May 2021 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

This data combines orders from all Direct Market distributors. Click to see only Diamond and DC's distributor.

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Unsurprisingly, 2021's new comics orders were a tremendous improvement over those from the year before, when Diamond Comic Distributors only released two weeks' worth of abbreviated comics shipments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While new release counts were still not up to pre-pandemic levels, stores nonetheless placed initial orders with Diamond and Lunar Distribution for between 6 and 7 million comic books, worth between $30 and 31 million.

May 2021 saw publishers release 329 new comic books, versus 91 in the same month in the previous year. May 2019, meanwhile, saw 486 new comics release, though that month benefited from one more shipping week.

Our retail order dataset found Batman #108 (its Artgerm variant appears at right) as the top comic book by units and dollars in initial orders, with a close run for second place between Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha and Heroes Reborn #1.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1, underordered by retailers in April, would have surely charted again in May in a traditional Diamond chart; as designed, however, our tracking looked only at retailer initial orders.

Lunar did not release any sales reporting, and by June, Diamond was in the seventh month of its second pause in monthly report releases. As we did during the first pause in 2020, Comichron has drawn upon a retailer initial order sample to determine approximate unit and dollar sales rankings. The dataset represented a sizable number of copies, from which Comichron was able to determine relative sales volumes — but only the rankings are being shared at this time, and no attempt has been made to rank items beyond 250th place.

No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out. Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below.

The charts feature every new comic book released by Diamond and Lunar in May 2021. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The DC release dates are from Lunar.

Things to remember: As we're not characterizing order levels at this time, ranked comics could be separated by thousands of copies or as little as a single issue. Rankings are most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in. Comichron tracks copies in circulation, a category which includes both copies on retail shelves and in consumers' hands.

You can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year. We also have a page breaking out ship dates for second printings.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This the two lists below include all comic books released by Direct Market Distributors in the month.
Rankings are based on Comichron's retailer inital order sample and do not include reorders.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
Title links below lead to current listings for the issues on eBay. As an eBay Partner, this site may be compensated if you make a purchase.

UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
11Batman108 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
25 Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha  $3.9905/05/21Marvel
33Heroes Reborn1$5.9905/05/21Marvel
47Wonder Girl1 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
58Something Is Killing The Children16$3.9905/26/21Boom
72TMNT The Last Ronin3$8.9905/26/21IDW
89Batman Fortnite Zero Point2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
910Batman Fortnite Zero Point3 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
1016Amazing Spider-Man65$3.9905/05/21Marvel
1219Amazing Spider-Man66$3.9905/19/21Marvel
1311Heroes Reborn2$4.9905/12/21Marvel
1425Immortal Hulk46$3.9905/05/21Marvel
1526Legends of the Dark Knight1 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
1627Star Wars High Republic5$3.9905/12/21Marvel
1714Heroes Reborn3$4.9905/19/21Marvel
2030Star Wars13$3.9905/12/21Marvel
2212Black Panther25$5.9905/26/21Marvel
2335Batman The Detective2 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
2436Future State Gotham1 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
2638Robin2 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
2720Fantastic Four32$4.9905/12/21Marvel
3022Detective Comics1036 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
3123Carnage Black White and Blood3$4.9905/05/21Marvel
3224Immortal Hulk Time of Monsters1$4.9905/19/21Marvel
3342Star Wars Darth Vader12$3.9905/26/21Marvel
3444Way of X2$3.9905/19/21Marvel
3529Heroes Reborn4$4.9905/26/21Marvel
3645Department of Truth9$3.9905/26/21Image
3746Spider-Man Spiders Shadow2$3.9905/12/21Marvel
3847Nightwing80 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
4031Justice League61 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
4217Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man King's Ransom1$5.9905/12/21Marvel
4413Red Room1$6.9905/19/21Fantagraphics
4554Miles Morales Spider-Man26$3.9905/26/21Marvel
4655Star Wars Bounty Hunters12$3.9905/19/21Marvel
476DC Festival of Heroes The Asian Superhero Celebration1$9.9905/11/21DC
4958Strange Academy10$3.9905/05/21Marvel
5040Fantastic Four Life Story1$4.9905/19/21Marvel
5133Star Wars Bounty Hunters Alpha Director Cut1$5.9905/05/21Marvel
5261Swamp Thing3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
5364Beta Ray Bill3$3.9905/26/21Marvel
5465Justice League Last Ride1 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
5515Batman Urban Legends3$7.9905/11/21DC
5651Strange Adventures10$4.9905/25/21DC
5752Green Lantern2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
5866Time Before Time1$3.9905/12/21Image
5967Harley Quinn3 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
6053Next Batman Second Son2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
6169Teen Titans Academy3 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
6270Star Wars Doctor Aphra10$3.9905/26/21Marvel
6373Invincible Red Sonja1$3.9905/05/21Dynamite
6476Captain America29$3.9905/19/21Marvel
6556Superman31 (All)$4.9905/11/21DC
6677Flash770 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
6778New Mutants18$3.9905/26/21Marvel
6841Batman Black And White6$5.9905/25/21DC
6979Walking Dead Dlx14$3.9905/05/21Image
7080Walking Dead Deluxe15$3.9905/19/21Image
7181Crime Syndicate3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
7282Radiant Black4$3.9905/19/21Image
7359Wonder Woman772 (All)$4.9905/11/21DC
7483Guardians of the Galaxy14$3.9905/12/21Marvel
7560X-Men Curse Man-Thing1$4.9905/05/21Marvel
7887Batman Superman18 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
7988Good Asian1$3.9905/05/21Image
8089Suicide Squad3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
8292Star Wars High Republic Adventures4$3.9905/05/21IDW
8494Silver Coin2$3.9905/12/21Image
8562Heroes Reborn Young Squadron1$4.9905/26/21Marvel
8663Action Comics1031 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
8795Black Widow7$3.9905/26/21Marvel
8897Children of the Atom3$3.9905/12/21Marvel
8968Heroes Reborn Magneto and Mutant Force1$4.9905/26/21Marvel
9099Catwoman31 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
9172Milestone Returns Infinite Edition0 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
92100Maestro War and Pax5$3.9905/26/21Marvel
9375Magic The Gathering2$4.9905/12/21Boom
94101Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom1 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
95102Mighty Valkyries2$3.9905/19/21Marvel
96103Stray Dogs4$3.9905/19/21Image
9890Heroes Reborn Peter Parker Amazing Shutterbug1$4.9905/12/21Marvel
99105We Only Find Them When They're Dead6$3.9905/19/21Boom
101106Blue Flame1$3.9905/26/21Vault
102107Red Sonja The Superpowers5$3.9905/12/21Dynamite
10371Stargirl Spring Break Special1 (All)$5.9905/25/21DC
104108Vengeance of Vampirella18$3.9905/19/21Dynamite
10596Heroes Reborn Siege Society1$4.9905/26/21Marvel
10674Superman Red & Blue3$5.9905/18/21DC
10798Heroes Reborn Hyperion and Imperial Guard1$4.9905/12/21Marvel
108109Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade3$3.9905/19/21Marvel
109110Challenge of the Super Sons2 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
110111The Marvels2$3.9905/26/21Marvel
