February 2008 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

More than 16 years after a comic book with the same name and issue number became one of the best-selling comic books of all time, X-Force #1 topped a month that otherwise looked like a return to slower Februaries past. Diamond Comic Distributors’ overall sales of comic books, trade paperbacks, and magazines to retailers equaled approximately $32.53 million, an increase of 1% over February 2007. But, except for trade paperback sales, all the narrower categories posted slight declines, with drops of 5% and 6% respectively for units and dollars sold of Diamond’s Top 300 comic books.

X-Force #1 was one of only three titles to break the 100,000-copy barrier, coming in at approximately 105,000 copies. After a relatively long stretch of event-driven top-sellers, it was actually the lowest-selling top-seller at Diamond since February 2001, when Uncanny X-Men #391 topped the list with 102,400 preordered copies. (Comparing apples to apples, reorders for that issue probably would have resulted in a higher total.) The identically named 1991 X-Force #1 phenomenon, incidentally, had orders of 3.18 million copies, a staggering 3 million of which went into the Direct Market. Capital City Distribution alone had orders of 806,100 copies of the issue, which had five variant covers and relaunched the New Mutants title under Rob Liefeld.

The major publishers’ slates were actually smaller in February 2008 than they had been in recent months — the top five publishers placed 232 comics in the Top 300, versus 246 in January. The result was that 32 publishers made the Top 300, a larger number than in a while. One new publisher made the list for the first time: the numerically named Th3rdworld, whose Space Doubles #1 came in 300th place.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
22New Avengers38$2.99Marvel104,075
33Amazing Spider-Man549$2.99Marvel101,048
55Ultimates 33$2.99Marvel97,149
66All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder9$2.99DC93,707
88Fantastic Four554$2.99Marvel92,596
99Amazing Spider-Man550$2.99Marvel90,817
1010Uncanny X-Men495$2.99Marvel90,353
1111Justice League of America18$2.99DC89,746
1212X-Men Legacy208$2.99Marvel88,076
1313Amazing Spider-Man551$2.99Marvel88,029
1414Buffy the Vampire Slayer11$2.99Dark Horse88,015
1515Captain America35$2.99Marvel85,984
1616Justice Society of America12$2.99DC84,109
1717Mighty Avengers9$2.99Marvel83,414
1818Justice Society of America13$2.99DC82,650
1919Countdown to Final Crisis12$2.99DC68,206
2121Countdown to Final Crisis11$2.99DC67,790
2222Countdown to Final Crisis10$2.99DC67,750
2323Countdown to Final Crisis9$2.99DC67,341
2527Ultimate Spider-Man119$2.99Marvel58,009
2628Marvel Zombies 25$2.99Marvel57,000
2830Action Comics862$2.99DC55,623
2926Project Superpowers1$3.50Dynamic53,721
3031Incredible Hercules114$2.99Marvel52,167
3132Superman Batman46$2.99DC51,976
3233Detective Comics841$2.99DC50,504
3334Wolverine Origins22$2.99Marvel50,292
3435Teen Titans56$2.99DC50,251
3536Ultimate X-Men91$2.99Marvel49,031
3637Ultimate Human2$2.99Marvel48,547
3724Angel After The Fall4$3.99IDW48,377
3838Kick Ass1$2.99Marvel47,811
3939Green Lantern Corps21$2.99DC47,552
4040Ultimate Iron Man II3$2.99Marvel43,469
4242Wonder Woman17$2.99DC41,922
4444Brave & Bold10$2.99DC39,100
4546Ultimate Fantastic Four51$2.99Marvel38,779
4647Batman & Outsiders4$2.99DC37,879
4748Booster Gold0$2.99DC37,784
4951Green Arrow Black Canary5$2.99DC36,639
5052Iron Man26$2.99Marvel36,584
5154Teen Titans Year One2$2.99DC35,739
5257Young Avengers Presents2$2.99Marvel34,744
5459Captain Marvel3$2.99Marvel33,721
