superman (Bizarro)23.1$3.99DC36,039
6962Superior Carnage3$3.99Marvel36,022
7160Aquaman (Ocean Master)23.2$3.99DC35,893
7261Superman (Hel)23.3$3.99DC35,652
7365Infinity Hunt1$3.99Marvel35,562
74104DC Vs Masters of the Universe1$2.99DC35,269
7566Action Comics (Metallo)23.4$3.99DC34,427
7699Justice League (Dial E)23.3 Std*$2.99DC33,783
7772East of West6*$3.50Image33,381
7869Batman 663$3.99DC32,954
7956My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic11$3.99IDW32,784
8077Infinity Heist1$3.99Marvel32,453
8183Ultimate Comics Spider-Man27$3.99Marvel32,200
8274Justice League of America (Deadshot)7.1$3.99DC32,157
8376Earth 2 (Desaad)15.1$3.99DC32,131
8478Flash (Grodd)23.1$3.99DC31,838
8580Earth 2 (Solomon Grundy)15.2$3.99DC31,829
8682Justice League of America (Killer Frost)7.2$3.99DC31,756
8784Justice League of America (Shadow Thief)7.3$3.99DC31,720
8981Batman The Dark Knight (Ventriloquist)23.1$3.99DC31,653
9085Teen Titans (Trigon)23.1$3.99DC31,633
91107Batman The Dark Knight (Joker's Daughter)23.4 Std Ed*$2.99DC31,518
9286Flash (Rogues)23.3$3.99DC31,442
9387Teen Titans (Deathstroke)23.2$3.99DC31,434
94117Fantastic Four12$2.99Marvel31,426
9589Wonder Woman (Cheetah)23.1$3.99DC31,367
9688Flash (Reverse Flash)23.2$3.99DC31,237
97109Justice League of America (Deadshot)7.1 Std*$2.99DC31,192
9890Batman The Dark Knight (Mr. Freeze)23.2$3.99DC31,053
9992Cable and X-Force14$3.99Marvel31,053
10091Batman The Dark Knight (Clayface)23.3$3.99DC30,794
101110Justice League (Secret Society)23.4 Std*$2.99DC30,605
102121Superior Foes of Spider-Man3$2.99Marvel30,081
10395Batman The Dark Knight (Joker's Daughter)23.4$3.99DC29,932
104122Avengers AI3$2.99Marvel29,776
106113Justice League (Darkseid)23.1 Std*$2.99DC29,648
10796Avengers Assemble19$3.99Marvel29,564
108115Batman (Riddler)23.2 Std*$2.99DC29,387
109118Justice League of America (Killer Frost)7.2 Std*$2.99DC27,855
11098Sons of Anarchy1$3.99Boom27,601
111120Batman (Penguin)23.3 Std*$2.99DC27,158
112102Green Arrow (Count Vertigo)23.1$3.99DC26,855
113101Justice League Dark (Creeper)23.1$3.99DC26,786
11475God Is Dead1$3.99Avatar26,644
115103Justice League (Dial E)23.3$3.99DC26,582
116124Green Lantern (Relic)23.1 Std*$2.99DC26,577
117105Justice League Dark (Eclipso)23.2$3.99DC26,561
118106Wonder Woman (First Born)23.2$3.99DC26,448
119125Detective Comics (Poison Ivy)23.1 Std*$2.99DC26,390
120126Batman (Bane)23.4 Std*$2.99DC26,176
121137Young Avengers10$2.99Marvel25,874
122108Swamp Thing (Arcane)23.1$3.99DC25,831
123127Justice League of America (Shadow Thief)7.3 Std*$2.99DC25,809
125281All New Executive Assistant Iris1$1.00Aspen25,415
126112Secret Avengers9$3.99Marvel24,870
127131Green Lantern (Mongul)23.2 Std*$2.99DC24,705
128132Batman and Robin (Two Face)23.1 Std*$2.99DC24,440
129114Injustice Gods Among Us9$3.99DC24,333
130133Green Lantern (Black Hand)23.3 Std*$2.99DC23,825
131134Batman and Robin (Court of Owls)23.2 Std*$2.99DC23,707
132135Batman The Dark Knight (Mr. Freeze)23.2 Std*$2.99DC23,666
133140Batman The Dark Knight (Ventriloquist)23.1 Std*$2.99DC23,139
134157Captain Marvel16$2.99Marvel22,845
135143Justice League of America (Black Adam)7.4 Std*$2.99DC22,725
136111My Little Pony Micro Series8$3.99IDW22,656
137158Scarlet Spider22$2.99Marvel22,631
138119Punisher Trial of Punisher1$3.99Marvel22,626
139161Avengers Arena15$2.99Marvel22,180
141147Detective Comics (Scarecrow)23.3 Std*$2.99DC21,935
142149Batman And Robin (Ras Al Ghul)23.3 Std*$2.99DC21,865
143150Batman The Dark Knight (Clayface)23.3 Std*$2.99DC21,861
144139Rat Queens1$3.50Image21,745
145151Batman Superman (Doomsday)3.1 Std*$2.99DC21,726
146128A Plus X12$3.99Marvel21,282
147155Superman (Bizarro)23.1 Std*$2.99DC21,195
148129Astonishing X-Men67$3.99Marvel21,044
149172X-Men Legacy16$2.99Marvel20,995
151175Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall25$2.99Dark Horse20,392
153178X-Men Legacy17$2.99Marvel20,382
154159Green Lantern (Sinestro)23.4 Std*$2.99DC20,367
157162Flash (Reverse Flash)23.2 Std*$2.99DC19,910
