August 2014 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

A return to more normal form, in the month in which Guardians of the Galaxy did big box office numbers. Rocket Raccoon's sales were no longer affected by Loot Crate's big purchase.

The listing of Tales from the Crypt #3 is indeed the issue that Russ Cochran published in 1991; Diamond has been warehousing the book since its owner's purchase of Cochran's company in the mid-1990s. There was a large sale of the issue in August, 23 years after it was initially offered.

Read more in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Small Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with asterisks [*] had their reported orders reduced by 10% due to returnability.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
24Amazing Spider-Man5$3.99Marvel101,655
35Original Sin7$3.99Marvel91,291
53Superior Spider-Man32$4.99Marvel87,604
614Walking Dead130$2.99Image71,885
716Harley Quinn9$2.99DC71,522
87Amazing Spider-Man1.4$3.99Marvel66,431
98Guardians of the Galaxy18$3.99Marvel60,657
1028Batman Eternal18$2.99DC58,998
119Detective Comics34$3.99DC58,812
1210All New X-Men31$3.99Marvel58,535
1329Harley Quinn10$2.99DC58,500
1430Batman Eternal19$2.99DC58,368
1532Batman Eternal20$2.99DC57,906
1633Batman Eternal21$2.99DC57,525
1713Rocket Raccoon2$3.99Marvel56,597
2012Batman Superman13$3.99DC55,954
2215All New X-Men30$3.99Marvel54,882
2439Batman And Robin34$2.99DC53,403
2521Uncanny Avengers23$3.99Marvel50,974
2720Superman Wonder Woman11$3.99DC50,550
3026Spider-Man 20992$3.99Marvel47,512
3125Action Comics34$3.99DC46,746
3241Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta3*$2.99Image46,717
3331Original Sin5.3$3.99Marvel44,139
3456Green Lantern34$2.99DC43,846
3537New Avengers22$3.99Marvel42,797
3636Original Sin5.4$3.99Marvel42,665
3734Justice League United4$3.99DC42,504
3818Superman Wonder Woman Annual1$4.99DC42,094
3959New 52 Future's End14$2.99DC41,185
4061Teen Titans2$2.99DC40,687
4163New 52 Future's End15$2.99DC40,541
4266New 52 Future's End16$2.99DC40,077
4340New Avengers23$3.99Marvel40,018
4468New 52 Future's End17$2.99DC39,750
4544Original Sin3.4$3.99Marvel38,899
4624Action Comics Annual3$4.99DC38,504
4773New Suicide Squad2$2.99DC38,477
4842Deadpool Vs X-Force3$3.99Marvel38,471
4943Moon Knight6$3.99Marvel37,646
5075Earth 226$2.99DC37,396
5346Legendary Star Lord2$3.99Marvel37,109
5548Amazing X-Men10$3.99Marvel36,405
5627Wolverine Annual1$4.99Marvel36,210
5951Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man4$3.99Marvel34,836
6154Fade Out1*$3.50Image34,447
6219Kick-Ass 38$5.99Marvel34,322
6453Deadpool Draculas Gauntlet5$3.99Marvel33,774
6689Ms. Marvel7$2.99Marvel32,866
6757Deadpool Draculas Gauntlet6$3.99Marvel32,117
6858Deadpool Draculas Gauntlet7$3.99Marvel31,568
6960Silver Surfer5$3.99Marvel31,125
7062Captain America23$3.99Marvel30,927
7164Fantastic Four8$3.99Marvel30,674
7267Wolverine And X-Men7$3.99Marvel30,409
7370Wolverine And X-Men8$3.99Marvel29,795
7569Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman1$3.99DC29,640
7696Green Lantern Corps34$2.99DC29,471
7772Original Sins5$3.99Marvel29,250
7974Fantastic Four9$3.99Marvel28,827
8181Wicked & Divine3*$3.50Image27,208
8355Nova Special1$4.99Marvel26,743
84105Star Wars20$2.99Dark Horse26,645
8984Justice League Dark34$3.99DC25,258
9087Black Widow9$3.99Marvel24,885
9188Savage Hulk3$3.99Marvel24,774
92113Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet3$2.99DC24,409
9399Sex Criminals7$3.50Image24,385
9592Iron Fist Living Weapon5$3.99Marvel24,178
9665Secret Origins5$4.99DC24,126
9993Avengers World11$3.99Marvel23,493
101116Green Arrow34$2.99DC22,927
103117Red Lanterns34$2.99DC22,761
