October 2021 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops by Diamond

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This data refers to sales by Diamond. Click to see those from the Overall market.

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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A new era began for Diamond Comic Distributors on the first of October as Penguin Random House became the new sales agent for Marvel. Diamond continued to offer Marvel products as as a wholesaler, but its sales reported below accounted only for a little over a third of the overall total.

Diamond nonetheless had two comic books selling more than a third of a million copies. House of Slaughter #1 from Boom sold 480,769 copies across all editions by year-end, becoming the top seller for the year by a tiny margin. Gunslinger Spawn #1 from Image placed second with nearly 340,000 copies sold by year-end.

Diamond has not yet released an October sales chart, due to the ransomware attack which impacted many of its systems in November. In the meantime, the chart below is constructed from Diamond's end-of-year final sales list, examining only the comics that came out in October. It includes later reorders, so it's not exactly like a reguar Diamond chart.

The top Marvel issue, Amazing Spider-Man #75, placed sixth at Diamond with 52,421 copies shipped. That puts its total overall sales likely around 145,000 copies, once Penguin Random House is included. That would have put it in third place at Diamond.

Reverse-engineering alert: What appears below is different from a usual monthly sales chart. It is all of the October-shipping titles that made Diamond's end-of-year Top 4000 list. It includes any initial sales of those titles, but also any reorders from November and December. There is no way to separate them from the initial sales.

It's also possible that some new October comics did not make the Top 4000 for the year, but given that the bottom of the chart was in the 600-copy range, that's unlikely to impact many items.

"Marvel PRH" is coded below as a reminder that around 65% of the sales of its titles came from Penguin Random House; tripling the Marvel sales below gives a good rough estimate for overall sales. Diamond was also not the exclusive distributor this month for Scout and Ahoy, several of whose titles had sales through Lunar Distribution, but Diamond is likely to have retained most of the volume for those publishers.

Click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month. And you can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all new items for the month that appeared on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
Diamond only accounts for about 36% of sales of items marked with Marvel PRH.
When there are versions of an issue with different cover prices, Diamond lists them in seprate entries.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherEst. units
12House of Slaughter1$3.9910/27/21Boom 341,116
21Gunslinger Spawn1$5.9910/20/21Image339,858
33House of Slaughter1 Foil$4.9910/27/21Boom 139,653
46King Spawn3$2.9910/20/21Image72,401
65Amazing Spider-Man75$5.9910/06/21Marvel52,421
710Righteous Thirst For Vengeance1$3.9910/06/21Image41,482
84Immortal Hulk50$9.9910/13/21Marvel39,381
97Darkhold Alpha1$4.9910/06/21Marvel39,195
1012Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog1 $3.9910/20/21Image37,259
1113Hellcop1 $3.9910/20/21Image32,744
1215Primordial2 $3.9910/27/21Image31,784
1316Walking Dead Dlx24 $3.9910/06/21Image31,624
