September 2020 Comics Sales through Diamond

Projections for Comics Ordered by North American Comics Shops
from Diamond Comic Distributors

This data refers to sales by Diamond. Click to see those from DC's distributors and the Overall market.

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After the spring Coronavirus pandemic shutdown and DC's July departure for distributors Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors, Diamond finally returned to publishing monthly sales charts in August, but without indexed order numbers, monthly and annual comparative data, and market shares. For September, Diamond brought back market shares, a vital addition that makes some additional estimates possible.

Comichron projects that Diamond shipped approximately 5.6 million comic books, graphic novels, and magazines to its North American accounts in September 2020, and while it isn't possible to precisely parse out what portion are comics, historical performance of the individual publishers tells us that the comics portion would be over 5 million copies, but not much over.

That figure is significant on a couple of scores. First, Diamond shipped 5.92 million comics in March 2020 before the shutdown, a figure that reduces to around 4.3 million when you remove DC from the mix. So that would suggest an increase of more than 10% in unit sales volume over March — and that's on fewer new comics releases. Diamond's publishers, not counting DC, released 303 new issues in September; back in March, that figure was 383 new issues.

March saw a release count spike, however, as publishers and Diamond tried to get what was printed out as shutdowns loomed, so here's how things compared with the previous September. September 2019 — which had one fewer New Comics Day than September 2020 — had new comics sales of 7.57 million copies on 443 new releases, figures that reduce to 360 new issues to around 5.3 million copies without DC. So Diamond publishers exclusive of DC were still nearing their 2019 unit sales levels for comic books, on about 20% fewer new releases. The pandemic may have reduced output, but as of September 2020, it did not appear to have reduced overall demand.

Venom #28 was the top seller from Diamond, with Donny Cates' Thor #28 in third; James Tynion IV's Department of Truth #1 placed seventh. X of Swords: Creation #1 was the top dollar book and the second-place one overall.

The September numbers found Marvel leading Image about 5.9-to-1 in units and about 5.2-to-1 in dollars; that's actually a lesser margin than Marvel led Image by in March 2020. The difference then was closer to 7.6-to-1 in units and 6.4-to-1 in dollars. That's likely attributable to Marvel's slate still being somewhat smaller than usual post-pandemic — it had 76 new comics out in September, as compared to 99 in September 2019. Image's new comics slate was at 46 issues, up seven both from March and in the previous September.

DC appears in Diamond's market shares with a negative unit share; that presumably reflects returned copies that came in since summer. A small number of DC comics did make the September chart.

Speaking for Diamond, Geppi Family Enterprises executive Tim Lenaghan said that "September was a fantastic close to third quarter sales for the industry and we continue to see a wide spectrum of publishers pick up momentum in the latter part of 2020." He continued by noting the strong performance of several titles, including Spawn. Issue #310 of that series was reported to have a print run of over 100,000 copies, not counting an 20,000-copy overship.

CHANGES TO THE CHARTS: Diamond released unit and dollar sales rankings for comic books and graphic novels as well as market shares, but did not publish overall market size data or order index numbers for its titles. A major reason why could be found in the charts that did appear: many comics were returnable and major discounting continued, complicating the underlying math going into market size calculations. Returnable comics, marked with asterisks in the chart below, represented 116 entries out of the Top 500, a major chunk of the month's output. Each usually receives a pre-chart reduction of 10% in units, so already many entries are out of place compared with what really went to market.

In the absence of order index numbers, Comichron has supplemented the chart with its own projections, using a variety of resources to establish estimated sales levels.

We again drew upon a subset of known retail orders to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases, but added weight was given in September's report to other factors, including information from publishers, historical tracking, and the relationship between Diamond's unit and dollar sales rankings in cases where there did not appear to be discounting or returnability impacting the placements.

The newly returned market shares also helped, as they provide a cap on the number of units that Diamond could have shipped. In addition, several publishers whose shares Diamond published have little graphic novel activity (or none, yet, in the case of newcomer Artists Writers and Artisans, abbreviated AWA in the charts below). That fact puts ceilings on the number of units they could have sold, improving estimates in the lower reaches of the charts.

The result is the estimated order ranges you see below. While the ranges differ from the exact figures we've been able to derive in recent years, they could well have been applied to any of our charts before 2003, when Diamond switched from reporting preorders to reporting final orders. They're presented below to underscore that some uncertainty remains.

The rankings below are exactly what Diamond published; the projections are Comichron's.
For each issue, we've provided a range of what we believe are the lower and upper likely limits for an issue's North American shipments. The boundaries have been rounded to the nearest 5,000 for comics we think sold over 75,000 copies, the nearest 500 down to the 10,000-copy level, and 100 copies for items below 1,000 copies. Our best-guess estimates are actually somewhat below the midpoint for each range, with a more generous margin on the high side; our model finds it easier to predict a floor than a ceiling.

Further, we've added to the upper bounds of the ranges for all comics that are marked as returnable in Diamond's charts. That reflects the fact that the true number in circulation would indeed be higher than Diamond's rankings reflect.

Diamond offered six comic books with variants at a different price; below, their sales have been fused and sorted in the rankings near where they would have gone by default. You can find the component versions at the bottom of the chart. Dollar rankings are based on the components' sales, and are unchanged from what Diamond published.

Things to remember: While the relative sales levels of titles we report below depend on information found in Diamond's rankings and market shares, we expect that the true order indexes would differ. Projected sales levels at the highest reaches of the chart are most prone to variation, because there's less data that would establish ceilings for those comics.