158164Superman (Brainiac)23.2 Std*$2.99DC19,550
159167Aquaman (Black Manta)23.1 Std*$2.99DC19,487
160136Ultimate Comics Ultimates30$3.99Marvel19,420
161168Detective Comics (Man Bat)23.4 Std*$2.99DC19,368
162189Daredevil Dark Nights4$2.99Marvel19,364
163169Batman and Robin (Killer Croc)23.4 Std*$2.99DC19,148
164173Flash (Grodd)23.1 Std*$2.99DC18,957
165130Adventure Time20$3.99Boom18,822
166177Earth 2 (Solomon Grundy)15.2 Std*$2.99DC18,486
167145Batman Beyond Universe2$3.99DC18,332
168148Ultimate Comics X-Men31$3.99Marvel18,220
16945Locke & Key Alpha1$7.99IDW17,931
170182Action Comics (Zod)23.2 Std*$2.99DC17,819
171183Earth 2 (Desaad)15.1 Std*$2.99DC17,747
172152True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys4$3.99Dark Horse17,713
173184Action Comics (Cyborg Superman)23.1 Std*$2.99DC17,685
174186Flash (Rogues)23.3 Std*$2.99DC17,667
175153Astro City4$3.99DC17,641
176187Justice League Dark (Creeper)23.1 Std*$2.99DC17,586
178188Superman (Hel)23.3 Std*$2.99DC17,475
180144Eternal Warrior1$3.99Valiant17,224
181142X-Files Season 104$3.99IDW16,999
182160Satellite Sam3*$3.50Image16,909
183181Manhattan Projects14$3.50Image16,881
184192Justice League Dark (Eclipso)23.2 Std*$2.99DC16,719
185193Teen Titans (Deathstroke)23.2 Std*$2.99DC16,637
187195Action Comics (Lex Luthor)23.3 Std*$2.99DC16,480
189196Wonder Woman (Cheetah)23.1 Std*$2.99DC16,137
190163Adventures of Superman5$3.99DC16,011
191197Aquaman (Ocean Master)23.2 Std*$2.99DC16,007
192199Wonder Woman (First Born)23.2 Std*$2.99DC15,935
193154Red Sonja3$3.99Dynamite15,928
194170Fearless Defenders9$3.99Marvel15,841
195171Wolverine Max11$3.99Marvel15,707
196201Action Comics (Metallo)23.4 Std*$2.99DC15,642
197200Teen Titans (Trigon)23.1 Std*$2.99DC15,607
198166Adventure Time Candy Capers3$3.99Boom15,587
199176Legends of the Dark Knight12$3.99DC15,166
201212Star Wars Legacy7$2.99Dark Horse14,924
202204Green Arrow (Count Vertigo)23.1 Std*$2.99DC14,741
204207Superman (Parasite)23.4 Std*$2.99DC14,562
206165Doctor Who Vol. 313$3.99IDW14,499
208190Smallville Season 1117$3.99DC14,153
209229Batman Lil Gotham6$2.99DC13,654
211224Swamp Thing (Arcane)23.1 Std*$2.99DC13,103
213198Batman Arkham Unhinged18$3.99DC12,984
214227Fbp Federal Bureau of Physics3*$2.99DC12,580
216218Star Wars Dark Times Spark Remains3$3.50Dark Horse12,358
218246Itty Bitty Hellboy2$2.99Dark Horse11,916
219248Cyber Force6$2.99Image11,843
220226Conan The Barbarian20$3.50Dark Horse11,828
222202Shadow Year One5$3.99Dynamite11,476
223203Star Trek25$3.99IDW11,388
224273Reality Check1$2.99Image11,152
225245Sonic The Hedgehog252$2.99Archie10,968
226208X-O Manowar17$3.99Valiant10,859
227209Quantum & Woody3$3.99Valiant10,734
228260Morbius Living Vampire9$2.99Marvel10,675
229233Powers Bureau7$3.95Marvel10,306
230213Transformers Regeneration One0$3.99IDW10,249
231225Bloodshot & Hard Corps14$3.99Valiant10,225
233214Danger Girl The Chase1$3.99IDW10,180
235217TMNT Villain Microseries6$3.99IDW9,977
236220Archer & Armstrong13$3.99Valiant9,910
238236Ame Comi Girls7$3.99DC9,616
239254BPRD Hell On Earth111$3.50Dark Horse9,587
240232Kings Watch1$3.99Dynamite9,471
243256King Conan Hour of the Dragon5$3.50Dark Horse9,358
244228Other Dead1$3.99IDW9,346
245231Transformers More Than Meets Eye21$3.99IDW9,258
246267Sonic Universe56$2.99Archie9,253
247210Django Unchained7$4.99DC9,203
249291100 Bullets Brother Lono4$2.99DC8,891
250249Halo Initiation2$3.99Dark Horse8,771
251237TMNT New Animated Adventures3$3.99IDW8,744
252238Army of Darkness Vs Hack Slash2$3.99Dynamite8,702
253239Mars Attacks Judge Dredd1$3.99IDW8,657
255243Rachel Rising19$3.99Abstract8,348
256277Baltimore Infernal Train1$3.50Dark Horse8,280
257244G.I. Joe8$3.99IDW8,266
258251Mocking Dead1$3.99Dynamite8,208
259289Mega Man29$2.99Archie8,042
260216Simpsons Treehouse of Horror19$4.99Bongo8,003
262250Battlestar Galactica4$3.99Dynamite7,955
264264Emerald City of Oz3$3.99Marvel7,847
265255Codename Action1$3.99Dynamite7,752
267285Peter Panzerfaust14$3.50Image7,714