5662Punisher War Journal16$2.99Marvel32,488
5764Moon Knight15$2.99Marvel31,533
5865New Exiles2$2.99Marvel31,336
5966Legion of Super Heroes39$2.99DC31,104
6168Star Wars Legacy19$2.99Dark Horse30,933
6269World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound3$2.99Marvel30,688
6355Death of New Gods6$3.50DC30,463
6470Star Wars Legacy20$2.99Dark Horse29,877
6571Annihilation Conquest4$2.99Marvel29,372
6672World of Warcraft4$2.99DC28,963
6773Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite6$2.99Dark Horse28,861
6875Thunderbolts International Incident0$2.99Marvel28,493
7077Ghost Rider20$2.99Marvel27,941
7150Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall Green Mist Death0$3.99Marvel27,907
7480Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures8$2.99Marvel27,341
7581Batman Confidential12$2.99DC27,191
7656Nova Annual1$3.99Marvel26,257
7782World War Hulk Aftersmash Damage Control2$2.99Marvel25,971
7883Salvation Run4$2.99DC25,882
7984Batman Confidential13$2.99DC25,719
8085New Warriors9$2.99Marvel25,678
8186House of M Avengers5$2.99Marvel25,330
8261Spider-Man With Great Power2$3.99Marvel24,785
8387Silver Surfer In Thy Name4$2.99Marvel24,696
8590Ms. Marvel24$2.99Marvel24,124
8691Gotham Underground5$2.99DC24,083
8863Cable Deadpool50$3.99Marvel23,912
8993Black Panther34$2.99Marvel23,381
9045Fantastic Four Lost Adventure0$4.99Marvel23,272
9194Birds of Prey115$2.99DC23,142
9295Star Wars Dark Times9$2.99Dark Horse23,033
9396Walking Dead46$2.99Image22,856
9599She-Hulk 226$2.99Marvel22,167
96102Conan49$2.99Dark Horse21,677
9753Punisher Force of Nature0$4.99Marvel21,424
9874Black Panther Annual1$3.99Marvel21,418
99104Superman Confidential12$2.99DC21,002
104109Star Wars Rebellion11$2.99Dark Horse18,964
106111JLA Classified52$2.99DC18,650
107101Criminal 21$3.50Marvel18,643
108112Abe Sapien Drowning1$2.99Dark Horse18,398
10989Astro City Dark Age Special2$3.99DC18,221
110114JLA Classified53$2.99DC17,975
111115Red Sonja30$2.99Dynamic17,607
112117Crime Bible The Five Lessons of Blood5$2.99DC17,294
114120Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash5$2.99DC17,109
11597Doctor Who1$3.99IDW17,082
116123Jack of Fables20$2.99DC16,639
118125JSA Classified35$2.99DC16,551
120126BPRD 19462$2.99Dark Horse16,203
121127Amazing Spider-Girl17$2.99Marvel16,182
122128Suicide Squad Raise The Flag6$2.99DC16,142
123103Marvel Comics Presents6$3.99Marvel16,107
124129Wonder Girl6$2.99DC15,883
125131Ex Machina34$2.99DC15,569
126113Mouse Guard Winter 11523$3.50Archaia15,392
127132Metal Men6$2.99DC15,364
128133Simon Dark5$2.99DC15,351
130135X-Men First Class Vol. 29$2.99Marvel15,310
132169Tiny Titans1$2.25DC15,228
134119G. I. Joe Americas Elite32$3.50Devil's Due14,642
135140Madame Mirage5$2.99Image14,615
136141Blue Beetle24$2.99DC14,369
138144Lords of Avalon Sod1$2.99Marvel14,274
139145Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters6$2.99DC14,117
140146Iron Man Enter Mandarin5$2.99Marvel14,117
141147Evil Dead2$2.99Dark Horse14,110
142148Authority Prime5$2.99DC14,090
143150Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter1$2.99Virgin13,913
144152Jonah Hex28$2.99DC13,606
145153All New Atom20$2.99DC13,551
146116Transformers Devastation5$3.99IDW13,176
147156Gen 1317$2.99DC12,836
148121Dead of Night Featuring Man Thing1$3.99Marvel12,713
149122Transformers Devastation6$3.99IDW12,658
150157Jungle Girl Px Ed4$2.99Dynamic12,624
151159Infinity Inc6$2.99DC12,515
153149Grendel Behold The Devil4$3.50Dark Horse11,936
154168Captain America34$2.99Marvel11,677
155136Terror Inc5$3.99Marvel11,465
157138Transformers Spotlight Arcee0$3.99IDW11,288
158174100 Bullets88$2.99DC11,070
159175Goon21$2.99Dark Horse10,838
