April 2005 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

DC took four of the top five slots in a month where the narrower categories were flat or slightly off year-over-year. Star Wars Episode III helped Dark Horse to one of its higher market shares across history.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11New Avengers5$2.25Marvel162,384
23Superman Batman18$2.95DC115,285
34Green Lantern Rebirth5$2.95DC114,986
42Superman Batman19$2.99DC114,238
66Ultimates 25$2.99Marvel103,454
812Uncanny X-Men458$2.25Marvel85,284
913Ultimate Spider-Man75$2.25Marvel83,925
1116Ultimate X-Men58$2.25Marvel82,591
1217Ultimate Spider-Man76$2.25Marvel82,230
137X-Men Age ofApocalypse6$2.99Marvel80,061
1420Amazing Spider-Man519$2.25Marvel78,521
158X-Men Phoenix Endsong5$2.99Marvel78,060
169Ultimate Secret2$2.99Marvel76,315
1725Ultimate Fantastic Four17$2.25Marvel72,194
1811Young Avengers3$2.99Marvel72,063
1921Teen Titans23$2.50DC66,790
2023Omac Project1$2.50DC65,325
2126Day of Vengeance1$2.50DC64,845
2230JLA Classified113$2.25DC63,991
2314X-Men The End Heroes & Martyrs2$2.99Marvel62,994
2518Marvel Knights Spider-Man13$2.99Marvel60,532
2622Supreme Power16$2.99Marvel55,059
2735Action Comics826$2.50DC54,760
2919X-Men Fantastic Four5$3.50Marvel51,574
3027Iron Man3$2.99Marvel51,381
3144Adventures ofSuperman639$2.50DC49,287
3329Incredible Hulk80$2.99Marvel48,395
3431JLA Classified6$2.99DC48,078
3633Captain America5$2.99Marvel46,002
3734Spectacular Spider-Man27$2.99Marvel45,802
3836Fantastic Four525$2.99Marvel45,553
3938Black Panther3$2.99Marvel44,917
4039Seven Soldiers Zatanna1$2.99DC43,639
4241Spider-Man Breakout1$2.99Marvel42,966
4443Legion of Super Heroes5$2.99DC41,657
4545Lex Luthor Man of Steel2$2.99DC40,654
4646Detective Comics805$2.99DC39,070
4837Shanna The She Devil3$3.50Marvel38,672
5049Seven Soldiers Klarion The Witch Boy1$2.99DC38,117
5150Conan15$2.99Dark Horse38,079
5452New X-Men12$2.99Marvel35,773
5684DC Countdown To Infinite Crisis1 2nd Ptg$1.99DC35,125
5959Space Ghost6$2.99DC33,610
6060Wolverine Soultaker3$2.99Marvel33,124
6173Batman Gotham Knights64$2.50DC31,740
6261Hunter Killer2$2.99Image31,709
6362Conan & The Jewels of Gwahlur1$2.99Dark Horse31,622
6475Green Arrow49$2.50DC31,397
6664Batman Jekyll & Hyde1$2.99DC30,631
6754Catwoman When I/Rome5$3.50DC29,939
6879Birds of Prey81$2.50DC29,826
6980Justice League Elite10$2.50DC29,403
7166Marvel Knights 417$2.99Marvel29,184
7289Wonder Woman215$2.25DC28,972
7367New Thunderbolts7$2.99Marvel28,717
7770Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith2$2.99Dark Horse27,657
7871Y The Last Man32$2.99DC26,909
7972Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith3$2.99Dark Horse26,685
8074Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith4$2.99Dark Horse26,298
8291Batman Legends of the Dark Knight190$2.50DC25,931
8377X-Men Unlimited8$2.99Marvel25,681
8456Off Handbk Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2005$3.99Marvel25,525
8578Cable Deadpool14$2.99Marvel24,989
87102Marvel Team-Up7$2.25Marvel24,796
8881Stormbreaker Saga of Beta Ray Bill4$2.99Marvel24,260
8986Adam Strange7$2.99DC23,151
90125Fathom Beginnings1$1.99Aspen22,103
9188Ex Machina10$2.99DC22,097
9290Amazing Fantasy7$2.99Marvel21,798
9392Street Fighter14*$2.95Devil's Due21,580
9593X-Force Shatterstar3$2.99Marvel20,944