10497Mighty Avengers13$3.99Marvel22,490
105108Black Science8$3.50Image22,429
107121Green Lantern New Guardians34$2.99DC22,052
10890My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic22$3.99IDW21,642
109125Batman 6614$2.99DC21,456
110100All New X-Factor12$3.99Marvel21,352
111101Captain Marvel6$3.99Marvel21,221
114129Justice League 30009$2.99DC20,974
115102All New Ghost Rider6$3.99Marvel20,679
11695Bob's Burgers1$3.99Dynamite20,157
117135Red Hood And The Outlaws34$2.99DC20,069
118107Secret Avengers7$3.99Marvel20,017
119136Worlds Finest26$2.99DC19,772
120110Savage Wolverine22$3.99Marvel19,124
122112All New Invaders9$3.99Marvel18,666
123140Aquaman And The Others5$2.99DC18,639
124142Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two9$2.99DC18,397
125126Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 106$3.50Dark Horse18,121
126144Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two10$2.99DC18,068
128149Swamp Thing34$2.99DC17,570
129324Batman Essentials Dark Knight Returns Spec Ed1$1.00DC17,518
130109My Little Pony Friends Forever8$3.99IDW17,444
133123All New Ultimates7$3.99Marvel16,654
134124All New Ultimates6$3.99Marvel16,605
135122Superior Foes of Spider-Man14$3.99Marvel16,604
137159Supreme Blue Rose2$2.99Image16,268
138127New Warriors8$3.99Marvel16,081
139163Avengers Undercover8$2.99Marvel15,864
140165Avengers Undercover9$2.99Marvel15,715
142143Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir4$3.50Dark Horse15,522
143111Transformers Vs G.I. Joe2*$3.99IDW15,472
144118TMNT Ongoing37$3.99IDW15,470
145167Birds of Prey34$2.99DC15,397
146134Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse2$3.99DC15,340
149171Manifest Destiny9$2.99Image14,672
150138Batman Beyond Universe13$3.99DC14,215
151128Adventure Time31$3.99Boom14,099
152133Big Trouble In Little China3$3.99Boom14,076
158168Manhattan Projects23$3.50Image13,157
160151Astro City14$3.99DC13,069
162195Infinity Man And The Forever People3$2.99DC12,390
163196Star Wars Legacy II18$2.99Dark Horse12,234
16478TMNT Annual 20140$7.99IDW12,195
165148Justice Inc1$3.99Dynamite12,020
166179Angel And Faith Season 105$3.50Dark Horse11,957
167137Little Nemo Return To Slumberland1*$3.99IDW11,883
168150Godzilla Cataclysm1$3.99IDW11,868
169152TMNT Turtles In Time3$3.99IDW11,803
170154Star Trek City on the Edge of Forever3$3.99IDW11,767
171161All Star Western34$3.99DC11,758
172203Star Spangled War Stories Gi Zombie2$2.99DC11,724
173201He Man And The Masters of The Universe16$2.99DC11,721
174187Groo Vs Conan2$3.50Dark Horse11,465
175157Red Sonja11$3.99Dynamite11,298
179214Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger22$2.99DC10,882
180174Adventures of Superman16$3.99DC10,758
181176Smallville Season 11 Chaos1$3.99DC10,716
182219Trinity of Sin Pandora14$2.99DC10,651
183180Ultimate FF6$3.99Marvel10,617
184164X-Files Season 1015$3.99IDW10,581
185166Transformers Primacy1$3.99IDW10,472
186186United States of Murder Inc4$3.99Marvel10,419
187156Doctor Who 10th2$3.99Titan10,410
188170Star Trek Ongoing36$3.99IDW10,017
189173Transformers More Than Meets Eye32$3.99IDW9,857
190175Transformers Robots In Disguise32$3.99IDW9,762
191178X-O Manowar28$3.99Valiant9,634
192243Alex + Ada8$2.99Image9,453
193182Legenderry A Steampunk Adv6$3.99Dynamite9,441
194208Tomb Raider7$3.50Dark Horse9,429
196177Strain Night Eternal1*$3.99Dark Horse9,394
198230Sonic The Hedgehog263$2.99Archie9,135
199255Thief of Thieves23$2.99Image9,069
200189Armor Hunters3$3.99Valiant8,966
201221Conan The Avenger5$3.50Dark Horse8,941
202190X-Files Year Zero2$3.99IDW8,794
203191New Vampirella3$3.99Dynamite8,732
204220Terminal Hero1*$2.99Dynamite8,730
205205Deadly Hands of Kung Fu4$3.99Marvel8,563
207233Dark Engine2$3.50Image8,456