111112Fire Power11$3.9905/05/21Image
112113Red Sonja27$3.9905/26/21Dynamite
113114America Chavez Made In USA3$3.9905/05/21Marvel
114115Black Cat6$3.9905/12/21Marvel
115116Sacred Six9$3.9905/19/21Dynamite
116149Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries2$2.9905/11/21DC
119119Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal1$3.9905/05/21AWA
121122Many Deaths of Laila Starr2$3.9905/19/21Boom
122123Ice Cream Man24$3.9905/12/21Image
123124Proctor Valley Road3$3.9905/12/21Boom
124125Vampirella Vs. Purgatori3$3.9905/12/21Dynamite
127128Conan the Barbarian21$3.9905/12/21Marvel
128130Iron Fist Heart of Dragon5$3.9905/05/21Marvel
129131Sensational Wonder Woman3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
132134Money Shot11 $3.9905/26/21Vault
133136Cimmerian Iron Shadows In Moon2$3.9905/19/21Ablaze
13484Other History of the DC Universe4$6.9905/25/21DC
136138Mighty Morphin7$3.9905/12/21Boom
138141Old Guard Tales Through Time2$3.9905/26/21Image
139143Seven Secrets8$3.9905/12/21Boom
140144Power Rangers7$3.9905/19/21Boom
143151American Vampire 19768 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
147155Cult of Dracula3$3.9905/26/21Source Point
148158You Promised Me Darkness2$3.9905/12/21Behemoth
149159Witcher Witchs Lament1$3.9905/26/21Dark Horse
150160Blade Runner Origins4$3.9905/19/21Titan
151140Dune House Atreides7$4.9905/26/21Boom
152161Deep Beyond4$3.9905/05/21Image
153121Star Wars Adventures Weapon of a Jedi1$5.9905/26/21IDW
154163Godzilla Monsters & Protectors2$3.9905/19/21IDW
155142Firefly Brand New Verse3$4.9905/12/21Boom
156164Maniac of New York4$3.9905/12/21Aftershock
157165The Union5$3.9905/05/21Marvel
159146Lady Death Malevolent Decimation2$4.9905/26/21Coffin
160167Fear Case4$3.9905/05/21Dark Horse
161168Two Moons4$3.9905/26/21Image
163170Jenny Zero1$3.9905/05/21Dark Horse
165135TMNT Best of Splinter$5.9905/19/21IDW
166174Trials of Ultraman3$3.9905/19/21Marvel
167176Jules Verne Lighthouse2$3.9905/19/21Image
168177RWBY Justice League2 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
169178Nuclear Family4$3.9905/26/21Aftershock
170162Buffy The Vampire Slayer25$4.9905/12/21Boom
171166Silver City1$4.9905/12/21Aftershock
172179Black Friday2$3.9905/26/21Scout
173202Archie & Friends Superheroes1$2.9905/19/21Archie
174180Black Hammer Visions4$3.9905/12/21Dark Horse
175129Thanos Quest Marvel Tales1$7.9905/05/21Marvel
176181Sonic The Hedgehog39$3.9905/12/21IDW
177175Truth & Justice4 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
178156Man Goat & Bunny Man2$5.9905/26/21Zenescope
179182Eros Psyche3$3.9905/12/21Ablaze
180157Van Helsing Steampunk$5.9905/05/21Zenescope
181183Gung Ho Anger1$3.9905/26/21Ablaze
182184Nottingham3$3.9905/19/21Mad Cave
183185Transformers Beast Wars4$3.9905/19/21IDW
184186Dreaming Waking Hours10$3.9905/11/21DC
185187Black Cotton2$3.9905/12/21Scout
188189Resistance Uprising2$3.9905/12/21AWA
190191Monstress34 $3.9905/26/21Image
192194Made In Korea1$3.9905/26/21Image
194196G.I. Joe A Real American Hero281$3.9905/12/21IDW
195173Robyn Hood Voodoo Dawn$5.9905/19/21Zenescope
196197Broken Souls Ballad1$3.9905/05/21Scout
197198Moonshine25 $3.9905/19/21Image
198199Minky Woodcock Girl Electrified Tesla2$3.9905/19/21Titan
199200Rick and Morty Worlds Apart4$3.9905/05/21Oni
200201Redemption4 $3.9905/19/21AWA
201205Sea of Sorrows5$3.9905/12/21IDW
202206Canto & City of Giants2$3.9905/12/21IDW
203207Cojacaru The Skinner2$3.9905/19/21Dark Horse
204208House of Lost Horizons1$3.9905/12/21Dark Horse
205209Bitter Root13$3.9905/26/21Image
206210Trogs1$3.9905/26/21American Mythology
207212Abbott 19735$3.9905/26/21Boom
208214James Bond Agent of Spectre3$3.9905/05/21Dynamite
209193Jim Hensons Storyteller Tricksters3$4.9905/19/21Boom
210215Star Trek Year Five20$3.9905/19/21IDW
211216Grendel Devils Odyssey6$3.9905/12/21Dark Horse
212217Phantom on Scan2$3.9905/19/21Aftershock
214219Casual Fling4 $3.9905/26/21AWA
215221My Little Pony Transformers II2$3.9905/26/21IDW
216222Vietnam Horror3 $3.9905/19/21Behemoth
217223Punchline and Vaude Villains1$3.9905/05/21Hero Tomorrow
218171Neverland Annual 2021$7.9905/26/21Zenescope
219204Helm Greycastle2$4.9905/26/21Image
220225God of War Fallen God3$3.9905/05/21Dark Horse
221226Thor and Loki Double Trouble3$3.9905/05/21Marvel
224228Lady Baltimore Witch Queens3$3.9905/26/21Dark Horse
226230Commanders In Crisis8$3.9905/05/21Image
228231Classic Pulp Ghosts$4.0005/26/21Source Point
229233Beasts of Burden Occupied Territory2$3.9905/05/21Dark Horse
231235Transformers Escape3$3.9905/19/21IDW
233237Sleeping Beauties6$3.9905/19/21IDW
234238Manifest Destiny43$3.9905/26/21Image
235213Last Witch5$4.9905/05/21Boom
236241Clash of Kings13$3.9905/26/21Dynamite
237242I Walk With Monsters6$3.9905/19/21Vault
239245Girls of Dimension 132$3.9905/26/21Aftershock
240220Specter Inspectors4$4.9905/26/21Boom
242244Baby Yoda Cerebus One Shot$4.0005/26/21Aardvark-Vanaheim
243203Rafael Garcia: Henchman1$5.9905/26/21Starburns
245249Doctor Who Missy2$3.9905/12/21Titan
247251Vampire The Masquerade8$3.9905/05/21Vault
248252I Breathed a Body5$3.9905/26/21Aftershock
249253Scouts Honor5$3.9905/12/21Aftershock
250236Space Bastards5 $4.9905/12/21Humanoids

