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Fantastic Force Sales Figures

Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership
Filed with the United States Postal Service

A spinoff from Fantastic Four starring a young adult Franklin Richards, Fantastic Force ran for a year and a half in the mid-1990s. A mini-series by the same name appeared from Marvel in 2009.

A trivial Comichron connection: I used Fantastic Force as the sample title in the proposal to Krause Publications for the Standard Catalog of Comic Books.

Some direct-market only information on that title is available in the monthly reports.

—John Jackson Miller



Issue Statement appearing in:#15 Jan
Date of filing:10/1/95
Issues published during year:12
Annual subscription price:$22.00
Cover price during year:$1.75
Total Copies PRINTED (avg):36,057
Sales through DEALERS (avg):32,675
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg):1,000
Total PAID circulation (avg):33,675
Samples by MAIL (avg):750
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg):0
Total FREE circulation (avg):750
Copies not distributed (office):500
Copies not distributed (RETURNS):1,132
Reported % Paid/Requested:99.0%
% of RUN RETURNED:3.1%
Copies existent:34,925

Statement history
There was no Statement for 1996, as the series was canceled during the year. 1994 issues were published too soon to have a report filed.