208197Dark Horse Presents 20141$4.99Dark Horse8,346
209212Harbinger Omegas1$3.99Valiant8,316
210198Adv Time Banana Guard Academy2$3.99Boom8,287
211158Fade Out (Movie Magazine Variant)1$5.99Image8,278
213213Steven Universe1$3.99Boom8,228
216257Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse3*$2.99DC8,117
217145God Is Dead Book of Acts Alpha0$5.99Avatar8,062
218202Bee And Puppycat3$3.99Boom8,031
219254Bprd Hell On Earth122$3.50Dark Horse8,004
221260Teen Titans Go5*$2.99DC7,898
222249Goon Occasion of Revenge2$3.50Dark Horse7,865
224207Rocket Raccoon1$3.99Marvel7,738
225283Coffin Hill10$2.99DC7,710
226269Sonic Universe66$2.99Archie7,657
228232Usagi Yojimbo Senso1$3.99Dark Horse7,633
230209Sonic Universe67$3.99Archie7,571
231210Samurai Jack11$3.99IDW7,489
232216God Is Dead18$3.99Avatar7,358
233217Rachel Rising27$3.99Abstract7,319
234218Armor Hunters Bloodshot2$3.99Valiant7,286
235267Abe Sapien15$3.50Dark Horse7,244
236160God Is Dead Book of Acts Omega0$5.99Avatar7,193
237222Godzilla Rulers of The Earth15$3.99IDW7,156
238256Pop1$3.99Dark Horse7,111
239223Kang & Kodos1$3.99Bongo7,086
241279Simpsons Comics214$2.99Bongo7,079
242225Armor Hunters Harbinger2$3.99Valiant7,043
243245Lobster Johnson Get Lobster5$3.99Dark Horse7,019
244226Game of Thrones21$3.99Dynamite7,010
245246Death Vigil2$3.99Image7,003
246227Sons of Anarchy12$3.99Boom6,955
247228Mega Man40$3.99Archie6,924
249231Archer & Armstrong23$3.99Valiant6,776
250278Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Fairy Tales101$2.99Zenescope6,740
251359Tales From The Crypt3$2.00William Gaines6,700
252235Flash Gordon4$3.99Dynamite6,657
253280Baltimore Witch of Harju2$3.50Dark Horse6,640
254215Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War3*$3.99IDW6,632
255263Unwritten Vol. 2 Apocalypse8$3.99DC6,575
256236G.I. Joe A Real American Hero205$3.99IDW6,562
257286Stray Bullets The Killers6$3.50Image6,525
258298Spongebob Comics35$2.99United Plankton6,491
259234Spider-Man 20991$3.99Marvel6,461
260300Sundowners1$3.50Dark Horse6,432
261241TMNT New Animated Adventures14$3.99IDW6,420
262244Army of Darkness Hitched2$3.99Dynamite6,379
263247Regular Show14$3.99Boom6,345
264250Capt Victory & Galactic Rangers1$3.99Dynamite6,296
267252Flash Gordon5$3.99Dynamite6,257
268319FBP Federal Bureau of Physics13$2.99DC6,189
269296Massive26$3.50Dark Horse6,144
272146Star Trek New Visions Times Echo0$7.99IDW6,059
273239Legendary Star Lord1$3.99Marvel6,054
274307The Devilers2$2.99Dynamite6,047
275295Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Ongoing1$2.99Zenescope6,036
276261Crossed Badlands59$3.99Avatar5,991
277323Dead Boy Detectives8$2.99DC5,968
278262Rush Clockwork Angels4$3.99Boom5,932
279341Howtoons Reignition1$2.99Image5,855
280266Steampunk Bsg 18801$3.99Dynamite5,819
281302Hack Slash Son of Samhain2$3.50Image5,781
282268Letter 449$3.99Oni5,779
285304Dead At 17 Blasphemy Throne1$3.50Image5,739
286270Shadow Midnight Moscow3$3.99Dynamite5,735
288271Judge Dredd22$3.99IDW5,715
289272Borderlands Fall of Fyrestone2$3.99IDW5,680
290248Uncanny X-Men23$3.99Marvel5,627
291273Judge Dredd Anderson Psi Division1$3.99IDW5,624
292276Doctor Spektor3$3.99Dynamite5,621
293238Transformers Vs G.I. Joe1$3.99IDW5,600
294309Witchfinder Mysteries of Unland3$3.50Dark Horse5,588
295460Image Firsts Walking Dead1$1.00Image5,576
299313Peter Panzerfaust20$3.50Image5,471
300297Hellraiser Bestiary1$3.99Boom5,382
301265Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland26$3.99Zenescope5,357
305237SIP (Strangers In Paradise) Kids1$4.99AbstrAction Lab5,230
310277Grimm Fairy Tales Goddess Inc1$3.99Zenescope5,089
314290Life After2$3.99Oni5,047
324329Grimm Fairy Tales Vs Wonderland2$2.99Zenescope4,833
