February 2021 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops

This data combines orders from all Direct Market distributors. Click to see only Diamond and DC's distributor.

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#2 Most Ordered Issue
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February 2020 was the last month before any effects of the COVID-19 pandemic struck the Direct Market, and Februrary 2021 did not much resemble it. DC had left Diamond Comic Distributors in the interim, and new-title slates had grown much smaller. But sales appear nonetheless to have improved. Initial orders for all publishers (including DC) appear to have been around 6 million copies, for a value of between $26 million and $28 million.

Further, February 2021's performance was based on 334 new comics, versus 475 in February 2020. DC's output was just 42 new comics, the same as January and the lowest for a non-shutdown month since December 1990.

Our retail order dataset found TMNT: The Last Ronin #2 from IDW as the top comic book in retail initial orders, leading in quantity ordered despite its $8.99 asking price. The issue appeared multiple times in Diamond's advance reorder and reorder lists, even as the first issue continued to sell. According to reports from the publisher, the issue had a print run of 130,000 copies, making it IDW's largest print run to that point. (The figure likely includes copies that shipped outside the North American market.)

January had seen DC launch the Future State event, replacing most of its series with new ones renumbered at #1; February saw mostly second issues of those series — or third and fourth issues in the case of its apparent top seller, Future State: The Next Batman #3 — and consequently the publisher's initial orders were lower overall. But the month more than likely came out well for DC on balance given that the Joker War Saga hardcover came out, as well as several other significant graphic novel releases. Periodicals aren't the whole story in any month, this one more than others.

Lunar did not release any sales reporting, and by late March, Diamond was in the fourth month of its second pause in monthly report releases. As we did during the first pause in 2020, Comichron has drawn upon a retailer initial order sample to determine approximate unit and dollar sales rankings. The dataset represented a sizable number of copies, from which Comichron was able to determine relative sales volumes — but only the rankings are being shared at this time, and no attempt has been made to rank items beyond 225th place.

No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out. Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below.

The charts feature every new comic book released by Diamond and Lunar in February 2021. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The DC release dates are from Lunar.

Things to remember: As we're not characterizing order levels at this time, ranked comics could be separated by thousands of copies or as little as a single issue. Rankings are most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in. Comichron tracks copies in circulation, a category which includes both copies on retail shelves and in consumers' hands.

