August 2020 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This data combines orders from all Direct Market distributors. Click to see only Diamond and DC's distributors.

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Comics retailers in August 2020 could only get all comics in the Direct Market by ordering both from Diamond Comic Distributors and from one of DC's exclusive distributors, Lunar Distribution or UCS Comic Distributors (or one of those firms' subdistributors, such as Universal Distribution in Canada).

Comichron's founder began reporting merged rankings and relative sales levels for Heroes World Distribution and Diamond in September 1996; the report below similarly brings together estimates for the various Direct Market distributors. Click to see the month's reports just for Diamond and just for DC's distributors.

There were four Tuesdays and four Wednesdays in the month, meaning that Diamond and DC's distributors each had an equal number of New Comic Book Days. DC nonetheless had the blockbuster Batman: The Three Jokers #1 and the "Joker War" storyline in Batman and related titles; between those and Dark Nights: Death Metal #3, we project that once all versions of the comics were merged, the publisher took the top five slots in our combined charts. Diamond and Marvel's top seller Venom #27 likely came in sixth. Marvel, its slate still working its way back to pre-pandemic levels, had 13 of the Top 25 comics.

DC's Jim Lee said in an interview that in August that Three Jokers #1 had sales over 300,000 copies (presumably including UK sales), and Comichron's projections, published below, would appear to support that if it's assumed that the retail base is not substantially smaller than it was this past winter. Our retail order subset suggests the issue had at least seven times as many copies ordered of the month's non-anniversary issue of Justice League, and that series was selling in the 40,000-copy range just in North America before the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated shutdowns.

, projected by Comichron as the market's May 2020 leader, continued to pile up reprint sales, making the Top 20 thanks to the Mark Bagley cover third printing, released in August, and the Ryan Stegman sketch variant, at left, one of which was offered for every 25 copies of the Bagley version that retailers bought. (Click to see a list of second- and later-printings of comics published in 2020.)

Strong launch performances were seen for several series, including Horizon Zero Dawn #1 from Titan, ranking 22nd in our projected rankings, and Seven Secrets #1 from Boom, which we believe likely ranked 46th once all versions were combined.

New release volume continued to grow at Diamond but remained well behind where its publishers were at the same time in 2019. Diamond had 300 new comic books on the market; even after adjusting for the loss of DC, that put it at about 82% of the previous year's levels. Marvel, still building back up, was at 70%.

CHANGES TO THE CHARTS: Diamond released unit and dollar sales rankings for comic books and graphic novels, but did not publish overall market size data, market shares, or order index numbers for its titles. A major reason why could be found in the charts that did appear: many comics were returnable (all of Image's and Boom's) and major discounting could be found all over the charts, greatly complicating the underlying math going into market size and market share calculations.

Returnable comics, marked with asterisks in the chart below, represented 118 entries out of Diamond's Top 500, a major chunk of the month's output. Each usually receives a pre-chart reduction of 10% in units, so already many entries are out of place compared with what really went to market. Meanwhile, there was a lot of discounted comics and graphic novels on offer: comics dating back years made the list, including many liquidated comics from Marvel's 2017 Legacy event. The average dollar sales ranking for an item in the Diamond Top 500 was 18 slots lower than its unit sales ranking, as compared with 10 slots in March before the shutdown.

In the absence of Diamond's order index numbers — or any detailed information from DC's distributors — Comichron has supplemented the chart with its own projections, drawing upon a subset of known retail orders to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases for a portion of the chart. The subset represents a sizable number of copies, but it is not possible at present to know what portion of the overall population of store orders it represents. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

In their absence, Comichron has drawn upon a subset of known retail orders both to determine approximate rankings and to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases. The subset represents a sizable number of copies, but it is not possible at present to know what portion of the overall population of store orders it represents, particularly as many stores were closed, had their accounts on hold, or had not established accounts with DC's distributors. Only periodicals were examined, and order totals are believed to be as of Final Order Cutoff. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

The chart below features every new DC comic book released into the Direct Market in August 2020, as well as Diamond's Top 500. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The DC release dates are from UCS.

The order volumes are expressed in relation to Avengers #35, which we've chosen as the order index issue this month for Diamond. (Avengers usually corresponds fairly well to the title we use for DC's distributors, Justice League.) For every 100 copies of Avengers #35 ordered in the subset, for example, we believe there were around 80 copies of Fantastic Four #22.

Publisher offered 15 comic books with variants at a different price which sold well enough to merit their own entries; their sales have been fused by default below. You can find the component versions on the individual August 2020 pages for Diamond and DC's distributors. Dollar rankings can be found there as well: actual ones in Diamond's case, and projected ones for DC.