326281Grimm Fairy Tales Masumi1$3.99Zenescope4,799
328335Grimm Fairy Tales Warlord of Oz4$2.99Zenescope4,700
356331Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno Rings of Hell1$3.99Zenescope3,599
360350Damsels In Excess2$3.99Aspen3,491
362338WWE Superstars Ongoing7$3.99NBM3,462
369358Sixth Gun Days of The Dead1$3.99Oni3,366
373368Princess Ugg3$3.99Oni3,171
381376Sixth Gun42$3.99Oni2,935
384366Grimm Fairy Tales Godstorm Hercules Payne5$3.99Zenescope2,905
387369Tower Chronicles Dreadstalker1$3.99Random House2,843
389370Sherwood TX2$3.9912 Guage2,811
394314Knights of The Dinner Table211$5.99Kenzer2,651
395315Knights of The Dinner Table210$5.99Kenzer2,641
398229Life With Archie (Magazine Format)36 2nd Prtg$9.99Archie2,608
399374Doctor Who 11th1$2.39Titan2,594
400375Doctor Who 10th1$2.39Titan2,588
410434Kevin Keller14$2.99Archie2,315
413392Enormous2$3.99215 Ink2,244
414394Zombie Tramp Ongoing1$3.99Action Lab2,190
415399Brass Sun4$3.99Rebellion2,139
421411Alien Legion Uncivil War3$3.99Titan1,983
423391I Feel Sick1$4.95Slave Labor1,949
427398I Feel Sick2$4.95Slave Labor1,889
428413Hero Cats1$3.99Action Lab1,860
430415Enormous3$3.99215 Ink1,847
435433Face Value1$3.99Autism at Face Value1,745
439431Hugh Howey's Wool2$3.99Cryptozoic1,596
454442Brainstorm1$3.99Future Dude1,448
455443Southern Dog1$3.99Action Lab1,439

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August 2014 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 Graphic Novel charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novels were up 8% in dollars, led by a Thanos hardcover.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Thanos Infinity Revelation HC$24.99Marvel9,689
22Fables Vol. 20 Camelot$19.99DC8,364
33Deadpool Vs Carnage$16.99Marvel5,637
511Batman Earth One$12.99DC4,561
67Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 1 Cosmic Avengers$19.99Marvel4,037
715Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image3,891
818Watchmen HC$39.99DC3,881
950Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image3,416
1027Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image3,199
116Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 5$24.99Oni3,032
1222Death of Archie Life Celebrated$14.99Archie2,973
1312Loki Agent of Asgard Vol. 1 Trust Me$19.99Marvel2,929
1423Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 Gothams Most Wanted$16.99DC2,843
1526Flash Vol. 3 Gorilla Warfare$16.99DC2,752
1640Attack On Titan Vol. 13$10.99Random House2,720
174Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 4$34.99Marvel2,592
1830Punisher Vol. 1 Black And White$17.99Marvel2,503
1996My Little Pony Vol. 3 Return of Harmony$7.99IDW2,416
2025Green Lantern Wrath of The First Lantern$19.99DC2,365
2143Constantine Vol. 2 Blight$14.99DC2,332
2210Complete Elfquest Vol. 1 Original Quest$24.99Dark Horse2,330
239Guardians of the Galaxy By Abnett And Lanning Complete Coll Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,309
2437Justice League Dark Vol. 4 The Rebirth of Evil$16.99DC2,276
2551DC Universe Vs Masters of The Universe$14.99DC2,210
2652Superman Vol. 3 Fury At Worlds End$14.99DC2,205
2769Attack On Titan Before The Fall Vol. 2$10.99Random House2,089
2872Filler Bunny Collected Works$11.95Slave Labor2,085
2960Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image2,083
3045Winter Soldier Bitter March$16.99Marvel2,060
3157Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 6$15.99Marvel2,040
3234Preacher Book5$19.99DC2,014
33104Sex Criminals Vol. 1$9.99Image1,984
3424Flash HC Vol. 4 Reverse$24.99DC1,926
3555Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC1,905
36108Fuse Vol. 1$9.99Image1,893
3733Bunker Vol. 1$19.99Oni1,853