It's also the case that the estimates here can be expected to differ from numbers that publishers themselves have on hand, including those that have been announced publicly — including, for example, the Spawn #310 example mentioned above. The Diamond charts have that 10% carve-out for returnable comics, for one thing, and they also report only on the comics shipped from its North American warehouses in the calendar month. Publisher sales to Europe can add a tenth or more to the orders for some titles, but the primary function of distributor reports is to inform retailers of regional supply levels, and most overseas copies never re-enter the North American market.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts. Both are worth knowing, of course, though sell-in tends to be of relatively greater importance in comics than it is in other publishing markets, given comics' nonreturnable nature and their status as a collectible. Orders by retailers represent the "first sale" and are a major determinant of publishing revenue.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 500 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
The estimates for copies shipped are generated by Comichron, not Diamond
, and are ranges based on information provided by publishers as well as other factors described in the text above.
Differently priced variants appear fused together by default near where they'd have ranked if together.
The component variants are sorted to the bottom of the chart by default.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherLo EstimateHi Estimate
21X of Swords Creation1$6.9909/23/20Marvel115,000140,000
53Web of Venom Wraith1$4.9909/09/20Marvel90,000105,000
66Iron Man1$4.9909/16/20Marvel80,00095,000
78Department of Truth1*$3.9909/30/20Image75,00095,000
910Fantastic Four24$3.9909/30/20Marvel75,00090,000
104Marvel Zombies Resurrection1$5.9909/02/20Marvel75,00090,000
119Amazing Spider-Man48$3.9909/09/20Marvel75,00090,000
1319Strange Academy3$3.9909/30/20Marvel70,00085,000
1711Immortal She-Hulk1$4.9909/23/20Marvel60,50072,000
1824Immortal Hulk37$3.9909/16/20Marvel60,50072,000
1926Black Widow1$3.9909/02/20Marvel60,50072,000
2113We Only Find Them When They're Dead1*$3.9909/02/20Boom60,00076,000
2218Giant Size X-Men Storm1$4.9909/16/20Marvel55,50066,000
2528Star Wars6$3.9909/16/20Marvel47,50056,000
2616Rise of Ultraman1$5.9909/09/20Marvel47,00056,000
2927Fantastic Four Antithesis2$4.9909/23/20Marvel40,00048,000
3030Captain Marvel21$3.9909/09/20Marvel40,00048,000
3129Amazing Spider-Man Sins of Norman Osborn1$4.9909/16/20Marvel38,00045,000
3235Star Wars Darth Vader5$3.9909/16/20Marvel33,50040,000
3337Captain America23$3.9909/16/20Marvel33,50040,000
3439Empyre Fallout Fantastic Four1$3.9909/09/20Marvel33,50040,000
3725Giant Size X-Men Tribute Wein Cockrum1$5.9909/30/20Marvel33,00039,000
3933Immortal Hulk Threshing Place1$4.9909/30/20Marvel31,00037,000
4234Immortal Hulk0$4.9909/16/20Marvel28,00033,000
4346Miles Morales Spider-Man18$3.9909/02/20Marvel27,00032,000
4444Star Wars Bounty Hunters5$3.9909/23/20Marvel27,00032,000
4638Empyre Aftermath Avengers1$4.9909/09/20Marvel26,50032,000
4747New Mutants12$3.9909/02/20Marvel26,50031,000
4848Fantastic Four23$3.9909/02/20Marvel26,00031,000
4949Savage Avengers12$3.9909/30/20Marvel24,50029,000
5250You Look Like Death Tales Umbrella Academy1$3.9909/16/20Dark Horse23,00027,000
5358Ice Cream Man20$3.9908/05/20Image22,50027,000
5662Guardians of the Galaxy6$3.9909/02/20Marvel22,50027,000
5766Doctor Doom7$3.9909/23/20Marvel22,00026,000
5865Marvel Zombies Resurrection2$3.9909/30/20Marvel22,00026,000
5956X-Men Marvels Snapshot1$4.9909/16/20Marvel21,50026,000
6060Horizon Zero Dawn2 $3.9909/02/20Titan21,50025,000
6270Star Wars Doctor Aphra4$3.9909/30/20Marvel20,00024,000
6357Something Is Killing Children10*$3.9909/09/20Boom20,00025,000
6659Unkindness of Ravens1*$3.9909/23/20Boom19,00024,000
6769Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee3*$3.9909/02/20Image18,50024,000
7178Captain Marvel18$3.9909/02/20Marvel17,00020,000
7282Spider-Man Noir4$3.9909/23/20Marvel16,50020,000
7373Undiscovered Country8*$3.9909/23/20Image16,50021,000
7467Seven Secrets2*$3.9909/16/20Boom16,00021,000
76n.a.Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn2* (All)$4.9909/23/20Boom16,00020,000
8077Marvels X5$4.9909/30/20Marvel14,50017,000
8171Strange Academy1$4.9903/04/20Marvel14,50017,000
8294Tales of Suspense39 Facs. Ed.$3.9909/23/20Marvel13,50016,000
8381Red Sonja19*$3.9909/02/20Dynamite13,50017,000
8592Strange Academy2$3.9907/08/20Marvel12,50015,000
8891Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team1*$3.9909/09/20Dark Horse12,00015,000
9088Cimmerian People of Black Circle1 $3.9909/02/20Ablaze11,50014,000
92110Falcon & Winter Soldier3$3.9909/30/20Marvel11,50014,000
93n.a.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers54 Foil* (All)$4.9909/30/20Boom11,00014,000
9493Boys Dear Becky5*$3.9909/30/20Dynamite11,00014,000
96111Magnificent Ms. Marvel14$3.9909/09/20Marvel11,00013,000
97105Alien Original Screenplay2$3.9909/02/20Dark Horse11,00013,000
9995Sacred Six2*$3.9909/02/20Dynamite10,50014,000
100106Stranger Things Science Camp1$3.9909/30/20Dark Horse10,50012,000
101119Conan Battle For Serpent Crown5$3.9909/16/20Marvel10,50012,000
10298Grendel Ky1 $3.9909/02/20AWA10,00012,000
10397Once & Future11*$3.9909/16/20Boom10,00013,000
104120Avengers of the Wastelands5$3.9909/02/20Marvel10,00012,000
105104Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici27*$3.9909/09/20Image10,00012,000
106108Gideon Falls25*$3.9909/23/20Image10,00012,000
107125Hawkeye Free Fall6$3.9909/02/20Marvel10,00012,000
10884Vampirella Trial of the Soul One Shot1*$4.9909/16/20Dynamite9,50012,000
109100My Little Pony Transformers2*$3.9909/02/20IDW9,50012,000
11179Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Spec1*$5.9909/09/20Image9,50012,000
11255Firefly Blue Sun Rising0*$7.9909/30/20Boom9,50012,000
113109Mars Attacks Red Sonja2*$3.9909/09/20Dynamite9,20011,600
115112Transformers Vs. Terminator4*$3.9909/30/20IDW9,00011,400
116133Star Wars Bounty Hunters1$3.9903/11/20Marvel9,00010,600
117115Vengeance of Vampirella10*$3.9909/23/20Dynamite8,80011,200
118132Spy Island1$3.9909/02/20Dark Horse8,60010,400
119n.a.Vampire The Masquerade2* (All)$3.9909/09/20Vault8,60011,000
12096Mega Man Fully Charged2*$4.9909/23/20Boom8,60011,000
121117Buffy The Vampire Slayer17*$3.9909/02/20Boom8,60010,800
122118Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow3*$3.9909/09/20Boom8,40010,800
123122Vampirella Red Sonja10*$3.9909/23/20Dynamite8,40010,600
124136Bill & Ted Are Doomed1$3.9909/09/20Dark Horse8,4009,800
125123Dejah Thoris (2019)8*$3.9909/16/20Dynamite8,20010,400
126281True Believers X-Men Havok1$1.0009/16/20Marvel8,0009,600
127124Sonic The Hedgehog31*$3.9909/16/20IDW8,00010,200
128282True Believers X-Men Mister Sinister1$1.0009/02/20Marvel8,0009,600
129126Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars5*$3.9909/30/20IDW7,80010,000
130148Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes5$3.9909/09/20Marvel7,8009,400
131127Sonic The Hedgehog32*$3.9909/23/20IDW7,8009,800
132139Blade Runner 201910 $3.9909/23/20Titan7,8009,200
134147Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy4$3.9909/23/20Dark Horse7,6009,000
135287True Believers X-Men Greycrow1$1.0009/09/20Marvel7,4008,800
137116Lonely Receiver1*$4.9909/02/20Aftershock7,4009,400
141291True Believers X-Men Souldsword1$1.0009/23/20Marvel7,2008,600
142154X-Ray Robot2$3.9909/30/20Dark Horse7,2008,400
143140Canto II Hollow Men2*$3.9909/23/20IDW7,0009,000
145294True Believers X-Men Magik1$1.0009/16/20Marvel7,0008,200
147295True Believers X-Men Wild Child1$1.0009/02/20Marvel6,8008,200
149151Rick and Morty Go to Hell4$3.9909/23/20Oni6,8008,000
150145Transformers 84 Secrets & Lies3*$3.9909/02/20IDW6,8008,600
151101Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious1*$5.9909/02/20Titan6,6008,400
152297True Believers X-Men Saturnyne1$1.0009/23/20Marvel6,6007,800
153153Bitter Root10*$3.9909/02/20Image6,6008,400
