2009 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $429.47 Million

(down 2% year-over-year)


#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

Comics weathered a deep recession in the general economy with only modest losses, partly due to increased cover prices. The year may be most remembered, however, as the year that Disney bought Marvel Comics.

2009 began with the January inauguration-day issue of Amazing Spider-Man creating a national media stir, and the sales continued strong for the issue into February. March saw an absence of big events, with the lowest-selling top-seller in the Diamond Exclusive era. 
The market rebounded some in April, but lost steam in May with a slate lighter on new launches than seen in the previous spring. Comics sales improved in June, when cover prices topped the $3.50 average. 
In July, new launches returned and Blackest Night helped keep a minor recovery rolling into August and September.

October saw double-digit declines versus a very strong month from the previous year. DC had the top six comics on the chart in the month, likely for the first time since the Direct Market began. DC's "Blackest Night" helped November do well versus the weakest month in Top 300 sales from 2008. December closed out a challenging year with the highest cover prices for comics in their 75-year history.

You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; you can also click one of the months at the bottom of this page or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. Click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the year.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Amazing Spider-Man583$3.99Marvel530,500
22Blackest Night1$3.99DC 205,500
34Captain America Reborn1$3.99Marvel199,900
47Batman and Robin1$2.99DC 190,300
53Blackest Night2$3.99DC 161,400
65Blackest Night5$3.99DC 148,700
76Blackest Night3$3.99DC 146,200
88Blackest Night4$3.99DC 140,200
99Captain America600$4.99Marvel136,800
1013Dark Avengers1$3.99Marvel136,500
1128Batman and Robin2$2.99DC 131,900
1212Batman686$3.99DC 130,700
1327Captain America Reborn2$3.99Marvel128,000
1414Final Crisis6$3.99DC 127,400
1510Amazing Spider-Man600$4.99Marvel125,800
1616Flash Rebirth1$3.99DC 118,500
1748Green Lantern43$2.99DC 118,200
1856Batman and Robin3$2.99DC 115,400
1960Green Lantern44$2.99DC 112,800
2011New Avengers50$4.99Marvel110,100
2119Captain America Reborn3$3.99Marvel109,500
2218Final Crisis7$3.99DC 109,400
2367Batman and Robin4$2.99DC 109,000
2468Green Lantern45$2.99DC 107,800
2570Green Lantern46$2.99DC 106,000
2620Batman Battle for the Cowl1$3.99DC 105,500
2722Dark Avengers2$3.99Marvel105,300
2823Dark Avengers3$3.99Marvel103,700
2944Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia1$3.99Marvel103,500
3075Batman and Robin5$2.99DC 102,900
3173Green Lantern47$2.99DC 102,900
3226Dark Avengers4$3.99Marvel102,200
3376Blackest Night Batman1$2.99DC 102,000
3447Ultimate Comics Avengers1$3.99Marvel101,500
3579Green Lantern48$2.99DC 101,500
3624Detective Comics853$3.99DC 100,800
3729Blackest Night6$3.99DC 100,700
3925Batman687$3.99DC 100,100
4077Wolverine Weapon X1$3.99Marvel99,600
4190Green Lantern49$2.99DC 97,300
4230Dark Avengers7$3.99Marvel97,300
4331Captain America Reborn4$3.99Marvel96,900
4432Dark Avengers5$3.99Marvel96,400
4592Batman and Robin6$2.99DC 96,200
4621Incredible Hulk600$4.99Marvel95,900
4733New Avengers49$3.99Marvel95,800
4834Dark Avengers8$3.99Marvel95,600