You can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year. We also have a page breaking out ship dates for second printings.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This the two lists below include all comic books released by Direct Market Distributors in the month.
Rankings are based on Comichron's retailer inital order sample and do not include reorders.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
11TMNT The Last Ronin2$8.9902/17/21IDW
24King In Black4$4.9902/17/21Marvel
37Star Wars High Republic2$3.9902/03/21Marvel
52Future State Next Batman3 (All)$7.9902/02/21DC
66Batman Catwoman3$4.9902/16/21DC
93Future State Next Batman4 (All)$7.9902/16/21DC
105Future State Dark Detective3 (All)$5.9902/09/21DC
119X-Men Legends1$4.9902/17/21Marvel
1218Future State Wonder Woman2 (All)$3.9902/02/21DC
1319Immortal Hulk43$3.9902/03/21Marvel
1521Radiant Black1$3.9902/10/21Image
1622Amazing Spider-Man59$3.9902/10/21Marvel
1825Star Wars High Republic Adventures1$3.9902/03/21IDW
1926Future State Teen Titans2 (All)$3.9902/09/21DC
208Future State Dark Detective4 (All)$5.9902/23/21DC
2230Star Wars Darth Vader10$3.9902/10/21Marvel
2411Future State Justice League2 (All)$5.9902/09/21DC
2737Star Wars11$3.9902/03/21Marvel
2838Strange Academy8$3.9902/03/21Marvel
3040Amazing Spider-Man60$3.9902/24/21Marvel
3141King In Black Gwenom Vs. Carnage2$3.9902/03/21Marvel
3316Future State Immortal Wonder Woman2 (All)$5.9902/16/21DC
3417Batman Black & White3$5.9902/23/21DC
3529Wolverine Black White Blood3$4.9902/10/21Marvel
3632Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn5$4.9902/23/21DC
3724Future State Superman House Of El1 (All)$5.9902/23/21DC
3849Future State Harley Quinn2 (All)$3.9902/02/21DC
3933King In Black Black Knight1$4.9902/03/21Marvel
4034Immortal Hulk Flatline1$4.9902/17/21Marvel
4150Miles Morales Spider-Man23$3.9902/17/21Marvel
4251Department of Truth6$3.9902/24/21Image
4352Future State Nightwing2 (All)$3.9902/16/21DC
4554Future State Flash2 (All)$3.9902/02/21DC
4655Future State Swamp Thing2 (All)$3.9902/02/21DC
4812Future State Superman Worlds of War2 (All)$7.9902/16/21DC
4957Savage Avengers18$3.9902/17/21Marvel
5028Future State Superman of Metropolis2 (All)$5.9902/02/21DC
5260King In Black Planet of Symbiotes2$3.9902/17/21Marvel
5443King In Black Marauders1$4.9902/03/21Marvel
5562New Mutants16$3.9902/24/21Marvel
5865Stray Dogs1$3.9902/24/21Image
5966Future State Legion Of Super-Heroes2 (All)$3.9902/23/21DC
6067Deep Beyond1$3.9902/03/21Image
6168Future State Batman Superman2 (All)$3.9902/23/21DC
6269Captain Marvel26$3.9902/24/21Marvel
6370Captain America27$3.9902/17/21Marvel
6471Future State Catwoman2 (All)$3.9902/16/21DC
6572Future State Superman Wonder Woman2 (All)$3.9902/09/21DC
6673Iron Man6$3.9902/17/21Marvel
6736Future State Green Lantern2 (All)$5.9902/09/21DC
6875Fantastic Four29$3.9902/10/21Marvel
6948Marvels Voices Legacy1$4.9902/24/21Marvel
7076Walking Dead Deluxe8$3.9902/03/21Image
7115Generations Forged 1$8.9902/23/21DC
7277Future State Shazam2 (All)$3.9902/16/21DC