9663G.I. Joe42$4.50Devil's Due20,857
9795Sw General Grievous2$2.99Dark Horse20,850
9997District X12$2.99Marvel20,215
10098Star Wars Republic75$2.99Dark Horse19,797
103999Authority Revolution7$2.99DC19,579
106999Blood of the Demon2$2.50DC18,401
107999Star Wars Empire30$2.99Dark Horse17,790
108999Fantastic Four Foes4$2.99Marvel17,734
109999G.I. Joe Master & Apprentice Vol. II3*$2.95Devil's Due17,291
112999Gotham Central30$2.50DC16,462
114999Doom Patrol11$2.50DC16,244
115999New Invaders9$2.99Marvel16,107
116999DC Countdown To Infinite Crisis1$1.00DC15,639
117999Walking Dead17$2.95Image15,614
118999Walking Dead18$2.95Image15,540
121999100 Bullets60$2.50DC14,879
123999City of Tomorrow1$2.99DC14,574
126999Power Pack1$2.99Marvel14,218
127999Teen Titans Go18$2.25DC14,150
128999Identity Crisis Final Printing2$3.99DC13,882
130999Identity Crisis Final Printing1$3.99DC13,614
131999Identity Crisis Final Printing6$3.99DC13,614
133999Darkstalkers5$2.95Devil's Due13,576
135999Identity Crisis Final Printing4$3.99DC13,520
136999Identity Crisis Final Printing7$3.99DC13,370
137999Identity Crisis Final Printing5$3.99DC13,040
138999Identity Crisis Final Printing3$3.99DC12,984
139999Tom Strong32$2.99DC12,579
141999Books of Magick Life During Wartime10$2.50DC12,273
142999Justice League Unlimited8$2.25DC12,143
143999Swamp Thing14$2.99DC12,055
144999Simpsons Comics105$2.99Bongo12,024
147999Human Race2$2.99DC11,525
150999Mary Jane Homecoming2$2.99Marvel10,534
151999John Constantine Hellblazer Special Papa Midnite3$2.99DC10,416
152999Batman Strikes8$2.25DC10,366
153999Sleeper Season Two11$2.99DC10,360
154999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man2$2.50Marvel10,304
155999X-Men Phoenix Endsong4$2.99Marvel10,285
157999Strangers in Paradise72$2.95Abstract9,450
158999Strangers in Paradise73$2.95Abstract9,387
159999Bart Simpson Comics23$2.99Bongo9,163
161999Richard Dragon12$2.50DC9,088
163999Metal Gear Solid8$3.99IDW8,995
164999Marvel Milestones Venom & Hercules$3.99Marvel8,914
16799930 Days of Night Bloodsuckers Tales7$3.99IDW8,689
168999Iron Ghost1$2.95Image8,689
169999Billy The Kids Old Time Oddities1$2.99Dark Horse8,265
170999Savage Dragon121$2.95Image8,234
171999Sonic The Hedgehog148$2.19Archie8,010
172999Green Lantern Rebirth2$2.99DC7,923
173999Jon Sable Freelance Bloodline1$3.99IDW7,848
174999Tales of the Thing2$2.50Marvel7,711
175999Megacity 9096$2.95Devil's Due7,549
176999Human Target21$2.99DC7,312
178999Flaming Carrot Comics2$3.50Image7,000
179999Twilight Experiment3$2.99DC6,907
180999Death Jr1$4.99Image6,857
181999Sea of Red1$2.95Image6,620
182999Michael Chabon Presents Adv of the Escapist6$8.95Dark Horse6,607
183999Cal Mcdonald Supernatural Freak Machine1$3.99IDW6,607
186999Battle of the Planets Princess6$2.99Image6,121
188999Victory Vol. 24$2.95Image5,922
190999Knights of the Dinner Table102$3.99Kenzer5,504
191999Shonen Jump Vol. 3 May 20055$4.99Viz5,354
192999Castlevania The Belmont Legacy2$3.99IDW5,329
193999Cal Mcdonald Supernatural Freak Machine2$3.99IDW5,298
195999Stray Bullets37$3.50El Capitan5,136
196999Seven Soldiers0$2.95DC5,068
197999Vampi Vicious Rampage Reg Ed2$2.99Harris5,055
198999Wild Girl6$2.99DC5,024
199999Uncle Scrooge341$6.95Gemstone4,955
200999Ultimate Iron Man1$2.99Marvel4,943
201999Blade of the Immortal100$5.99Dark Horse4,837