Market shares: Diamond did not release market shares. We project Marvel to have been responsible for about six times the dollars attributed to its nearest competitor, Image; DC is likely to have led overall this month.

Things to remember: Projections for issues at the lower extremes are subject to more error due to the small quantities involved; while we rank such titles, we mark them with "no estimate" for that reason. Here, projections are made for about a quarter of the chart — enough to allow us to place the majority of DC's titles in a merged list. Projected relative sales levels here are likely most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Below the level where estimates are made, the ordinal ranking that follows is Diamond's — with a small number of DC low-selling issues sorted where we believe they likely wound up. Note that Diamond's list includes reorders and DC's does not, so DC in fact would have more entries on the chart, should Lunar or UCS ever supply the relevant data.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts. Both are worth knowing, of course, though sell-in tends to be of relatively greater importance in comics than in other publishing markets, given their nonreturnable nature and comics' status as a collectible. Orders by retailers represent the "first sale" and are a major determinant of publishing revenue.

You can click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month. And you can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year. We also have a page breaking out ship dates for second printings.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all new comic books released by DC's Direct Market Distributors and all comics in Diamond's Top 500 chart for the month.
Generated by Comichron, the Order Index by each comic book, indicates how many copies were ordered within a known subset of retailer orders for every 100 Avengers #35s that shipped.
"No est." appears where we're making no Order Index estimate, but entries are still ranked.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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FusedComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherOrder Index
1Batman Three Jokers1$6.9908/25/20DC656
2Batman96 (All)$3.9908/04/20DC328
3Batman97 (All)$3.9908/18/20DC309
4Dark Nights Death Metal3$4.9908/11/20DC270
5Detective Comics1025 (All)$3.9908/11/20DC223
7Detective Comics1026 (All)$3.9908/25/20DC198
9Harley Quinn75$5.9908/18/20DC163
12Amazing Spider-Man47$3.9908/26/20Marvel141
13Dark Nights Death Metal Guidebook1$5.9908/18/20DC140
15Amazing Spider-Man46$3.9908/12/20Marvel138
16Dark Nights Death Metal Legends Of The Dark Knights1$5.9908/04/20DC131
22Horizon Zero Dawn1$3.9908/05/20Titan104
23Star Wars5$3.9908/05/20Marvel104
24Star Wars Darth Vader4$3.9908/12/20Marvel104
27Immortal Hulk36$3.9908/12/20Marvel102
28Batman The Adventures Continue3$3.9908/04/20DC102
29Fantastic Four Antithesis1$4.9908/26/20Marvel101
32Giant Size X-Men Fantomex1$4.9908/05/20Marvel98
33Spider-Man1 Facs. Ed.$3.9908/19/20Marvel96
34Justice League50$5.9908/04/20DC93
37Star Wars Bounty Hunters4$3.9908/19/20Marvel92
38Strange Adventures4$4.9908/04/20DC91
39Batman's Grave9 (All)$3.9908/11/20DC90
40Justice League51$3.9908/18/20DC89
43Batman Superman11 (All)$3.9908/25/20DC88
44Wonder Woman761 (All)$3.9908/25/20DC87
46Legion of Super-Heroes8$3.9908/25/20DC84
47Seven Secrets1 (All)$3.9908/12/20Boom83
48Green Lantern Season 26$3.9908/11/20DC83
49Wonder Woman760 (All)$3.9908/11/20DC81
50Fantastic Four22$3.9908/05/20Marvel80
51Empyre X-Men2$4.9908/05/20Marvel80
52Action Comics1024$3.9908/25/20DC79
54Strange Academy1$4.9903/04/20Marvel79
56Fire Power1*$3.9908/05/20Image78
57Empyre X-Men3$4.9908/12/20Marvel78
58DCeased Dead Planet2 (All)$3.9908/04/20DC78
59Empyre X-Men4$4.9908/19/20Marvel75
61Captain America21$3.9908/05/20Marvel70
63Justice League Dark25$3.9908/25/20DC70
64Daredevil Annual1$4.9908/26/20Marvel69
66Wonder Woman Dead Earth4$6.9908/18/20DC69
67Fire Power2*$3.9908/05/20Image67
68Negan Lives1 $4.9907/01/20Image67
69Empyre Avengers2$3.9908/12/20Marvel66
70Captain Marvel19$3.9908/12/20Marvel66