268306Invincible Universe6$2.99Image7,675
269311Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth5$2.99Image7,618
270292Morning Glories31$3.50Image7,538
271266Robocop Last Stand2$3.99Boom7,476
272258Shadow Green Hornet Dark Nights3$3.99Dynamite7,454
273287Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Fairy Tales89$2.99Zenescope7,423
274257My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic10$3.99IDW7,385
275276Kiss Me Satan1$3.99Dark Horse7,305
276290Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Down Rabbit Hole4$2.99Zenescope7,299
278261Lords of Mars2$3.99Dynamite7,179
279263Transformers Monstrosity4$3.99IDW7,109
281295Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland14$2.99Zenescope7,034
282265Miss Fury6$3.99Dynamite7,029
283259Crossed Badlands36$3.99Avatar6,990
284307Spongebob Comics24$2.99United Plankton6,965
285268G.I. Joe Special Missions7$3.99IDW6,957
286269Dejah Thoris & Green Men of Mars6$3.99Dynamite6,931
287270Bravest Warriors12$3.99Boom6,898
288283Mass Effect Foundation3$3.99Dark Horse6,849
289272Godzilla Rulers of the Earth4$3.99IDW6,820
290324Tom Strong And The Planet of Peril3$2.99DC6,746
291274Garth Ennis Red Team5$3.99Dynamite6,736
293326Brain Boy1$2.99Dark Horse6,639
294278G.I. Joe Cobra Files6$3.99IDW6,595
295300Hit List1$2.99Zenescope6,581
296302Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland15$2.99Zenescope6,558
297247Shadow Annual 2013$4.99Dynamite6,497
298221Crossed Special 2013$5.99Avatar6,472
299284Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard Vol. 22$3.50Archaia6,464
300314Hoax Hunters10$3.50Image6,448
301310Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose82$2.95Broadsword6,400
302330Mind The Gap14$2.99Image6,350
303282Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris29$3.99Dynamite6,293
304430100 Penny Press Locke & Key1$1.00IDW6,287
305297Herobear & The Kid Inheritance2$3.99Boom6,208
307293Mouse Guard Legends O/T Guard Vol 23$3.50Archaia6,162
308336Aphrodite Ix5$2.99Image6,105
309301Buzzkill1$3.99Dark Horse5,951
310341X5$2.99Dark Horse5,936
311294Transformers Prime Beast Hunters5$3.99IDW5,827
312378Shahrazad Prologue$1.99Big Dog5,781
313296Thunder Agents2$3.99IDW5,644
314327Grimm Fairy Tales No Tomorrow2$2.99Zenescope5,486
315343Bart Simpson Comics86$2.99Bongo5,356
316303Six Gun Gorilla4$3.99Boom5,332
317304Suicide Risk5$3.99Boom5,320
318331Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters Shadowlands4$2.99Zenescope5,259
319322Mind Mgmt15$3.99Dark Horse5,242
321363Captain Midnight3$2.99Dark Horse5,225
324312Clive Barker Next Testament4$3.99Boom5,037
325271My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic9$3.99IDW5,030
326313Pathfinder Goblins2$3.99Dynamite5,002
327316Half Past Danger5$3.99IDW4,955
328299Grimm Fairy Tales Zombies Cursed3$3.99Zenescope4,947
329368Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man18$2.99Marvel4,937
330317Vampirella Southern Gothic2$3.99Dynamite4,917
331344Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights2$2.99Zenescope4,875
332369Scooby Doo Where Are You37$2.99DC4,840
333319Black Bat5$3.99Dynamite4,815
334328Strain The Fall3$3.99Dark Horse4,763
335320Peanuts Vol 212$3.99Boom4,752
336241Dark Horse Presents28$7.99Dark Horse4,666
337377Catalyst Comix3$2.99Dark Horse4,656
338305Love Stories To Die For1$4.99Image4,649
340333Justice League Dark23$3.99DC4,625
342381Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes18$2.99Marvel4,568
343325The Lone Ranger18$3.99Dynamite4,537
344286Adventure Time Summer Special 2013$4.99Boom4,531
345355Deadpool Kills Deadpool1$1.95Marvel4,452
346385Great Pacific10$2.99Image4,446
349346Empowered Special5 Nine Beers With Ninjette$3.99Dark Horse4,345
351335Doctor Who Classics4$3.99IDW4,178
352353Savage Dragon191$3.99Image4,162
353340Judge Dredd Classics3$3.99IDW4,101
355358Criminal Macabre Eyes Of Frankenstein1$3.99Dark Horse4,062
356339Absolution Rubicon3$3.99Avatar3,970
357347Jennifer Blood31$3.99Dynamite3,934