160163Army of Darkness6$3.50Dynamic10,457
162164Halloween Nightdance1$3.50Devil's Due10,429
163151Doktor Sleepless5$3.99Avatar10,395
164180Bat Lash3$2.99DC10,095
165184Avengers Classic9$2.99Marvel9,584
166172Battlestar Galactica Origins2$3.50Dynamic9,577
167130Countdown Special Omac0$4.99DC9,441
168185Wildstorm Revelations3$2.99DC9,400
169158Speed Racer Chronicles of the Racer1$3.99IDW9,386
172162Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Romulans0$3.99IDW9,243
173189Wildstorm Revelations4$2.99DC9,175
174190Omega Unknown5$2.99Marvel9,141
175191Grimm Fairy Tales21$2.99Zenescope9,134
176166Zombie Simon Garth4$3.99Marvel9,066
177192Simpsons Comics139$2.99Bongo9,046
178179Battlestar Galactica Origins3$3.50Dynamic8,834
179194Aspen Showcase Grace1$2.99Aspen8,671
180195Grimm Fairy Tales Return To Wonderland6$2.99Zenescope8,609
181142Spider-Man Family7$4.99Marvel8,582
182196Grimm Fairy Tales22$2.99Zenescope8,487
18317030 Days of Night Beyond Barrow3$3.99IDW8,487
185225Justice League Unlimited42$2.25DC8,139
186200Dan Dare4$2.99Virgin7,880
187202Friday The 13th Bad Land2$2.99DC7,703
188181Locke & Key1$3.99IDW7,560
189182Star Trek: TNG Intelligence Gathering2$3.99IDW7,546
190233Teen Titans Go52$2.25DC7,491
192206Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick1$2.99Marvel7,246
195155Forgotten Realms Legacy1$5.50Devil's Due7,069
196186Doctor Who Classics3$3.99IDW7,035
197213Bart Simpson Comics40$2.99Bongo6,946
199199Scud The Disposable Assassin21$3.50Image6,851
201240Sonic The Hedgehog185$2.25Archie6,810
202219American Virgin23$2.99DC6,694
203241Batman Strikes42$2.25DC6,619
204242Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century11$2.25DC6,564
205223Vinyl Underground5$2.99DC6,380
206204Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 38$3.50Devil's Due6,305
207205Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 37$3.50Devil's Due6,230
209198Witchblade Takeru Manga12$3.99Image6,067
210228Marvel Adventures Spider-Man36$2.99Marvel5,889
211215Highlander Way of the Sword3$3.50Dynamic5,876
212183Civil War Chronicles8$4.99Marvel5,808
213230Crawl Space XXXombies3$2.99Image5,774
214231Army @ Love12$2.99DC5,774
215154Transformers Beast Wars Sourcebook4$6.99IDW5,740
216232Elephantmen War Toys2$2.99Image5,699
217220Hack Slash Series9$3.50Devil's Due5,658
218234Marvel Adventures Avengers21$2.99Marvel5,603
219209Ant Unleashed3$3.99Big City5,371
220210Fallen Angel24$3.99IDW5,365
221238Crossing Midnight16$2.99DC5,344
222211Silent Hill Sinners Reward1$3.99IDW5,303
223212Wormwood Calamari Rising2$3.99IDW5,208
224178Next Issue Project1$5.99Image5,167
225239Marvel Illustrated Iliad3$2.99Marvel5,146
226217Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder3$3.99Boom5,140
227229Spooks1$3.50Devil's Due4,956
229247Warhammer Forge of War5$2.99Boom4,751
230268Sonic X30$2.25Archie4,676
231203New Exiles0$4.99Marvel4,608
232165Uncle Scrooge372$7.99Gemstone4,567
233249Marvel Adventures Hulk8$2.99Marvel4,560
236227Rogue Angel Teller of Tales1$3.99IDW4,417
237254Marvel Adventures Iron Man10$2.99Marvel4,315
238255Iron Man Power Pack4$2.99Marvel4,254
239256Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four33$2.99Marvel4,219
241276Scooby Doo129$2.25DC4,158
242173Uncle Scrooge373$7.99Gemstone4,158
243216Knights of Dinner Table136$4.99Kenzer4,117
244259Deadrider2$2.99Dark Horse4,083
245176Walt Disneys Comics & Stories687$7.99Gemstone4,022
246260Green Lantern Corps20 2nd Ptg$2.99DC3,967
247221Shonen Jump Mar 080$4.99Viz3,954
248355Project Superpowers0$1.00Dynamic3,899
250264New Exiles1$2.99Marvel3,763
252266Marvel Illustrated Picture Dorian Gray3$2.99Marvel3,688
253267Rex Mundi10$2.99Dark Horse3,667