71Captain Marvel20$3.9908/19/20Marvel66
72Mega Man Fully Charged1 (All)$4.9908/26/20Boom65
73Guardians of the Galaxy5$3.9908/05/20Marvel65
74Captain America22$3.9908/19/20Marvel64
75Black Cat12$3.9908/05/20Marvel63
76Empyre Avengers3$3.9908/26/20Marvel61
77Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn1 (All)$4.9908/19/20Boom58
78Red Hood Outlaw48$3.9908/25/20DC58
79Star Wars Doctor Aphra3$3.9908/26/20Marvel58
84Iron Man 20206$4.9908/26/20Marvel55
86Mars Attacks Red Sonja1*$3.9908/26/20Dynamite54
88Spider-Man Noir3$3.9908/26/20Marvel51
89Suicide Squad8$3.9908/25/20DC51
90Lords of Empyre Celestial Messiah1$4.9908/05/20Marvel50
91Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage4$6.9908/25/20DC50
92Young Justice17$3.9908/04/20DC50
93Empyre Captain America2$3.9908/12/20Marvel50
94Vampire The Masquerade1*$3.9908/05/20Vault49
95Empyre Captain America3$3.9908/26/20Marvel48
96Dr Strange6$3.9908/05/20Marvel47
97Undiscovered Country7*$3.9908/05/20Image47
98Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider5$3.9908/12/20Marvel46
100Valkyrie Jane Foster10$3.9908/19/20Marvel46
101Justice League Odyssey23$3.9908/11/20DC46
102Locke & Key In Pale Battalions Go1*$3.9908/26/20IDW46
103Teen Titans Annual2$4.9908/25/20DC45
104X-Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut2$4.9908/26/20Marvel45
105Wonder Woman Annual4$4.9908/18/20DC45
106Batman And The Outsiders15$3.9908/11/20DC44
107John Constantine Hellblazer9$3.9908/25/20DC43
108Dreaming Waking Hours1 (All)$3.9908/04/20DC43
110Mighty Morphin Power Rangers1 (All)$3.9908/26/20Boom42
112Lords of Empyre Swordsman1$4.9908/19/20Marvel41
113Something Is Killing the Children9*$3.9908/12/20Boom41
114Batman Beyond46$3.9908/25/20DC41
115Red Sonja Age of Chaos6*$3.9908/12/20Dynamite41
117Teen Titans44$3.9908/18/20DC39
119Far Sector7$3.9908/04/20DC37
120Empyre Handbook1$4.9908/05/20Marvel36
122Last God8$4.9908/25/20DC34
123Big Girls1*$3.9908/12/20Image33
126Alien Original Screenplay1*$3.9908/05/20Dark Horse32
127Boys Dear Becky4*$3.9908/26/20Dynamite31
128Canto II Hollow Men1*$3.9908/26/20IDW31
129Avengers of the Wastelands4$3.9908/05/20Marvel30
131Conan Battle For Serpent Crown4$3.9908/19/20Marvel30
132My Little Pony Transformers1*$3.9908/05/20IDW30
133Metal Men9 (All)$3.9908/18/20DC30
134Red Sonja18*$3.9908/19/20Dynamite30
137Oblivion Song26*$3.9908/12/20Image30
138Hawkeye Free Fall5$3.9908/12/20Marvel29
139Once & Future10*$3.9908/19/20Boom29
141Gideon Falls24*$3.9908/19/20Image29
143Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow2*$3.9908/12/20Boom29
144Force Works3$3.9908/26/20Marvel29
146Maestro Future Imperfect Marvel Tales1$7.9908/05/20Marvel28
148Transformers Vs. Terminator3*$3.9908/19/20IDW28
149Shadow Service1*$3.9908/19/20Vault28
150Buffy The Vampire Slayer16*$3.9908/05/20Boom28
151Bettie Page2*$3.9908/26/20Dynamite28
152Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars3*$3.9908/05/20IDW28
153Blade Runner 20199*$3.9908/26/20Titan28
155Fantastic Four21$3.9907/15/20Marvel28
156Amazing Spider-Man45$4.9907/29/20Marvel28
157Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars4*$3.9908/26/20IDW28
161Sonic The Hedgehog30*$3.9908/19/20IDW27
162Bad Mother1$3.9908/05/20AWA27
163Dejah Thoris7*$3.9908/05/20Dynamite26
165Rick & Morty Presents Birdperson1$4.9908/05/20Oni26
166Captain America695$3.9911/01/17Marvel26
167Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes4$3.9908/05/20Marvel26
168Transformers 84 Secrets & Lies2*$3.9908/19/20IDW25
170Ice Cream Man20*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
171Transformers22*$3.9908/19/20IDWno est.
172Bomb Queen Trump Card1*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
173Rick and Morty Go to Hell3$3.9908/19/20Onino est.
174Die Die Die12*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
175Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers1$9.9908/12/20Marvelno est.
176G.I. Joe a Real American Hero273*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
177Amethyst5$3.9908/25/20DCno est.
178Strange Academy2$3.9907/08/20Marvelno est.
179My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic89*$4.9908/12/20IDWno est.
