500th-place Comic Books by Month

Estimated Sales to North American Comics Shops
of the 500th-place comic book from each month
as Reported by Diamond Comic Distributors

Whereas 300th place level on the Diamond sales chart has long provided a useful benchmark for sales, the availability of information below that level has been intermittent. But in December 2017, Diamond switched to reporting the Top 500, allowing a glimpse at what was selling far down on the charts.

Sales volumes at 500th place vary wildly; between new titles and reordered titles, five-week months see much higher sales levels.

When larger publishers' titles are seen below, the figures are always from a second- or later-month reorder. Doomsday Clock #6 in October 2018, for example, was on its third month of sales when it appeared in 500th place.

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Release MonthShip Weeks 500th Place TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. sales
2017-124Secret Wars8$3.99Marvel580
2018-015Star Wars Shattered Empire1$3.99Marvel919
2018-024Action Comics996$2.99DC647
2018-034Archie and Me Comics Digest5$6.99Archie552
2018-044Archie Jumbo Comics Digest288$6.99Archie711
2018-055True Believers Thanos The First1$1.00Marvel769
2018-064New Challengers1$2.99DC980
2018-074Justice League No Justice4$3.99DC824
2018-085Cavewoman Raptorellas Revenge2$3.99Amryl770
2018-094Star Wars Darth Vader20$3.99Marvel549
2018-105Doomsday Clock6$4.99DC1,219
2018-114Amazing Spider-Man8$3.99Marvel391
2018-124Ancient Dreams1$3.99Rothic461
2019-015Threshold Allure0 Nude$7.99Avatar942
2019-024True Believers Conan Secret of Skull River1$1.00Marvel629
2019-034Quincredible5$3.99Lion Forge419
2019-044Image Firsts Paper Girls1$1.00Image702
2019-055True Believers Thanos Rising1$1.00Marvel1,129
2019-064Road of Bones1$3.99IDW788
2019-084Giant Sized X-Men1 Facsimile Ed.$4.99Marvel489
2019-094Avengers No Road Home6$4.99Marvel1,000
2019-105Zorro Rise of the Old Gods2$3.99American Mythology1,208
2019-114Boston Metaphysical Society4$3.99Source Point472
2019-124Star Trek Picard Countdown1$4.99IDW696
2020-024Family Tree3 $3.99Image777
2020-034AM Archives Laurel and Hardy 19721$3.99American Mythology513