154300True Believers X-Men Cypher1$1.0009/16/20Marvel6,6007,800
156302True Believers X-Men Empath1$1.0009/09/20Marvel6,4007,600
157304True Believers X-Men Nanny Orphan Maker1$1.0009/02/20Marvel6,4007,600
159131Miles to Go1*$4.9909/23/20Aftershock6,2008,000
160167Sabrina Something Wicked3$3.9909/23/20Archie6,2007,200
161164Big Girls2*$3.9909/16/20Image6,2007,800
162n.a.Goon12 (All)$3.9909/30/20Albatross6,0007,200
163152Angel & Spike14*$3.9909/23/20Boom6,0007,600
164181Captain Marvel19$3.9908/12/20Marvel6,0007,200
165130Star Trek Hell's Mirror1*$4.9909/02/20IDW6,0007,600
166176Orville: Launch Day1$3.9909/02/20Dark Horse6,0007,000
167168That Texas Blood4*$3.9909/30/20Image5,8007,400
168156Year Zero5$3.9909/30/20AWA5,8007,000
169180Bang3$3.9909/02/20Dark Horse5,8006,800
171173Goddamned Virgin Brides3*$3.9909/23/20Image5,6007,200
172174Sea of Stars6*$3.9909/02/20Image5,6007,200
173162Seven Secrets1$3.9908/12/20Boom5,6006,600
174163G.I. Joe a Real American Hero274*$3.9909/09/20IDW5,4007,000
175165Usagi Yojimbo12*$3.9909/02/20IDW5,4006,800
176169Transformers Galaxies9*$3.9909/09/20IDW5,4006,800
177170Transformers Galaxies10*$3.9909/30/20IDW5,4006,800
178178Low25 *$3.9909/23/20Image5,2006,600
179172Star Trek Year Five14*$3.9909/16/20IDW5,2006,600
180171My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic90*$3.9909/30/20IDW5,2006,600
181192Star Wars Bounty Hunters2$3.9903/25/20Marvel5,2006,000
182183Sea of Stars7*$3.9909/30/20Image5,0006,400
185128Marvel Tales Captain Britain1$7.9909/02/20Marvel5,0005,800
186179Red Mother8*$3.9909/09/20Boom4,8006,200
187166Sex Criminals Sexual Gary Special [*]$4.9909/02/20Image4,8005,800
188182Green Hornet2*$3.9909/09/20Dynamite4,8006,000
189264Bad Mother2 $3.9909/09/20AWA4,8005,600
190187Death to Army of Darkness4*$3.9909/09/20Dynamite4,6006,000
191193Lost Soldiers2*$3.9909/02/20Image4,6005,800
192158Hotline Miami Wildlife1 $4.9909/23/20Behemoth4,6005,400
194196Money Shot8 $3.9909/16/20Vault4,4005,400
195199Black Magick14*$3.9909/23/20Image4,4005,600
196191Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Resistance11*$3.9909/16/20Boom4,4005,600
197216Star Wars Darth Vader3$3.9907/29/20Marvel4,4005,200
198201Nailbiter Returns5*$3.9909/30/20Image4,2005,400
199194Death to Army of Darkness5*$3.9909/30/20Dynamite4,2005,400
200161Invader Zim Quarterly2$5.9909/23/20Oni4,2005,000
201203Bomb Queen Trump Card2*$3.9909/30/20Image4,2005,400
202208Rai (2019)7$3.9909/23/20Valiant4,2005,000
203220Sword Master10$3.9909/02/20Marvel4,2005,000
204206Devils Highway3 $3.9909/16/20AWA4,2005,000
205207Fearless Dawn Meets Hellboy1$3.9909/16/20Albatross4,0004,800
206175Faithless II4 Erotica*$4.9909/16/20Boom4,0005,200
207195Something Is Killing Children8*$3.9909/16/20Boom4,0005,000
208197G.I. Joe8*$3.9909/16/20IDW4,0005,000
209188Zombie Tramp73 $4.9909/09/20Action Lab3,8004,600
210210Savage Dragon252*$3.9909/23/20Image3,8004,800
212200Goosebumps Secrets of the Swamp1*$3.9909/30/20IDW3,8004,800
213202Faithless II4*$3.9909/16/20Boom3,8004,800
215141Spider-Man1 Facs. Ed.$3.9908/19/20Marvel3,6004,400
217231Captain Marvel20$3.9909/23/20Marvel3,6004,200
219177Fearless Dawn Meets Hellboy1 Mignola Cvr$5.9909/16/20Albatross3,6004,200
220209King of Nowhere5*$3.9909/02/20Boom3,4004,400
222212Bleed Them Dry3*$3.9909/16/20Vault3,4004,400
223214Shadow Service2*$3.9909/23/20Vault3,4004,200
224189Sex Criminals SpecialXXX Ed.*$5.6909/02/20Image3,4004,200
225185Head Lopper13*$5.9909/16/20Image3,4004,200
227228Dead Day3$3.9909/16/20Aftershock3,2003,800
228221Archangel 85 $3.9909/23/20AWA3,2003,800
231233Coffin Bound6*$3.9909/02/20Image3,2004,000
232149Batman Maxx Arkham Dreams Lost Year Compendium [*]$7.9909/23/20IDW3,2003,600
233235Batvark Penis One Shot$4.0009/30/20Aardvark-Vanaheim3,0003,600
235239Join The Future5$3.9909/09/20Aftershock3,0003,600
236243Brooklyn Gladiator1 $3.9909/23/20Heavy Metal3,0003,600
239244Old Haunts4 $3.9909/16/20AWA2,8003,400
240257Fishkill1 $3.9909/23/20Heavy Metal2,8003,400
241218Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn1$4.9908/19/20Boom2,8003,400
242241Van Helsing Vs. League Monsters5$3.9909/23/20Zenescope2,8003,200
243261Hidden Society3$3.9909/23/20Dark Horse2,8003,200
244240Voyage to the Stars2*$3.9909/30/20IDW2,6003,400
245248Dead Body Road Bad Blood4*$3.9909/23/20Image2,6003,400
246268Magnificent Ms. Marvel13$3.9903/04/20Marvel2,6003,200
247224Snake Eyes Deadgame1*$4.9909/16/20IDW2,6003,400
248205Belle Ghost & Goblins One Shot$5.9909/02/20Zenescope2,6003,000
251254Nomen Omen9*$3.9909/23/20Image2,6003,200
252242Suneater1 $4.9909/16/20Heavy Metal2,4003,000
253246Judge Dredd False Witness3*$3.9909/30/20IDW2,4003,200
255250Robyn Hood Justice3$3.9909/09/20Zenescope2,4002,800
256263Rogue Planet5 $3.9909/30/20Oni2,4002,800
258217Belle Hearts & Minds One Shot1$5.9909/16/20Zenescope2,4002,800
259262Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Death of Nancy Drew4*$3.9909/02/20Dynamite2,4003,000
260272Horizon Zero Dawn1$3.9908/05/20Titan2,2002,800
261184Tales of Terror Quarterly Hellfire1 $8.9909/30/20Zenescope2,2002,800
262274Finger Guns5$3.9909/16/20Vault2,2002,600
263266George R.R. Martin a Clash of Kings7*$3.9909/23/20Dynamite2,2002,800
264225TMNT Best of Raphael [*]$5.9909/30/20IDW2,2002,600
265267Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics7*$3.9909/09/20IDW2,2002,800
266275On The Stump5*$3.9909/02/20Image2,2002,800
267270Billionaire Island6 $3.9909/16/20Ahoy2,2002,600
268277Disaster Inc3$3.9909/02/20Aftershock2,2002,600
271283Blackwood Mourning After4$3.9909/09/20Dark Horse2,0002,400
272279Pretty Violent9*$3.9909/02/20Image2,0002,600
273n.a.Batman93 (All)$3.9906/24/20DC2,0002,400
274245Mega Man Fully Charged1$4.9908/26/20Boom2,0002,400
275247Conspiracy Black Knights Satellite One Shot$4.9909/02/20Zenescope2,0002,400
276271Arkworld1$7.9909/02/20Devil's Due2,0002,400
277276Wicked Things5*$3.9909/23/20Boom2,0002,600
278259Donald Who Laughs2$4.9909/16/20Keenspot2,0002,400
279n.a.Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween Tales II1 (All)$3.9909/30/20American Mythology2,0002,400
280256Arkworld1 Dlx$9.9909/02/20Devil's Due2,0002,200
283284Stargazer1$3.9909/09/20Mad Cave1,8002,200
284292Artemis & Assassin5$3.9909/30/20Aftershock1,8002,200
285286Broken Gargoyles1 $3.9909/02/20Source Point1,8002,200
287251Knights of the Dinner Table276$5.9909/23/20Kenzer1,8002,200
288265After Realm3*$5.9909/23/20Image1,8002,200
289290Riptide Draken1$3.9509/16/20Red 51,8002,000
290288No Heroine2 $3.9909/02/20Source Point1,8002,000
292280Transformers Vs. Terminator1*$4.9909/09/20IDW1,8002,200
294293Canto & Clockwork Fairies1*$3.9909/09/20IDW1,6002,200
295320Betty & Veronica Friends Forever Good Citizen1$2.9909/16/20Archie1,6002,000
296298Fantastic Four Antithesis1$4.9908/26/20Marvel1,6002,000
299301Niobe She Is Death4$3.9909/02/20Stranger1,6001,800
300260Vlad Dracul3$6.9909/09/20Scout1,6001,800
301310Monster Men2 $3.9909/23/20American Mythology1,6001,800
302313Sweet Heart5 $3.9909/09/20Action Lab1,6001,800
304375Guardians of the Galaxy1$4.9901/22/20Marvel1,4001,800
305296Hedra (One-Shot)$5.9909/02/20Image1,4001,800
306318Gold Digger275$3.9909/30/20Antarctic1,4001,800
307322Carson of Venus Eye of Amtor3$3.9909/16/20American Mythology1,4001,800
308325Shadow Roads10$3.9909/02/20Oni1,4001,800
309324Planet Comics2$3.9909/30/20Antarctic1,4001,800
310330Undiscovered Country7 $3.9908/05/20Image1,4001,600
311314Bug Bites1$3.9908/26/20Source Point1,4001,600
312316Dry Foot1$3.9909/09/20Mad Cave1,4001,600
313317Daredevil Annual1$4.9908/26/20Marvel1,4001,600
314328Zorro Galleon of Dead1$3.9909/09/20American Mythology1,4001,600
316338Amazing Spider-Man46$3.9908/12/20Marvel1,4001,600
317400Star Wars Galaxy's Edge4$3.9909/04/19Marvel1,4001,600
319346Star Wars Darth Vader4$3.9908/12/20Marvel1,4001,600
320331Offworld Sci Fi Double Feature3 $3.9909/30/20Antarctic1,4001,600
321337Backtrack6 $3.9909/02/20Oni1,4001,600
322406Conan Battle For Serpent Crown1$3.9902/05/20Marvel1,2001,600
324334Ash & Thorn5 $3.9909/09/20Ahoy1,2001,400
325333John Carpenters Tales Scifi Vortex 24 $3.9909/30/20Storm King1,2001,400