1414Amazing Spider-Man76$3.9910/13/21Marvel28,727
1621Walking Dead Dlx25 $3.9910/27/21Image26,680
1722Masters of the Universe Revelation4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse26,148
1911Star Wars War Bounty Hunters5$4.9910/13/21Marvel25,115
2118Amazing Spider-Man77$3.9910/27/21Marvel24,968
2324Star Wars High Republic Adventures9$3.9910/06/21IDW23,667
2434Me You Love In The Dark3 $3.9910/06/21Image22,529
2533Ice Cream Man26 $3.9910/20/21Image22,335
2628Gun Honey2 $3.9910/20/21Titan 22,266
2730Red Sonja2$3.9910/06/21Dynamite 21,955
2929X-Men Trial of Magneto3$3.9910/20/21Marvel21,372
3031Moon Knight4$3.9910/27/21Marvel20,845
3132Dark Ages2$3.9910/06/21Marvel20,566
3323Chicken Devil1$4.9910/06/21Aftershock19,891
3437Army of Darkness 19792$3.9910/13/21Dynamite 19,657
3642Eat The Rich3 $3.9910/20/21Boom 18,547
3739Star Wars Darth Vader17$3.9910/27/21Marvel18,524
3843Invincible Red Sonja5$3.9910/27/21Dynamite 18,512
3938Star Wars High Republic Trail Shadows1$3.9910/13/21Marvel18,488
4040Death of Doctor Strange2$3.9910/20/21Marvel18,069
4120Mazebook2$5.9910/13/21Dark Horse17,885
4246Jennifer Blood1 $3.9910/06/21Dynamite 17,815
4344Star Wars High Republic10$3.9910/20/21Marvel17,739
4525Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Ig-881$4.9910/27/21Marvel17,366
4641Echolands3 $4.9910/27/21Image16,447
4836Sw High Republic Adv Monster Temple Peak3$4.9910/27/21IDW16,021
4945Mom Mother of Madness3 $4.9910/27/21Image15,931
50135Out1 $3.9910/06/21AWA15,563
5162Sweet Paprika4 $3.9910/27/21Image14,871
5256Mighty Morphin12$3.9910/06/21Boom 14,772
5355Power Rangers12$3.9910/13/21Boom 14,772
5553Cimmerian Beyond The Black River1 $3.9910/06/21Ablaze13,901
5649Cross to Bear1$4.9910/27/21Aftershock13,817
5759Star Wars Doctor Aphra15$3.9910/13/21Marvel13,723
5864Once & Future21$3.9910/27/21Boom 13,705
5966We Only Find Them When Theyre Dead9$3.9910/27/21Boom 13,531
6250Magic The Gathering (Mtg)7$4.9910/06/21Boom 13,371
6367Star Wars Adv Ghost Vaders Castle4$3.9910/13/21IDW13,308
6468Vampiverse2$3.9910/13/21Dynamite 13,028
6569Star Wars Adv Ghost Vaders Castle3$3.9910/06/21IDW13,018
6665Fantastic Four37$3.9910/20/21Marvel12,995
6773Purgatori1$3.9910/20/21Dynamite 12,882
6851Phoenix Song Echo1$4.9910/20/21Marvel12,851
6974Star Wars Adv Ghost Vaders Castle5$3.9910/20/21IDW12,728
7076Firefly33$3.9910/27/21Boom 12,603
7178Star Wars Adventures11$3.9910/20/21IDW12,460
7270Darkhold Blade1$3.9910/27/21Marvel12,404
7386Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee16$3.9910/06/21Image12,373
7472Miles Morales Spider-Man31$3.9910/13/21Marvel12,373
7552Deadpool Black White Blood3$4.9910/06/21Marvel12,303
7679Maw2 $3.9910/20/21Boom 12,260
7792Norse Mythology II5 $3.9910/13/21Dark Horse12,088
7957Dune House Atreides11 $4.9910/20/21Boom 11,631
8283Kang The Conqueror3$3.9910/13/21Marvel11,340
8388Star Trek Mirror War1$3.9910/13/21IDW11,297
8487Chilling Adv of Sabrina9 $3.9910/13/21Archie11,292
85104Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici34$3.9910/27/21Image11,196
86102Critical Role: Tales of Exandria1$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse11,177
8790Vengeance of Vampirella23$3.9910/27/21Dynamite 11,156
88105Hellboy Silver Lantern Club1$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse11,107
89107Jupiters Legacy Requiem5 $3.9910/27/21Image11,036
9094Sonic The Hedgehog45$3.9910/13/21IDW11,013
9195Sonic The Hedgehog46$3.9910/27/21IDW10,998
9297Fight Girls4$3.9910/20/21AWA10,840
9389Darkhold Iron Man1$3.9910/13/21Marvel10,686