202999Lullaby Wisdom Seeker2$2.95Image4,818
203999Noble Causes9$3.50Image4,806
204999Scooby Doo95$2.25DC4,800
206999Donald Duck & Friends327$2.95Gemstone4,644
208999Breakdown6$2.95Devil's Due4,457
209999Mickey Mouse & Friends276$2.95Gemstone4,351
210999Blade ofKumori5$2.95Devil's Due4,257
211999Defex6$2.95Devil's Due4,201
212999Lions Tigers & Bears3$2.95Image4,133
213999Armor X2$2.95Image4,133
214999Infantry4$2.95Devil's Due4,045
215999Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles21$2.95Mirage4,033
216999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories656$6.95Gemstone4,020
21799986 Voltz Dead Girl One Shot$5.95Image3,865
218999Hate Annual5$4.95Fantagraphics3,858
219999Bloodrayne Seeds of Sin$3.99Digital Webbing3,572
220999Dead At 17 Revolution4$2.95Viper3,459
221999Gold Digger63$2.99Antarctic3,428
222999Desperadoes Banners ofGold4$3.99IDW3,397
223999The Grimoire2$2.99Speakeasy3,378
224999Grave Grrrls Destroyers of the Dead1$2.99Moonstone3,354
225999Super Manga Blast50$5.99Dark Horse3,254
226999Simpsons Classics4$3.99Bongo3,248
227999Barbarossa & The Lost Corsairs1$3.50Kandora3,054
229999Astonishing X-Men9$2.99Marvel3,029
230999Green Lantern Rebirth4$2.95DC2,986
231999Looney Tunes125$2.25DC2,973
232999Beyond Avalon2$3.50Image2,948
233999Ultimate Secret1 (Res)$2.99Marvel2,936
235999Bear8$2.95Slave Labor2,880
237999Cholly & Flytrap3$5.95Image2,830
240999Small Gods8$2.95Image2,718
242999Green Lantern Rebirth3$2.95DC2,630
243999Green Lantern Rebirth1$2.95DC2,562
245999Sabrina Vol. 266$2.19Archie2,506
246999Eric Reds Containment4$3.99IDW2,387
247999Betty & Veronica208$2.19Archie2,381
248999Mad Magazine453$3.50DC2,344
249999Deity Requiem One Shot$6.95Image2,331
250999Sw Episode III Revenge of the Sith1$2.99Dark Horse2,325
251999Full Cirkle Cvr B2$3.50Full Circle2,313
252999Kolchak Tales of the Night Stalker6$3.50Moonstone2,281
253999Easy Way1$3.99IDW2,275
255999PS23811$2.99Dork Storm2,150
257999Street Fighter Power Foil Cvr C13$7.50Devil's Due2,088
258999Tales From Riverdale Digest1$2.39Archie2,069
259999Cartoon Network Block Party8$2.25DC2,038
260999Seven Soldiers Guardian1$2.99DC2,020
261999Little Star2$2.99Oni1,920
262999Budds Beauties & Beasts One Shot$3.50Basement1,914
263999Street Fighter Power Foil Tsang Cvr C14$7.50Devil's Due1,889
265999Jughead & Friends Digest1$2.39Archie1,801
267999Young Avengers2$2.99Marvel1,733
269999The Gift Directors Cut1$3.99Image1,677
270999Betty & Veronica Digest156$2.39Archie1,652
271999Legion ofSuper Heroes4$2.99DC1,652
272999New Avengers4$2.25Marvel1,633
273999Archie Double Digest160$3.59Archie1,621
274999Seven Soldiers Shining Knight1$2.99DC1,608
275999Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles9$3.25Mirage1,589
276999Pals N Gals Double Digest93$3.59Archie1,589
277999X-Men Age ofApocalypse5$2.99Marvel1,508
278999Captain Gravity & Power of the Vril4$2.95Penny Farthing1,508
279999Ninja High School127$2.99Antarctic1,496
280999Second Stage Turbine Blade1$4.00Evil Ink1,490
281999Ninja High School126$2.99Antarctic1,459
282999Darkstalkers Joe Mad Cvr C Power Foil4$7.50Devil's Due1,440
283999A G Super Erotic Anthology12$4.99Icarus1,390
284999Action Philosophers1$2.95Evil Twin1,384
286999Jugheads Double Digest112$3.59Archie1,371
287999Autumn3$2.95Slave Labor1,365
