January 2021 DC Comic Book Sales

Projections for DC Comics Ordered by North American Comics Shops

This data refers only to sales by DC's sole distributor, Lunar. Click to see the Overall charts and those from Diamond.

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

With January 2021, DC was again exclusive with just a single Direct Market distributor, as retailers had to order its comics from Lunar Distribution or one of its subdistributors such as Universal Distribution in Canada. UCS Comic Distributors had dropped out of its relationship with DC at the end of 2020. The first month of the new era would coincide with the smallest slate of new DC comics in 30 years.

DC offered just 42 new comic books, not counting variants, in the month, dropping below May 1991's low of 45 new comics. It's six more than the next lowest non-pandemic figure, 36 new issues in December 1990. By contrast, DC had offered 82 new comics in January 2020, before the Coronavirus pandemic. But the actual number of versions of comics released by DC was much higher, with fully 26 out of its 42 new comics having card stock variants. In total, it released 121 variants.

The Future State event replaced almost all of DC's line, in a manner similar to what Marvel did in another January in 1995 with "Age of Apocalypse." Our retail order dataset found that the finale issue Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 garnered the most initial orders, with the Future State versions of Batman and Wonder Woman following closely behind. At $7.99, Future State: The Next Batman #1 appears to have been the top comic book by dollars in initial orders.

Despite the lower number of new releases, the number of units ordered in our retail order dataset improved over December and November levels; it helped that 23 releases, more than half the slate, were all first issues. As a reasult of all the special and first issues, the median cover price of DC's releases went to $4.99, with the average cost weighted by orders hitting $5.60.

While Lunar added a consumer-facing website in December, it still did not report anything about sales. Given the lack of official information, Comichron has drawn upon a subset of known retail orders both to determine approximate rankings and to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases. The subset represents a sizable number of copies; only initial orders for periodicals were examined. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below. Thus, comics like December's Batman/Catwoman #1, which might have charted again on a Diamond-style report, do not reappear.

The chart below features every new comic book released by DC in January 2021. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The release dates are from Lunar.

The order volumes are expressed in relation to Future State: Justice League #1, which has been chosen as the order index issue for DC's distributors this month, as well as for Diamond. Sales below are expressed in relation to that issue. For example, for every 100 copies of Future State: Justice League #1 in the order set, there were 75 copies of DCeased Dead Planet #7.

As noted, DC offered 26 comic books with cardstock variants at a different price; their sales have been fused by default below. You can find the component versions at the bottom of the chart. Dollar rankings are based on the combined sales of the component variants.

Things to remember: A difference of a single point on the chart may not be meaningful, due to rounding; projections for issues at the lower extremes are subject to more error due to the small quantities involved. Projected relative sales levels here are likely most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts.