94110Stranger Things Tomb of Ybwen2$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse10,662
9591Iron Man13$3.9910/13/21Marvel10,648
96100Barbarella4$3.9910/27/21Dynamite 10,640
9793New Mutants22$3.9910/06/21Marvel10,537
9863United States Captain America5$4.9910/20/21Marvel10,532
9985He Who Fights With Monsters2 $3.9910/13/21Ablaze10,520
10199Eternals Celestia1$3.9910/06/21Marvel10,281
10275Transformers King Grimlock3$4.9910/13/21IDW10,105
103108My Little Pony Generations1$3.9910/20/21IDW10,094
10477Red Sonja Black White Red4$4.9910/20/21Dynamite 9,987
105101Captain Marvel33$3.9910/06/21Marvel9,971
106103Black Panther Legends1$3.9910/13/21Marvel9,852
107111Last Book Youll Ever Read3 $3.9910/06/21Vault9,831
108106Black Widow12$3.9910/27/21Marvel9,745
109109Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads4$3.9910/13/21Marvel9,507
110123Good Asian6 $3.9910/27/21Image9,439
111114Buffy The Vampire Slayer30$3.9910/06/21Boom 9,408
112115Usagi Yojimbo23$3.9910/27/21IDW9,352
113116Dark Blood4$3.9910/27/21Boom 9,337
115118Transformers Wreckers Tread & Circuits1$3.9910/13/21IDW9,145
116112Savage Avengers25$3.9910/06/21Marvel9,133
117119Bettie Page & Curse of the Banshee5$3.9910/20/21Dynamite 9,087
118121Transformers Beast Wars9$3.9910/27/21IDW8,737
119117Eternals Forever1$3.9910/13/21Marvel8,712
12098Marvel Action Origins4$4.9910/06/21IDW8,634
121136Time Before Time6 $3.9910/27/21Image8,399
122122Gamma Flight5$3.9910/13/21Marvel8,291
123128Transformers Shattered Glass3$3.9910/27/21IDW8,275
124129Not All Robots3 $3.9910/20/21AWA8,164
126139Killadelphia18 $3.9910/27/21Image8,067
127131Dungeons & Dragons Mindbreaker1$3.9910/20/21IDW8,025
129142Black Hammer Reborn4$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse7,950
131143Black Hammer Reborn5$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse7,912
13284My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic102$5.9910/13/21IDW7,754
133134World of Darkness Crimson Thaw1$3.9910/13/21Vault 7,736
134126Maria Llovets Porcelain3 $3.9910/20/21Ablaze7,727
135137Blade Runner Origins7 $3.9910/13/21Titan 7,682
136146Unbelievable Unteens World of Black Hammer3$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse7,613
137113Rick and Morty Mr Nimbus1$4.9910/13/21Oni7,493
138148No One Left to Fight II1$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse7,488
139150Last Flight Out2$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse7,420
140151Vinyl5 $3.9910/27/21Image7,401
141152Ordinary Gods4 $3.9910/13/21Image7,379
142132Pop Star Assassin1 $3.9910/27/21Behemoth 7,332
143157Deep Beyond9$3.9910/13/21Image7,227
144144Et-Er Oneshot1$3.9910/13/21AWA7,187
145120Rick & Morty Presents Snuffles Goes to War1$4.9910/06/21Oni6,995
146147James Bond Himeros1$3.9910/13/21Dynamite 6,980
14771Hellcop 3D Halloween Special1$7.9910/27/21Image6,950
148149Dejah Thoris Vs. John Carter of Mars4$3.9910/27/21Dynamite 6,871
150145Ka-Zar Lord Savage Land2$3.9910/13/21Marvel6,752
153130Star Trek Year Five25$4.9910/06/21IDW6,535
154159Dirtbag Rapture1$3.9910/06/21Oni6,489
155161Rick and Morty Ricks New Hat3$3.9910/06/21Oni6,198
156167Home Sick Pilots10 $3.9910/13/21Image6,191
158158Space Pirate Capt Harlock5$3.9910/27/21Ablaze6,030
159169Lucky Devil3$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse5,932
160162Avengers Tech-On3$3.9910/06/21Marvel5,902
161165Usagi Yojimbo Dragon Bellow Conspiracy5$3.9910/20/21IDW5,794
162166Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal6 $3.9910/27/21AWA5,781
163160Winchester Mystery House1 $3.9910/27/21Source Point5,775