359318The Lone Ranger Annual 2013$4.99Dynamite3,891
360365Resident Alien Suicide Blonde1$3.99Dark Horse3,863
361351Dungeons & Dragons Cutter5$3.99IDW3,842
362359Ballistic2$3.50Black Mask3,821
363354The Spider14$3.99Dynamite3,799
364356Soulfire Vol 47$3.99Aspen3,747
365370Justice League Dark22$3.99DC3,732
366357Bionic Man23$3.99Dynamite3,732
36736412 Reasons To Die3$3.50Black Mask3,706
368360Haunted Horror6$3.99IDW3,672
369372Dream Thief5$3.99Dark Horse3,652
370348Wolverine In Flesh1$3.99Marvel3,644
371361Sixth Gun34$3.99Oni3,633
372394Walking Dead The Governor Special (Mr)$2.99Image3,616
373362Bionic Man24$3.99Dynamite3,594
374376Justice League Of America6$3.99DC3,579
375366Hellraiser Dark Watch8$3.99Boom3,489
377396Atomic Robo Real Science Adv11$2.75Red 53,352
378371Executive Assistant Iris Vol 35$3.99Aspen3,350
379373Green Hornet Legacy41$3.99Dynamite3,289
380407Trinity Of Sin Pandora2$2.99DC3,215
381375Executive Assistant Assassins15$3.99Aspen3,201
382345Planet Of The Apes Giant1$4.99Boom3,198
383390Batman Superman2$3.99DC3,143
384380Damsels Mermaids5$3.99Dynamite3,133
387367Forever Evil1 Combo Pack$4.99DC3,072
388383Dark Shadows20$3.99Dynamite3,071
389384Charismagic Vol 25$3.99Aspen3,038
390392Superior Foes Of Spider-Man1$1.95Marvel3,030
391414Fbp Federal Bureau Of Physics1$2.99DC3,025
392387Dark Shadows Year One6$3.99Dynamite2,979
3933893 Guns2$3.99Boom2,977
394388Dinosaurs Attack3$3.99IDW2,944
395399Watson And Holmes3$2.99New Paradigm2,937
396321Knights Of The Dinner Table201$5.99Kenzer2,899
398391Mysterious Strangers4$3.99Oni2,713
399401Michael Avon Oemings Victories5 Transhuman$3.99Dark Horse2,620
407440Super1$2.99Unlikely Heroes2,403
408405Liberator3$3.50Black Mask2,315
411386Low Society One Shot$4.99Frecklebean2,190
412406Life With Archie32$3.99Archie2,182
423418Gold Digger203$3.99Antarctic1,824

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September 2013 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 Graphic Novel charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

All the attention was on the periodicals this month, with graphic novel orders flat year-over-year. Image's East of West Vol. 1 led the graphic novels chart.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
19East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$9.99Image9,258
25Justice League HC Vol. 3 Throne of Atlantis$24.99DC5,226
37Star Wars Vol. 1 In The Shadow of Yavin$19.99Dark Horse5,193
43Walking Dead HC Vol. 9$34.99Image5,015
521Walking Dead 100 Project$12.99Image4,764
614Justice League Vol. 2 The Villains Journey$16.99DC4,589
733Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image4,303
817Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image4,263
911My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 2$17.99IDW4,169
104Superior Spider-Man HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel4,002
1110Unwritten HC Tommy Taylor & The Ship That Sank Twice$22.99DC3,823
1273Century West$7.99Image3,503
138Green Lantern HC Rise of the Third Army$29.99DC3,344
1424Animal Man Vol. 3 Rotworld The Red Kingdom$16.99DC3,306
1540Morning Glories Vol. 5$12.99Image3,260
1631Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Guts$14.99DC3,259
1712Shazam HC Vol. 1$24.99DC3,239
1827American Vampire Vol. 4$16.99DC3,144
192Age of Ultron HC$75.00Marvel3,007
2016Wonder Woman HC Vol. 3 Iron$24.99DC2,914
2129BPRD 1948$17.99Dark Horse2,709
2218All New X-Men Prem HC Vol. 3 Out of Their Depth Now$24.99Marvel2,696
2345Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 1$14.99DC2,647
2446Batwoman Vol. 2 To Drown The World$14.99DC2,520
2523Batwoman HC Vol. 3 Worlds Finest$22.99DC2,505
2693Five Ghosts Vol. 1 Haunting of Fabian Gray$9.99Image2,453
2763Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol. 1$10.99Random House2,372
2834Once Upon A Time Shadow of the Queen Premiere HC$19.99Marvel2,361
2937X-Men Days of Future Past$19.99Marvel2,279
3060Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image2,220