328343Grumble Memphis & Beyond The Infinite3$3.9909/30/20Albatross1,2001,400
329336It Eats What Feeds It1$3.9909/02/20Scout1,2001,400
330355Star Wars Bounty Hunters4$3.9908/19/20Marvel1,2001,400
331323Fuhrer and the Tramp5$4.9909/02/20Source Point1,2001,400
332342Angela Della Morte Vol. 21$3.9509/30/20Red 51,2001,400
333341Burning Tree One Shot$3.9909/02/20Source Point1,2001,400
338436Giant Size X-Men Jean Grey & Emma Frost1$4.9902/26/20Marvel1,0001,200
339359Cobra Kai Karate Kid Saga Continues1$3.9910/09/19IDW1,0001,200
340353North Bend5$3.9909/02/20Scout1,0001,200
342352Year Zero4$3.9908/26/20AWA1,0001,200
344461Miles Morales Spider-Man10$4.9910/23/19Marvel1,0001,200
346379Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee2$3.9908/05/20Image1,0001,200
347366Xira3$3.9509/23/20Red 51,0001,200
348364Stuff of Legend Call to Arms4$3.9909/09/20Third World1,0001,200
351157Spider-Woman Two-Cover Set1$49.9909/02/20Aspen1,0001,200
3524492020 Force Works1$3.9902/26/20Marvel1,0001,200
353367Hollow2 $3.9909/02/20Source Point1,0001,200
355372Mars Attacks Red Sonja1$3.9908/26/20Dynamite1,0001,200
357305Cimmerian People of Black Circle1 Blank Ed.$10.0009/02/20Ablaze9001,100
359409Spider-Man Noir1$3.9903/04/20Marvel9001,100
360327Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest287$7.9909/23/20Archie9001,100
363503Marvels X2$4.9902/12/20Marvel9001,000
365381Cardinal Dagon2 $3.9909/16/20Behemoth9001,000
367489Sub-Mariner Marvels Snapshot1$4.9903/11/20Marvel8001,000
368504Conan Serpent War4$4.9901/22/20Marvel8001,000
369361Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special1$4.9908/19/20Udon8001,000
370380Batman92 Card Stock$4.9906/10/20DC8001,000
371397Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee1$3.9908/05/20Image8001,000
372487Marvel Tales Silver Surfer1$7.9903/11/20Marvel800900
3744842020 Machine Man1$4.9902/19/20Marvel800900
375384Monstrous Witch Hunt2$3.9909/02/20Source Point800900
376391Something Is Killing Children9$3.9908/12/20Boom800900
377405Star Wars5$3.9908/05/20Marvel700900
378278Spider-Woman1 Turner Ed.$19.9909/02/20Aspen700900
379339B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest284$7.9909/09/20Archie700900
380413Empyre Captain America2$3.9908/12/20Marvel700900
382389Gutter Magic Smoke & Mirrors4$3.9909/02/20Source Point700900
383511Amazing Spider-Man Daily Bugle1$3.9901/29/20Marvel700800
384408Immortal Hulk36$3.9908/12/20Marvel700800
385512Avengers of the Wastelands1$3.9901/29/20Marvel700800
386539Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes3$3.9903/11/20Marvel700800
387497Iron Man 20201$4.9901/15/20Marvel700800
388356Ginseng Roots6$6.0008/26/20Uncivilized700800
389348Vlad Dracul2$6.9908/12/20Scout700800
390395Boys Dear Becky2 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite700800
391541Scream Curse of Carnage5$3.9903/25/20Marvel700800
392448Faithless II1 $3.9906/10/20Boom700800
393416X-Men Fantastic Four4$3.9907/22/20Marvel700800
394582Marvels X3$4.9903/18/20Marvel700800
395407Red Sonja Age of Chaos6$3.9908/12/20Dynamite700800
397396Skylin4$3.9909/02/20Source Point700800
398349World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest103$7.9909/30/20Archie700800
399398Backfired2 $3.9909/02/20Source Point700800
400433Empyre Captain America3$3.9908/26/20Marvel700800
401425Magnificent Ms. Marvel11$3.9902/12/20Marvel600800
403533Marvel Tales Wolverine1$7.9902/12/20Marvel600800
404557Atlantis Attacks3$3.9903/18/20Marvel600800
407410Mighty Morphin Power Rangers53$3.9908/26/20Boom600700
408404Zero Day Threat4$3.9509/09/20Red 5600700
409403Danger Devil3$3.9909/02/20Source Point600700
410546Gwen Stacy2$3.9903/11/20Marvel600700
411545Devils Highway1 $3.9907/01/20AWA600700
412351Archie Milestones Jumbo Digest10$7.9909/02/20Archie600700
413435Empyre Avengers3$3.9908/26/20Marvel600700
414574Vampire The Masquerade1$3.9908/05/20Vault600700
415354Archie Jumbo Comics Digest313$7.9909/16/20Archie600700
416415Locke & Key In Pale Battalions Go1$3.9908/26/20IDW600700
417590Marvel Avengers Hulk1$3.9902/05/20Marvel600700
420550Fantastic Four Marvels Snapshot1$4.9903/25/20Marvel600700
422552Scream Curse of Carnage2$3.9912/18/19Marvel600700
423424Transformers Vs. Terminator3$3.9908/19/20IDW600700
425358Vlad Dracul1$6.9907/22/20Scout600700
427428Usagi Yojimbo11$3.9908/05/20IDW600700
428438Doctor Strange6$3.9908/05/20Marvel500700
429399Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween Tales II Carved Bonk Cvr1 Carved Cvr$4.9909/30/20American Mythology500600
430446Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes4$3.9908/05/20Marvel500600
432580Conan Battle For Serpent Crown2$3.9903/04/20Marvel500600
433419Bigs and Tiny2 $3.9909/16/20Black Mask500600
434418Hellfighter Quin5$3.9909/16/20Mad Cave500600
435457Guardians of the Galaxy5$3.9908/05/20Marvel500600
436420Bigs and Tiny3 $3.9909/30/20Black Mask500600
437226Cinema Purgatorio Comp Story Box Set$39.9909/30/20Avatar500600
440464Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider5$3.9908/12/20Marvel500600
441452Negan Lives1 $4.9908/05/20Image500600
442426Norah Vol. 22 $3.9909/02/20Source Point500600
443468Immortal Hulk35$3.9908/26/20Marvel500600
444615Scream Curse of Carnage3$3.9901/29/20Marvel500600
446544Gwen Stacy1$4.9902/12/20Marvel500600
447440Blade Runner 20198 $3.9907/29/20Titan500600
449608Robert E. Howard's Dark Agnes1$3.9902/05/20Marvel500600
450429Empyre Avengers0$4.9906/24/20Marvel500600
451444Mighty Morphin Power Rangers52$3.9907/29/20Boom500500
452432Iron Man 20206$4.9908/26/20Marvel500500
453437White Ash6$3.9908/26/20Scout500500
454401Ninjas & Robots1$4.9908/19/20Keenspot500500
455450Bettie Page2$3.9908/26/20Dynamite400500
456478That Texas Blood3 $3.9908/26/20Image400500
457476Black Cat12$3.9908/05/20Marvel400500
458474Decorum3 $3.9907/22/20Image400500
460462Transformers 84 Secrets & Lies2$3.9908/19/20IDW400500
462652Hawkeye Free Fall2$3.9901/29/20Marvel400500
464453Once & Future10$3.9908/19/20Boom400500
465475That Texas Blood2 $3.9907/29/20Image400500
4664564 Kids Walk Into a Bank1 $3.9901/18/17Black Mask400500
467666Atlantis Attacks2$3.9902/19/20Marvel400500
468845Image Firsts Saga1 $1.0012/12/12Image400500
469495Captain America22$3.9908/19/20Marvel400500
470494Fantastic Four22$3.9908/05/20Marvel400500
471473Marvel Action Avengers11$3.9908/05/20IDW400500
472417Undone By Blood1$4.9902/12/20Aftershock400500
473524Star Wars2$3.9901/29/20Marvel400500
474459Green Hornet1$3.9907/22/20Dynamite400400
476493Spider-Man Noir3$3.9908/26/20Marvel400400
478653Amazing Mary Jane5$3.9902/19/20Marvel400400
479455Amazing Spider-Man45$4.9907/29/20Marvel400400
482635Bad Mother1 $3.9908/05/20AWA300400
483485Marvel Action Spider-Man3$3.9907/29/20IDW300400
484411TMNT Annual 2020$5.9907/29/20IDW300400
486496Star Wars Bounty Hunters3$3.9906/24/20Marvel300400
487421Margo Interg Trash Collector Attack Space Vampire$4.9909/16/20Fantagr.300400
490463Empyre X-Men3$4.9908/12/20Marvel300400
491893Image Firsts Ice Cream Man1 $1.0008/07/19Image300400
492702Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider1$3.9910/24/18Marvel300400
493469X-Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut2$4.9908/26/20Marvel300400
494516Amazing Spider-Man44$3.9907/15/20Marvel300400
495517Captain America21$3.9908/05/20Marvel300400
496519Empyre Captain America1$3.9907/29/20Marvel300400
n.a.80Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn2*$4.9909/23/20Boom9,90012,500
n.a.121Mighty Morphin Power Rangers54*$3.9909/30/20Boom8,20010,400
n.a.138Vampire The Masquerade2*$3.9909/09/20Vault7,1009,000
n.a.114Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn2 Foil*$5.9909/23/20Boom6,2007,900
n.a.137Mighty Morphin Power Rangers54 Foil*$4.9909/30/20Boom5,6007,100
n.a.273Goon12 Card Stock$5.9909/30/20Albatross1,6002,000
n.a.232Vampire The Masquerade2 Foil$9.9909/16/20Vault1,6001,900
n.a.340Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween Tales II1$3.9909/30/20American Mythology1,2001,500
n.a.374Batman93 Card Stock$4.9906/24/20DC8001,000
n.a.326Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween Tales II1 Racy Cvr$9.9909/30/20American Mythology700900