164170Human Remains2$3.9910/27/21Vault 5,389
165171Life Is Strange Settling Dust1$3.9910/13/21Titan5,303
166178That Texas Blood11 $3.9910/27/21Image5,133
167172White4 $3.9910/13/21Black Mask5,131
168156Warhammer 40K Sisters Battle3$4.9910/13/21Marvel5,047
169184Orville Artifacts1$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse4,985
170181Trover Saves The Universe3 $3.9910/13/21Image4,936
171186Lady Baltimore Witch Queens5$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse4,807
172187Chu9 $3.9910/27/21Image4,755
173164Mamo4$4.9910/13/21Boom 4,740
174177Almost American2$3.9910/06/21Aftershock4,720
177183X-O Manowar7$3.9910/27/21Valiant4,616
179194Tales From Harrow County Fair Folk4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse4,549
180173Tarot Witch of the Black Rose130 $3.9910/27/21Broadsword4,546
181185Sleeping Beauties7$3.9910/20/21IDW4,488
182197Man-Eaters Cursed4$3.9910/13/21Image4,412
183198Second Chances3 $3.9910/27/21Image4,335
184201Made In Korea5 $3.9910/27/21Image4,303
185190Beyond The Breach4$3.9910/20/21Aftershock4,262
186174Echolands Raw Cut Ed2 $4.9910/27/21Image4,200
187192Grimm Fairy Tales53$3.9910/27/21Zenescope4,075
188204Killer Queens3 $3.9910/20/21Dark Horse4,032
189207Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton5 $3.9910/13/21Image4,014
190163Grimm Spotlight Cinderella Vs. Zombies One Shot$5.9910/20/21Zenescope3,961
191189Mfkz5 $3.9910/27/21Behemoth 3,936
192195Swamp Dogs1$3.9910/27/21Scout3,783
193196Never Never4$3.9910/20/21Heavy Metal3,716
194180Zombie Tramp82 $4.9910/06/21Action Lab3,708
195168Van Helsing Beast of Exmoor One Shot$5.9910/06/21Zenescope3,635
196208Good Luck5$3.9910/27/21Boom 3,629
197199Billy The Kit1$3.9910/06/21Blue Juice3,623
198209Search For Hu2$3.9910/27/21Aftershock3,572
199224Archies Halloween Spectacular1$2.9910/06/21Archie3,528
200211Money Shot15 $3.9910/06/21Vault 3,479
201141Ms. Marvel Marvel Tales1$7.9910/13/21Marvel3,474
202206Nightmare Before Christmas Mirror Moon3$3.9910/13/21Tokyopop3,384
203202Sweet Paprika4$4.9910/27/21Image3,317
204220A Man Among Ye7$3.9910/27/21Image3,239
205140Tales of Terror Quarterly 2021 Halloween Sp$8.9910/20/21Zenescope3,177
206210We Dont Kill Spiders2$3.9910/27/21Scout3,176
207216Willys Wonderland Prequel1$3.9910/06/21American Mythology3,160
208218Witchblood7$3.9910/13/21Vault 3,105
210176Belle Headless Horseman One Shot$5.9910/06/21Zenescope3,056
211221Apex Legends Overtime3$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse3,041
212214Unborn2 $3.9910/27/21Source Point2,933
213203Verotika Revenge1$4.9510/20/21Verotik2,800
214219Second Coming Only Begotten Son6 $3.9910/13/21Ahoy2,797
215223Seven Swords4$3.9910/06/21Aftershock2,769
216188Possessive3 $5.9910/20/21Zenescope2,637
217227St Mercy3$3.9910/27/21Image2,613
218205Last Book Youll Ever Read3 $5.9910/06/21Vault2,475
219212Phantom Starkiller1 Glow$4.9910/27/21Scout2,412
220228Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters7$3.9910/27/21Oni2,408
221226Cherry Blackbird3 $3.9910/06/21Scout2,338
222238Worst Dudes5 $3.9910/06/21Dark Horse2,300
223235George Rr Martin a Clash of Kings15 $3.9910/27/21Dynamite 2,273
224193Intrusion One Shot$6.9910/06/21Heavy Metal2,268
225229Nine Stones3 $3.9910/27/21Behemoth 2,166
226241Hey Kids Comics Vol. 2 Prophets & Loss6 $3.9910/06/21Image2,122
227233Nobodys Child2 $3.9910/27/21Behemoth 2,090
228217Money Shot15 $5.9910/06/21Vault 2,083
229232Electric Black Dark Caravan1$3.9910/13/21Scout2,082
230234Menagerie1$3.9910/06/21Second Sight2,063