3155Legend of Luther Strode Vol. 2$17.99Image2,132
3265Green Arrow Vol. 3 Harrow$14.99DC2,070
3351Wolverine And X-Men By Jason Aaron Vol. 6$17.99Marvel2,047
3430Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC2,033
3552Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC2,025
3658Arrow Vol. 1$16.99DC1,939
3732Nova Prem HC Origin Now$24.99Marvel1,930
3868Avengers Arena Vol. 2 Game On Now$15.99Marvel1,907
3936Young Marvel Little X-Men Little Avengers Big Trouble$24.99Marvel1,869
4019Shield By Steranko Complete Collection$34.99Marvel1,867
4147Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Vol. 2$17.99IDW1,860
4286Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$14.99DC1,809
4338Indestructible Hulk Prem HC Vol. 2 Gods And Monster Now$24.99Marvel1,765
4478Thunderbolts Vol. 2 Red Scare Now$15.99Marvel1,735
4549Blade of the Immortal Vol. 27 Mist Spiders Web$19.99Dark Horse1,733
4687Ame Comi Girls Vol. 1$14.99DC1,704
4748Sixth Gun Vol. 5$19.99Oni1,669
48132Sandman Vol. 3 Dream Country $19.99DC1,643
4966Angel & Faith Vol. 4 Death & Consequences$17.99Dark Horse1,621
5083Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99DC1,615
5179Necessary Evil The Villains of the DC Universe$16.99DC1,597
5226Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath$34.99Marvel1,562
5364Star Wars Dark Times Vol. 6 Fire Carrier$18.99Dark Horse1,556
5422Adventure Time Mathematical Ed HC Vol. 2$34.99Boom1,527
55103Walking Dead Vol. 18 What Comes After$14.99Image1,508
5696Harbinger Wars$14.99Valiant1,462
5792Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life As Weapon Now$16.99Marvel1,461
5970Preacher Book 02$19.99DC1,436
6072Secret Society of Super Villains Vol. 1$19.99DC1,418
61144One Piece Vol. 68$9.99Viz1,414
62107Ultimate Comics X-Men By Brian Wood Vol. 2$15.99Marvel1,401
63121Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House $19.99DC1,399
6485Essential Avengers Vol. 9$19.99Marvel1,352
6556Enders Game Graphic Novel$24.99Marvel1,348
66142Sandman Vol. 5 A Game of You $19.99DC1,344
676Uncanny X-Men Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99Marvel1,335
6828Inhumans By Paul Jenkins And Jae Lee HC$39.99Marvel1,331
69135Sonic the Hedgehog Select Vol. 8$11.99Archie1,323
7094Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol. 1$16.99Bongo1,295
7191Batman Dark Knight Returns$19.99DC1,286
72196Batman Death By Design Deluxe Ed HC$24.99DC1,266
73112Harbinger Vol. 3 Harbinger Wars$14.99Valiant1,266
74119Five Weapons Making The Grade$15.99Image1,251
75171Ng Evangelion Shinji Detective Diary Vol. 1$9.99Dark Horse1,249
76115Archie 1000 Pg Comics Extravaganza$14.99Archie1,240
77113Stormwatch Vol. 3 Betrayal$16.99DC1,237
7850Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2$29.99Marvel1,229
79122Deadpool Vol. 1 Dead Presidents Now$15.99Marvel1,221
8084Lenore Purple Nurples HC Color Ed$17.95Random House1,221
81116Hawkeye Vol. 2 Little Hits Now$16.99Marvel1,219
8243Stumptown HC Vol. 2$29.99Oni1,216
83163Sandman Vol. 6 Fables And Reflections $19.99DC1,211
8420Rasl Comp HC$39.95Publishers Group West1,211
8513Marvel Masterworks Daredevil HC Vol. 7$69.99Marvel1,185
86101Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes $19.99DC1,168
8744Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall United We Stand$34.99Marvel1,157
8875Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC1,155
89216Batman Bruce Wayne The Road Home HC$24.99DC1,145
90136Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image1,140
91100My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 1$17.99IDW1,121
9225Legends of the Dark Knight Jim Aparo HC Vol. 2$49.99DC1,114
93141Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe$14.99Marvel1,105
9539Inhumans Origin of Inhumans$39.99Marvel1,084
96175Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile $12.99DC1,080
97134Justice League Vol. 1 Origin$16.99DC1,071
98146Soul Eater Vol. 16$11.99Hachette1,063
99105Conan Phenomenon$19.99Dark Horse1,045