4917Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan1$4.99Marvel95,600
5035New Avengers53$3.99Marvel95,400
5136Dark Avengers6$3.99Marvel94,900
5239New Avengers54$3.99Marvel94,300
5357Ultimate Comics Spider-Man1$3.99Marvel94,100
5440New Avengers51$3.99Marvel93,900
5598Flash Rebirth2$2.99DC 93,500
5642Uncanny X-Men514$3.99Marvel93,500
5837Blackest Night Tales of the Corps1$3.99DC 92,700
59100Blackest Night Batman2$2.99DC 92,700
6038Justice League of America39$3.99DC 92,400
6245New Avengers52$3.99Marvel92,100
6341Batman Battle for the Cowl3$3.99DC 91,900
64101Blackest Night Superman1$2.99DC 91,800
6546Captain America Reborn5$3.99Marvel91,800
6643Batman Battle for the Cowl2$3.99DC 91,500
6750New Avengers56$3.99Marvel90,700
6863Marvels Project1$3.99Marvel90,200
6951Captain America601$3.99Marvel90,000
7154Uncanny X-Men513$3.99Marvel88,700
73107Blackest Night Batman3$2.99DC 88,100
74108Green Lantern42$2.99DC 87,800
75109Flash Rebirth3$2.99DC 87,800
77112Green Lantern40$2.99DC 87,400
78111Green Lantern39$2.99DC 87,400
7953Blackest Night Tales of the Corps2$3.99DC 87,100
80110Green Lantern Corps39$2.99DC 86,900
8261New Avengers57$3.99Marvel86,000
8458Adventure Comics4$3.99DC 85,400
8562New Avengers55$3.99Marvel85,400
86117Green Lantern41$2.99DC 85,200
87115Batman688$2.99DC 84,900
88119Green Lantern Corps40$2.99DC 84,200
90122Green Lantern Corps38$2.99DC 83,400
91123Justice Society of America26$2.99DC 83,300
9291Dark Wolverine75$3.99Marvel82,900
93126Blackest Night Superman2$2.99DC 82,500
94130Green Lantern Corps41$2.99DC 82,000
9565Blackest Night Tales of the Corps3$3.99DC 81,800
9671Dark Avengers9$3.99Marvel81,400
97132Blackest Night Superman3$2.99DC 81,300
98135Green Lantern Corps42$2.99DC 81,000
9969Detective Comics854$3.99DC 80,900
10084Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield the Shield0$3.99Marvel80,800
101138Green Lantern38$2.99DC 80,400
102140Blackest Night the Flash1$2.99DC 80,300
104142Batman689$2.99DC 79,300
105149Uncanny X-Men510$2.99Marvel79,200
107145Flash Rebirth4$2.99DC 78,900
108159Uncanny X-Men508$2.99Marvel78,200
10978Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus0$3.99Marvel77,900
110154Green Lantern Corps43$2.99DC 77,800
111150Batman690$2.99DC 77,500
112162Amazing Spider-Man601$2.99Marvel77,400
11381New Avengers58$3.99Marvel77,300
11480Uncanny X-Men512$3.99Marvel77,200
11582Mighty Avengers21$3.99Marvel76,800
11774Justice League Cry for Justice1$3.99DC 76,700
11886Dark Avengers10$3.99Marvel75,900
119163Green Lantern37$2.99DC 75,900
120173Dark Wolverine76$2.99Marvel74,900
12288New Avengers59$3.99Marvel74,900
123191X-Men Legacy223$2.99Marvel74,700
124169Batman685$2.99DC 74,500
125168Flash Rebirth5$2.99DC 74,400
126102Dark X-Men Beginning1$3.99Marvel74,300
127179Uncanny X-Men515$2.99Marvel74,200
128182Mighty Avengers22$2.99Marvel74,200
129180Uncanny X-Men511$2.99Marvel74,200
130185Uncanny X-Men516$2.99Marvel74,100
131178Captain America46$2.99Marvel74,000
132183Amazing Spider-Man602$2.99Marvel73,900
133312Amazing Spider-Man595$2.99Marvel73,900
134236Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk3$2.99Marvel73,800
135188Uncanny X-Men507$2.99Marvel73,400
136189Astonishing X-Men28$2.99Marvel73,300
137174Blackest Night Titans1$2.99DC 73,100
13896Captain America50$3.99Marvel73,000
13993Dark Avengers11$3.99Marvel72,800
14094New Avengers60$3.99Marvel72,800
141177Red Robin1$2.99DC 72,800
142194Amazing Spider-Man599$2.99Marvel72,500