180Angel & Spike13*$3.9908/26/20Boomno est.
181That Texas Blood3*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
182Year Zero4$3.9908/26/20AWAno est.
183Goddamned Virgin Brides2*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
184Unsacred7$3.9908/12/20Ablazeno est.
185Red Mother7*$3.9908/12/20Boomno est.
186Books of Magic22$3.9908/25/20DCno est.
187Family Tree8*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
188Transformers Galaxies8*$3.9908/12/20IDWno est.
189Star Trek DS9 Too Long a Sacrifice2*$3.9908/19/20IDWno est.
190Sleeping Beauties3*$3.9908/26/20IDWno est.
191Star Wars Bounty Hunters1 Golden$3.9903/11/20Marvelno est.
192Star Trek Year Five13*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
193Voyage to the Stars1*$3.9908/19/20IDWno est.
194Usagi Yojimbo11*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
195Killing Red Sonja3*$3.9908/19/20Dynamiteno est.
196Aero10$3.9908/26/20Marvelno est.
197Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special1$4.9908/19/20Udonno est.
198Low24*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
199G.I. Joe7*$3.9908/19/20IDWno est.
200Sex Criminals30*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
201Black Magick13*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
202TMNT Urban Legends26*$3.9908/19/20IDWno est.
203Dead Day2$3.9908/19/20Aftershockno est.
204Crow Lethe3*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
205Champions13$3.9910/18/17Marvelno est.
206Devils Highway2 $3.9908/12/20AWAno est.
207Bliss2*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
208Immortal Hulk35$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
209Faithless II3 Erotica*$4.9908/19/20Boomno est.
210Empyre X-Men1$4.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
211Dark Crystal Age Resistance10*$3.9908/19/20Boomno est.
212Nailbiter Returns4*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
213Marvel Action Avengers11$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
214Money Shot7*$3.9908/05/20Vaultno est.
215Faithless II3*$3.9908/19/20Boomno est.
216Faithless II2 Erotica*$4.9907/15/20Boomno est.
217Hotell4 $3.9908/19/20AWAno est.
218Ludocrats4*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
219King of Nowhere4*$3.9908/05/20Boomno est.
220Marvel Action Captain Marvel6$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
221Zombie Tramp71$4.9908/05/20Action Labno est.
222A Man Among Ye2*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
223Rai6$3.9908/19/20Valiantno est.
224Savage Dragon251*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
225Daredevil595$3.9911/08/17Marvelno est.
226Coffin Bound5*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
227Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides5*$3.9908/12/20IDWno est.
228Zombie Tramp72$4.9908/19/20Action Labno est.
229Storyteller Ghosts4*$3.9908/05/20Boomno est.
230Archangel 84 $3.9908/19/20AWAno est.
231Alienated5*$3.9908/12/20Boomno est.
232Reaver10*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
233G.I. Joe a Real American Hero Snake Eyes Origin0*$4.9908/12/20IDWno est.
234Ragnarok Breaking of Helheim6*$4.9908/05/20IDWno est.
235Sex Criminals30 XXX Ed.*$4.6908/05/20Imageno est.
236Engineward2*$3.9908/26/20Vaultno est.
237Plot6$3.9908/26/20Vaultno est.
238Grimm Fairy Tales40$3.9908/26/20Zenescopeno est.
239Judge Dredd False Witness2*$3.9908/12/20IDWno est.
240Red Border4 $3.9908/26/20AWAno est.
241Nomen Omen8*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
242Patriotika1$3.9908/05/20Antarcticno est.
243Join The Future4$3.9908/12/20Aftershockno est.
244Something Is Killing the Children7$3.9906/10/20Boomno est.
245Old Haunts3 $3.9908/12/20AWAno est.
246Dead Body Road Bad Blood3*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
247Monsters Unleashed7$3.9911/22/17Marvelno est.
248Disaster Inc2$3.9908/05/20Aftershockno est.
249Excellence9*$3.9908/12/20Imageno est.
250Man Who Effed Up Time5$3.9908/26/20Aftershockno est.
251Avengers34$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
252Star Wars Darth Vader2$3.9908/05/20Marvelno est.
253Rogue Planet4$3.9908/26/20Onino est.