231225Aggretsuko Super Fun Spec$4.9910/20/21Oni2,055
232244Secret Land4$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse1,967
233239Merlin & Hector1$3.9510/27/21Red 51,952
234215Rise of the Djinn1$5.9910/13/21Zenescope1,947
235243Super Cerebus Vs. Covid 19 One Shot$4.0010/27/21Aardvark-Vanaheim1,830
236236Clans of Belari4$4.9910/20/21Aftershock1,787
237213Knights of the Dinner Table287$6.9910/06/21Kenzer1,726
238249Hath No Fury1$3.9910/06/21Action Lab1,651
239246Bountiful Garden2$3.9910/06/21Mad Cave1,636
240250Zorro Flights1$3.9910/06/21American Mythology1,583
241247Gods of Brutality2$3.9910/13/21Scout1,550
242248Undying Queen1$3.9910/27/21ARH1,544
243191White Widow7 Metal$9.9910/06/21Absolute1,541
244251Everfrost4$3.9910/06/21Black Mask1,535
245240Willys Wonderland Prequel1$4.9910/06/21American Mythology1,523
246270Black Beacon3$2.9910/20/21Heavy Metal1,473
247254Engineward12$3.9910/13/21Vault 1,454
248258Savage Hearts4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse1,453
249200Valkyrie Saviors3$9.9910/20/21Antarctic1,437
250255Citizen2$3.9910/27/21Action Lab1,351
251252Valkyrie Saviors3$3.9910/20/21Antarctic1,341
252253By The Horns6 $3.9910/06/21Scout1,336
253245Ninjas & Robots10$4.9910/06/21Keenspot1,317
254261Destiny Ny6 $3.9910/06/21Black Mask1,296
255263Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween III1 $3.9910/27/21American Mythology1,273
256259Obe Out of Body Experience4$3.9910/20/21Antarctic1,207
257260Runes4$3.9910/27/21Source Point1,204
258264Chessmasters1$3.9910/06/21Second Sight1,152
259265Djinn Hunter3$3.9910/13/21Blackbox1,151
260267Suicide Jockeys3 $3.9910/27/21Source Point1,137
261274Beyond The Farthest Star2$3.9910/06/21American Mythology1,123
262268Blacks Myth4 $3.9910/13/21Ahoy1,122
263269World War 33$3.9910/27/21Antarctic1,102
265257Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween III1$4.9910/27/21American Mythology1,063
266277Technofreak2 $3.9910/27/21American Mythology1,054
267272Djinn Hunter4$3.9910/27/21Blackbox1,041
268273Twin Mermaids Princesses of the Sea1$3.9910/27/21ARH1,028
269279American Mythology Monsters Vol. 22 $3.9910/06/21American Mythology1,023
271280Monday Monday Rivers of London4 $3.9910/06/21Titan 1,020
273278Death By Life7$3.9910/20/21Antarctic939
274262Boston Metaphysical Society Ghosts & Demons (One Shot)$4.9910/27/21Source Point938
275231Zombie Tramp82 Risque$9.9910/06/21Action Lab931
276230Willys Wonderland Prequel1 Ltd$9.9910/06/21American Mythology922
277285Pellucidar Across Savage Seas2$3.9910/27/21American Mythology901
278282Snelson3 $3.9910/06/21Ahoy860
279237Bettie Page & Curse of the Banshee5 Black Bag$10.0010/27/21Dynamite 852
280284Broken Souls Ballad4$3.9910/13/21Scout828
281256Strange Attractors (Its Alive)5$5.9910/27/21It's Alive827
282289Kaijumax Season 64 $3.9910/27/21Oni763
283286Ninja Scouts1$3.9910/13/21Scout757
284242Rick & Morty Presents Snuffles Goes to War1 Dragon$10.0010/06/21Oni750
285287Exciting Comics16$3.9910/27/21Antarctic746
286290S Factor2$3.9910/27/21Action Lab741
287288Wolvenheart8$3.9910/27/21Mad Cave720
288281Howling Snow Kung Fu Fable$4.9910/20/21Comics Experience691
289283Stud & The Bloodblade2 $4.9910/20/21Comics Experience671
290291Blowtorch3$3.9910/06/21Second Sight655
291266Superbabes Starring Femforce8$5.9510/13/21AC653

October 2021 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

The titles below appeared in Diamond's end-of-year list and had release dates in our records from this month. It does not include sales for any older titles.