143197Mighty Avengers23$2.99Marvel72,300
144196Uncanny X-Men506$2.99Marvel72,200
145198Amazing Spider-Man608$2.99Marvel72,100
146192Batman691$2.99DC 71,800
14899Ultimate Comics Avengers2$3.99Marvel71,500
150204Amazing Spider-Man603$2.99Marvel71,400
151195Batman692$2.99DC 71,200
152193Buffy the Vampire Slayer21$2.99Dark Horse71,200
153200Blackest Night Wonder Woman1$2.99DC 70,800
154121Amazing Spider-Man612$3.99Marvel70,700
155235Amazing Spider-Man592$2.99Marvel70,500
156201Justice League of America29$2.99DC 70,400
157214Amazing Spider-Man606$2.99Marvel70,300
158219Uncanny X-Men509$2.99Marvel70,300
159223Uncanny X-Men517$2.99Marvel70,000
160105Dark Avengers12$3.99Marvel69,800
161209Justice League of America30$2.99DC 69,700
162216Batman693$2.99DC 69,200
163220Justice League of America31$2.99DC 69,100
164227Dark Wolverine77$2.99Marvel68,900
165217Buffy the Vampire Slayer22$2.99Dark Horse68,700
166224Blackest Night JSA1$2.99DC 68,700
167104Justice League of America40$3.99DC 68,700
168231Mighty Avengers24$2.99Marvel68,600
169232Uncanny X-Men518$2.99Marvel68,600
170233Astonishing X-Men29$2.99Marvel68,500
171300Astonishing X-Men31$2.99Marvel67,800
172129Siege Cabal0$3.99Marvel67,700
173240Amazing Spider-Man590$2.99Marvel67,600
174241Amazing Spider-Man596$2.99Marvel67,500
175226Blackest Night Titans2$2.99DC 67,500
176248Uncanny X-Men519$2.99Marvel67,000
177251Amazing Spider-Man611$2.99Marvel66,500
179245Justice Society of America24$2.99DC 66,200
180246Justice Society of America25$2.99DC 66,000
181259Amazing Spider-Man597$2.99Marvel65,900
182247Batman694$2.99DC 65,900
184244Buffy the Vampire Slayer23$2.99Dark Horse65,700
185250Blackest Night Titans3$2.99DC 65,600
186268Amazing Spider-Man613$2.99Marvel65,500
187273Astonishing X-Men30$2.99Marvel65,200
188272Mighty Avengers25$2.99Marvel65,100
189151Dark Reign List Avengers One Shot0$3.99Marvel65,100
190128Incredible Hulk601$3.99Marvel65,000
191274Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk4$2.99Marvel64,900
192270Mighty Avengers27$2.99Marvel64,900
193258Justice League of America32$2.99DC 64,700
194432Fantastic Four570$2.99Marvel64,600
195261Green Lantern Corps37$2.99DC 64,600
196275Captain America49$2.99Marvel64,600
197280Amazing Spider-Man598$2.99Marvel64,300
198265Justice League of America33$2.99DC 64,300
199277Amazing Spider-Man584$2.99Marvel64,200
200284Captain America47$2.99Marvel63,900
201291X-Men Legacy227$2.99Marvel63,700
202288Amazing Spider-Man615$2.99Marvel63,700
203289Amazing Spider-Man607$2.99Marvel63,700
204125Ultimate Comics Avengers3$3.99Marvel63,700
205294Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk5$2.99Marvel63,600
206292Amazing Spider-Man604$2.99Marvel63,600
207116Detective Comics855$3.99DC 63,600
208124Uncanny X-Men Annual2$3.99Marvel63,600
209295Mighty Avengers26$2.99Marvel63,500
210296Captain America48$2.99Marvel63,300
211278Green Lantern Corps36$2.99DC 63,300
213137X-Force Cable Messiah War Prologue0$3.99Marvel63,300
214127Amazing Spider-Man605$3.99Marvel63,000
215285Buffy the Vampire Slayer24$2.99Dark Horse62,400
217306Astonishing X-Men32$2.99Marvel62,200
218297Justice League of America38$2.99DC 62,200
219302Justice Society of America23$2.99DC 61,900
220131Amazing Spider-Man588$3.99Marvel61,900
221175New Mutants1$3.99Marvel61,900
222307X-Men Legacy226$2.99Marvel61,800
223234Invincible Iron Man20$3.99Marvel61,700
224166Deadpool Merc With A Mouth1$3.99Marvel61,700
225310Mighty Avengers28$2.99Marvel61,600
