April 2020 Comics Sales through Diamond

Comics and Graphic Novels Ordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This data refers to sales by Diamond. Click to see the Overall charts and those from DC's distributors.

April 2020 became a month like no other in Direct Market history on March 23, when Diamond Comic Distributors announced that no new comics and graphic novels with an on-sale date of April 1 or later would be shipped until further notice as a response to supply chain and retail disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The multi-week closure coincided with another major change, as DC announced on April 17 that a limited slate of titles would be available for late April from UCS Comics Distributors and Lunar Distribution, distribution firms that had been set up for the purpose by sister companies to the mail-order retailers Midtown Comics and DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service) respectively. Previous orders through Diamond for those comics were canceled by DC.

It was the first time since March 1991, 29 years earlier, that Diamond hadn't released monthly charts; that time appears to have been an oversight. Diamond's reorder charts also stopped appearing after the March 23-29 edition, so no data was reported at all by the distributor in the month until May, when a report that included reorders for the last few days of April was released. The Marvels 25th Anniversary hardcover, which came out in March, led reorders placed in that week. Look below to see that report, the only public record of any kind about Diamond sales in the month.

Click to see the business done by DC's distributors in April, and projected orders overall.

—John Jackson Miller

Reorders placed between April 27-May 3, 2020

• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Marvels 25th Anniversary Edition (Marvel)

Diamond had suspended releasing reorder reports beginning with material reordered at the end of March. After skipping four weeks' worth of reports, it resumed the reports again in early May with a report that only included graphic novels; as a matter of fact, it only included hardcovers. The 25th anniversary hardcover edition of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross's Marvels led the chart.

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Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Marvels 25th Anniversary HC$50.00Marvel03/18/20
2Hulk World War Hulk Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
3Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4 Cho Var$125.00Marvel05/22/19
4Infinity War Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel04/03/19
5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dlx HC Year One $75.00BoomBacklist
6Gotham Central Omnibus HC$99.99DCBacklist
7House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
8Frank Millers Big Damn Sin City HC$100.00Dark HorseBacklist
9New X-Men Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
10Saga Dlx Ed HC Vol. 3$49.99Image05/29/19
11Kill Or Be Killed Dlx Ed HC$49.99Image11/20/19
12Annihilation Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00Marvel12/04/19
13Batman Universe HC$24.99DC03/18/20
14Daredevil by Waid & Samnee Omnibus HC Vol. 2$100.00Marvel03/07/18
15 Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 4 $49.99Dark Horse02/26/20
16Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
17Venomnibus HC Vol. 2$125.00Marvel02/06/19
18Spider-Man by John Byrne Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel09/04/19
19Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Omnibus HC$125.00DC09/05/18
20Absolute Preacher HC Vol. 3$150.00DC04/25/18
21Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
22Absolute All Star Superman HC$99.99DCBacklist
23Absolute New Frontier 15 Anniv Ed HC$99.99DC11/20/19
24Star Wars by Jason Aaron Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel02/27/19
25Doom Patrol Omnibus HC$150.00DCBacklist