255226Loaded Bible 3 Communion0$4.99Image3,640
256246Fall of Cthulhu10$3.99Boom3,606
257187Walt Disneys Comics & Stories688$7.99Gemstone3,511
258270Atomic Robo5$2.95Red 53,449
259250Sword of Dracula Vampirella One Shot0$3.99Digital Webbing3,408
260236Y Last Man60$4.99DC3,326
264222New Avengers Poster Book0$5.99Marvel3,204
266265Urban Monsters1$3.50Image3,156
267257Bloodrayne Prime Cuts1$3.99Digital Webbing3,142
268258Full Cirkle II1$3.95Full Circle3,102
269269Drafted5$3.50Devil's Due2,999
271201Emily Strange4$7.95Dark Horse2,911
273280John Woo's Seven Brothers Series 25$2.99Virgin2,836
274272Perhapanauts Annual1$3.50Image2,829
275281Scream4$2.99Dark Horse2,795
276282Gold Digger93$2.99Antarctic2,781
277248Grimm Fairy Tales Return Wonderland Fold Cvr6$4.99Zenescope2,747
278285Hawaiian Dick3$2.99Image2,699
279193Halloween Nightdance1 Glow Cvr$9.99Devil's Due2,658
280306Looney Tunes159$2.25DC2,604
281283Totem4$3.25Big City2,549
282288Living Corpse2$2.99Zenescope2,549
283284Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles43$3.25Mirage2,549
285244Secret History Book Five0$5.95Archaia2,461
286332Clockwork Girl3$1.99Arcana2,461
291279Cory Doctorows Futuristic Tales Here & Now5$3.99IDW2,195
292298Fallen Son Death of Captain America Iron Man0$2.99Marvel2,174
294291Ubu Bubu1$3.50Slave Labor2,093
295301PS23829$2.99Dork Storm2,079
299303Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic25$2.99Dark Horse2,018
300304Space Doubles1$2.99Th3rdworld1,997

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February 2008 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Febauary 2008 marked exactly 10 years since Diamond Comic Distributors began reporting indexed trade-paperback sales; it began with a modest list of ten items that also included price guides. The category this month fared better than periodicals when compared with the previous year.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
12Boys Vol. 2 Get Some$19.99Dynamic7,014
27Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 19 Death of Goblin$14.99Marvel6,653
310Infinite Crisis$14.99DC6,135
41Green Lantern HC Vol. 1 Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC6,087
512Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 2$17.95Dark Horse4,806
65Justice League of America HC Vol. 2 Lightning Saga$24.99DC4,540
770Witchblade Vol. 1 Witch Hunt$4.99Image4,533
811Anita Blake Vampire Hunter HC First Death$19.99Marvel4,363
98Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 1$24.95Dark Horse3,776
1046Barks Rosa Coll Vol. 2 Donalds Atom Bomb$8.99Gemstone3,511
1113Spider-Man Back In Black$24.99Marvel3,374
1247Path of Assassin Vol. 9$9.95Dark Horse3,142
1323Walt Disney Treasures Vol. 2 Uncle Scrooge$16.99Gemstone3,067
1432Wolverine Evolution$14.99Marvel3,061
1517Blade of Immortal Vol. 18 Sparrow Net$19.95Dark Horse3,061
1633Scalped Vol. 2 Casino Boogie$14.99DC3,020
1724Showcase Presents Enemy Ace Vol. 1$16.99DC3,013
1834Hellblazer Joy Ride$14.99DC3,006
1926Essential Avengers Vol. 6$16.99Marvel2,924
2018Diana Prince Wonder Woman Vol. 1$19.99DC2,911
2119Batman False Faces HC$19.99DC2,904
2228Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol. 2$16.99DC2,842
2316Star Wars 30th Anniv Coll Vol. 12 HC Legacy$24.95Dark Horse2,761
2414X-Men Supernovas$29.99Marvel2,713
2538Sub-Mariner Revolution$14.99Marvel2,570
2625Incognegro HC$19.99DC2,522
2756Tsubasa Vol. 16$10.95Random House2,515
2827Exiles Vol. 16 Starting Over$19.99Marvel2,468
2944Superman Chronicles Vol. 4$14.99DC2,379
309Ultimate Spider-Man HC Vol. 9$39.99Marvel2,331
3163Blood Plus Vol. 1$10.95Dark Horse2,331
3231Onslaught Reborn HC$19.99Marvel2,304
3320Terminator Omnibus Vol. 1$24.95Dark Horse2,209