228160Fall of Hulks Alpha0$3.99Marvel61,600
229311Amazing Spider-Man609$2.99Marvel61,500
23083New Avengers Annual3$4.99Marvel61,400
231316Amazing Spider-Man610$2.99Marvel61,200
232229War of Kings1$3.99Marvel60,900
233141Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds3$3.99DC 60,900
234321Dark Wolverine78$2.99Marvel60,900
235211Wolverine Weapon X2$3.99Marvel60,700
237325X-Men Legacy225$2.99Marvel60,600
238134Batman Streets of Gotham1$3.99DC 60,600
239322Amazing Spider-Man587$2.99Marvel60,600
240323Amazing Spider-Man591$2.99Marvel60,500
24187Dark Avengers Annual1$4.99Marvel60,500
242328Dark Wolverine79$2.99Marvel60,400
243327Amazing Spider-Man585$2.99Marvel60,400
244326Amazing Spider-Man582$2.99Marvel60,300
245136Detective Comics856$3.99DC 60,200
246309Buffy the Vampire Slayer25$2.99Dark Horse60,000
247139Justice League Cry for Justice2$3.99DC 60,000
248332Amazing Spider-Man589$2.99Marvel59,900
249143Adventure Comics5$3.99DC 59,900
250333Amazing Spider-Man586$2.99Marvel59,800
251334X-Men Legacy220$2.99Marvel59,800
252320Justice League of America34$2.99DC 59,700
253335Amazing Spider-Man614$2.99Marvel59,700
255147Ultimate Comics Spider-Man2$3.99Marvel59,700
256152Ultimate Comics Avengers4$3.99Marvel59,600
258144Adventure Comics1$3.99DC 59,300
259339Amazing Spider-Man594$2.99Marvel59,200
260330Green Lantern Corps35 Corrected Copy$2.99DC 59,200
262146Detective Comics858$3.99DC 58,900
263344Amazing Spider-Man616$2.99Marvel58,900
264345Amazing Spider-Man593$2.99Marvel58,500
265207Web of Spider-Man1$3.99Marvel58,400
266352Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk6$2.99Marvel58,300
267155Booster Gold26$3.99DC 58,200
268153Justice League Cry for Justice3$3.99DC 58,100
269340Gotham City Sirens1$2.99DC 58,100
270161Dark X-Men Beginning2$3.99Marvel58,100
271338Justice League of America35$2.99DC 58,100
272158Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds4$3.99DC 57,900
273157Superman Secret Origin1$3.99DC 57,800
275156Detective Comics857$3.99DC 57,800
276386Invincible Iron Man10$2.99Marvel57,700
277164Ultimate Spider-Man133$3.99Marvel57,700
278347Green Lantern Corps34$2.99DC 57,600
279363Astonishing X-Men33$2.99Marvel57,600
280349Detective Comics852$2.99DC 57,500
282202Dark Reign List X-Men One Shot0$3.99Marvel57,300
283167Dark Reign List Amazing Spider-Man One-Shot0$3.99Marvel57,100
284367X-Men Legacy221$2.99Marvel57,100
286203Secret Warriors1$3.99Marvel56,600
287361Justice Society of America27$2.99DC 56,400
288359Buffy the Vampire Slayer26$2.99Dark Horse56,400
289371X-Men Legacy222$2.99Marvel56,200
291365Red Robin2$2.99DC 56,100
292368Batgirl1$2.99DC 55,800
294171Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds5$3.99DC 55,800
295366Justice League of America37$2.99DC 55,700
296170Outsiders24$3.99DC 55,700
297383Invincible Iron Man14$2.99Marvel55,600
298380Invincible Iron Man11$2.99Marvel55,600
300184Dark X-Men Beginning3$3.99Marvel55,500
301369Justice League of America36$2.99DC 55,500
304190Thor Giant Size Finale1$3.99Marvel55,200
305176Justice League Cry for Justice4$3.99DC 55,100
306395Mighty Avengers29$2.99Marvel54,700
307392X-Men Legacy224$2.99Marvel54,700
308181Detective Comics859$3.99DC 54,600
310187Doom Patrol4$3.99DC 54,400
311186Batman Widening Gyre1$3.99DC 54,300
312397Invincible Iron Man16$2.99Marvel54,200
313133Final Crisis Superman Beyond2$4.50DC 54,100
314384Buffy the Vampire Slayer27$2.99Dark Horse54,100
316389Superman Batman66$2.99DC 53,900
