May 2021 DC Comic Book Sales

Projections for DC Comics Ordered by North American Comics Shops

This data refers only to sales by DC's sole distributor, Lunar. Click to see the Overall charts and those from Diamond.

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#2 Most Ordered Issue
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May 2020 was the first full month that Lunar Distribution existed to distribute DC comics, and it shipped 32 new comic books; May 2021, unimpeded by pandemic-related stoppages, saw DC release 45 new comic books. Such was the status of DC's line in the first half of 2021: pared back. Many twice-a-month titles were back to monthly during May, as well.

Once all cardstock variants were merged, Batman #108 appeared to be the top comic for the publisher in initial order units and dollars. DC appears to have sold just under 2 million copies of its new comic books in initial orders, for between $8 and $9 million.

Our retail order sample only looked at initial orders, so the crossover title Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1, underordered by retailers by retailers in April, does not recur in the charting below as it would have done in a traditional Diamond chart.

As had been the case since its inception, Lunar did not report anything about its sales. Given the lack of official information, Comichron has drawn upon a subset of known retail orders both to determine approximate rankings. The subset represents a sizable number of copies; only initial orders for periodicals were examined. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

The chart below features every new comic book released by DC in May 2021. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The release dates are from Lunar. Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below.

Things to remember: Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts.

We also have a page breaking out ship dates for second printings.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all DC items released by Lunar Distribution in the month.
Differently priced variants appear fused together by default near where they'd have ranked if together.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
11Batman108 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
24Wonder Girl1 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
45Batman Fortnite Zero Point2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
56Batman Fortnite Zero Point3 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
69Legends of the Dark Knight1 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
712Batman The Detective2 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
813Future State Gotham1 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
914Robin2 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
108Detective Comics1036 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
1116Nightwing80 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
1210Justice League61 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
143DC Festival of Heroes The Asian Superhero Celebration1$9.9905/11/21DC
1522Swamp Thing3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
1624Justice League Last Ride1 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
177Batman Urban Legends3$7.9905/11/21DC
1817Strange Adventures10$4.9905/25/21DC
1918Green Lantern2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
2025Harley Quinn3 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
2119Next Batman Second Son2 (All)$4.9905/04/21DC
2226Teen Titans Academy3 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
2320Superman31 (All)$4.9905/11/21DC
2430Flash770 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
2515Batman Black And White6$5.9905/25/21DC
2631Crime Syndicate3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
2721Wonder Woman772 (All)$4.9905/11/21DC
2833Batman Superman18 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
2934Suicide Squad3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
3023Action Comics1031 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
3135Catwoman31 (All)$3.9905/18/21DC
3228Milestone Returns Infinite Edition0 (All)$4.9905/25/21DC
3336Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom1 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
3427Stargirl Spring Break Special1 (All)$5.9905/25/21DC
3529Superman Red & Blue3$5.9905/18/21DC
3637Challenge of the Super Sons2 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
3739Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries2$2.9905/11/21DC
3838Sensational Wonder Woman3 (All)$3.9905/04/21DC
3932Other History of the DC Universe4$6.9905/25/21DC
4040American Vampire 19768 (All)$3.9905/11/21DC
4243RWBY Justice League2 (All)$3.9905/25/21DC
4342Truth & Justice4 (All)$4.9905/18/21DC
4444Dreaming Waking Hours10$3.9905/11/21DC
4545Looney Tunes260$2.9905/18/21DC

May 2021 DC Graphic Novel Sales

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Ordered by North American Comics Shops

Comichron did not sample retailer sales data for DC's Direct Market graphic novel sales, and Lunar Distribution did not release any sales data.

High-profile DC graphic novel releases during the month included two Dark Nights Death Metal Collections.

The list of all the graphic novels DC released appears below.

The links below lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Trade Paperback titlePriceOn salePublisher
Authority Book 2$39.9905/25/21DC
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III$17.9905/04/21DC
Batman The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 5$24.9905/25/21DC
Batman Universe$17.9905/11/21DC
Dark Nights Death Metal The Multiverse Who Laughs$19.9905/04/21DC
Dark Nights Death Metal War of the Multiverses$19.9905/18/21DC
Fables Compendium Vol. 2$59.9905/11/21DC
Flash Impulse Runs in the Family$34.9905/25/21DC
Flash Vol 14 The Flash Age$19.9905/11/21DC
Green Arrow Black Canary Till Death Do They Part$34.9905/04/21DC
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy$16.9905/18/21DC
Justice League Galaxy of Terrors$16.9905/18/21DC
Metropolis Grove$9.9905/04/21DC
Shazam The Worlds Mightiest Mortal Vol. 3 HC$49.9905/18/21DC
Superman Action Comics Vol. 4 Metropolis Burning$16.9905/11/21DC
Superman By Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus HC$125.0005/25/21DC
Superman Vol. 4 Mythological$19.9905/25/21DC
Tiny Titans Pet Club$9.9905/04/21DC
Young Justice Book 2 Growing Up$24.9905/18/21DC