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April 2020 Comics Sales

Comics and Graphic Novels Reordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

April 2020 became a month like no other in Direct Market history on March 23, when Diamond Comic Distributors announced that no new comics and graphic novels with an on-sale date of April 1 or later would be shipped until further notice as a response to supply chain and retail disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. As such, it is unclear what in the charts below will ship, and when. Reorder charts also stopped appearing after the March 23-29 edition.

DC announced on April 17 that a limited slate of titles would be available for late April from UCS Comics Distributors and Lunar Distribution, distribution firms that had been set up for the purpose by sister companies to the mail-order retailers Midtown Comics and DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service) respectively. Previous orders through Diamond for those comics were canceled by DC.

The Batman: Last Knight on Earth hardcover had been slated for an April 1 release. It was the fourth-most advance-reordered item in dollars in the last week of January.

The oft-delayed New Mutants movie had been slated to release on April 3, but was also delayed due to Coronavirus concerns.

The estimated comics sales for the month normally would have become available sometime in May 2020, likely in the second week or so. Follow @Comichron on Twitter to get the alert when the report becomes available. In the meantime, you can get a sense of what sales might be like from noting what products were most reordered by retailers.

Advance Reorders

Several weeks ago, retailers began placing advance reorders for items whose initial order deadlines had passed, but which had not yet released at the time the reorders were placed. These reorders, placed further out than regular reorders, tend to be more speculative in nature, as there is less certainty that stock will still be available. But they do give us the farthest-into-the-future look at potential sales. To see potential sales for this month, you generally want to look at the advance reorders placed from the month before.

Note that the listings mix hardcovers, softcovers, and comics together, and that they also rank items by dollars rather than units. Note, too, that advance reorder charts are ranked by retail dollars, so retailers' discounts have not yet been applied. There is no guarantee that these advance reorders will be filled. It's also likely that a lot of books in these lists won't synch up exactly with this month; reorders are placed all the time and reported weekly, while comics sales are reported monthly.

Advance reorders placed between Feb. 24-Mar. 1, 2020

• Top advance-reordered April-shipping comic book:
Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var. (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Once and Future Vol. 1 (Boom)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 22 (Marvel)

Batman sales continued to show momentum.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Batman #90 2nd Ptg$3.99DC03/25/20
2Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var Ed$4.99DC04/01/20
3Wolverine #2$3.99Marvel03/25/20
4Hellions #1$4.99Marvel03/25/20
5Star Wars Bounty Hunters #2$3.99Marvel03/25/20
6X-Men Fantastic Four #3 Brooks Var$3.99Marvel03/25/20
7Immortal Hulk #33 Bennett Var$5.99Marvel03/25/20
8Immortal Hulk #33$5.99Marvel03/25/20
9Batman #92$3.99DC04/01/20
10Far Sector #5 Warren Louw Var Ed$3.99DC03/25/20
11Giant Size X-Men #1 Nightcrawler$4.99Marvel03/25/20
12Once & Future TPB Vol. 1$16.99Boom03/25/20
13Once & Future #7 Foc Frison Var$3.99Boom03/25/20
14X-Men #9$3.99Marvel03/25/20
15X-Men Fantastic Four #3$3.99Marvel03/25/20
16X-O Manowar #1 Cvr A Ward$3.99Valiant03/25/20
17Thor #1 2nd Ptg Klein Var$4.99Marvel03/25/20
18Tmnt Jennika #2 Cvr A Revel$4.99IDW03/25/20
19No Ones Rose #1 Foc Gorham Var$3.99Vault03/25/20
20X-Men Fantastic Four #3 Eliopoulos Var$3.99Marvel03/25/20
21Wolverine #2 Parel Spider-Woman Var Dx$3.99Marvel03/25/20
22Transformers Vs Terminator #1 Cvr A Fullerton$4.99IDW03/25/20
23No Ones Rose #1 Cvr A Main$3.99Vault03/25/20
24Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol. 22$100.00Marvel07/22/20
25Amazing Spider-Man #42$3.99Marvel03/25/20

Advance reorders placed between Mar. 2-8, 2020

• Top advance-reordered April-shipping comic book:
Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var. (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Star Wars: Rise of Kylo Ren (Marvel)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Doomsday Clock Part 2 HC with Slipcase (DC)