This list includes all items released new this month that appeared on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsGraphic novel titlePricePublisherPublisherEst. units
11Destroy All Monsters HC a Reckless Book$24.9910/20/21Image11,723
25Nocterra Vol. 1 Full Throttle Dark$9.9910/06/21Image11,406
33Department of Truth Vol. 2$16.9910/20/21Image9,573
410Chainsaw Man Vol. 7$9.9910/06/21Viz6,109
512Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 12$9.9910/06/21Viz5,579
622One Punch Man Vol. 23$9.9910/06/21Viz3,829
79Ultramega By James Harren$19.9910/06/21Image3,665
82Something Is Killing Children Dlx Ed Slipcase HC Book 1$69.9910/20/21Boom 3,624
98Avatar Last Airbender Smoke & Shadow Omnibus$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse3,532
1014Silver Coin Vol. 1$16.9910/06/21Image3,214
114Paper Girls Comp Story$49.9910/20/21Image3,187
1225Ascender Vol. 4$12.9910/06/21Image3,101
1315Deadly Class Vol. 10 Save Your Generation$16.9910/20/21Image2,907
1426Marvel Meow HC$14.9910/13/21Viz2,411
1547Spy X Family Vol. 6$9.9910/06/21Viz2,289
1616Burn Witch Vol. 1$19.9910/20/21Viz2,212
1727Bitter Root Vol. 3$17.9910/27/21Image2,163
1839Attack On Titan Vol. 34$10.9910/20/21Kodansha2,106
1933Time Before Time Vol. 1$16.9910/20/21Image2,085
2021Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Vol. 1$19.9910/06/21Dark Horse2,063
2134Scumbag Vol. 2$16.9910/27/21Image2,008
2220Attack On Titan Omnibus Vol. 1 Vol. 1-3$19.9910/20/21Kodansha1,834
2336Maniac of New York Vol. 1 Death Train$16.9910/27/21Aftershock1,780
2418Dune House Atreides HC Vol. 2$24.9910/20/21Boom 1,688
2523Young Hellboy The Hidden Land HC$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse1,613
2667Star Wars Adventures Smugglers Run$9.9910/06/21IDW1,594
2713Luther Strode Comp Series$39.9910/20/21Image1,536
2811Umbrella Academy You Look Like Death Library Ed HC$39.9910/13/21Dark Horse1,519
2940Pokemon Adv Collectors Ed Vol. 10$17.9910/13/21Viz1,379
3069Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 7$11.9910/27/21Dark Horse1,378
3132Magic The Gathering (Mtg) HC Vol. 1$24.9910/13/21Boom 1,311
3254Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Vol. 10$13.0010/13/21Yen1,304
3335Black Hammer Visions HC Vol. 1$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse1,279
3477Just Beyond Monstrosity Original Gn$10.9910/20/21Boom 1,274
3542Fear Case$19.9910/27/21Dark Horse1,271
3682Komi Cant Communicate Vol. 15$9.9910/13/21Viz1,271
3787Resistance Uprising$9.9910/27/21AWA1,256
3828Nocturnals Omnibus HC$29.9910/27/21Dark Horse1,234
3945Cyberpunk 2077 Wheres Johnny HC$19.9910/20/21Dark Horse1,215
4080Fullmetal Alchemist a New Beginning Gn$10.9910/20/21Viz1,193
4153Immortal Hulk Great Power$15.9910/27/21Marvel1,180
4255Inkblot Vol. 2$16.9910/06/21Image1,179
4344Origins$19.9910/20/21Boom 1,165
4551Abbott 1973$17.9910/06/21Boom 1,102
4664Strange Academy Bright Side$13.9910/20/21Marvel1,099
4790Archie 80 Years of Christmas$9.9910/20/21Archie1,095
4850Alien Vol. 1 Bloodlines$17.9910/20/21Marvel1,091
4958Seven Secrets Vol. 2$16.9910/27/21Boom 1,074