The list below includes all the other comics released by Diamond and Lunar for which Comichron is not projecting rankings at this time. They appear in alphabetical order by publisher and then by title; use the arrows to sort by any column.

The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Comic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
Miranda In Maelstrom6$3.9905/05/21Action Lab
Project Patron2$3.9905/12/21Aftershock
Shadow Doctor4$3.9905/26/21Aftershock
Undone By Blood Other Side of Eden3$4.9905/19/21Aftershock
Wrong Earth Night and Day4$3.9905/05/21Ahoy
Edgar Rice Burroughs Sketchbook 20211$3.9905/26/21American Mythology
Kent Menace Directors Cut0$3.9905/26/21American Mythology
Moon Maid Three Keys3$3.9905/26/21American Mythology
Zorro New World1$3.9905/26/21American Mythology
OBE Out of Body Experience1$3.9905/19/21Antarctic
Archie Showcase Digest3$7.9905/19/21Archie
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest293$7.9905/05/21Archie
World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest109$7.9905/12/21Archie
World of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest5$7.9905/26/21Archie
Hank Howard Pizza Detective In Caligulas Safe$1.0005/12/21Bad Idea
Junky Cable1$3.9905/12/21Behemoth
Paranormal Hitmen4$3.9905/12/21Behemoth
Alice In Leatherland2 $3.9905/26/21Black Mask
Destiny NY3 $3.9905/26/21Black Mask
Devils Dominion4 $3.9905/19/21Blackbox
Anne Bonnie10$3.9905/19/21Blue Juice
Dead Dogs Bite3$4.9905/05/21Dark Horse
Dragon Age Dark Fortress3$3.9905/26/21Dark Horse
Far Cry Rite of Passage1$3.9905/19/21Dark Horse
Rangers of the Divide1$3.9905/19/21Dark Horse
Resident Alien Your Rides Here6$3.9905/12/21Dark Horse
Looney Tunes260$2.9905/18/21DC
Zig Zag One Shot$6.9905/26/21Fantagraphics
Apocalypse 5000$6.9505/19/21Floating World
Crime Destroyer True Till Death1$7.9505/19/21Floating World
Chasing the Dragon3$3.9905/12/21Heavy Metal
Modern Frankenstein2$3.9905/26/21Heavy Metal
Chained to the Grave3$3.9905/19/21IDW
Comic Book History of Animation5$3.9905/12/21IDW
Marvel Action Captain Marvel3$3.9905/26/21IDW
Marvel Action Classics Spider-Man3$4.9905/26/21IDW
Marvel Action Spider-Man2$3.9905/12/21IDW
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic97$3.9905/19/21IDW
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 2021$5.9905/12/21IDW
Hey Kids Comics Vol. 2 Prophets & Loss1$3.9905/05/21Image
Nomen Omen15$3.9905/19/21Image
Rain Like Hammers5$4.9905/19/21Image
Summoners War Legacy2$3.9905/26/21Image
Holler3$5.9905/12/21It's Alive
Strange Attractors (Its Alive)1$5.9905/19/21It's Alive
Ninjas & Robots7$4.9905/26/21Keenspot
Knights of the Dinner Table283$6.9905/26/21Kenzer
Becstar1$3.9905/05/21Mad Cave
Honor and Curse11$3.9905/19/21Mad Cave
Knights of the Golden Sun12$3.9905/12/21Mad Cave
They Fell From The Sky4$3.9905/26/21Mad Cave
Aggretsuko Meet Her World2$3.9905/12/21Oni
Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters3$3.9905/19/21Oni
Kaijumax Season 61$3.9905/05/21Oni
White Lily3 $3.9505/19/21Red 5
White Lily4 $3.9505/26/21Red 5
Darchon3 $4.9905/05/21Red Giant
First Defense3$4.9905/12/21Red Giant
White Widow6$4.9905/05/21Red Giant
Children of the Grave5$3.9905/05/21Scout
20 Fists2$3.9905/26/21Source Point
Damned Cursed Children5$3.9905/26/21Source Point
Era of Great Wonders6$3.9905/26/21Source Point
Monstrous Heartbreak Blood Loss1$3.9905/26/21Source Point
Seis Cuerdas Defender of Mexico1$3.9905/26/21Source Point
Yuki Vs. Panda1 $3.9905/26/21Source Point
Carpenter Tales Scifi Hell2$3.9905/26/21Storm King
Hollow Heart3$3.9905/05/21Vault
Shadow Service8$3.9905/26/21Vault
Orphan King$3.9905/12/21Wave Blue World
Grimm Fairy Tales48$3.9905/12/21Zenescope

May 2021 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Comichron did not examine graphic novel orders, but you can see what graphic novels were receiving retail attention at Diamond in the month by looking at its reorders.