September 2020 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 500 charts, plus any post-#500 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Marvel had a massive graphic novel sale, and there was discounting by others that resulted in many older titles appearing. Monstress Vol. 5, in fourth, was the first title in the Top 10 published in September. As with comics, Diamond did not provide graphic novel order index data; unlike comics, we did not attempt to provide estimates for graphic novel sales.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePrice On sale Publisher
121Marvel Legacy of Jack Kirby Slipcase HC$49.99BacklistMarvel
225Amazing Spider-Man Behind Scenes and Beyond Web HC$49.99BacklistMarvel
353Thanos Infinity Relativity HC$24.99BacklistMarvel
47Monstress Vol. 5$16.9909/30/20Image
546Ms. Marvel HC Vol. 1$34.99BacklistMarvel
612Old Guard Book 2 Force Multiplied$16.9909/16/20Image
7218Punisher Max Vol. 1 In The Beginning$14.99BacklistMarvel
858Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol. 2$34.99BacklistMarvel
979Ms. Marvel HC Vol. 2$34.99BacklistMarvel
1018Immortal Hulk Vol. 7 Hulk Is Hulk$15.9909/02/20Marvel
1111Slaughterhouse Five Original HC$24.9909/16/20Boom
12250New Avengers Vol. 1 Everything Dies$19.99BacklistMarvel
13156X-Men Age of Apocalypse Vol. 2 Reign$34.99BacklistMarvel
1463DC Super Hero Girls Midterms$9.9909/02/20DC
1534Guardians of the Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus HC$125.00BacklistMarvel
16182New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Coll Book 3$34.99BacklistMarvel
17324Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 Graveyard Shift$15.99BacklistMarvel
18321Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 Spiral$16.99BacklistMarvel
19160Man Thing By Steve Gerber Complete Coll Vol. 1$39.99BacklistMarvel
2072Ultimate Marvel Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99BacklistMarvel
2124Umbrella Academy Vol. 3 Hotel Oblivion$19.9909/18/19Dark Horse
22340Hawkeye Vol. 5 All New Hawkeye$15.99BacklistMarvel
2342Daredevil By Chip Zdarsky Vol. 4 End of Hell$15.9909/30/20Marvel
24202X-Men Age of Apocalypse Twilight$34.99BacklistMarvel
25366Captain Marvel Vol. 3 Alis Volat Propriis$12.99BacklistMarvel
263Wolverine Omnibus HC Vol. 1$100.0009/02/20Marvel
2748Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Dark Temple$15.9909/16/20Marvel
2850X-Men Fantastic Four 4X$15.9909/16/20Marvel
2936Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Vol. 8 Threats & Menac$17.9909/02/20Marvel
302Amazing Spider-Man Straczynski Omnibus HC Vol. 2$125.0009/02/20Marvel
311Conan Barbarian Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol. 4$125.0009/23/20Marvel
324Absolute Carnage Omnibus HC$100.0009/23/20Marvel
3327Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$19.9909/23/20Boom
3492Minecraft Vol. 2 Wither Without You$10.9909/02/20Dark Horse
3547Old Guard Book 1 Opening Fire$16.99BacklistImage
36337Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 Original Sin$19.99BacklistMarvel
37167Daredevil By Mark Waid HC Vol. 1$34.99BacklistMarvel
38102Dragon Ball Super Vol. 10$9.9909/02/20Viz
38338Hawkeye Vol. 4 Rio Bravo$17.99BacklistMarvel
4057Pulp HC$16.9907/29/20Image
4156Teen Titans Beast Boy$16.99BacklistDC
42242Guardians of the Galaxy By Jim Valentino Vol. 1$34.99BacklistMarvel
4333Lady Mechanika Vol. 6 Sangre$17.9909/09/20Benitez
4466Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99BacklistDark Horse
46155Giant Size X-Men 40th Anniversary HC$39.99BacklistMarvel
47341Jessica Jones Vol. 2 Alias$19.99BacklistMarvel
4873Dog Man Vol. 9 Grime & Punishment$12.9909/09/20Scholastic
4935Firefly New Sheriff In Verse HC Vol. 1$19.9909/09/20Boom
5044Little Bird Fight For Elders Hope$19.9909/16/20Image
51368Nova Vol. 3 Nova Corpse$16.99BacklistMarvel
5265Death or Glory Vol. 2$16.9909/02/20Image
53351Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 2$19.99BacklistMarvel
54349Jessica Jones Vol. 3 Alias$19.99BacklistMarvel
5567Ice Cream Man Vol. 5 Other Confections$16.9909/02/20Image
5615Marvel Portfolio HC Stanley Artgerm Lau$50.0009/16/20Marvel
5762Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 Dallas$17.99BacklistDark Horse
58236Little Marvel Standee Punch-Out Book$24.99BacklistMarvel
59116My Hero Academia Vol. 25$9.9909/30/20Viz
60277Daredevil By Frank Miller Vol. 3$29.99BacklistMarvel
61359Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 4 Avx$19.99BacklistMarvel
61385New Avengers Vol. 6 Revolution$14.99BacklistMarvel
6397Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00BacklistMarvel
6422Godzilla Half Century War HC$29.9909/02/20IDW
6519Silver Surfer Epic Collection Resurrection$44.9909/09/20Marvel
66106Outer Darkness Chew$12.9909/09/20Image
67361Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 Unstoppable$19.99BacklistMarvel
68266Oz HC Emerald City of Oz$24.99BacklistMarvel
695Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol. 22$100.0009/16/20Marvel
70374Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide Vol. 2$17.99BacklistMarvel
7182Ghost Rider Vol. 2 Hearts of Darkness II$17.9909/09/20Marvel
7260TMNT Reborn Vol. 1 From The Ashes$19.9909/02/20IDW
7361Avengers Vibranium Collection Slipcase HC$200.00BacklistMarvel
7491Gunning For Ramirez Vol. 1$16.9909/30/20Image
756Black Widow Strikes Omnibus HC$100.0009/02/20Marvel
76215Batman Dark Knight Returns Book & Mask Set$39.99BacklistDC
77179Star Wars Droids and Ewoks Omnibus HC Droids Cvr$75.00BacklistMarvel
78282Mighty Thor Prem HC Thunder In Her Veins Vol. 1$24.99BacklistMarvel
79316Guardians of the Galaxy By Jim Valentino Vol. 3$34.99BacklistMarvel
8090Batman The Killing Joke HC$17.9909/11/19DC
80137Mtsyry Octobriana 1976 One Shot$10.0009/30/20Adhouse
8226Boys Omnibus Vol. 1$29.9903/20/19Dynamite
8337Old Man Hawkeye Complete Collection$29.9909/02/20Marvel
84358Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 5$24.99BacklistMarvel
85146Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 16$9.9909/02/20Viz
8645James Bond Reflections of Death HC$24.9909/16/20Dynamite
8788Blade Runner 2019 Vol. 2 Off World$16.9909/16/20Titan
88222Seen Original Edmonia Lewis$5.9909/23/20Boom
89293Big Thunder Mountain Railroad HC$24.99BacklistMarvel
90307X-Men Age of Apocalypse Vol. 3 Omega$34.99BacklistMarvel
9186Runaways By Rainbow Rowell Vol. 5 Cannon Fodder$19.9909/09/20Marvel
92108Black Cat Vol. 2 on the Run$15.9909/02/20Marvel
9313Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk HC Vol. 14$75.0009/23/20Marvel
94363Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5 Ghost Box$24.99BacklistMarvel
95112Valkyrie Jane Foster Vol. 2 At The End of All Things$15.9909/23/20Marvel
96304Oz HC Wonderful Wizard of Oz$24.99BacklistMarvel
97148My Hero Academia Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz
9823Legend of Korra Ruins of Empire Library Ed HC$39.9909/09/20Dark Horse
99393Nova Vol. 6 Homecoming$16.99BacklistMarvel
99170Secret Wars HC$50.00BacklistMarvel
101117Avengers of the Wastelands$15.9909/16/20Marvel
101394Punisher Max Vol. 11 Girls In White Dresses$16.99BacklistMarvel
103139Secret Wars Last Days of Marvel Universe HC$75.00BacklistMarvel
10469DC Poster Portfolio Francesco Mattina$24.9909/09/20DC
104173Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee Vol. 1 Prelude$9.9906/24/20Image
10694Dark Nights Metal$19.9901/23/19DC
107109Tartarus Vol. 1$16.9909/30/20Image
10830Avengers West Coast Epic Collection Tales to Astonish$39.9909/23/20Marvel
109140Oz Omnibus HC$125.00BacklistMarvel
110158One Punch Man Vol. 21$9.9909/30/20Viz
111144Aggretsuko HC Vol. 1 Metal to the Max$11.9909/30/20Oni
112181Spider-Man Spider-Verse Spider-Women$9.9909/16/20Marvel
113342Daredevil By Brubaker and Lark UltimateColl Book 2$29.99BacklistMarvel
114103Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 12$16.9909/02/20Boom