317403Deadpool Merc With A Mouth2$2.99Marvel53,900
318213Black Panther 21$3.99Marvel53,800
320413Fantastic Four563$2.99Marvel53,300
322417Mighty Avengers30$2.99Marvel53,200
324419X-Men Legacy228$2.99Marvel53,100
325199Justice League Cry for Justice5$3.99DC 53,000
326401Justice Society of America28$2.99DC 53,000
327222Secret Invasion War of Kings One Shot0$3.99Marvel52,900
328215Ultimate Comics Spider-Man3$3.99Marvel52,900
329271X Necrosha0$3.99Marvel52,900
331398Buffy the Vampire Slayer28$2.99Dark Horse52,800
332424Dark Wolverine80$2.99Marvel52,600
333410Action Comics873$2.99DC 52,600
334411Green Lantern Corps33$2.99DC 52,600
336205Wednesday Comics1$3.99DC 52,500
338221Incredible Hulk602$3.99Marvel52,400
339423Invincible Iron Man15$2.99Marvel52,400
340228Ultimate X-Men100$3.99Marvel52,400
341405Justice Society of America29$2.99DC 52,300
342430Invincible Iron Man9$2.99Marvel52,300
343237Dark Reign Cabal0$3.99Marvel52,300
344435Cable14 Olivetti$2.99Marvel52,300
345212Detective Comics860$3.99DC 52,300
348218Rebels10$3.99DC 52,100
350440Invincible Iron Man12$2.99Marvel51,800
353443Secret Warriors2$2.99Marvel51,800
354425Red Robin3$2.99DC 51,500
355230Wolverine Weapon X3$3.99Marvel51,500
356114Batman Annual27$4.99DC 51,500
357445Invincible Iron Man13$2.99Marvel51,400
358448Kick Ass6$2.99Marvel51,300
359263Ultimate Comics Armor Wars1$3.99Marvel51,200
360452Secret Warriors3$2.99Marvel51,100
361243War of Kings2$3.99Marvel51,000
362453X-Men Legacy231$2.99Marvel50,900
364457X-Men Legacy229$2.99Marvel50,800
366441Buffy the Vampire Slayer29$2.99Dark Horse50,500
367256Dark X-Men Confession One Shot0$3.99Marvel50,500
368267Dark X-Men1$3.99Marvel50,400
369468Kick Ass7$2.99Marvel50,400
371462Ultimate Spider-Man132$2.99Marvel50,300
372463Ultimate Spider-Man130$2.99Marvel50,300
373465Ultimate Spider-Man131$2.99Marvel50,200
375242Dark Tower Treachery5$3.99Marvel50,200
376472Fantastic Four564$2.99Marvel50,100
377249Amazing Spider-Man Annual36$3.99Marvel50,100
378238Batman Cacophony3$3.99DC 50,100
379449Justice Society of America30$2.99DC 50,000
380293New Avengers Reunion1$3.99Marvel49,900
381478Mighty Avengers31$2.99Marvel49,900
382252Wolverine Weapon X4$3.99Marvel49,800
384254X-Men Legacy230$3.99Marvel49,800
385460Superman Batman67$2.99DC 49,600
386464Superman684$2.99DC 49,500
387461Buffy the Vampire Slayer30$2.99Dark Horse49,300
388466Power Girl1$2.99DC 49,300
389262Incredible Hulk603$3.99Marvel49,300
390266Ultimate Comics Spider-Man4$3.99Marvel49,200
391484Avengers Invaders8$2.99Marvel49,200
392257Dark Tower Treachery6$3.99Marvel49,200
395476Superman World of New Krypton1$2.99DC 49,000
396255Superman Secret Origin2$3.99DC 49,000
397495Fantastic Four565$2.99Marvel49,000
398494Invincible Iron Man17$2.99Marvel48,900
399492Avengers Initiative21$2.99Marvel48,900
400298Stand American Nightmares1$3.99Marvel48,900
401475Red Robin4$2.99DC 48,800
402483Action Comics874$2.99DC 48,700
404503Mighty Avengers32$2.99Marvel48,700
405507Dark Reign Fantastic Four1$2.99Marvel48,500
406260Adventure Comics2$3.99DC 48,500
407502Avengers Invaders9$2.99Marvel48,500
409283Dark Reign List Wolverine One Shot0$3.99Marvel48,300
410511Fantastic Four571$2.99Marvel48,300
411509Invincible Iron Man18$2.99Marvel48,300
412281Marvels Project2$3.99Marvel48,300
413282Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem1$3.99Marvel48,100
414512Avengers Initiative22$2.99Marvel48,100
415510Dark Wolverine81$2.99Marvel48,100