7378King In Black Return of Valkyries2$3.9902/03/21Marvel
7479Maestro War and Pax2$3.9902/24/21Marvel
7681Two Moons1$3.9902/24/21Image
7782Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black4$3.9902/24/21Marvel
7884Black Widow5$3.9902/17/21Marvel
7985Future State Aquaman2 (All)$3.9902/23/21DC
8086Walking Dead Deluxe9$3.9902/17/21Image
8187Future State Robin Eternal2 (All)$3.9902/09/21DC
8258King In Black Black Panther1$4.9902/10/21Marvel
8347Future State Suicide Squad2 (All)$5.9902/23/21DC
8488Green Lantern Season 211$3.9902/09/21DC
8589King In Black Return of Valkyries3$3.9902/24/21Marvel
8690Future State Superman Vs Imperious Lex2 (All)$3.9902/23/21DC
8791Guardians of the Galaxy11$3.9902/17/21Marvel
8892Something Is Killing The Children15$3.9902/24/21Boom
8993Black Cat3$3.9902/24/21Marvel
9094Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman2 (All)$3.9902/09/21DC
9142Hellblazer Rise And Fall3$6.9902/02/21DC
9296Avengers Mech Strike1$3.9902/03/21Marvel
9397King In Black Thunderbolts2$3.9902/10/21Marvel
9498Iron Fist Heart of Dragon2$3.9902/17/21Marvel
9599Undiscovered Country12$3.9902/10/21Image
97100Vengeance of Vampirella15$3.9902/24/21Dynamite
98101Once & Future16$3.9902/17/21Boom
100104Cimmerian Frost Giants Daughter3$3.9902/03/21Ablaze
10274Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey4$5.9902/02/21DC
104108King In Black Namor4$3.9902/24/21Marvel
106110Morbius Bond of Blood1$3.9902/10/21Marvel
108112Red Sonja24$3.9902/24/21Dynamite
109113Legend of Shang-Chi1$3.9902/03/21Marvel
111117Young Hellboy The Hidden Land1$3.9902/17/21Dark Horse
112118Neil Gaiman Norse Mythology5$3.9902/10/21Dark Horse
113119Amazing Spider-Man101 Facs. Ed.$3.9902/03/21Marvel
11545DC Love Is A Battlefield$8.9902/09/21DC
116121Fear Case1$3.9902/03/21Dark Horse
117102Maniac of New York1$4.9902/03/21Aftershock
118122Ice Cream Man23$3.9902/24/21Image
119123Red Sonja Price of Blood3$3.9902/17/21Dynamite
121125U.S. Agent3$3.9902/24/21Marvel
122127Vengeance of Vampirella14$3.9902/03/21Dynamite
123128Vampirella Dark Powers3$3.9902/17/21Dynamite
125130Sacred Six7$3.9902/17/21Dynamite
126132American Vampire 19765$3.9902/09/21DC
127114Truth & Justice1$4.9902/16/21DC
128116Snake Eyes Deadgame4$4.9902/03/21IDW
129133Fire Power8$3.9902/03/21Image
131136Far Sector10$3.9902/02/21DC
132137Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy6$3.9902/24/21Dark Horse
13395Aria Heavenly Creatures $6.9902/17/21Image
135144Black Hammer Visions1$3.9902/10/21Dark Horse
136126Magnificent Ms. Marvel18$4.9902/24/21Marvel
137145Oblivion Song30$3.9902/24/21Image
140150Stillwater6 $3.9902/17/21Image
141131Marvels Snapshots Captain Marvel1$4.9902/24/21Marvel
142152Mighty Morphin4$3.9902/10/21Boom
143153Black Panther23$3.9902/24/21Marvel
144155Hollow Heart1$3.9902/17/21Vault
145156Tales From The Umbrella Academy You Look Like Death6$3.9902/24/21Dark Horse
146157Stranger Things D&D Crossover4$3.9902/17/21Dark Horse
147135Red Sonja Valentines Sp One Shot Cvr a Linsner$4.9902/10/21Dynamite
148139Nuclear Family1$4.9902/24/21Aftershock