3866Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99DC1,832
3973Walking Dead Vol. 21 All Out War Pt 2$14.99Image1,797
4059X-Force Vol. 1 Dirty Tricks$17.99Marvel1,794
41116Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99Image1,768
4275Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Fall of Fantastic Four$15.99Marvel1,724
4367Batman Arkham Unhinged Vol. 3$16.99DC1,693
4468Green Lantern New Guardians Vol. 4 Gods Monsters$16.99DC1,687
4563Batman Dark Knight Returns$19.99DC1,659
4635Neil Gaiman Graveyard Book HC Vol. 1$19.99HarperCollins1,637
47112Bleach Vol. 61$9.99Viz1,636
4820Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2$27.99Fantagraphics1,622
4979Batman Vol. 2 The City of Owls$16.99DC1,569
5044Adventure Time Candy Capers Vol. 1$19.99Boom1,564
5138Superman HC Vol. 4 Psi-War$24.99DC1,548
5256Star Wars Legacy II Vol. 3 Wanted Ania Solo$19.99Dark Horse1,538
5349God Is Dead Vol. 2$19.99Avatar1,534
5428Lucifer Vol. 4$29.99DC1,533
55106Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile New Ed$12.99DC1,493
56141Black Science Vol. 1 How To Fall Forever$9.99Image1,491
5741Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel1,461
5889Avengers Undercover Vol. 1 Descent$15.99Marvel1,452
5985Batman Vol. 3 Death of The Family$16.99DC1,441
60147East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$9.99Image1,438
6199He Man And The Masters of The Universe Vol. 3$14.99DC1,433
62167Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 23$7.99Archie1,408
6347Secret Service Prem HC Kingsman$24.99Marvel1,406
6482Wednesday Comics HC$49.99DC1,402
6519Uncanny X-Force By Remender Comp Coll Vol. 1$39.99Marvel1,390
6674Iron Man Vol. 3 Secret Origin of Tony Stark Book 2$19.99Marvel1,388
6761Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC1,385
6854Batman Arkham Unhinged HC Vol. 4$24.99DC1,333
69161Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99Image1,313
7031Fury Max HC My War Gone By$34.99Marvel1,304
71183JLA Earth 2 Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC1,303
72109Walking Dead Vol. 20 All Out War Pt 1$14.99Image1,273
7376Hatsune Miku Unofficial Hatsune Mix$19.99Dark Horse1,272
7462New Warriors Vol. 1 Kids Are All Fight$24.99Marvel1,270
7536Ring of Nibelung HC$29.99Dark Horse1,264
7621Invincible HC Vol. 9 Ultimate Coll$39.99Image1,264
77110Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe$14.99Marvel1,233
7886Oz Dorothy And Wizard In Oz$19.99Marvel1,205
7953I Was The Cat HC$24.99Oni1,191
80202Grimm Portland Wu Gn$7.99Dynamite1,184
815Marvel Masterworks Marvel Rarities HC Vol. 1$75.00Marvel1,181
8270Captain America Prem HC Vol. 4 Iron Nail$24.99Marvel1,142
83134Oh My Goddess Vol. 46$12.99Dark Horse1,124
84119Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image1,119
8539Journey Into Mystery By Gillen Vol. 2 Complete Coll$34.99Marvel1,088
86135Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1 Countdown To Chaos$12.99Archie1,073
87101Katana Vol. 1 Soultaker$19.99DC1,054
88392JLA Earth II$14.99DC1,049
89115Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life As Weapon Now$16.99Marvel1,036
9064Invisibles HC Book 2 Deluxe Edition$29.99DC1,021
9192G.I. Joe Silent Interlude 30Th Annv Ed HC$19.99IDW1,005
9248Jessica Jones Pulse Complete Collection$34.99Marvel1,003
93105Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes New Ed$19.99DC1,001
94222Minecraft Official Mojang Combat Handbook HC$7.99Scholastic1,001
9691Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC997
9784Civil War$24.99Marvel984
98132Amulet SC Vol. 6 Escape From Lucien$12.99Scholastic983
99154Batman Year One Deluxe SC$14.99DC981
100200Rosario Vampire Season II Vol. 13$9.99Viz968