254Unearth7*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
255Doctor Tomorrow5$3.9908/26/20Valiantno est.
256Sonata12*$3.9908/12/20Imageno est.
257Van Helsing Vs. League Monsters4$3.9908/26/20Zenescopeno est.
258Stealth4*$3.9908/12/20Imageno est.
259Tartarus5*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
260Protector5 *$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
261Marvel Action Avengers10$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
262Aggretsuko5$3.9908/05/20Onino est.
263Robyn Hood Justice2$3.9908/12/20Zenescopeno est.
264Incredible Hulk709$3.9910/18/17Marvelno est.
265Invincible Iron Man593$3.9910/18/17Marvelno est.
266Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics6*$3.9908/12/20IDWno est.
267Ninjas & Robots1$4.9908/19/20Keenspotno est.
268Animosity28 $3.9908/12/20Aftershockno est.
269Lucy Claire Redemption5*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
270Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Death of Nancy Drew3*$3.9908/05/20Dynamiteno est.
271Adler3$3.9908/19/20Titanno est.
272Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses42*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
273Scooby Doo Where Are You105$2.9908/18/20DCno est.
274George Rr Martin a Clash of Kings6*$3.9908/19/20Dynamiteno est.
275On The Stump4*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
276Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists1$3.9908/19/20Scoutno est.
277Godkillers5$3.9908/26/20Aftershockno est.
278Finger Guns4*$3.9908/05/20Vaultno est.
279Billionaire Island4 $3.9908/12/20Ahoyno est.
280Pretty Violent8*$3.9908/05/20Imageno est.
281Dark Nights Death Metal1$4.9906/17/20DCno est.
282Power Rangers Ranger Slayer1*$7.9908/19/20Boomno est.
283Amalgama Space Zombie Most Wanted1$4.9908/26/20Action Labno est.
284Powers of X6$5.9910/09/19Marvelno est.
285Undone By Blood5$3.9908/12/20Aftershockno est.
286Conspiracy Men In Black One Shot$4.9908/05/20Zenescopeno est.
287Wicked Things4*$3.9908/26/20Boomno est.
288Billionaire Island5 $3.9908/26/20Ahoyno est.
289Astonishing X-Men7$3.9901/03/18Marvelno est.
290Ms. Marvel25$3.9912/20/17Marvelno est.
291No One's Rose4*$3.9908/19/20Vaultno est.
292Artemis & Assassin4$3.9908/19/20Aftershockno est.
293Gutt Ghost Trouble with Sawbuck Skeleton Society Mignola Cvr$3.9908/05/20Scoutno est.
294Knights of the Dinner Table275$5.9908/12/20Kenzerno est.
295Knights of the Dinner Table273$5.9908/12/20Kenzerno est.
296Lola XOXO Vol. 36$3.9908/12/20Aspenno est.
297Gung Ho7$3.9908/12/20Ablazeno est.
298Knights of the Dinner Table274$5.9908/12/20Kenzerno est.
299Archie & Friends Endless Summer1$2.9908/12/20Archieno est.
300Dryad4$3.9908/12/20Onino est.
301Shang3$5.9908/19/20Zenescopeno est.
302Kidz6$3.9908/19/20Ablazeno est.
303Amazing Spider-Man17$4.9903/13/19Marvelno est.
304Adventureman2$3.9907/08/20Imageno est.
305Empyre Fantastic Four0$4.9907/08/20Marvelno est.
306Ruins of Ravencroft Carnage1$4.9901/08/20Marvelno est.
307Venom19$3.9912/11/19Marvelno est.
308Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur25$3.9911/22/17Marvelno est.
309It Eats What Feeds It2$3.9908/19/20Scoutno est.
310Sonata12 3D Ed.*$7.9908/12/20Imageno est.
311Sweet Heart3 $3.9908/05/20Action Labno est.
312Age of X-Man Apocalypse and X-Tracts1$3.9903/13/19Marvelno est.
313Amicable Spider Vark Annual One Shot$8.0008/26/20Aardvark-Vanaheimno est.
314Ghosted In L.A.12*$3.9908/26/20Boomno est.
315Giant-Size X-Men Magneto1$4.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
316Sweet Heart4 $3.9908/26/20Action Labno est.
317Heathen12*$3.9908/05/20Vaultno est.
318Leave on the Light3$3.9908/19/20Antarcticno est.
319Horror Comics3$3.9908/19/20Antarcticno est.
320Vlad Dracul2$6.9908/12/20Scoutno est.
321Chu1*$3.9908/19/20Imageno est.
322Age of X-Man Marvelous X-Men1$3.9902/06/19Marvelno est.
323Mercy3 $3.9906/24/20Imageno est.
324Thor1$4.9901/01/20Marvelno est.
325Age of X-Man Nextgen1$3.9902/13/19Marvelno est.
326Carson of Venus Eye of Amtor2$3.9908/05/20American Mythologyno est.
327Alt Paths Raven Hex The Swordmaiden1 $21.9908/26/20Broadswordno est.
328Gold Digger273$3.9908/05/20Antarcticno est.
329Gold Digger274$3.9908/19/20Antarcticno est.