288999A G Super Erotic Anthology11$4.99Icarus1,284
289999Weapons File1$4.95Antarctic1,284
290999Shaolin Cowboy2$3.50Burlyman1,259
291999Darkstalkers Arn Cvr C Power Foil5$7.50Devil's Due1,253
292999City of Heroes11$2.95Blue King1,240
294999Secret War Book Four$3.99Marvel1,191
296999Sex Warrior Isane XXX3$3.95Fantagraphics1,178
297999Marvel Must Haves New Avengers$3.99Marvel1,159
299999X-Men Age ofApocalypse4$2.99Marvel1,116
300999Castlevania The Belmont Legacy1$3.99IDW1,097

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April 2005 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Main text goes here! Here's some more text... and indeed, more text beyond that, if you can believe it. Main text goes here! Here's some more text... and indeed, more text beyond that, if you can believe it...!

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
127Vertigo First Taste$4.99DC10,765
22Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 6 Booze Broads Bullets 2nd$15.00Dark Horse9,518
31Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 7 Hell & Back 2nd$28.00Dark Horse8,029
412Twisted Toyfare Theatre Vol. 5 $12.99Wizard6,620
55Batman Year One Deluxe Edition HC$19.99DC5,354
610Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 4 That Yellow Bastard 2nd$19.00Dark Horse5,155
711Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 1 Hard Goodbye 2nd$17.00Dark Horse5,149
87Superman Versus The Flash$19.99DC5,005
98DC The New Frontier Vol. 2$19.99DC4,962
1016Chronicles of Conan Vol. 7 Dweller in the Pool $15.95Dark Horse4,731
1117Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 2 Dame To Kill For 2nd$17.00Dark Horse4,226
1226Sw Episode III Revenge of the Sith $12.95Dark Horse4,220
1313Rising Stars Vol. 3 Fire & Ash$19.99Image4,201
1419Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 3 Big Fat Kill 2nd$17.00Dark Horse4,077
1521Essential Hulk Vol. 3$16.99Marvel3,865
1653Jenny Finn Doom$6.99Atomeka3,746
1739Inu Yasha Vol. 21 $8.95Viz3,559
1846Naruto Vol. 6 $7.95Viz3,547
1928Invincible Vol. 4 Head of the Class$14.95Image3,484
2029She Hulk Vol. 2 Superhuman Law$14.99Marvel3,466
2131Daredevil Vol. 11 Golden Age$13.99Marvel3,410
2220Wolverine Enemy of the State Vol. 1 HC$19.99Marvel3,391
2351Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 14 $7.95Viz3,341
249Supreme Power Vol. 1 HC$29.99Marvel3,304
253Batman Cover To Cover HC$39.99DC3,248
2644Bite Club$9.99DC2,905
2724Batman Scarecrow Tales$19.99DC2,886
2818Flight Vol. 2 GN$24.95Image2,830
2934Freak Show HC$14.95Image2,830
3048GTO Vol. 24 GN$9.99Tokyopop2,774
3136Authority Kev$14.99DC2,643
3255Battle Vixens Vol. 7 GN$9.99Tokyopop2,500
3342Frank Miller's Sin City Vol. 5 Family Values 2nd$12.00Dark Horse2,468
3423Sw Crimson Empire Book & Bust Up Figure Set$24.99Dark Horse2,425
3557Kare Kano Vol. 15 GN$9.99Tokyopop2,425
3630Batman The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told$19.99DC2,412
374Comic Cavalcade Archives Vol. 1 HC$49.99DC2,256
3845Green Arrow City Walls$12.99DC2,200
3940Bullseye Greatest Hits$13.99Marvel2,182
4122Marvel Visionaries Steve Ditko HC$29.99Marvel2,150
4238Black Widow Homecoming$14.99Marvel2,132
436Will Eisners Spirit Archives Vol. 16 HC$49.99DC2,126
4435Legend of Grimjack Vol. 2$19.99IDW2,094
4543Mystique Vol. 4 Quiet$14.99Marvel1,945