Batman #92 repeated atop the advance reorder charts.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var Ed$4.99DC04/01/20
2Batman #92$3.99DC04/01/20
3 Batman #92 1:25 Punchline Jimenez Card Stock Var Ed $4.99DC04/01/20
4 Black Widow #1 JS Campbell Var $3.99Marvel04/01/20
5Strange Adventures #2$4.99DC04/01/20
6Boys Dear Becky #1$3.99Dynamite04/01/20
7Ludocrats #1 Cvr B Mckelvie$3.99Image04/01/20
8Empyre Fantastic Four #0$4.99Marvel04/01/20
9Skylin #1$3.99Source Point04/29/20
10Empyre Avengers #0$4.99Marvel04/01/20
11Strange Academy #2$3.99Marvel04/01/20
12Ludocrats #1 Cvr C April Fools Var$3.99Image04/01/20
13Strange Adventures #2 Evan Shaner Var Ed$4.99DC04/01/20
14Doomsday Clock HC Part 2 With Slipcase$24.99DC05/06/20
15Taskmaster #1$3.99Marvel04/01/20
16Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 Foil Wraparound Var$5.99Boom04/29/20
17Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee TPB Vol. 1 Prelude$9.99Image04/29/20
18 Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars #1 Cvr A Charm $3.99IDW04/01/20
19Batman #93 Card Stock Francesco Mattina Var Ed$4.99DC04/15/20
20Star Wars Rise of Kylo Ren TPB$15.99Marvel05/13/20
21Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1$3.99Marvel04/01/20
22Mirka Andolfo Mercy #1 2nd Ptg$3.99Image04/01/20
23Joker Deluxe Edition HC$34.99DC05/27/20
24Bang #1 3rd Ptg$3.99Dark Horse04/01/20
25 Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars #4 Cvr A Charm$3.99IDW04/22/20

Advance reorders placed between Mar. 9-15, 2020

• Top advance-reordered April-shipping comic book:
Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 3rd printing (DC)

With the Coronavirus beginning to impact North American commerce, the advance reorder list was exclusively comic books, with no graphic novels placing. That's an event that happens occasonally, especially when there are high-profile comics releases with many variants; this week it was Venom #25 and Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Year of the Villain Hell Arisen #3 3rd Ptg$4.99DC04/01/20
2Batman #89 3rd Ptg$3.99DC04/01/20
3Nightwing #70 2nd Ptg$3.99DC04/01/20
4Venom #25 Black Blank Var$5.99Marvel04/08/20
5Venom #25 Rapoza Var$5.99Marvel04/08/20
6 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1960s J Scott Campbell $9.99DC04/15/20
7Star Wars Rise Kylo Ren #1 4th Ptg Crain Var$4.99Marvel04/08/20
8Venom #25$5.99Marvel04/08/20
9Thor #5$3.99Marvel04/08/20
10 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2010s Jeehyung L $9.99DC04/15/20
11Strange Academy #1 2nd Ptg Var$4.99Marvel04/08/20
12Venom #25 Stokoe Var$5.99Marvel04/08/20
13Retailer Summit 2020 Venom #25 Stegman Var (Net)$5.99Marvel04/08/20
14 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2000s Jim Lee Va $9.99DC04/15/20
15Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 Blank Var Ed$9.99DC04/15/20
16Star Wars Bounty Hunters #3$3.99Marvel04/08/20
17 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1980s Stanley La $9.99DC04/15/20
18Thor #2 3rd Ptg Coipel Var$3.99Marvel04/08/20
19Decorum #1 2nd Ptg$4.99Image04/08/20
20 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1940s Adam Hughe $9.99DC04/15/20
21Mirka Andolfo Mercy #2 Cvr A Andolfo$3.99Image04/08/20
22Venom #25 Checchetto Var$5.99Marvel04/08/20
23Venom #25 Zaffino Var$5.99Marvel04/08/20
24Buffy Every Generation #1 Cvr A Main$7.99Boom04/08/20
25Star Wars #3 2nd Ptg Silva Var$3.99Marvel04/08/20

Advance reorders placed between March 16-22, 2020

• Top advance-reordered April-shipping comic book:
Batman #93 Card Stock Mattina Variant (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Punisher Presents Barracuda Max (Marvel)

This was the final week for advance reorders before Diamond announced that nothing with an on-sale date after April 1 would ship because of COVID-19. So orders were taken, but absolutely nothing in the list below was expected to ship in April as of the chart's release. But the Batman series clearly had momentum as the market in general slowed.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Batman #93 Card Stock Francesco Mattina Var Ed$4.99DC04/15/20
2Batman #93$3.99DC04/15/20
3Nightwing #71$3.99DC04/15/20
4Batman #93 1:25 The Designer Var Ed$3.99DC04/15/20
5Empyre #1 2nd Ptg Inhyuk Lee Var$5.99Marvel04/15/20
6Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel04/15/20
7Something Is Killing Children #7 Foc Rios Var$3.99Boom04/15/20
8Bitter Root #8 Cvr B Visions$3.99Image04/15/20
9Faithless Ii #1 Foc Anka Var$3.99Boom04/22/20
10Nightwing #71 Alan Quah Var Ed$3.99DC04/15/20
11Star Wars Rise Kylo Ren #4 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel04/15/20
12Star Wars Darth Vader #2 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel04/15/20
13Red Mother #5 Foc Doe Var$3.99Boom04/15/20
14Retailer Summit 2020 Empyre #1 Noto Var (Net)$5.99Marvel04/15/20
15Alienated #3 Foc Perez Var$3.99Boom04/15/20
16Cable #1 2nd Ptg Var Dx$4.99Marvel04/15/20
17Amazing Spider-Man #41 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel04/15/20
18Spider-Woman #2 Oliver Marvel Zombies Var$3.99Marvel04/15/20
19Children of Atom #1 Nauck Var$4.99Marvel04/15/20
20X-Men #8 2nd Ptg Var Dx$3.99Marvel04/15/20
21Birds of Prey #1 Var Ed$9.99DC04/29/20
22Punisher Presents TPB Barracuda Max New Ptg$17.99Marvel05/13/20
23Red Sonja Age of Chaos #4 Chatzoudis Foc Bonus Var$3.99Dynamite04/15/20
24New Warriors #1$3.99Marvel04/15/20
25Spawn #307 Cvr D Virgin Tan & Mcfarlane$2.99Image04/15/20