330Bettie Page2 Black Bag$10.0008/26/20Dynamiteno est.
331Stabbity Bunny11$3.9908/05/20Scoutno est.
332Image Firsts Walking Dead1 $1.0012/12/12Imageno est.
333House of X6$4.9910/02/19Marvelno est.
334Snake Eyes Deadgame1$4.9907/15/20IDWno est.
335Everglade Angels2$3.9908/12/20Scoutno est.
336Spider-Woman2$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
337Amazing Spider-Man44$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
338Narcos3*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
339Grievling2$7.9908/12/20Cloverno est.
340Patriotika1 Campos$9.9908/05/20Antarcticno est.
341Carson of Venus Realm of Dead3$3.9908/26/20American Mythologyno est.
342Shanna The Firehair One Shot$4.9908/12/20Antarcticno est.
343Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect1$9.9906/10/20DCno est.
344Ash & Thorn4 $3.9908/19/20Ahoyno est.
345Amazing Spider-Man23$3.9906/12/19Marvelno est.
346Fantastic Four12$4.9909/11/19Marvelno est.
347Immortal Hulk19$3.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
348Guardians of the Galaxy4$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
349Amazing Spider-Man26$3.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
350Amazing Spider-Man27$3.9909/18/19Marvelno est.
351Daredevil7$3.9906/19/19Marvelno est.
352Captain Marvel17$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
353Immortal Hulk23$3.9910/16/19Marvelno est.
354Wolverine3$3.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
355War of Realms3$4.9905/01/19Marvelno est.
356Backtrack5 $3.9908/05/20Onino est.
357John Carpenters Tales Scifi Vortex 23$3.9908/26/20Storm Kingno est.
358Guardians of the Galaxy7$3.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
359Empyre Captain America1$3.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
360Empyre Avengers1$3.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
361Black Cat2$3.9908/14/19Marvelno est.
362Amalgama Space Zombie Most Wanted1 Celor$9.9908/26/20Action Labno est.
363Fantastic Four13$3.9908/14/19Marvelno est.
364Powers of X5$4.9909/25/19Marvelno est.
365Immortal Hulk17$3.9906/19/19Marvelno est.
366Star Wars Age of Rebellion Han Solo1$3.9905/01/19Marvelno est.
367Immortal Hulk21$3.9908/21/19Marvelno est.
368Uncanny X-Men15$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
369Savage Dragon250$9.9907/15/20Imageno est.
370Lords of Empyre Emperor Hulkling1$4.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
371Bloodshot7$3.9903/11/20Valiantno est.
372Yang Gang1$4.9908/12/20Keenspotno est.
373Read Only Memories4*$4.9908/05/20IDWno est.
374Hunt For Wolverine1$5.9906/06/18Marvelno est.
375War of Realms4$4.9905/15/19Marvelno est.
376Gutt Ghost Trouble W/ Sawbuck Skeleton Society Glow In Dark$7.9908/05/20Scoutno est.
377Teether4$3.9908/05/20Antarcticno est.
378Incredible Hulk Last Call1$4.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
379Yasmeen2$3.9908/19/20Scoutno est.
380Empyre Savage Avengers1$4.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
381Goddamned Virgin Brides1 $3.9907/01/20Imageno est.
382Marvel Comics Presents6$4.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
383Strangelands8 $3.9908/05/20Humanoidsno est.
384Thanos Legacy1$4.9910/03/18Marvelno est.
385Fartnite Chapter Poo1$4.9908/12/20Keenspotno est.
386Decorum2*$3.9908/26/20Imageno est.
387Powers of X4$4.9910/23/19Marvelno est.
388Dragon Whisperer4$3.9508/26/20Red 5no est.
389Immortal Hulk6$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
390Cardinal Dagon1 $3.9908/19/20Behemothno est.
391Miles Morales Spider-Man4$3.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
392Uncanny X-Men13$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
393Immortal Hulk18$3.9907/03/19Marvelno est.
394Miles Morales Spider-Man2$3.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
395Daredevil5$3.9906/19/19Marvelno est.
396Invaders2$3.9904/17/19Marvelno est.
397Empyre Avengers0$4.9906/24/20Marvelno est.
398Miles Morales Spider-Man7$3.9908/14/19Marvelno est.
399Spider-Man Life Story1$4.9907/24/19Marvelno est.
400Aero1$3.9908/07/19Marvelno est.
401Fantastic Four1$5.9908/29/18Marvelno est.
402Image Firsts Saga1 $1.0012/12/12Imageno est.