100111Stuff of Legend Vol. 4 Toy Collector$16.95Thirdworld1,036
10197Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome To Lovecraft$19.99IDW1,034
102233Sandman Vol. 7 Brief Lives$19.99DC1,016
104264Batman Eye of the Beholder HC$22.99DC997
10542Street Fighter Origins Akuma HC$34.95Udon995
106222Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 1$9.99Image989
107172Attack On Titan Vol. 6$10.99Random House976
108123Kick-Ass 2$19.99Marvel968
10989Best of Milligan & Mccarthy HC$24.99Dark Horse966
110158Aquaman Vol. 1 The Trench$14.99DC949
111167Batman Year One Deluxe SC$14.99DC948
112286My Little Pony Digest Vol. 1$6.99IDW941
113156Spawn Origins Vol. 19$14.99Image937
114117Transformers Robots In Disguise Vol. 4$19.99IDW927
115153Red She-Hulk Vol. 2 Route 616 Now$15.99Marvel923
116281Batman Through The Looking Glass HC$22.99DC919
117161Walking Dead Spanish Language Ed Vol. 1$14.99Image918
118210Oreimo Vol. 4$10.99Dark Horse916
119125Sin Titulo HC$19.99Dark Horse914
120133Judge Dredd Vol. 2$17.99IDW897
121170Lost Vegas$14.99Image893
12274Smoke Ashes$29.99Dark Horse883
12381Cyborg 009 HC$24.95Archaia882
12482Classic Space 1999 SC Everything That Was$24.95Archaia878
12567Star Wars Legacy HC Vol. 2$34.99Dark Horse878
126571Marvel Universe Thor Comic Reader #1$3.99Marvel878
127230Pokemon Adventures Vol. 18$9.99Viz875
128166Halloween Legion Great Goblin Invasion HC$14.99Dark Horse868
12957Iron Man Epic Collection Enemy Within$39.99Marvel864
1301Conan Red Nails Original Art Archives HC$120.00Genesis West855
131154World of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria$16.99DC837
132176Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image822
133131TMNT Classics Vol. 6$19.99IDW817
13477Avengers Vs X-Men$34.99Marvel813
135351Batman The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 2$19.99DC812
13698Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales To Astonish Vol. 1$29.99Marvel812
137168What If Avx$16.99Marvel806
138209Revival Vol. 1 You'Re Among Friends$12.99Image800
139159Superman Red Son$17.99DC796
140148V For Vendetta ition$19.99DC796
141187Walking Dead Vol. 17 Something To Fear$14.99Image794
142160Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 My Own Worst Enemy Now$17.99Marvel781
143169Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed SC$17.99DC779
14454Wolverine Return of Weapon X$44.99Marvel773
145244Devil May Cry Chronicles of Vergil HC$9.99Random House770
146147Joker HC$19.99DC769
147199Neil Youngs Greendale$14.99DC755
148129Batman HC Vol. 2 The City of Owls$24.99DC751
149162Adventure Time Vol. 1$14.99Boom750
150204Batman RIP$14.99DC746
151128Civil War$24.99Marvel746
152139Danger Girl Army of Darkness$19.99Dynamic Forces744
153295Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image741
154118Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99Marvel741
156380Wonder Woman The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC730
157260Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 5 Search Part 2$10.99Dark Horse724
158173March Book 1$14.95Top Shelf724
159165Criminal Macabre Final Night 30 Days Night Xover$17.99Dark Horse722
16071Morning Glories Dlx HC Vol. 2$39.99Image721
161231Fairy Tail Vol. 29$10.99Random House718
162198Deadpool Vol. 2 Soul Hunter Now$15.99Marvel706
163114Shield Nick Fury Vs Shield$29.99Marvel704
164207Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image697
165193Dragonball 3-In-1 Ed Vol. 2$14.99Viz694
166180Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 Troubled Mind Now$17.99Marvel690
167197Chi Sweet Home Vol. 10$13.95Random House671
168174Kick-Ass 2 Prelude Hit-Girl$19.99Marvel665
16941Roy Thomas Presents Phantom Lady Coll Works HC Vol. 2$47.99PS Artbooks664
170288Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk HC Vol. 4$54.99Marvel662
171278Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men HC Vol. 6$54.99Marvel662
172294Midnight Secretary Vol. 1$9.99Viz661
173291Marvel Masterworks Human Torch HC Vol. 1 $49.99Marvel658