Advance reorders placed between March 23-29, 2020

• Top advance-reordered April-shipping comic book:
Joker 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular #1 Lee variant (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Incal Direct Market exclusive (Humanoids)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Legion of Super-Heroes Five Years Later Omnibus (DC)

One of the Joker 80th anniversary variants was the top April-scheduled comic book advance-reordered by retailers in the first full week after Diamond announced it was pausing shipments of new comics material set to release April 1 or thereafter in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Black Widow #2 led overall; movie, set for May, had already been postponed. The shipping dates below are the ones of record when the chart was released, but likely everything was subject to change.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Black Widow #2 JS Campbell Var$3.99Marvel05/20/20
2Dark Nights Death Metal #1 Black Blank Var Ed$4.99DC05/13/20
3Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1970s Jim Lee Var E$9.99DC04/29/20
4Dark Nights Death Metal #1 1 25 Doug Mahnke Var Ed$4.99DC05/13/20
5Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1990s G Dellotto Va$9.99DC04/29/20
6Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 Foc Mora Var$4.99Boom04/29/20
7Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1960s F Mattina Var$9.99DC04/29/20
8Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 Blank Var Ed$9.99DC04/29/20
9Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 Lubera Var$5.99Marvel04/29/20
10Legion of Super Heroes Five Years Later Omnibus HC$150.00DC08/12/20
11Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus HC Vol. 2$150.00Marvel08/19/20
12 Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2000s Lee Bermejo V $9.99DC04/29/20
13Pulp HC$16.99Image05/27/20
14 Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1950s David Finch V $9.99DC04/29/20
15Giant Size X-Men Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 2nd Ptg Var Dx$4.99Marvel04/22/20
16Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore HC Vol. 2 (Res)$99.99DC10/21/20
17Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 Connecting Var$4.99Boom04/29/20
18Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1$9.99DC04/29/20
19Retailer Summit 2020 Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 V$5.99Marvel04/29/20
20Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2010S Jock Var Ed$9.99DC04/29/20
21Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1980S Seinkiewicz V$9.99DC04/29/20
22Incal TPB DM Exc Cvr$29.99Humanoids04/29/20
23Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers #1$9.99Marvel04/29/20
24Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 Cvr A Campbell$4.99Boom04/29/20
25Detective Comics #1022$3.99DC04/22/20

Advance reorder charts will be posted here as soon as they are released. Stay tuned!

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Reorders, by contrast, are orders for items that had already been released at the time of the order. In other words, these are the comics customers have been asking for, generally speaking; while deep discounts may also put titles on these lists, the charts are ranked by invoiced dollars, which is what retailers actually paid.

Reorders placed between April 27-May 3, 2020

• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Marvels 25th Anniversary Edition (Marvel)

Diamond had suspended releasing reorder reports beginning with material reordered at the end of March. After skipping four weeks' worth of reports, it resumed the reports again in early May with a report that only included graphic novels; as a matter of fact, it only included hardcovers. The 25th anniversary hardcover edition of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross's Marvels led the chart.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Marvels 25th Anniversary HC$50.00Marvel03/18/20
2Hulk World War Hulk Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
3Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4 Cho Var$125.00Marvel05/22/19
4Infinity War Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel04/03/19
5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dlx HC Year One $75.00BoomBacklist
6Gotham Central Omnibus HC$99.99DCBacklist
7House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
8Frank Millers Big Damn Sin City HC$100.00Dark HorseBacklist
9New X-Men Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
10Saga Dlx Ed HC Vol. 3$49.99Image05/29/19
11Kill Or Be Killed Dlx Ed HC$49.99Image11/20/19
12Annihilation Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00Marvel12/04/19
13Batman Universe HC$24.99DC03/18/20
14Daredevil by Waid & Samnee Omnibus HC Vol. 2$100.00Marvel03/07/18
15 Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 4 $49.99Dark Horse02/26/20
16Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
17Venomnibus HC Vol. 2$125.00Marvel02/06/19
18Spider-Man by John Byrne Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel09/04/19
19Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Omnibus HC$125.00DC09/05/18
20Absolute Preacher HC Vol. 3$150.00DC04/25/18
21Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
22Absolute All Star Superman HC$99.99DCBacklist
23Absolute New Frontier 15 Anniv Ed HC$99.99DC11/20/19
24Star Wars by Jason Aaron Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel02/27/19
25Doom Patrol Omnibus HC$150.00DCBacklist

Reorder charts will be released weekly during the month. Stay tuned!

The true top sellers for the month will replace this page once they are released by Diamond.