403Kaijumax Season 54 $3.9908/26/20Onino est.
404Inhumans Once Future Kings1$3.9908/09/17Marvelno est.
405Metalshark Bro 21$3.9908/05/20Scoutno est.
406Zorro Timeless Tales2$3.9908/12/20American Mythologyno est.
407Spider-Man Life Story5$4.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
408Junior High Horrors April Fools Special1$5.9908/12/20Keenspotno est.
409Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars1*$3.9908/05/20IDWno est.
410Uncanny X-Men14$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
411Immortal Hulk13$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
412Ginseng Roots6$6.0008/26/20Uncivilizedno est.
413Faithless II2 $3.9907/15/20Boomno est.
414Spider-Man Noir2$3.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
415Iron Fist2$3.9904/05/17Marvelno est.
416Wolverine Infinity Watch1$3.9904/03/19Marvelno est.
417Rock & Roll Biographies Sublime$3.5007/15/20Gumbyno est.
418Immortal Hulk25$5.9910/23/19Marvelno est.
419X-Men10$3.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
420Immortal Hulk3$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
421Miles Morales Spider-Man5$3.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
422Grit2$3.9908/26/20Scoutno est.
423Immortal Hulk15$3.9904/17/19Marvelno est.
424X-Force10$3.9907/08/20Marvelno est.
425Xira2$3.9508/26/20Red 5no est.
426Marvel Comics Presents7$4.9909/04/19Marvelno est.
427Guardians of the Galaxy4$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
428House of X1$5.9907/24/19Marvelno est.
429Detective Comics1022$3.9906/03/20DCno est.
430Star Wars72$3.9910/02/19Marvelno est.
431Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow1$3.9907/08/20Boomno est.
432Hellions2$3.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
433Mighty Morphin Power Rangers50$4.9906/24/20Boomno est.
434Ghost-Spider1$3.9909/25/19Marvelno est.
435House of X5$4.9909/18/19Marvelno est.
436Hedra (One-Shot)$5.9907/29/20Imageno est.
437Black Panther Vs. Deadpool1$3.9911/28/18Marvelno est.
438Oblivion Song25$4.9907/08/20Imageno est.
439Star Wars Galaxys Edge1$3.9907/31/19Marvelno est.
440North Bend4$3.9908/12/20Scoutno est.
441Thanos1$4.9904/24/19Marvelno est.
442Marvel Comics Presents8$4.9909/25/19Marvelno est.
443Avengers30$3.9903/11/20Marvelno est.
444Infinity Countdown2$4.9904/18/18Marvelno est.
445Amazing Spider-Man Sins Rising Prelude1$4.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
446Blade Runner 20198$3.9907/29/20Titanno est.
447Ghosted In L.A.11$3.9907/29/20Boomno est.
448Savage Bastards5$3.9908/26/20Mad Caveno est.
449Superbabes Starring Femforce4$5.9508/05/20ACno est.
450King Thor1$3.9909/11/19Marvelno est.
451Image Firsts Ice Cream Man1 $1.0008/07/19Imageno est.
452Archie Jumbo Comics Digest311$7.9908/05/20Archieno est.
453Symbiote Spider-Man3$3.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
454Leave on the Light3 Foil$9.9908/19/20Antarcticno est.
455Last Song3 $4.9908/19/20Black Maskno est.
456Daredevil4$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
457X-Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut1$4.9907/08/20Marvelno est.
458Batman89$3.9903/11/20DCno est.
459Hunt For Wolverine Adamantium Agenda1$3.9906/13/18Marvelno est.
460Avengers No Road Home9$3.9905/15/19Marvelno est.
461Immortal Hulk7$3.9905/29/19Marvelno est.
462World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest101$7.9908/12/20Archieno est.
463Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest285$7.9908/12/20Archieno est.
464Spider-Man Annual1$4.9906/26/19Marvelno est.
465TMNT106$3.9907/15/20IDWno est.
466War of Realms New Agents of Atlas3$3.9907/10/19Marvelno est.
467Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest286$7.9908/26/20Archieno est.
468Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man6$3.9906/12/19Marvelno est.
469Fantastic Four3$3.9901/02/19Marvelno est.
470Avengers30$3.9905/28/14Marvelno est.
471Osiris Path3 $3.9908/12/20Behemothno est.
472Archie Jumbo Comics Digest312$7.9908/19/20Archieno est.
473X-Men Gold5$3.9907/26/17Marvelno est.
474Daredevil21$3.9907/22/20Marvelno est.
475Miles Morales Spider-Man17$3.9906/10/20Marvelno est.