150159Red Sonja The Superpowers2$3.9902/10/21Dynamite
151140Vampirella Valentines Special$4.9902/03/21Dynamite
152160Family Tree11$3.9902/17/21Image
153142Warhammer 40K Marneus Calgar5$4.9902/24/21Marvel
154162Year Zero Vol. 24 $3.9902/24/21AWA
155163Chasing The Dragon1$3.9902/24/21Heavy Metal
156149Warhammer 40K Marneus Calgar4$4.9902/03/21Marvel
157166E Ratic3$3.9902/10/21AWA
158167Home Sick Pilots3$3.9902/10/21Image
159168Power Pack3$3.9902/10/21Marvel
160169Power Rangers4$3.9902/17/21Boom
161154Die!Namite Bloody Valentine$4.9902/03/21Dynamite
162171Casual Fling1$3.9902/10/21AWA
163172Grimm Fairy Tales45$3.9902/24/21Zenescope
164174By The Horns1$3.9902/24/21Scout
165175Usagi Yojimbo Wanderers Road4$3.9902/24/21IDW
166141Transformers Beast Wars1$5.9902/03/21IDW
167176Abbott 19732$3.9902/17/21Boom
169105Graphic Fantasy1$9.9902/03/21Image
170147Robyn Hood Iron Maiden2$5.9902/24/21Zenescope
171178Sabrina Something Wicked5$3.9902/17/21Archie
172179Black Cotton1$3.9902/17/21Scout
173181Dreaming Waking Hours7$3.9902/02/21DC
174182Black Friday1$3.9902/17/21Scout
175183Monstress32 $3.9902/24/21Image
176184Modok Head Games3$3.9902/17/21Marvel
177185Post Americana3$3.9902/24/21Image
178186Rick and Morty Worlds Apart1$3.9902/03/21Oni
179165Lady Death Blasphemy Anthem2$4.9902/03/21Coffin
182191G.I. Joe a Real American Hero278$3.9902/10/21IDW
183192Sea of Sorrows3$3.9902/03/21IDW
185194Sonic The Hedgehog37$3.9902/24/21IDW
186170Specter Inspectors1$4.9902/03/21Boom
187196Commanders In Crisis5$3.9902/10/21Image
188197Kick-Ass Vs. Hit-Girl4$3.9902/10/21Image
189198We Live5$3.9902/17/21Aftershock
190199Sweet Tooth The Return4$3.9902/09/21DC
191161Graphic Fantasy2$5.9902/03/21Image
192200Nailbiter Returns10 $3.9902/24/21Image
193203Canto II Hollow Men5$3.9902/03/21IDW
194204Crimson Flower2$3.9902/24/21Dark Horse
195205Barbalien Red Planet4$3.9902/17/21Dark Horse
196206Star Wars Adventures3$3.9902/03/21IDW
198138Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Quarterly Darkwatchers$8.9902/17/21Zenescope
199208Buffy The Vampire Slayer22$3.9902/03/21Boom
200209Transformers Escape2$3.9902/10/21IDW
201210Dejah Thoris10$3.9902/10/21Dynamite
202189TMNT Jennika II4$4.9902/03/21IDW
203190Shadow Doctor1$4.9902/17/21Aftershock
204173G.I. Joe a Real American Hero Yearbook1$5.9902/10/21IDW
205151Buffy The Vampire Slayer Faith1$7.9902/24/21Boom
207213Picture of Everything Else2$3.9902/17/21Vault
208180Grimm Spotlight Black Knight Vs. Lord of Flies Cvr a Vitorino$5.9902/10/21Zenescope
210215I Walk With Monsters3$3.9902/10/21Vault
211216Clash of Kings11$3.9902/24/21Dynamite
212217Frank at Home on the Farm2$3.9902/24/21Scout
215221White Ash Presents Glarien$3.9902/10/21Scout
216222Second Coming Only Begotten Son2$3.9902/17/21Ahoy
218224Chained to the Grave1$3.9902/03/21IDW
220164Encoded1$7.9902/03/21Devil's Due
221226Tarot Witch of the Black Rose126 $3.9902/24/21Broadsword
222227True Lives Fabulous Killjoys National Anthem5$3.9902/10/21Dark Horse
224229Brooklyn Gladiator4$3.9902/24/21Heavy Metal