416269Teen Titans77$3.99DC 48,000
417286Thor Annual1$3.99Marvel48,000
418290Invincible Iron Man19$3.99Marvel47,900
419490Justice Society of America31$2.99DC 47,800
420501Superman685$2.99DC 47,700
422520Fantastic Four566$2.99Marvel47,600
423500Batman Widening Gyre2$2.99DC 47,600
424508Action Comics875$2.99DC 47,600
425516Wolverine Origins38$2.99Marvel47,500
426287Stand Captain Trips5$3.99Marvel47,400
427524Invincible Iron Man21$2.99Marvel47,300
428301X-Men Legacy Annual1$3.99Marvel47,200
430526Wolverine Origins34$2.99Marvel46,800
432536Fantastic Four567$2.99Marvel46,500
433303Final Crisis Revelations5$3.99DC 46,300
434357Dark Reign List Daredevil One Shot0$3.99Marvel46,200
435527Superman World of New Krypton2$2.99DC 46,100
436539Wolverine Origins33$2.99Marvel46,100
437522Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tales of the Vampires One Shot0$2.99Dark Horse46,000
438331Fall of Hulks Gamma Foh0$3.99Marvel46,000
439540Wolverine Origins36$2.99Marvel46,000
440317War of Kings3$3.99Marvel45,900
442305Superman Secret Origin3$3.99DC 45,900
443533Superman686$2.99DC 45,900
444318Ultimate Comics Spider-Man5$3.99Marvel45,800
445548Fantastic Four568$2.99Marvel45,800
446304Batman Streets of Gotham2$3.99DC 45,700
447546Avengers Invaders10$2.99Marvel45,700
448553New Mutants2$2.99Marvel45,600
449550Wolverine Origins39$2.99Marvel45,500
450532Titans15$2.99DC 45,500
451313Adventure Comics3$3.99DC 45,400
452329Fantastic Four569$3.99Marvel45,300
453314Wednesday Comics2$3.99DC 45,300
454558Avengers Initiative23$2.99Marvel45,300
455555Wolverine Origins35$2.99Marvel45,200
456543Justice Society of America32$2.99DC 45,200
457545Red Robin5$2.99DC 45,100
458400Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow One Shot0$3.50Dark Horse45,100
459559Wolverine Origins37$2.99Marvel45,000
460560Wolverine Origins32$2.99Marvel44,800
461549Green Lantern Corps32$2.99DC 44,800
463319Image United1$3.99Image44,700
464566Avengers Invaders11$2.99Marvel44,600
465358Dark Tower the Fall of Gilead1$3.99Marvel44,400
466172Detective Comics Annual11$4.99DC 44,300
467354Dark Reign List Hulk One Shot0$3.99Marvel44,000
468346Incredible Hulk605$3.99Marvel44,000
469562Superman Batman55$2.99DC 44,000
470350War of Kings4$3.99Marvel43,900
471575Deadpool Merc With A Mouth3$2.99Marvel43,900
472579Avengers Invaders12$2.99Marvel43,800
473569Justice Society of America33$2.99DC 43,600
474351Deadpool Suicide Kings1$3.99Marvel43,500
475348Marvel Zombies 41$3.99Marvel43,500
476568Action Comics876$2.99DC 43,500
477572Batman Widening Gyre3$2.99DC 43,500
478343Teen Titans78$3.99DC 43,400
479570Superman687$2.99DC 43,400
480592New Mutants3$2.99Marvel43,200
481589Wolverine Origins40$2.99Marvel43,200
482576Superman Batman56$2.99DC 43,200
483362X-Force Annual1$3.99Marvel43,100
484577Superman World of New Krypton3$2.99DC 43,100
485580Batman Battle for the Cowl Commissioner Gordon1$2.99DC 43,000
486355Wednesday Comics3$3.99DC 42,800
487390Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man1$3.99Marvel42,800
488605Secret Warriors4$2.99Marvel42,800
489602Avengers Initiative24$2.99Marvel42,800
490607Fantastic Four572$2.99Marvel42,700
491586Red Robin6$2.99DC 42,600
492360JSA All Stars1$3.99DC 42,500
494616Secret Warriors6$2.99Marvel42,300
495375War of Kings5$3.99Marvel42,200
496374Dark X-Men2$3.99Marvel42,200
497600Azrael Deaths Dark Knight1$2.99DC 42,200
498596Superman World of New Krypton4$2.99DC 42,100
499594Batgirl2$2.99DC 42,100