174188Blackest Night$19.99DC653
175202Batman And Son$16.99DC651
176289Marvel Masterworks Sub-Mariner HC Vol. 2$54.99Marvel651
177337Marvel Universe Ult Spider-Man Digest Vol. 4$9.99Marvel650
178296Legend of Zelda Vol. 1$9.99Viz648
179208Supurbia Vol. 2$14.99Boom645
180211Hellraiser Dark Watch Vol. 1$14.99Boom636
181409Superman Batman The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC635
182145Pacific Rim Prem HC Tales From Year Zero$24.99Marvel634
183440JLA The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC633
184301Marvel Masterworks Warlock HC Vol. 1$54.99Marvel629
185151Locke & Key Vol. 2 Head Games$19.99IDW628
18659Eerie Archives HC Vol. 14$49.99Dark Horse620
187242Manhattan Projects Vol. 1 Science Bad$14.99Image619
188306Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel HC Vol. 2$54.99Marvel619
189219Batman The Black Mirror$16.99DC617
190104A Tale of Sand HC$29.95Archaia615
191318Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor HC Vol. 6$54.99Marvel614
19215Iron Man By Kurt Busiek And Sean Chen Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel612
193250Nightwing Vol. 1 Traps And Trapezes$14.99DC611
194238Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image608
195164Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel606
196321Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four HC Vol. 6 $54.99Marvel599
19735Legend of Zelda Box Set$69.99Viz599
198191Dark Tower Gunslinger Last Shots$19.99Marvel595
199205Tropic of the Sea$14.95Random House595
200710Batman Detective #27 SC$12.95DC592
201190G.I. Joe Cobra Files Vol. 1$17.99IDW591
202110Madwoman of the Sacred Heart HC$29.95Humanoids590
203383New Teen Titans Games HC$24.99DC589
204252Deadpool Killustrated$14.99Marvel586
205228Naruto 3In1 Ed Vol. 6$14.99Viz582
20662Star Trek Newspaper Strip HC Vol. 2$49.99IDW577
20788Joe Hill The Cape HC Deluxe Ed$39.99IDW574
208277Genshiken Second Season Vol. 3$10.99Random House573
20953Street Fighter Classic HC Vol. 1 Hadoken$49.99Udon570
21069Korak Son of Tarzan Archives HC Vol. 2$49.99Dark Horse568
211177Stitched Vol. 2$19.99Avatar564
212266Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Blood$14.99DC562
213224Batwoman Vol. 1 Elegy$17.99DC558
214246Flash Vol. 1 Move Forward$16.99DC558
215297Chew Vol. 7 Bad Apples$12.99Image556
21680Comix Retrospective Spiegelman HC$39.95Drawn & Quarterly554
217282Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 4$12.99Dark Horse553
218183TMNT Adventures Vol. 1$19.99IDW553
219201Sandman Vol. 4 Season of Mists$19.99DC552
220257Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$14.99Image550
221300Camelot 3000 HC Deluxe Edition$34.99DC548
222248Batman Detective Comics Vol. 1 Faces of Death$16.99DC546
223460Superman Grounded HC Vol. 1$22.99DC539
224267Revival Vol. 2 Live Like You Mean It$14.99Image534
225130Avengers Iron Man First Sign$34.99Marvel534
226178Locke & Key Vol. 3 Crown of Shadows$19.99IDW527
227298Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel527
228192Diesel Sweeties Vol. 1 I'm A Rocker I Rock Out$19.99Oni526
229226Adventure Time Vol. 2$14.99Boom525
230269Fatale Vol. 1 Death Chases Me$14.99Image521
231149Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel517
232152Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 1$24.99Oni517
233367Marvel Masterworks Ant-Man Giant-Man HC Vol. 1 $49.99Marvel515
234108Boxers & Saints Boxed Set$34.99St. Martins515
235155Everybody Is Stupid Except For Me HC Expanded Ed$24.99Fantagraphics511
236157Star Trek Best of Klingons$24.99IDW510
237290DC Universe Secret Origins HC$39.99DC507
238280Manhattan Projects Vol. 2$14.99Image504
239251Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99Dark Horse502
240189Locke & Key Vol. 4 Keys To The Kingdom$19.99IDW502
241783Superman Shazam First Thunder$12.99DC501
242362Marvel Masterworks Avengers HC Vol. 8$54.99Marvel500
243447Justice League The Rise And Fall HC$24.99DC498
244150Death The Deluxe Edition HC$29.99DC495