114125Tarot Avengers Defenders$15.9909/02/20Marvel
11654Batman The Long Halloween$29.99BacklistDC
116387Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 5 Through Looking Glass$19.99BacklistMarvel
118399Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide Vol. 4$15.99BacklistMarvel
118194Spawn Origins Vol. 1 (New Ptg)$9.9905/01/19Image
120111Mueller Report HC Gn$15.9909/16/20IDW
1219Cloak and Dagger Omnibus HC Vol. 1$100.0009/02/20Marvel
12270Be Gay Do Comics$24.9909/02/20IDW
12399Critical Role Vol. 2 Vox Machina Origins$19.9907/29/20Dark Horse
12429Tomb of Dracula Complete Collection Vol. 4$44.9909/02/20Marvel
12510X-Men Grand Design Omnibus HC$100.0009/16/20Marvel
126110Critical Role Vol. 1 Vox Machina Origins$19.9910/16/19Dark Horse
127175Disney Princess Gleam Glow & Laugh$10.9909/30/20Dark Horse
128391Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 2$19.99BacklistMarvel
129404Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide Vol. 8$15.9906/20/18Marvel
129164Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Secret Thing$12.9909/30/20Marvel
13141Daredevil Elektra Love & War Gallery Edition HC$39.9909/02/20Marvel
13231Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Empire Vol. 6$44.9909/16/20Marvel
133398Contest of Champions Vol. 1 Battleworld$19.99BacklistMarvel
134408Astonishing X-Men Vol. 7 Monstrous$16.99BacklistMarvel
135356New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Coll Book 2$34.99BacklistMarvel
135136Sonata Vol. 2 Citadel$16.9909/16/20Image
137439Ultimate X-Men Vol. 7 Blockbuster$12.99BacklistMarvel
13875Kent State Four Dead In Ohio Gn$24.9909/16/20Abrams
13938True Lives Fabulous Killjoys California Library Ed HC$39.9909/02/20Dark Horse
1408Spider-Man Ben Reilly Omnibus HC Vol. 2$125.0009/23/20Marvel
141444Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 10 Hollywood$12.99BacklistMarvel
142365Deadpool Classic Vol. 15 All Rest$34.99BacklistMarvel
14364Cruel Summer HC$34.9908/12/20Image
144411Planet Hulk Warzones$17.99BacklistMarvel
145147Betty & Veronica Bond of Friendship Original Gn$14.9909/02/20Archie
146163Vampironica New Blood$12.9909/23/20Archie
147380Shield Secret History$29.99BacklistMarvel
14768Star Wars Age of Resistance HC$34.9909/09/20Marvel
149128Batman White Knight$19.9910/03/18DC
149165Beastars Vol. 8$12.9909/16/20Viz
149197Gudetama HC Adulting for the Lazy$9.9909/30/20Oni
149153Marvels Spider-Man Black Cat Strikes$15.9909/16/20Marvel
15328Black Hammer Library Ed HC Vol. 2$49.9909/23/20Dark Horse
153145Lucy Claire Redemption$16.9909/16/20Image
155417Wolverine Max Vol. 2 Escape to La$17.99BacklistMarvel
156421Ultimate End$16.99BacklistMarvel
15785Batman Who Laughs HC$29.9908/28/19DC
158176Spawn Origins Vol. 2$14.99BacklistImage
15977Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Great Power$34.9903/25/20Marvel
159300Muppets Omnibus HC Langridge Cvr$59.99BacklistMarvel
161151Heathen Vol. 3$14.9909/09/20Vault
16251Umbrella Academy Library Edition HC Vol. 3 Hotel Oblivion$39.9909/30/20Dark Horse
163207Invader Zim Best of World Domination$9.9909/30/20Oni
164407Empress Book 1$19.99BacklistMarvel
165403Avengers Vision and Scarlet Witch$19.99BacklistMarvel
16671Boys Omnibus Vol. 2$29.9906/12/19Dynamite
166169Way of the Househusband Vol. 4$12.9909/16/20Viz
16895Bear Original HC$24.9909/02/20Boom
169419Future Imperfect Warzones$17.99BacklistMarvel
170370Captain America Vol. 1 Marvel Knights$34.99BacklistMarvel
171154March Book 1$14.95BacklistIDW
171373X-Men Age of Apocalypse Dawn$34.99BacklistMarvel
173105Blackhand & Ironhead HC Vol. 1$24.9909/16/20Image
17481Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 Library HC Vol. 1$29.9909/16/20Boom
175427Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 3$16.99BacklistMarvel
176216Chainsaw Man Vol. 1$9.9909/30/20Viz
176435Marvel Zombies Vol. 3$15.99BacklistMarvel
178232Monstress Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage
178412Spider-Man Fantastic Spider-Man$19.99BacklistMarvel
178219Star Wars Adventures Vol. 10 Driving Force$9.9909/16/20IDW
181350Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 4$34.99BacklistMarvel
182325Daredevil By Mark Waid HC Vol. 4$34.99BacklistMarvel
182141Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes 30th Anniv Ed$19.9910/24/18DC
18483Tenacious D Post Apocalypto HC Jack Black Kyle Gass$29.9909/16/20Fantagraphics
185135Witchfinder Vol. 6 Rein of Darkness$19.9909/23/20Dark Horse
186410All New Ghost Rider Vol. 2 Legend$19.99BacklistMarvel
18755Spider-Man Gauntlet Complete Collection Vol. 2$44.9909/23/20Marvel
18843Comp Witchblade HC Vol. 1$49.9909/02/20Image
188436Modok Assassin$16.99BacklistMarvel
18852Royal City HC Vol. 1 Complete Collection$44.9909/16/20Image
191355Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 0 Dont Call It Team Up$34.99BacklistMarvel
19278Boys Omnibus Vol. 3$29.9907/31/19Dynamite
193441Captain America Mighty Avengers Vol. 2 Last Days$15.99BacklistMarvel
194172Star Wars Rise of Kylo Ren$15.9907/29/20Marvel
195245Saga Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage
195416Ultimate Comics Ultimates By Hickman Vol. 1$19.99BacklistMarvel
197381Deadpool Classic Vol. 14 Suicide Kings$34.99BacklistMarvel
197177Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 or Is He Both$15.9911/21/18Marvel
199133Magicians New Class$19.9909/16/20Boom
200166Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99BacklistDC
20174X-Men Reload$39.9909/16/20Marvel
20259Conan Chronicles Epic Collection Horrors Beneath Stones$44.9909/30/20Marvel
203447Drax Vol. 1 Galaxys Best Detective$15.99BacklistMarvel
204422Savage Wolverine Vol. 4 Best There Is$19.99BacklistMarvel
205126Venom Rex Marvel Select HC$24.9909/30/20Marvel
206406Deadpool Worlds Greatest Vol. 1 Millionaire With Mouth$15.99BacklistMarvel
206423Fallen Son Death of Captain America$19.99BacklistMarvel
206183Monstress Vol. 2$16.99BacklistImage
20949Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 5$49.9907/01/20Dark Horse
20989Sailor Moon Eternal Ed Vol. 9$27.9909/02/20Random House
211413Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3 Ragnarok Now$19.99BacklistMarvel
212455Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 15 Silver Sable$15.99BacklistMarvel
213199Danganronpa Another Episode Vol. 2 Ultra Despair Girls$12.9909/23/20Dark Horse
214161Roald Dahl Witches Vol. 1$14.9909/09/20Scholastic
215453Deadpools Secret Secret Wars$15.99BacklistMarvel
21620Ditko Is Strange King-Size HC$100.0009/30/20Marvel
217185Baby Sitters Club Color Ed Vol. 8 Logan Likes$12.9909/09/20Scholastic
217390Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol. 3$29.99BacklistMarvel
219448Hail Hydra$16.99BacklistMarvel
21940Irredeemable Omnibus Sc$49.9909/23/20Boom
219292Women of Power Standee Punch Out Book HC$24.99BacklistMarvel
222354Pokemon Sun & Moon Vol. 8$4.9909/09/20Viz
22317Heroes Reborn Return Omnibus HC$125.0009/09/20Marvel
224261Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage
225107Harleen HC$29.9902/05/20DC
226193Batman Year One Deluxe Sc$14.99BacklistDC
227346Deadpool By Posehn and Duggan HC Vol. 4$34.99BacklistMarvel
228440Uncanny Inhumans Vol. 1$17.99BacklistMarvel
229192Ice Cream Man Vol. 1 Rainbow Sprinkles$16.9906/20/18Image
229464New Avengers Vol. 4 Collective$14.99BacklistMarvel
231461Punisher Born$14.99BacklistMarvel
232431Thor Black Galaxy Saga$19.99BacklistMarvel
233132Doomsday Clock HC Part 02 With Slipcase$24.9906/24/20DC
234100Five Years Omnibus Sc$29.9909/09/20Abstract
235442Ult Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol. 2$19.99BacklistMarvel
236157Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 1 Vader$19.99BacklistMarvel
237445Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows$17.99BacklistMarvel
237188Welcome to Succubus High Vol. 1$13.9909/16/20Seven Seas