500599Superman688$2.99DC 42,000

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2009 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

With the Watchmen movie release, the 20+ year-old graphic novel was the runaway top seller for the year. It sold far more copies still in the book channel, outside the Direct Market.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Watchmen$19.99DC 70,000
26League of Extraordinary Gentleman III #1 1910$7.95Top Shelf42,600
33Walking Dead Vol. 9 Here We Remain$14.99Image28,800
47Walking Dead Vol. 10 What We Become$14.99Image22,500
529Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image19,700
62Secret Invasion$29.99Marvel17,800
74Batman Rip Deluxe Ed.ition HC$24.99DC 16,800
89Fables Vol. 12 The Dark Ages$17.99DC 16,700
913Stand Captain Trips Prem HC$24.99Marvel15,200
1064Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC 13,900
1111Joker HC$19.99DC 13,800
125Final Crisis HC$29.99DC 13,700
1316Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed. HC$17.99DC 13,100
1436Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe$11.95Oni12,900
1544Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC 12,700
1632Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.99Image12,500
1734Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1$14.99DC 12,200
18169Spider-Man Election Day Prem HC$29.99Marvel12,200
1923Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 4 Time of Your Life$15.95Dark Horse12,200
2037Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC 11,700
2114Boys Vol. 4 We Gotta Go Now$19.99Dynamite11,400
2220100 Bullets Vol. 13 Wilt$19.99DC 11,000
2348Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image10,900
2447Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Ed.ition$14.99DC 10,700
2550Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2$14.99DC 10,600
2617Civil War$24.99Marvel10,400
2725Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC 10,100
2826V For Vendetta$19.99DC 9,900
2980Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC 9,800
3031All Star Superman HC Vol. 2$19.99DC 9,700
318Wolverine HC Old Man Logan$34.99Marvel9,600
3261Green Lantern Rebirth$14.99DC 9,500
3363Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel9,400
3457Wolverine Origin$16.99Marvel9,300
3597Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC 9,200
3618Batman Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader HC$24.99DC 9,100
3769Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC 9,100
3865Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image9,000
3919Green Lantern Rage of The Red Lanterns HC$24.99DC 8,900
40205100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Shot Last Call$9.99DC 8,900
4143Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse8,900
4251Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed.$17.99DC 8,900
4321Dark Tower Treachery Prem HC$24.99Marvel8,800
4438Batman The Long Halloween$19.99DC 8,800
45109Y The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC 8,800
46122Irredeemable Vol. 1$9.99Boom8,800
4756Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 5 Predator & Prey$15.95Dark Horse8,800
48113DMZ Vol. 6 Blood In The Game$12.99DC 8,700
4952Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 Dallas$17.95Dark Horse8,200
5088Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image8,200
5141Star Trek Countdown$17.99IDW8,100
