Comic Book Sales Figures for 1960

Average Total Paid Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership and Filed with the United States Postal Service

This list includes only those titles which offered subscriptions via the USPS Second or Periodical Class, and which published their sales reports in their titles.


1960 was the first year that the U.S. Postal Service required that publishers actually include circulation information in the Statements of Ownership that appeared in their comic books. At this point, only the print run and paid circulations were reported by all; some also included subscription sales.

Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories both topped 1 million copies, and it was the last time to date that any Statement of Ownership for any title (apart from Mad, a magazine) would top that figure. Star Wars #1 in 1977 would be the next comic book to exceed 1 million copies, although that was across multiple printings. While several issues in the early 1990s would have sales exceeding 1 million copies, none of the year-long averages for those series topped that figure.

Note that DC rounded all figures to the nearest thousand, whereas other publishers went into greater detail. Such variation among publishers was common.

Magazines with comics content (like Mad) are sorted separately at the bottom.

—John Jackson Miller

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TitlePublisherAverage Copies Sold Per Issue
1Uncle ScroogeDell1,040,543
2Walt Disney's Comics & StoriesDell1,004,901
5Mickey MouseDell568,803
7Superman's Pal Jimmy OlsenDC498,000
8World's Finest ComicsDC476,000
9Looney TunesDell459,344
10Action ComicsDC458,000
11Superman's Girlfriend Lois LaneDC458,000
12Adventure ComicsDC438,000
13Lone RangerDell408,711
15Turok, Son of StoneDell359,013
17Detective ComicsDC314,000
19Pep ComicsArchie269,504
20Mystery in SpaceDC248,000
21Challengers of the UnknownDC228,000
23Brave & BoldDC214,000
25Wonder WomanDC213,000
26Little ArchieArchie210,089
27Sugar & SpikeDC209,000
28My Greatest AdventureDC208,000
29House of MysteryDC208,000
30Strange AdventuresDC207,000
31House of SecretsDC194,000
32Fox & The CrowDC193,000
33Adventures into the UnknownACG192,500
34Unknown WorldsACG192,000
35Tales of the UnexpectedDC192,000
37Forbidden WorldsACG187,200
39All-American Men of WarDC176,000
40Our Fighting ForcesDC175,000
41Our Army at WarDC172,000
42Star-Spangled ComicsDC169,000
43Tales to AstonishMarvel163,156
44All Star WesternDC154,000
45Tales of SuspenseMarvel148,929
46Kid Colt OutlawMarvel144,746
47Felix the CatDell138,191
48Space AdventuresCharlton110,166

About a hundred more Statements exist for this year and have been collected by Comichron. They'll appear here soon!