4637Fantastic Four Spider-Man Classic$16.99Marvel1,945
4732Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes HC$24.99Marvel1,907
4880Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 13 Beautiful Night $7.95Viz1,876
4925X-Men Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 1$29.99Marvel1,876
5058Man-Thing Whatever Knows Fear$12.99Marvel1,851
5149Arthur Suydam Art of the Barbarian Sketchbook SGN$14.95Image1,789
5252Cable Deadpool Vol. 2 Burnt Offering$14.99Marvel1,764
5372Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol. 5 GN $9.95Viz1,764
5471Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol. 8$9.99DC1,758
5554Elfquest Searcher & The Sword Sc$14.99DC1,720
5633Art of Greg Horn$24.95Image1,714
5794Thor Son of Asgard Vol. 2 Worthy Digest$7.99Marvel1,689
5860Four Letter Worlds GN$12.95Image1,671
5975Tokyo Babylon Vol. 7 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,652
6078Fushigi Yugi Vol. 14 GN $9.95Viz1,571
6114Marvel Masterworks Amaz Spider-Man Vol. 7 New Ed$49.99Marvel1,558
6259Spider-Man Dr Octopus Year One$13.99Marvel1,552
6347Sw Visionaries $17.95Dark Horse1,546
64100Shaman King Vol. 6 $7.95Viz1,527
6583Angel Sanctuary Vol. 7 GN $9.99Viz1,465
6685Suikoden III Vol. 6 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,434
6790Shaolin Sisters Reborn Vol. 1 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,396
6815Marvel Masterworks Amaz Spider-Man Vol. 7 HC Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,384
6969Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.95DC1,371
7062Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Gifted$14.99Marvel1,365
7195Maburaho Manga Vol. 1$9.99ADV1,340
7296Spider-Man India$9.99Marvel1,334
7364Alpha Flight Vol. 2 Waxing Poetic$14.99Marvel1,328
7477Batman Hush Vol. 2 New Ptg$12.99DC1,259
7556Stray Bullets Vol. 1 Innocence of Nihilism 10th Ann$19.95El Capitan1,222
76101Van Von Hunter Vol. 1 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,209
7770Batman Blind Justice New Ptg$14.99DC1,178
78138Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol. 4 $7.95Viz1,178
79108Devil Does Exist Vol. 1 $9.95DC1,166
80145Bleach Vol. 6 $7.95Viz1,159
8168Tex The Lonesome Rider GN $15.95SAF1,141
82110Girl Got Game Vol. 9 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,141
83112Sgt Frog Vol. 8 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,134
84148Dr Slump Vol. 1 $7.99Viz1,122
85114Boys Be Vol. 4 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,116
8686Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.95Image1,097
8776Megalex Vol. 1$14.99DC1,091
8888Milkman Murders$12.95Dark Horse1,078
8991Ultimate Galactus Vol. 1 Nightmare$12.99Marvel1,072
9050Tom Strongs Terrific Tales Vol. 2 HC$24.99DC1,066
91116Id Entity Vol. 1 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,060
92118Tenryu The Dragon Cycle Vol. 1 $9.99DC1,060
93122Gundam Seed Astray R Vol. 2 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,041
9467Bilal Library Memories$17.99DC1,035
95123Teen Titans Family Lost New Ptg$9.99DC1,028
96164Prince of Tennis Vol. 7 GN $7.95Viz1,028
9797Superman Batman Vol. 1 Public Enemies$12.99DC1,010
98125Vampire Game Vol. 11 GN$9.99Tokyopop1,010
9941Wizard Best of Basic Training Dlx $29.99Wizard1,010
100126Video Girl Ai Vol. 11 $9.99Viz1,004