239122Collected Toppi HC Vol. 4$24.9909/23/20Magnetic
240396Daredevil Typhoids Kiss$34.99BacklistMarvel
241274Gideon Falls Vol. 1 Black Barn$9.9910/17/18Image
242490Ultimate X-Men Vol. 5 Ultimate War$10.99BacklistMarvel
244240My Hero Academia Vol. 3$9.99BacklistViz
245115Absolute Carnage$29.9901/08/20Marvel
245168Jim Henson Labyrinth Coronation Vol. 2$16.9909/16/20Boom
247437All New Captain America Vol. 1 Hydra Ascendant$19.99BacklistMarvel
248162V For Vendetta$19.99BacklistDC
248101X-Men Milestones Second Coming$34.9909/16/20Marvel
250414Marvel Masterworks Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3$24.99BacklistMarvel
251259Dr Stone Vol. 13$9.9909/02/20Viz
252258Spy X Family Vol. 2$9.9909/02/20Viz
253360Marvel Masterworks Captain America HC Vol. 1$49.99BacklistMarvel
255389Spider-Man Vol. 1 Tombstone$34.99BacklistMarvel
256432All New X-Men Vol. 5 One Down$19.99BacklistMarvel
257262Rai (2019) Vol. 1$9.9909/16/20Valiant
258114Slaine Horned God Coll Ed$24.99BacklistPocket
259104Buffy Vampire Slayer Legacy Edition Vol. 2$29.9909/30/20Boom
260424Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 3$19.99BacklistMarvel
261409Civil War Marvel Universe$24.99BacklistMarvel
26114Marvel Classics Comics Omnibus HC$150.0009/30/20Marvel
263131Venus In Blind Spot HC Junji Ito$22.9908/19/20Viz
264285Undiscovered Country Vol. 1$9.9907/08/20Image
26580House of X Powers of X$44.9908/26/20Marvel
266458Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6 Venom$15.99BacklistMarvel
267372Write Your Own Marvel$14.9910/23/19Marvel
268418Deadpool Vol. 3 X Marks Spot$15.99BacklistMarvel
269210Yuuna & Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 10$12.9909/16/20Seven Seas
270268Best of Archie Christmas Classics$9.9909/30/20Archie
271226Now #9 New Comics Anthology$12.99BacklistFantagraphics
272466Extraordinary X-Men Vol. 1 X-Haven$15.99BacklistMarvel
27396X-Men Avengers Onslaught Vol. 2$39.9909/30/20Marvel
274190Batman Ego and Other Tails$17.99BacklistDC
275217Monstress Vol. 3$16.99BacklistImage
276118Avengers By Hickman Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.9908/26/20Marvel
277449Daken X-23 Collision$19.99BacklistMarvel
278468Deadpool Vol. 4 Monkey Business$15.99BacklistMarvel
278203Steven Universe Vol. 8$14.9909/02/20Boom
280195Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 1 Imperial Mach$17.9911/22/17Marvel
28187Five Years Omnibus HC$39.9909/09/20Abstract
282272One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz
283305Die Vol. 1 Fantasy Heartbreaker$9.9906/05/19Image
28316Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus HC Vol. 2$150.0009/23/20Marvel
283271My Hero Academia Vol. 5$9.99BacklistViz
286443Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide Vol. 9$19.9912/12/18Marvel
286467Ant-Man Vol. 1 Second Chance Man$15.99BacklistMarvel
286430Return of Living Deadpool$16.99BacklistMarvel
286460Silver Surfer Vol. 3 Last Days$17.99BacklistMarvel
290200Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 4 Venom Island$17.9907/22/20Marvel
291204Death Note Black Ed Vol. 1$14.99BacklistViz
291209East of West Vol. 10$16.9907/22/20Image
293456Superior Iron Man Vol. 2 Stark Contrast$19.99BacklistMarvel
294279My Hero Academia Vol. 4$9.99BacklistViz
295281Disney Pixars Incredibles 2 Vol. 3 Slow Burn$10.9909/23/20Dark Horse
295425Doctor Strange Dont Pay Ferryman$24.99BacklistMarvel
297400Civil War Heroes For Hire Thundebolts$34.99BacklistMarvel
297291Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 17$9.9909/30/20Viz
29976Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$49.9902/27/19Dark Horse
299229Dragon Prince Vol. 1 Through Moon$12.9909/30/20Scholastic
301438Deadpool Vs. Carnage$16.99BacklistMarvel
302478White Tiger Heros Compulsion$14.99BacklistMarvel
303142Batman Damned HC$29.9909/04/19DC
304287My Hero Academia Vol. 24$9.9907/01/20Viz
304233Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1$12.99BacklistViz
304212X-Men By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1$17.9906/03/20Marvel
307475Astonishing X-Men Vol. 2 Dangerous$14.99BacklistMarvel
307299Fly Me to Moon Vol. 1$9.9909/09/20Viz
307474Spider-Woman Vol. 1 Baby Talk$15.99BacklistMarvel
310428X-Men Vs. Avengers and Fantastic Four$24.99BacklistMarvel
311429Avengers Vs. X-Men Vs. Avx$24.99BacklistMarvel
311473Original Sin Hulk Vs. Iron Man$16.99BacklistMarvel
313124Boys Omnibus Vol. 4$29.9909/18/19Dynamite
314477Punisher Max Vol. 5 The Slavers$15.99BacklistMarvel
315446Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 4$19.99BacklistMarvel
316491Deadpool Vol. 9 Institutionalized$15.99BacklistMarvel
316184Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome to Lovecraft$19.99BacklistIDW
316482Ultimates Vol. 1$12.99BacklistMarvel
319269Owly Color Ed Vol. 2 Just a Little Blue$10.9909/09/20Scholastic
320227Bitter Root Vol. 1 Family Business$16.9905/15/19Image
320472Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3 Double Trouble$17.95BacklistMarvel
322223Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 1 Rex$17.9911/21/18Marvel
323297My Hero Academia Vol. 6$9.99BacklistViz
324256Phoebe & Her Unicorn Vol. 12 Virtual Unicorn Experience$11.9909/09/20Pocket
325327Killadelphia Vol. 1 Sins of the Father$9.9907/08/20Image
32639Atlas At War HC$65.0009/09/20Naval Institute
326239Immortal Hulk Vol. 2 Green Door$15.9902/13/19Marvel
326426Thor Vol. 1 Goddess of Thunder$19.99BacklistMarvel
329343Middlewest Book 1$9.9905/22/19Image
330243Gideon Falls Vol. 3 Stations of the Cross$16.9910/16/19Image
330228Monstress Vol. 4$16.9909/25/19Image
330312Splatoon Manga Vol. 10$9.9909/09/20Viz
333471Deadpool Ones With Deadpool$15.99BacklistMarvel
334241Sue & Tai Chan Vol. 1$12.9909/09/20Random House
335159Smashed Junji Ito Story Collection HC$22.9905/01/19Viz
336452Deadpool Flashbacks$19.99BacklistMarvel
336487Punisher Max Vol. 3 Mother Russia$14.99BacklistMarvel
338454Avengers Prime$16.99BacklistMarvel
339174Batman a Death In The Family$24.99BacklistDC
339313Dr Stone Vol. 12$9.9907/22/20Viz
341463Civil War Young Avengers and Runaways$19.99BacklistMarvel
341347Wytches Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage
343379Original Sin$34.99BacklistMarvel
344402Age of Ultron$34.99BacklistMarvel
345234Red Mother Vol. 1$14.9908/26/20Boom
345129Trick R Treat Omnibus$29.9909/23/20Pocket
345127X-Men Epic Collection Proteus$39.9908/26/20Marvel
348134Boys Omnibus Vol. 5$29.9911/13/19Dynamite
349420Power Pack Classic Vol. 3$29.99BacklistMarvel
350247Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 3 Absolute Carnage$15.9902/05/20Marvel
351492Spider-Woman Vol. 2 New Duds$17.99BacklistMarvel
352198Blackwood Vol. 2 Mourning After$19.9909/16/20Dark Horse
353130Jack Kirby Epic Life King of Comics HC$28.9907/08/20Random House
353480Thor First Thunder$16.99BacklistMarvel
355237Gideon Falls Vol. 4$16.9906/17/20Image
356138Boys Omnibus Vol. 6$29.9912/11/19Dynamite
356253Flower of the Witch$14.9909/16/20Dark Horse
358178Adventure Zone Vol. 1 Here There Be Gerblins$19.9907/04/18St. Martins
358488Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos$15.99BacklistMarvel
360450Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol. 5$24.99BacklistMarvel
360119No Longer Human HC Junji Ito$34.9901/08/20Viz
362405Guardians of the Galaxy By Abnett and Lanning Complete Coll Vol. 2$34.99BacklistMarvel
363375Marvel Illustrators Sketchbook$19.9909/25/19Marvel
363289Paper Girls Vol. 5$14.9912/05/18Image
365255Witch Hat Atelier Vol. 6$12.9909/09/20Random House
36698East of West The Apocalypse Year Two HC$49.99BacklistImage
36684House of X Powers of X HC$60.0012/11/19Marvel
368481Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 4$16.99BacklistMarvel
369485Siege Battleworld$16.99BacklistMarvel
370323Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Vol. 2$10.9909/23/20Dark Horse