245305Sandman HC Vol. 6 Fables And Reflections$39.95DC492
246553Tales of the Batman Tim Sale$19.99DC489
247299Nightwing Vol. 2 Night of the Owls$14.99DC488
248285Walking Dead Vol. 9 Here We Remain$14.99Image488
249352Marvel Masterworks Defenders HC Vol. 1$54.99Marvel488
250227Batman Incorporated$19.99DC486
251262Kingdom Come ition$17.99DC486
252234Adventure Time Vol. 3$14.99Boom485
253310Sandman HC Vol. 5 A Game of You$39.95DC485
254375Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four HC Vol. 11$54.99Marvel484
255356DC Universe Legacies HC$34.99DC483
256334Walking Dead Survivors Guide$12.99Image481
257646Showcase Presents Batgirl Vol. 1$16.99DC480
258293Walking Dead Vol. 16 A Larger World$14.99Image478
259336Chew Vol. 2 International Flavor$12.99Image477
260509Green Lantern Corps The Weaponer HC$22.99DC473
26176Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1$59.99Image468
262215Kiss Greatest Hits Vol. 4$19.99IDW467
263239Sandman Vol. 8 Worlds End $19.99DC466
264217Dan The Unharmable Vol. 2$19.99Avatar465
265400Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid HC Vol. 1 $49.99Marvel462
266276Bleach 3In1 Ed Vol. 6$14.99Viz462
267213Batman HC Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$24.99DC461
268143Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 1$34.99Marvel460
269391Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men HC Vol. 2 2Nd Ptg$54.99Marvel460
270316Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$14.99Image455
271236Batman Earth One HC$22.99DC452
272540Superman Grounded HC Vol. 2$22.99DC451
273348Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC448
274405Legend of Zelda Vol. 2$9.99Viz448
275138Judge Dredd Day of Chaos Endgame$27.992000 AD447
276416Psyren Vol. 12$9.99Viz445
277229Hypernaturals Vol. 2$19.99Boom437
278319Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image437
279523Ben 10 Omniverse Vol. 1 Ghost Ship$7.99Viz435
280406Marvel Masterworks Avengers HC Vol. 9$54.99Marvel432
281332Fatale Vol. 3$14.99Image431
282247Lone Ranger Vol. 6 Native Ground$19.99Dynamic Forces427
283424Marvel Masterworks Captain America HC Vol. 4$54.99Marvel427
284431Marvel Masterworks Daredevil HC Vol. 4 $54.99Marvel427
285364Sankarea Vol. 2 Undying Love$10.99Random House427
286237Lord of the Jungle Vol. 2$19.99Dynamic Forces425
287179Batman Knightfall Vol. 1$29.99DC424
288126Bill Everett Archives HC Vol. 2 Heroic Tales$39.99Fantagraphics424
289676Showcase Presents Aquaman Vol. 1$16.99DC422
290554Superman Batman Sorcerer Kings HC$22.99DC421
291329Walking Dead Vol. 14 No Way Out$14.99Image420
292716Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol. 1$16.99DC419
2931854Vertigo First Offenses$4.99DC419
294438Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 1 Promise Part 1$10.99Dark Horse417
295443Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Daring Mystery HC Vol. 1$59.99Marvel417
296572Green Arrow Salvation HC$22.99DC416
297325Lost Boy$12.99Scholastic416
298442Marvel Masterworks Avengers HC Vol. 7$54.99Marvel414
299417Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange HC Vol. 3 $54.99Marvel414
300312Hip Flask Unnatural Selection 10Th Anniv Elephantmen Ed HC$16.99Image411
301235Zeros Familiar Omnibus Vol. 2$18.99St. Martins410
304357Are You Alice Vol. 2$11.99Hachette408
30995Technopriests Supreme Collection HC$49.95Humanoids399
326408Sherlock Bones Vol. 1$10.99Random House376
33099Harvey Horrors Coll Works Tomb of Terror HC Vol. 2$47.99PS Artbooks372
335255Boxers$18.99St. Martins368
336184Harvey Horrors Black Cat Mystery Softie Vol. 1$24.99PS Artbooks367
345308Saints$15.99St. Martins359
351373Infernal Devices Vol. 2 Clockwork Prince$13.00Hachette355
356223Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 3$24.99Oni349
360212Finding Gossamyr HC Vol. 1$24.95Thirdworld348
369419Betrayal Knows My Name Vol. 6$12.00Hachette334
370437Attack On Titan Vol. 3$10.99Random House332
374203Harvey Horrors Chamber of Chills Softie Vol. 3$24.99PS Artbooks330