3421Aliens Omnibus Vol. 3$24.95Dark Horse2,195
3566Gunsmith Cats Burst Vol. 3$10.95Dark Horse2,195
3655Order Vol. 1 Next Right Thing$12.99Marvel2,127
374Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men HC Vol. 6$54.99Marvel2,079
3841Birds of Prey Dead of Winter$17.99DC2,065
393Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes HC Vol. 2$59.99Marvel2,025
4029Iron Man Many Armors of Iron Man$24.99Marvel1,929
4152Crossing Midnight Vol. 2 Map of Midnight$14.99DC1,915
426Marvel Masterworks Ant-Man Giant Man HC Vol. 2$54.99Marvel1,915
4340Wolverine Origins Prem HC Vol. 4 Our War$19.99Marvel1,895
44108Transformers Animated Vol. 2$7.99IDW1,895
4542Superman HC Vol. 2 Camelot Falls$19.99DC1,806
4767Y Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,800
48102Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 10$8.99Viz1,793
4960Loners Secret Lives of Super Heroes$14.99Marvel1,752
5022Punisher Max HC Vol. 4$29.99Marvel1,738
5194Chibi Vampire Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,725
5262Catwoman Catwoman Dies$14.99DC1,725
5357Buffy the Vampire Slayer Long Way Home$15.95Dark Horse1,718
5495Dot Hack Sign Gu Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,718
5536Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson Vol. 5$24.99Marvel1,691
5651Flash Blood Will Run New Ed$17.99DC1,670
57103Star Wars Episode Iv New Hope Photo Comic$9.95Dark Horse1,616
5872Super Villain Teamup Modoks 11$13.99Marvel1,547
5968City of Others$14.95Dark Horse1,541
6039Offcial Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Prem HC Vol. 1$24.99Marvel1,527
6149Time Masters$19.99DC1,527
6250Batman The Man Who Laughs HC$19.99DC1,520
6369Blue Beetle Vol. 3 Reach For The Stars$14.99DC1,513
6415Doom Patrol Archives HC Vol. 4$49.99DC1,486
6577Fear Agent Vol. 3 Last Goodbye$13.95Dark Horse1,466
6685GTO Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi Vol. 6$12.99Tokyopop1,445
67116Trinity Blood Vol. 5$9.99Tokyopop1,438
68106Shanna Survival of Fittest$10.99Marvel1,431
6953Connor Hawke Dragons Blood$19.99DC1,425
7073Witchblade Vol. 2$14.99Image1,418
71154Ral Omega Grad Vol. 1$7.99Viz1,411
72137Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 5$8.99Viz1,391
7337Clandestine Classic Prem HC$29.99Marvel1,377
7491Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC1,363
7680Jumper Jumpscars$14.95Oni1,336
7745Hunter Killer Vol. 1$24.99Image1,322
78144Franklin Richards Collected Chaos Digest$8.99Marvel1,316
79128Serenity$9.95Dark Horse1,309
8065Bakers Babies & Kittens HC$18.99Image1,302
8161Sam & Max Surfin Highway$19.99Telltale1,295
8282Gen 13 Vol. 2 Road Trip$14.99DC1,275
8364Transformers Spotlight Vol. 2$19.99IDW1,268
84135Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,261
85180D Gray Man Vol. 8$7.99Viz1,241
8648Civil War$24.99Marvel1,227
8771Transformers Beast Wars Ascending$17.99IDW1,207
8888Naruto Official Fanbook$14.99Viz1,207
89161Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Vol. 6$8.99Viz1,172
90131Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol. 6$10.95Dark Horse1,172
9193Orson Scott Cards Wyrms$14.99Marvel1,152
9254Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Prem HC$24.99Marvel1,132
93112Walking Dead Vol. 7 Calm Before$12.99Image1,125
94115Y Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC1,111
95209Bleach Vol. 22$7.95Viz1,091
96156Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,091
97100Lions Tigers & Bears Vol. 2$14.99Image1,077
98147Air Gear Vol. 7$10.95Random House1,063
99218Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol. 2 Digest$7.99Marvel1,057
100104Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC1,057