5063Jules Verne Lighthouse$16.9910/13/21Image1,055
5141Dark Horse Book of Horror$24.9910/27/21Dark Horse1,019
5219Amazing Spider-Man Epic Coll Death Captain Stacy$39.9910/20/21Marvel1,018
537Hellboy Omnibus Boxed Set$99.9610/27/21Dark Horse1,013
5472Specter Inspectors$14.9910/13/21Boom 1,010
5556Helm Greycastle Vol. 1$19.9910/13/21Image1,000
5674Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol. 7$14.9910/13/21Boom 997
5796My Love Mix Up Vol. 1$9.9910/06/21Viz994
5861Nuclear Family Vol. 1$16.9910/27/21Aftershock979
5970Black Widow By Kelly Thompson Vol. 2 I Am Black Widow$15.9910/27/21Marvel953
6159Halo Graphic Novel$19.9910/20/21Dark Horse923
6265Vampire The Masquerade Vol. 2 Winters Teeth$17.9910/06/21Vault 891
6375Mighty Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol. 1 Vengeance Loki$15.9910/20/21Marvel890
6449No 5 Vol. 2$22.9910/20/21Viz890
6524Hawkeye By Fraction Aja Saga Barton Bishop Aja Dm Var$44.9910/27/21Marvel875
666Complete American Gods HC$124.9910/20/21Dark Horse837
67110Blue Exorcist Vol2 26$9.9910/06/21Viz814
6846Nexus Newspaper Strips Vol. 1 Gourmando$29.9910/13/21Dark Horse814
6984Asadora Vol. 4$14.9910/20/21Viz805
70109Marvel-Verse Hawkeye$9.9910/27/21Marvel800
7173Dracula Son of the Dragon$19.9910/27/21Dark Horse785
7248Leonard Cohen On a Wire HC$24.9510/27/21Drawn & Quarterly784
7329Jodorowsky Library Ed Megalex HC$39.9910/20/21Humanoids774
7430Hack Slash Dlx Ed HC Vol. 2$49.9910/20/21Image763
7578Children of Atom By Vita Ayala Vol. 1$17.9910/27/21Marvel757
7657Gantz Omnibus Vol. 7$24.9910/06/21Dark Horse757
7737Thor By Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 4$39.9910/27/21Marvel724
78118Casual Fling$9.9910/13/21AWA718
7971Never Open It The Taboo Trilogy Gn$20.0010/27/21Yen700
8060Dead Dogs Bite HC$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse699
81116Moriarty The Patriot Vol. 5$9.9910/06/21Viz689
8297Kiruru Kill Me Vol. 1$12.9910/20/21Seven Seas685
8338Hawkeye By Fraction Aja Saga Barton Bishop Ross Cvr$44.9910/27/21Marvel672
8494Twittering Birds Never Fly Vol. 5$14.9510/27/21Digital Manga664
8598Shadowman Vol. 1$14.9910/20/21Valiant652
8652Porn Basket HC$29.9910/20/21Fantagraphics651
8781Better Angels Kate Warne Adventure Original Gn$19.9910/27/21Boom 645
8891Assassins Creed Valhalla Gn$14.9910/13/21Tokyopop643
89126Call of the Night Vol. 4$9.9910/13/21Viz639
9043Elegant Spirits Amanos Tale of Genji & Fairies HC$39.9910/20/21Dark Horse624
9199Boy Meets Maria Gn$13.9910/27/21Seven Seas620
92112Aggretsuko Down The Rabbit Hole HC$12.9910/20/21Oni608
93104Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 20$13.0010/06/21Yen604
9476Overwatch Tracer London Calling HC$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse597
95101Summoners War Vol. 1 Legacy$16.9910/20/21Image596
96105Ancient Magus Bride Vol. 15$12.9910/06/21Seven Seas590
9789Dragon Age Dark Fortress HC$19.9910/20/21Dark Horse589
98107Im The Villainous So Im Taming Final Boss Vol. 1$13.0010/27/21Yen585
99106That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Vol. 17$12.9910/06/21Kodansha585
100100Hollow Heart Complete$15.9910/20/21Vault 583