476Domino3$3.9907/25/18Marvelno est.
477White Ash6$3.9908/26/20Scoutno est.
478Star Wars43$3.9902/07/18Marvelno est.
479Sentry1$3.9908/01/18Marvelno est.
480B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest282$7.9908/05/20Archieno est.
481Cimmerian Red Nails2$3.9907/08/20Ablazeno est.
482Cable2$3.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
483B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest283$7.9908/19/20Archieno est.
484Star Wars Galaxys Edge5$3.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
485Image Firsts Descender1$1.0012/02/15Imageno est.
486Yes I'm Flagging Queer Hanky Code 101 One Shot$5.0008/05/20Silver Sprocketno est.
487Bettie Page1$3.9907/15/20Dynamiteno est.
488Dark Ark After Flood1 Lenticular$9.9910/02/19Aftershockno est.
489Venom21$3.9912/25/19Marvelno est.
490Red Mother6$3.9907/15/20Boomno est.
491It Eats What Feeds It1$3.9907/15/20Scoutno est.
492Amazing Spider-Man12$3.9912/19/18Marvelno est.
493Fantastic Four Prodigal Sun1$4.9908/07/19Marvelno est.
494iWolverine1$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
495World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest102$7.9908/26/20Archieno est.
496Adventures of Byron Comic Capers One Shot$3.9908/05/20Scoutno est.
497House of X3$4.9910/23/19Marvelno est.
498Batman The Adventures Continue1$3.9906/10/20DCno est.
499Image Firsts Monstress1 $1.9907/13/16Imageno est.
500TMNT101$3.9903/11/20IDWno est.
501Image Firsts Oblivion Song1$1.0008/07/19Imageno est.
502Life of Captain Marvel1$4.9908/29/18Marvelno est.
503D Ward3$4.9908/12/20Keenspotno est.
504Invaders1$4.9901/16/19Marvelno est.
505Boys Dear Becky2 $3.9907/01/20Dynamiteno est.
506Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality5$3.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
507Zero Day Threat3$3.9508/26/20Red 5no est.
508Amazing Spider-Man30$3.9910/30/19Marvelno est.
509Immortal Hulk10$3.9904/24/19Marvelno est.
510Shadow Roads9$3.9907/29/20Onino est.
511Image Firsts Paper Girls1$1.0007/13/16Imageno est.
512Gwenpool3$3.9906/22/16Marvelno est.
513John Carpenters Tales Scifi Vortex 22$3.9907/29/20Storm Kingno est.
514Miles Morales Spider-Man10$4.9910/23/19Marvelno est.
515Powers of X1 4th Silva$5.9910/02/19Marvelno est.
516Image Firsts Gideon Falls1 $1.0008/07/19Imageno est.
517Loki2$3.9909/18/19Marvelno est.
518Hellfighter Quin4$3.9908/12/20Mad Caveno est.
519Incredible Hulk182 Facs. Ed.$3.9903/25/20Marvelno est.
520Iron Man 20205$4.9907/29/20Marvelno est.
521Monsters Unleashed1$4.9901/18/17Marvelno est.
522Marvel Rising Ms. Marvel Squirrel Girl1$5.9908/01/18Marvelno est.
523Conan Battle For Serpent Crown3$3.9907/15/20Marvelno est.
524Immortal Hulk9$3.9904/24/19Marvelno est.
525Image Firsts Invincible1$1.0012/03/14Imageno est.
526Marvel Monsters1$4.9908/28/19Marvelno est.
527Image Firsts Wytches1$1.0012/31/14Imageno est.
528Wolverine1$7.9902/19/20Marvelno est.
529Generations Morales & Parker Spider-Man1$4.9910/25/17Marvelno est.
530Tales of a Well Hung Man1$3.5007/15/20Gumbyno est.
531Year Zero3$3.9907/15/20AWAno est.
532Spider-Man Life Story2$4.9907/24/19Marvelno est.
533Silver Surfer Black1$3.9906/12/19Marvelno est.
534Tarot Witch of the Black Rose122 Litho Ed.$19.9908/05/20Broadswordno est.
535Star Wars50$5.9908/08/18Marvelno est.
536Avengers10$5.9901/02/19Marvelno est.
537Bug Bites1$3.9908/26/20Source Pointno est.
538Strange Adventures2$4.9906/17/20DCno est.
539All New Hawkeye1 Blank Ed.$3.9903/04/15Marvelno est.
540Image Firsts Deadly Class1 $1.0004/30/14Imageno est.
541Spider-Man Life Story4$4.9907/17/19Marvelno est.
542Horror Comics3 Skinless$9.9908/19/20Antarcticno est.
543Journey Star Wars Rise Skywalker Allegiance1$4.9910/09/19Marvelno est.
544Red Sonja Age of Chaos5$3.9907/15/20Dynamiteno est.
545Green Lantern 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect1$9.9906/24/20DCno est.
546Something Is Killing the Children8$3.9907/08/20Boomno est.
547Image Firsts Rat Queens1 $1.0004/30/14Imageno est.

August 2020 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Diamond's graphic novel sales for the month can be found here. There is also some information from UCS on our DC page