We also have a page breaking out ship dates for second printings.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all DC items released by Lunar Distribution in the month.
The Order Index Number by each comic book indicates how many copies were ordered within the sample for every 100 Future State: Justice League #1s that were ordered.
Differently priced variants appear fused together by default near where they'd have ranked if together.
The component variants are sorted to the bottom of the chart by default.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherOrder Index
13Dark Nights Death Metal7$5.9901/05/21DC141
21Future State Next Batman1 (All)$7.9901/05/21DC120
37Future State Wonder Woman1 (All)$3.9901/05/21DC117
42Future State Next Batman2 (All)$7.9901/19/21DC108
54Future State Dark Detective1 (All)$5.9901/12/21DC102
65Future State Justice League1 (All)$5.9901/12/21DC100
79Batman Catwoman2$4.9901/19/21DC99
815Future State Teen Titans1 (All)$3.9901/12/21DC83
96Future State Dark Detective2 (All)$5.9901/26/21DC81
108Future State Immortal Wonder Woman1 (All)$5.9901/19/21DC77
1113DCeased Dead Planet7 (All)$4.9901/19/21DC75
1218Future State Harley Quinn1 (All)$3.9901/05/21DC73
1320Future State Flash1 (All)$3.9901/05/21DC69
1412Future State Superman of Metropolis1 (All)$5.9901/05/21DC68
1622Future State Swamp Thing1 (All)$3.9901/05/21DC67
1721Future State Superman Wonder Woman1 (All)$3.9901/12/21DC63
1814Batman Black & White2$5.9901/26/21DC61
1910Future State Superman Worlds of War1 (All)$7.9901/19/21DC57
2026Future State Nightwing1 (All)$3.9901/19/21DC57
2123Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn4$4.9901/26/21DC56
2225Future State Catwoman1 (All)$3.9901/19/21DC55
2327Future State Batman Superman1 (All)$3.9901/26/21DC54
2417Future State Green Lantern1 (All)$5.9901/12/21DC51
2524Strange Adventures8$4.9901/26/21DC51
2611Generations Shattered1$8.9901/05/21DC49
2719Future State Suicide Squad1 (All)$5.9901/26/21DC49
2833Future State Legion of Super-Heroes1 (All)$3.9901/26/21DC46
2935Future State Aquaman1 (All)$3.9901/26/21DC45
3034Future State Shazam1 (All)$3.9901/19/21DC44
3131Future State Robin Eternal1 (All)$3.9901/12/21DC44
3232Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman1 (All)$3.9901/12/21DC44
3329Batman The Adventures Continue8$4.9901/26/21DC43
3437Legion of Super-Heroes12$3.9901/19/21DC39
3536Future State Superman Vs Imperious Lex1 (All)$3.9901/26/21DC37
3628Joker Harley Criminal Sanity7$5.9901/26/21DC36
3730Other History of the DC Universe2$6.9901/26/21DC29
3839American Vampire 19764$3.9901/12/21DC20
3938Last God12$4.9901/26/21DC19
4040Dreaming Waking Hours6$3.9901/05/21DC13
4141Sweet Tooth The Return3$3.9901/12/21DC10
4242Looney Tunes258$2.9901/26/21DC5
n.a.n.a.DCeased Dead Planet7 Regular$4.9901/19/21DC31
n.a.n.a.DCeased Dead Planet7 Card Stock$5.9901/19/21DC44
n.a.n.a.Future State Aquaman1 Regular$3.9901/26/21DC34
n.a.n.a.Future State Aquaman1 Card Stock$4.9901/26/21DC11
n.a.n.a.Future State Batman Superman1 Regular$3.9901/26/21DC41
n.a.n.a.Future State Batman Superman1 Card Stock$4.9901/26/21DC13
n.a.n.a.Future State Catwoman1 Regular$3.9901/19/21DC28
n.a.n.a.Future State Catwoman1 Card Stock$4.9901/19/21DC27
n.a.n.a.Future State Dark Detective1 Regular$5.9901/12/21DC70
n.a.n.a.Future State Dark Detective1 Card Stock$6.9901/12/21DC32
n.a.n.a.Future State Dark Detective2 Regular$5.9901/26/21DC52
n.a.n.a.Future State Dark Detective2 Card Stock$6.9901/26/21DC29
n.a.n.a.Future State Flash1 Regular$3.9901/05/21DC46
n.a.n.a.Future State Flash1 Card Stock$4.9901/05/21DC23
n.a.n.a.Future State Green Lantern1 Regular$5.9901/12/21DC39
n.a.n.a.Future State Green Lantern1 Card Stock$6.9901/12/21DC12
n.a.n.a.Future State Harley Quinn1 Regular$3.9901/05/21DC45
n.a.n.a.Future State Harley Quinn1 Card Stock$4.9901/05/21DC28
n.a.n.a.Future State Immortal Wonder Woman1 Regular$5.9901/19/21DC48
n.a.n.a.Future State Immortal Wonder Woman1 Card Stock$6.9901/19/21DC29
n.a.n.a.Future State Justice League1 Regular$5.9901/12/21DC58
n.a.n.a.Future State Justice League1 Card Stock$6.9901/12/21DC42
n.a.n.a.Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman1 Regular$3.9901/12/21DC24
n.a.n.a.Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman1 Card Stock$4.9901/12/21DC20
n.a.n.a.Future State Legion of Super-Heroes1 Regular$3.9901/26/21DC32
n.a.n.a.Future State Legion of Super-Heroes1 Card Stock$4.9901/26/21DC13
n.a.n.a.Future State Next Batman1 Regular$7.9901/05/21DC66
n.a.n.a.Future State Next Batman1 Card Stock$8.9901/05/21DC54
n.a.n.a.Future State Next Batman2 Regular$7.9901/19/21DC64
n.a.n.a.Future State Next Batman2 Card Stock$8.9901/19/21DC44
n.a.n.a.Future State Nightwing1 Regular$3.9901/19/21DC42
n.a.n.a.Future State Nightwing1 Card Stock$4.9901/19/21DC15
n.a.n.a.Future State Robin Eternal1 Regular$3.9901/12/21DC20
n.a.n.a.Future State Robin Eternal1 Card Stock$4.9901/12/21DC24
n.a.n.a.Future State Shazam1 Regular$3.9901/19/21DC31
n.a.n.a.Future State Shazam1 Card Stock$4.9901/19/21DC13
n.a.n.a.Future State Suicide Squad1 Regular$5.9901/26/21DC31
n.a.n.a.Future State Suicide Squad1 Card Stock$6.9901/26/21DC18
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman of Metropolis1 Regular$5.9901/05/21DC42
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman of Metropolis1 Card Stock$6.9901/05/21DC26
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Vs Imperious Lex1 Regular$3.9901/26/21DC27
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Vs Imperious Lex1 Card Stock$4.9901/26/21DC10
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Wonder Woman1 Regular$3.9901/12/21DC28
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Wonder Woman1 Card Stock$4.9901/12/21DC35
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Worlds of War1 Regular$7.9901/19/21DC40
n.a.n.a.Future State Superman Worlds of War1 Card Stock$8.9901/19/21DC17
n.a.n.a.Future State Swamp Thing1 Regular$3.9901/05/21DC49
n.a.n.a.Future State Swamp Thing1 Card Stock$4.9901/05/21DC18
n.a.n.a.Future State Teen Titans1 Regular$3.9901/12/21DC56
n.a.n.a.Future State Teen Titans1 Card Stock$4.9901/12/21DC27
n.a.n.a.Future State Wonder Woman1 Regular$3.9901/05/21DC93
n.a.n.a.Future State Wonder Woman1 Card Stock$4.9901/05/21DC24

