Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Sales Figures

Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership
Filed with the United States Postal Service

The first Wonder Woman series had run for 44 years, ending in late 1985 with the February 1986 cover-dated issue. After exactly one year off the shelves, the Amazon princess returned in a new series in late 1986 as part of DC's mid-decade wave of relaunches.

Drawn by George Pérez, the new title immediately improved on where its predecessor had left off, with average monthly sales for the first year reaching six figures for the first time since 1979, just after the CBS TV show era ended. It continued for nearly two decades before seeing its next relaunch in 2006.

Alas, we only have postal data for 1987, because DC changed how it shipped comics to subscribers in 1988, ending its need to file reports. But direct-market only information on the title can be found in our monthly reports.

—John Jackson Miller


Issue Statement appearing in:#15 April
Date of filing:10/5/87
Issues published during year:12
Annual subscription price:$9.00
Cover price during year:$0.75
Total Copies PRINTED (avg):217,470
Sales through DEALERS (avg):118,139
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg):411
Total PAID circulation (avg):118,550
Samples by MAIL (avg):987
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg):0
Total FREE circulation (avg):987
Copies not distributed (office):32,522
Copies not distributed (RETURNS):65,411
Reported % Paid/Requested:
% of RUN RETURNED:30.1%
Copies existent:152,059

Statement history
DC stopped sending comics Second Class in 1988, ending its legal requirement to file Statements of Ownership. So only one for the first year of the series was filed.

Understanding Statements of Ownership
The figures above are taken directly from the annual Statements of Ownership, Management, and Circulation filed by publishers with the United States Postal Service. The sales figure is the Average Paid Circulation figure and includes all copies sold through newsstands, comics shops, and postal subscription. It does not count copies the publisher gave away for free, or copies that were kept for office use.

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