101131Justice League Vol. 1 Origin$16.99DC960
102129Bravest Warriors Vol. 3$14.99Boom957
10358Captain America Epic Collection Society Serpents$34.99Marvel944
104277Hello Kitty Just Imagine$7.99Viz931
105107Samurai Executioner Omnibus Vol. 2$19.99Dark Horse913
10642X-Force By Kyle And Yost Complete Collection Vol. 2$39.99Marvel896
107142X-O Manowar Vol. 6 Prelude To Armor Hunters$14.99Valiant887
10883Courtney Crumrin Spec Ed HC Vol. 6$24.99Oni885
11094Dexter Down Under Prem HC$24.99Marvel882
11190Guns of Shadow Valley HC$24.99Dark Horse877
112139World of Warcraft Bloodsworn$16.99DC874
113163Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image858
114168East of West Vol. 2 We Are All One$14.99Image856
115232Peanuts Waiting For Great Pumpkin HC$9.99Fantagraphics854
116242Dead Letters Vol. 1$9.99Boom827
11795Conan HC Vol. 16 Song of Belit$24.99Dark Horse827
118244Deadman Wonderland Vol. 4$9.99Viz824
119143Displaced Persons$17.99Image812
120263Superman Secret Origin Deluxe HC$29.99DC810
12187Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales of Suspense Vol. 1$29.99Marvel798
12229Magic The Gathering Comp Coll HC$49.99IDW796
123258Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Vol. 1$9.99Viz796
124130Monster & Madman$17.99IDW791
125160Superior Foes Spider-Man Vol. 2 Crime Century$16.99Marvel784
12614Brightest Day Omnibus HC$75.00DC777
12777Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 1$34.99Marvel772
12881Disney Rosa Duck Library HC Vol. 1 Scrooge Son of Sun$29.99Fantagraphics765
12917Jeph Loeb And Tim Sale HC Yellow Blue And Gray$75.00Marvel763
130169Bloodshot Vol. 5 Get Some$14.99Valiant752
131122Shonen Jump Pack 2014 #3$19.99Viz752
132197Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$14.99DC751
133195Walking Dead Vol. 19 March To War$14.99Image749
134342Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image744
13588Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1$27.99Fantagraphics743
136184Monster Musume Vol. 4$12.99St. Martins742
137127TMNT Adventures Vol. 8$19.99IDW735
138189Deadpool Vol. 2 Soul Hunter Now$15.99Marvel727
139113Batman HC Vol. 4 Zero Year Secret City$24.99DC724
140564Pokemon Black & White Vol. 17$4.99Viz723
141288Best of Archie Comics Vol. 4$9.99Archie720
142182Shadowman End Times$14.99Valiant719
143121Joker Death of The Family$24.99DC716
144298D Gray Man Vol. 24$9.99Viz712
145213Attack On Titan Vol. 1$10.99Random House711
146185Hawkeye Vol. 2 Little Hits Now$16.99Marvel698
147324Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Digest Vol. 2$9.99Marvel696
148238Fairy Tail Vol. 40$10.99Random House693
149191Flash Vol. 1 Move Forward$16.99DC685
150138Archie The Married Life Vol. 5$19.99Archie683
151211Deadpool Kills Deadpool$14.99Marvel679
152149Afterlife With Archie Vol. 1$17.99Archie675
153483Superman Batman The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC673
154153Danger Girl Back In Black$17.99IDW672
15565Adventure Time Marceline & Scream Queens Mathematical Ed HC$39.99Boom669
156186Black Widow Vol. 1 Finely Woven Thread$17.99Marvel661
157254Fairy Tail Vol. 41$10.99Random House657
158259Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol. 1$10.99Random House653
159165Grimm Fairy Tales Helsing$15.99Zenescope652
160221Lazarus Vol. 2 Lift$14.99Image651
161204High School DXD Vol. 2$13.00Hachette650
162240Nightwing Vol. 1 Traps And Trapezes$14.99DC647
163239Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Blood$14.99DC647
164177Turok Dinosaur Hunter Vol. 1 Conquest$16.99Dynamite645
165212Deadpool Vol. 4 Deadpool Vs Shield$15.99Marvel644
16697Avengers Vs X-Men$34.99Marvel641
167365Manifest Destiny Vol. 1$9.99Image637
168172V For Vendetta New Edition$19.99DC635