371152Blacksad Collected Stories Vol. 1$29.9907/22/20Dark Horse
373494Thor By J Michael Straczynski Vol. 3$14.99BacklistMarvel
374275Die Vol. 2 Split The Party$16.9902/05/20Image
374220Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1$19.99BacklistDC
376362Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99BacklistImage
376357Nailbiter Vol. 1 There Will Be Blood$9.99BacklistImage
378238Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 2 Abyss$17.9904/24/19Marvel
379149Out of the Blue Comp HC$29.9907/22/20Aftershock
380189Infinity Gauntlet$24.99BacklistMarvel
380328Paper Girls Vol. 3$12.99BacklistImage
382121East of West The Apocalypse Year One HC$49.99BacklistImage
383376Marvel Masterworks Golden Age All Winners HC Vol. 4$64.99BacklistMarvel
384483Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Vol. 2$17.99BacklistMarvel
384206Life in the Stupidverse$19.9909/30/20IDW
384333Persona 5 Manga Vol. 3$9.9907/22/20Viz
384319Saga Vol. 7$14.99BacklistImage
384143Umbrella Academy Library Edition HC Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$39.9909/11/19Dark Horse
389457Ff Vol. 2 Family Freakout Now$24.99BacklistMarvel
390249Stranger Things Vol. 1 Other Side$17.9905/01/19Dark Horse
391120Acts of Vengeance Marvel Universe$44.9909/23/20Marvel
392326Black Heroes of Wild West SC$9.9909/09/20Toon
393462Avengers K Book 1 Avengers Vs. Ultron$24.99BacklistMarvel
393191Civil War$24.99BacklistMarvel
393330Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 3$9.9911/07/18Viz
396123Heroes Reborn Avengers$44.9909/23/20Marvel
397267Yokai Girls Vol. 11$13.9909/16/20Seven Seas
398459Civil War Fantastic Four$24.99BacklistMarvel
398484Civil War House of M$16.99BacklistMarvel
400496A-Force Presents Vol. 2$14.99BacklistMarvel
401331My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 1$9.9907/04/18Viz
401211Squee$19.95BacklistSlave Labor
403310Tokyo Ghost Vol. 1 Atomic Garden$14.99BacklistImage
404264Batman Vol. 2 The City of Owls$16.99BacklistDC
404286Ice Cream Man Vol. 2 Strange Neapolitan$16.9912/12/18Image
404369Sex Criminals Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage
404497Web Warriors of Spider-Verse Vol. 1 Electroverse$15.99BacklistMarvel
408493All New X-Men Inevitable Vol. 1 Ghosts of Cyclops$15.99BacklistMarvel
408171Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99BacklistMarvel
410395Marvels Ca Civil War Art of Movie Slipcase HC$50.00BacklistMarvel
411113Critical Role HC Vol. 1 Chronicles of Exandria Mighty Nein$44.9906/10/20Dark Horse
411382Doctor Strange Oath$19.99BacklistMarvel
413248John Carpenters Night Terrors Graveyard Moon$14.9909/09/20Storm King
414251Manga Yokai Stories Gn$14.9909/23/20ING
414273Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 3 a Dish Best Served Cold$14.9909/30/20Oni
416246Breathless$16.9909/02/20Black Mask
416280Lightfall Vol. 1 Girl & Galdurian$12.9909/02/20HarperCollins
416397Road to Marvels Avengers Age of Ultron Art Slipcase HC$49.99BacklistMarvel
416302Snotgirl Vol. 3 Is This Real Life$15.9905/20/20Image
420252Animal Farm Gn$14.9909/02/20HOU
420224March Book 2$19.95BacklistIDW
42222520th Century Boys Vol. 9 Perfect Ed Urasawa$19.9909/16/20Viz
423213Jojos Bizarre Adv 1 Phantom Blood HC Vol. 1$19.99BacklistViz
423386Marvels Postcard Book HC$19.9908/28/19Marvel
423367Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99BacklistImage
426371Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Don't Care$9.99BacklistImage
427364Infinity War Aftermath$39.99BacklistMarvel
428339One Punch Man Vol. 2$9.99BacklistViz
428335Saga Vol. 6$14.99BacklistImage
430392Marie & Worrywart Gn$5.0009/30/20Silver Sprocket
431415Howard The Duck Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99BacklistMarvel
431433Weirdworld Warriors of Shadow Realm$34.99BacklistMarvel
433377Black Science Vol. 1 How to Fall Forever$9.99BacklistImage
434329Paper Girls Vol. 4$14.9904/04/18Image
434332Saga Vol. 5$14.99BacklistImage
434290Saki Succubus Hungers Tonight Vol. 3$13.9908/05/20Seven Seas
437260Nobody Is In Control$16.9909/09/20Black Mask
437298Saga Vol. 2$14.99BacklistImage
437283Star Wars Darth Maul$16.99BacklistMarvel
440205Adventure Zone Vol. 3 Petals to Metal$19.9907/29/20St. Martins
441294Ancient Magus Bride Alchemists Blue Vol. 1$12.9909/23/20St. Martins
441322Attack On Titan Vol. 1$10.99BacklistRandom House
441296Weathering With You Vol. 1$12.9509/23/20Random House
441295With Dog and Cat Everyday Is Fun Vol. 1$12.9509/02/20Random House
445270Superman Red Son$17.99BacklistDC
446344One Punch Man Vol. 20$9.9907/22/20Viz
447208Adventure Zone Vol. 2 Murder On Rockport Limited$19.9907/03/19St. Martins
448317God Country$16.99BacklistImage
449301Bang Dream Girls Band Party Roselia Stage Manga Vol. 1 (R$12.9909/09/20Tokyopop
449221Black Widow Poster Book$24.9909/23/20Marvel
45193Batman By Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Box Set 1$49.99BacklistDC
451306Beastars Vol. 1$12.9907/17/19Viz
451186Essential Judge Dredd America$25.0009/23/20Pocket
451486Uncanny Avengers Vol. 5 Axis Prelude$19.99BacklistMarvel
455476Civil War Ms. Marvel$19.99BacklistMarvel
455495Guardians of Knowhere$15.99BacklistMarvel
457451Avengers X-Sanction$19.99BacklistMarvel
457288Dawn of X Vol. 7$17.9908/26/20Marvel
457303If Witch Then Which Vol. 1$13.0009/23/20Yen
460378Ascender Vol. 1$9.9910/23/19Image
460501Magneto Vol. 4 Last Days$15.99BacklistMarvel
462465Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 1$19.99BacklistMarvel
462499Ghost Racers$15.99BacklistMarvel
462201Shiver HC Junji Ito$22.9911/29/17Viz
465276Omni Vol. 1 Doctor Is In$14.9909/02/20Humanoids
466315Ice Cream Man Vol. 3 Hopscotch Melange$16.9906/12/19Image
467500All New Doop$16.99BacklistMarvel
467489Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 7$19.99BacklistMarvel
467278Dungeon Critters Sc Gn$14.9909/23/20St. Martins
467308Immortal Hulk Vol. 6$15.9903/18/20Marvel
467336Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99BacklistImage
467401Thanos Infinity Finale Ogn HC$24.99BacklistMarvel
473348Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz
474284Naruto 3In1 Vol. 1$14.99BacklistViz
475502Iron Man & Armor Wars$14.99BacklistMarvel
475334Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 39$10.9909/02/20Random House
477479Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover$15.99BacklistMarvel
477320Middlewest Book 2$16.9911/20/19Image
477263Walking Dead Alien HC$19.9907/29/20Image
480309Destiny Lovers Vol. 3$13.9908/12/20Seven Seas
481314Persona 4 Vol. 12$13.9909/09/20Udon
482498Age of Apocalypse Warzones$16.99BacklistMarvel
482311BL Metamorphosis Vol. 1$12.9909/09/20St. Martins
482214Elfen Lied Omnibus Vol. 4$24.9909/23/20Dark Horse
482254Fragments of Horror HC Junji Ito$17.99BacklistViz
482235Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1$19.99BacklistBoom
487388Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol. 4$17.99BacklistBongo
488434Avengers Iron Man Force Works$39.99BacklistMarvel
488318Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Vol. 1 Know Fear$15.9907/31/19Marvel
488384Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99BacklistMarvel
488231Edgar Allan Poes Snifter of Terror Vol. 2$19.9909/23/20Ahoy
488230Spider-Man Life Story$24.9910/23/19Marvel
493353Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 7$9.9907/03/19Viz
493257Henchgirl 2Nd Ed$19.9909/16/20Dark Horse
493352My Hero Academia Vol. 7$9.99BacklistViz
496150Clover Kodansha HC Omnibus$34.9909/09/20Random House
496345Miles Morales Spider-Man$12.9907/24/19Marvel
498470All New X-Men Vol. 6 Ultimate Adventure$19.99BacklistMarvel
498469Deadpool Firsts$34.99BacklistMarvel
498383I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1 Madly Ever After$9.99BacklistImage
498196Spider-Man Maximum Carnage$29.99BacklistMarvel
502265Brides Story HC Vol. 12$17.0009/23/20Yen