The list below includes all the other comics released by Diamond and Lunar for which Comichron is not projecting rankings at this time. They appear in alphabetical order by publisher and then by title; use the arrows to sort by any column.

The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Comic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
Freaks & Gods4$4.9902/17/21215 Ink
Amazing Batvark One Shot$4.0002/24/21Aardvark-Vanaheim
Cerebus In Hell 2021 Preview One Shot$4.0002/03/21Aardvark-Vanaheim
Gung Ho Sexy Beast2$3.9902/10/21Ablaze
Miranda In Maelstrom3$3.9902/03/21Action Lab
Sasquatch In Love3$3.9902/03/21Action Lab
Zombie Tramp77$4.9902/03/21Action Lab
I Breathed a Body2$3.9902/24/21Aftershock
Kaiju Score4$4.9902/24/21Aftershock
Knock Em Dead3$3.9902/10/21Aftershock
Red Atlantis4$3.9902/10/21Aftershock
Scouts Honor2$3.9902/10/21Aftershock
Sympathy For No Devils5$3.9902/24/21Aftershock
Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Blood5 $4.9902/24/21Ahoy
Happy Hour4 $3.9902/10/21Ahoy
Wrong Earth Night and Day2$3.9902/03/21Ahoy
King Tank Girl3$3.9902/10/21Albatross
American Mythology Monsters2 Racy Ed.$9.9902/17/21American Mythology
Moon Maid Three Keys1$3.9902/24/21American Mythology
Three Stooges Through The Ages1$3.9902/10/21American Mythology
Archie & Friends Guide to Dating1$2.9902/10/21Archie
Archie 80Th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest1$7.9902/03/21Archie
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest317$7.9902/17/21Archie
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest291$7.9902/24/21Archie
World of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest2$7.9902/10/21Archie
Lookers Ember1$39.9902/17/21Avatar
Byte Sized3$3.9902/17/21AWA
Manns World2$3.9902/03/21AWA
Cavewoman Metal Age1$4.5002/03/21Basement
Hotline Miami Wildlife5$3.9902/03/21Behemoth
Hotline Miami Wildlife6$3.9902/17/21Behemoth
Paranormal Hitmen1$3.9902/24/21Behemoth
Steambound1 $3.9902/17/21Behemoth
Devil's Dominion1$3.9902/03/21Blackbox
Devil's Dominion2 $3.9902/24/21Blackbox
Shi No Kage1$3.9902/03/21Blackbox
Shi No Kage2$3.9902/24/21Blackbox
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Faith1 Foil$8.9902/24/21Boom
Last Witch2$4.9902/10/21Boom
Avatar The Next Shadow2$3.9902/03/21Dark Horse
Critical Role Vox Machina Origins III1$3.9902/10/21Dark Horse
Overwatch Tracer London Calling3$3.9902/03/21Dark Horse
Scooby-Doo Where Are You108$2.9902/16/21DC
Psychodrama Illustrated4$4.9902/03/21Fantagraphics
Rock & Roll Biographies Oingo Boingo (Res)$3.5002/24/21Gumby
Dark Wing3$2.9902/24/21Heavy Metal
Fishkill4$3.9902/24/21Heavy Metal
Savage Circus3$2.9902/24/21Heavy Metal
Space Bastards2 $4.9902/10/21Humanoids
Comic Book History of Animation3$3.9902/10/21IDW
Goosebumps Secrets of the Swamp5$3.9902/10/21IDW
Judge Dredd False Witness4$3.9902/10/21IDW
Marvel Action Chillers4$3.9902/03/21IDW
Marvel Action Origins1$4.9902/03/21IDW
Star Trek Voyager Sevens Reckoning4$3.9902/10/21IDW
Image Firsts Ascender1$1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Bitter Root1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Die1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Killadelphia1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Mercy1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Old Guard1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Image Firsts Undiscovered Country1 $1.0002/03/21Image
Rain Like Hammers2$4.9902/24/21Image
Savage Dragon257$3.9902/24/21Image
Junior High Horrors Strangest Thingees1$5.9902/10/21Keenspot
Ninjas & Robots4$4.9902/24/21Keenspot
Knights of the Dinner Table279$5.9902/03/21Kenzer
Knights of the Dinner Table280$5.9902/24/21Kenzer
Hollywood Trash5$3.9902/17/21Mad Cave
Honor and Curse8$3.9902/10/21Mad Cave
Knights of the Golden Sun10$3.9902/10/21Mad Cave
Pantomime4$3.9902/17/21Mad Cave
Terminal Punks4$3.9902/17/21Mad Cave
They Fell From The Sky1$3.9902/03/21Mad Cave
Villainous5$3.9902/24/21Mad Cave
Machine Girl & Space Invaders4 $3.9502/17/21Red 5
White Lily1$3.9502/17/21Red 5
Children of the Grave2$3.9902/10/21Scout
Midnight Sky7$3.9902/03/21Scout
Cruising Diaries$15.9502/10/21Silver Sprocket
That Full Moon Feeling One Shot$14.9902/03/21Silver Sprocket
Black of Heart4$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Claim Song of Ire and Vice3$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Damned Cursed Children2$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Dead End Kids Suburban Job2$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Eighth Immortal2$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Era of Great Wonders3$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Fear Diaries Special Edition$9.9902/24/21Source Point
Touching Evil13$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Warcorns Combat Unicorns For Hire2$3.9902/24/21Source Point
Doctor Who Comics4$3.9902/10/21Titan
Ginseng Roots8$6.0002/10/21Uncivilized
Devil's Red Bride5$3.9902/10/21Vault
Resonant7 $3.9902/03/21Vault
Vagrant Queen Planet Called Doom6$3.9902/03/21Vault
Wasted Space19$3.9902/10/21Vault
Averee Premier Edition1$3.9902/03/21Wave Blue World
Courier Liberty & Death2$5.9902/17/21Zenescope
Grimm Fairy Tales44$3.9902/03/21Zenescope

February 2021 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Comichron did not examine graphic novel orders, but you can see what graphic novels were receiving retail attention at Diamond in the month by looking at its reorders.