169170Injustice Gods Among Us HC Vol. 2$19.99DC634
170193Fear Agent Vol. 5 I Against I$16.99Dark Horse632
171243Walking Dead Vol. 18 What Comes After$14.99Image626
172201Night of Living Deadpool$16.99Marvel626
173137Doctor Who Cruel Sea$19.99Panini624
174270Juice Squeezers Vol. 1 Great Bug Elevator$12.99Dark Horse620
175383Final Crisis$19.99DC619
176331Black Rose Alice Vol. 1$9.99Viz619
177103Age of Ultron$34.99Marvel612
178176Ghostbusters Ongoing Vol. 8 Mass Hysteria Pt 1$17.99IDW609
179164The Star Wars (Lucas Draft)$19.99Dark Horse605
180181My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 2$17.99IDW605
181229Second Chance At Sarah HC$14.99Dark Horse603
182123Heart of The Beast HC 20Th Annv Ed$24.99Dynamite603
183247Injustice Gods Among Us Vol. 1$14.99DC602
184208Chi Sweet Home Vol. 11$13.95Random House601
185158Legends of Red Sonja Vol. 1$19.99Dynamite598
186188Preacher Book 1$19.99DC595
187198Blackest Night$19.99DC592
188267Manhattan Projects Vol. 1 Science Bad$14.99Image592
1891705Vertigo First Offenses$4.99DC591
190237Deadpool Vol. 5 Wedding of Deadpool$15.99Marvel591
191171Strain Vol. 1$19.99Dark Horse588
192190Grimm Fairy Tales Age of Darkness Vol. 2$15.99Zenescope588
193162Kings Watch Vol. 1$19.99Dynamite587
194192Hellblazer Vol. 1 Original Sins New Ed$19.99DC586
195156Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome To Lovecraft$19.99IDW586
196117Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel582
197350Magi Vol. 7$9.99Viz582
19880Adventure Time Fionna & Cake Mathematical Ed HC$39.99Boom580
199271Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$14.99DC576
200399Pretty Deadly Vol. 1$9.99Image576
201120Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99Marvel574
202148Vinland Saga Vol. 4$19.99Random House569
203449Superman Our Worlds At War Complete Edition$24.99DC564
204268Walking Dead Vol. 17 Something To Fear$14.99Image564
205266Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image560
206102Zaya HC$29.99Magnetic560
207255Even More Bad Parenting Advice$12.95Drawn & Quarterly559
208224Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$17.99DC556
209155Les Miserables Manga Classics$19.99Udon554
210111Jim HC$29.99Fantagraphics547
211287Marvels Guardians of Galaxy Prelude$14.99Marvel544
212300Tales of The Batman Don Newton HC Vol. 1$39.99DC541
213364Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 8 Rift Part 2$10.99Dark Horse540
214286White Death HC$14.99Image540
2151519John Carter Gods of Mars$14.99Marvel538
216379Loveless Vol. 12$9.99Viz538
217302Aquaman Vol. 1 The Trench$14.99DC535
218468Spaceman Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC535
219437Lazarus Vol. 1$9.99Image535
220234All New Invaders Vol. 1 Gods And Soldiers$17.99Marvel535
221253Batman Detective Comics Vol. 1 Faces of Death$16.99DC533
222246Alice in the Country of Joker Vol. 1 Nightmare Trilogy$13.99St. Martins530
22316Star Wars Lucas Draft Deluxe Ed HC Box Set$99.99Dark Horse529
224216Kingdom Come New Ptg$19.99DC529
225442Wwe Slam City Vol. 1 Finished$7.99NBM528
226144The People Inside HC$24.99Oni525
227209Grimm Fairy Tales Ascension$15.99Zenescope520
228233Alices Adv In Wonderland & Through Looking Glass Vol. 1 ($14.99St. Martins519
229125Bryan Lee O'Malley Seconds$25.00Random House517
230218Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House New Ed$19.99DC515
231199Trigun Maximum Omnibus Vol. 4$19.99Dark Horse514
232285Haganai I Dont Have Many Friends Vol. 8$12.99St. Martins510
233461Lego Legends of Chima Vol. 2 Right Decision$7.99NBM509
234284Adventure Time Vol. 1$14.99Boom505
235178Pride & Prejudice Manga Classics$19.99Udon504
236405Spell of Desire Vol. 1$9.99Viz503