101133Hello My Name Is Poop Original Gn$9.9910/27/21Vault578
10395Doctor Who Missy Vol. 1$17.9910/13/21Titan564
10479James Bond Big Things HC$24.9910/06/21Dynamite 556
105143Unfinished Corner Original Gn$12.9910/20/21Vault548
106142Archie Giant Comics Adventure$9.9910/27/21Archie524
10788Czarface a Czar Is Born Gn$19.9910/20/21Z2521
108115Time Stop Hero Vol. 1$12.9910/06/21Seven Seas484
109134Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Vol. 10$10.9910/06/21Kodansha475
110128Phoebe & Her Unicorn Vol. 14 Unicorn Playlist$11.9910/20/21Andrews McMeel474
11185Sheets Collectors Ed HC$24.9910/13/21Oni474
11286Mooncakes Coll Ed HC$24.9910/13/21Oni466
113121Headhunted to Another World Salaryman Vol. 1$12.9910/06/21Seven Seas464
11466Ec Jack Kamen Al Feldstein 3 For Money & Other Stories HC$35.0010/27/21Fantagraphics461
115131No Guns Life Vol. 11$12.9910/20/21Viz453
116108Iron Man Vol. 2 Books Korvac II Overclock$17.9910/20/21Marvel449
117125Rent a Girlfriend Vol. 9$12.9910/06/21Kodansha449
118117Do You Like Big Girls Vol. 1$13.9910/06/21Seven Seas 446
119127Monster Guild Dark Lords No Good Comeback Vol. 1$12.9910/20/21Seven Seas444
12031Umbrella Academy You Look Like Death Dlx Ed HC$79.9910/13/21Dark Horse439
121149How Do We Relationship Vol. 4$9.9910/20/21Viz436
122119Worlds End Harem Vol. 12$13.9910/13/21Seven Seas 435
123129Dungeon Dive Aim For Deepest Level Vol. 1$12.9910/06/21Seven Seas433
12417Shadowman Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.9910/13/21Valiant428
125123Gigant Vol. 6$13.9910/20/21Seven Seas426
126150Seraph of End Vampire Reign Vol. 22$9.9910/06/21Viz417
127132Higehiro After Being Rejected Vol. 1$12.9510/06/21One Peace 411
12862Godkiller Dlx HC Book 1 Walk Among Us$39.9910/13/21Black Mask407
129111Manga Classics Sense and Sensibility$19.9910/06/21Manga Classics390
13092Red Flowers HC$24.9510/27/21Drawn & Quarterly388
131102Exo Legend of Wale Williams Vol. 1$24.9910/20/21Dark Horse386
132151Hp Lovecraft Beyond The Wall of Sleep Gn$9.9910/06/21Caliber381
133141Im The Hero But The Demon Lords Also Me Vol. 2$13.0010/06/21Yen375
134152Yona of the Dawn Vol. 32$9.9910/06/21Viz368
135114Night Fisher HC 15th Annv Ed$19.9910/13/21Fantagraphics356
136139Worlds End Harem Fantasia Vol. 5$13.9910/20/21Seven Seas 353
137144Science Comics Whales Gn$12.9910/13/21First Second352
138120Delver$19.9910/20/21Dark Horse351
139135Salt Magic Gn$14.9910/13/21Ferguson348
140146Ms. Marvel Something New Gn$12.9910/13/21Marvel343
141138Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu Vol. 8$14.9910/13/21Udon340
142137Comrade Kill Gn$14.9510/27/21Adhouse337
143113Catboy Ultimate Ed Gn$20.0010/06/21Silver Sprocket333
144140Happy Kanakos Killer Life Vol. 2$14.9910/13/21Seven Seas325
146130The Times I Knew I Was Gay Graphic Memoir Sc$17.0010/06/21Scribner319
147147Wolf & Parchment Vol. 2$13.0010/27/21Yen318
14868Rick and Morty HC Book 7 Dlx Ed$49.9910/27/21Oni317
149148Adachi and Shimamura Vol. 2$13.0010/06/21Yen315
150136Happy Hour$16.9910/06/21Ahoy305
152145Super Hxeros Vol. 4$13.9910/06/21Seven Seas 301