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January 2021 DC Graphic Novel Sales

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Ordered by North American Comics Shops

Comichron did not sample retailer sales data for DC's Direct Market graphic novel sales, and Lunar Distribution did not release any sales data.

There are no major releases in the batch of graphic novels DC did offer in January, so odds are good that December's Wonder Woman: Dead Earth hardcover and November's Batman: Three Jokers hardcover would have continued to appear prominently.

The list of all the graphic novels DC released appears below. DC released 21 new graphic novels in December, ten fewer than in December.

Trade Paperback titlePriceOn salePublisher
100 Bullets Omnibus Vol. 1 HC$150.0001/12/21DC
Batman Adventures Robin The Boy Wonder$9.9901/05/21DC
Batman The Caped Crusader Vol. 5$29.9901/05/21DC
Batman The Chalice$16.9901/12/21DC
Batman The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 4$29.9901/19/21DC
Birds of Prey Hero Hunters$29.9901/12/21DC
Heroes In Crisis The Price And Other Stories$16.9901/12/21DC
House of El Book 1 The Shadow Threat$16.9901/05/21DC
Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe Book 2 New Edition$34.9901/05/21DC
Justice League Dark Vol. 4 A Costly Trick Of Magic$16.9901/26/21DC
Justice League International Book 2 Around The World$29.9901/26/21DC
Justice Society of America The Demise Of Justice HC$39.9901/19/21DC
Legends of the DC Universe Doug Mahnke HC$49.9901/26/21DC
New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 5 HC$84.9901/26/21DC
Superman Kryptonite Nevermore HC$29.9901/26/21DC
Superman The Man Of Steel Vol. 2 HC$49.9901/26/21DC
Titans Burning Rage$16.9901/26/21DC
We Found A Monster$9.9901/12/21DC
Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 5$34.9901/05/21DC
Wonder Woman in the Fifties$34.9901/26/21DC
Young Justice Vol. 3 Warriors And Warlords$16.9901/19/21DC