237311Batman The Black Mirror$16.99DC500
238124Transformers Classics UK Vol. 5$29.99IDW499
239292Dragonar Academy Vol. 3$12.99St. Martins499
240291Kokoro Connect Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins499
241283Batman & Robin Vol. 1 Born To Kill$16.99DC496
242294D Frag Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins495
243280Justice League Vol. 2 The Villains Journey$16.99DC493
244228Tomboy Graphic Memoir$15.99Houghton Mifflin493
245223My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 1$17.99IDW488
246310Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image488
247225Rocky & Bullwinkle Classics Vol. 2$17.99IDW487
248516Shazam The Greatest Stories Ever Told$24.99DC481
249470Velvet Vol. 1 Before The Living End$9.99Image481
250159Killer Omnibus Vol. 2$24.99Boom479
251289Suicide Risk Vol. 3$14.99Boom479
252250X-Men Days of Future Past$19.99Marvel478
253272Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 My Own Worst Enemy Now$17.99Marvel476
254757Showcase Presents Shazam Vol. 1$16.99DC471
255631Tales of The Batman Tim Sale$19.99DC469
256241Superior Spider-Man Vol. 6 Goblin Nation$19.99Marvel468
257772Showcase Presents Aquaman Vol. 1$16.99DC467
258128Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 2$34.99Marvel467
259151Rocket Raccoon And Groot Complete Collection$29.99Marvel467
260436Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 7 Rift Part 1$10.99Dark Horse465
261305Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed SC$17.99DC460
262456Tales of The Batman Tim Sale HC$29.99DC460
263339Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Kicked In The Teeth$14.99DC455
264334Deadpool Killustrated$14.99Marvel452
265217Henry And Glenn Forever And Ever$17.95Microcosm449
266230Steve Ditko Omnibus HC Vol. 1 Starring Shade$59.99DC448
267535Mu Guardians of Galaxy Cosmic Team Up Digest$9.99Marvel447
268173Warlord of Mars Vol. 4$24.99Dynamite446
269303Fables Vol. 4 March of The Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC440
271346Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$14.99Image437
272269Thor God of Thunder Vol. 1 God Butcher$19.99Marvel437
273366Attack On Titan Vol. 2$10.99Random House436
274118Batman A Celebration of 75 Years HC$39.99DC434
275206Batman Court of Owls Book & Mask Set$24.99DC434
276347Nightwing Vol. 2 Night of the Owls$14.99DC434
277389Cardfight Vanguard Vol. 3$10.95Random House434
278207Batman A Death In The Family $24.99DC433
279330Skyman Vol. 1 Right Stuff$14.99Dark Horse432
280273All New X-Men Vol. 1 Yesterdays X-Men$19.99Marvel431
281276Harley Quinn Preludes And Knock Knock Jokes$19.99DC430
282313Rod Espinosas Steampunk Fables$14.99Antarctic428
283345Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$14.99Image426
284359Nightwing Vol. 4 Second City$14.99DC424
285368Gangsta Vol. 3$12.99Viz423
286843Showcase Presents Supergirl Vol. 1$16.99DC422
287349Superman Red Son New Edition$17.99DC422
288338Strike Witches Vol. 1 1937 Fuso Sea Incident$12.99St. Martins422
289362Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC421
290693Superman Last Son of Krypton$19.99DC420
29171Walter Simonsons Lawnmower Man Artist Ed Portfolio HC (Net)$30.00IDW419
292146Pathfinder HC Vol. 2 Tooth & Claw$29.99Dynamite418
293297Dejah Thoris & Green Men of Mars Vol. 2$16.99Dynamite415
294301Batman Batman And Son New Ed$19.99DC413
295299Joker HC$19.99DC408
296739Superman In The Forties$19.99DC408
297295Batman Night of The Owls$19.99DC407
298511Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 4 Search Part 1$10.99Dark Horse406
299404Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 6$12.99Dark Horse406
300340Justice League Vol. 3 Throne of Atlantis$16.99DC403