5277Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 21 War of The Symbiotes$15.99Marvel8,100
5354Boys Vol. 1 Name of The Game$16.99Dynamite8,100
54133Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$12.99Image8,000
55128Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life$11.95Oni8,000
5653All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder Vol. 1$19.99DC 7,800
57259Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image7,800
58152Y The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.99DC 7,800
59146Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image7,800
6066Fables Vol. 11 War And Pieces$17.99DC 7,800
6174Invincible Vol. 10 Whos The Boss$16.99Image7,700
62106Justice Vol. 3$14.99DC 7,600
63107Preacher Vol. 2 Until The End of The World New Edition$14.99DC 7,600
64112Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of Truth$14.99DC 7,500
6558Hulk Vol. 1 Red Hulk$19.99Marvel7,500
6633Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC 7,400
67118Jack of Fables Vol. 5 Turning Pages$14.99DC 7,400
6842Boys Vol. 3 Good For The Soul$19.99Dynamite7,400
69124Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.99DC 7,400
70125Batman Year One Deluxe$14.99DC 7,300
7124Richard Starks Parker The Hunter HC$24.99IDW7,300
72297House of Mystery Vol. 1 Room And Boredom$9.99DC 7,300
73188Y The Last Man Vol. 6 Girl On Girl$12.99DC 7,200
74131Y The Last Man Vol. 10 Whys And Wherefores$14.99DC 7,100
7522Mouse Guard HC Vol. 2 Winter 1152$24.95Archaia7,000
7689Invincible Vol. 11 Happy Days$16.99Image7,000
7782Kingdom Come New Edition$17.99DC 6,900
7867Ultimates 3 Who Killed Scarlet Witch$19.99Marvel6,900
79150League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol. One$14.99DC 6,800
80142Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire (New Ptg)$14.99Image6,800
8127Deadpool Classic Vol. 2$29.99Marvel6,800
8255Boys Vol. 5 Herogasm$19.99Dynamite6,700
83219Dark Reign Deadpool Thunderbolts$12.99Marvel6,700
8473Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House$19.99DC 6,600
85160Green Lantern Tales of The Sinestro Corps$14.99DC 6,600
86167Criminal Vol. 4 Bad Night$14.99Marvel6,600
87225All Star Superman Vol. 1$12.99DC 6,600
88166Y The Last Man Vol. 7 Paper Dolls$14.99DC 6,600
89119Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 3 Wolves At The Gate$15.95Dark Horse6,600
90170Y The Last Man Vol. 9 Motherland$14.99DC 6,500
9130Wonderful Wizard Oz HC$29.99Marvel6,500
92168Green Lantern Wanted Hal Jordan$14.99DC 6,500
931059Darkness Accursed Vol. 1$4.99Image6,500
94171Y The Last Man Vol. 8 Kimono Dragons$14.99DC 6,500
9560Boys Vol. 2 Get Some$19.99Dynamite6,500
96120Star Wars Legacy Vol. 5$15.95Dark Horse6,500
97176Preacher Vol. 3 Proud Americans New Ed.ition$14.99DC 6,400
98104Superman Red Son$17.99DC 6,400
99182Captain America Vol. 3 Death of Captain America$14.99Marvel6,400
100457Naruto Vol. 41$7.95Viz6,300
101181DMZ Vol. 7 War Powers$14.99DC 6,300
102114Fables Vol. 4 March of The Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC 6,200
103145Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home$15.95Dark Horse6,200
104398Air Vol. 1 Letters From Lost Countries$9.99DC 6,200
10584Filthy Rich HC$19.99DC 6,100
106484Naruto Vol. 43$7.95Viz6,100
10791Marvel Zombies 3 HC$19.99Marvel6,100
108197Batman The Man Who Laughs$14.99DC 6,100
109196Green Lantern Corps Sins of The Star Sapphire$14.99DC 6,100
110558Star Wars Adventures Vol. 1 Han Solo & Hollow Moon of Khorya$7.95Dark Horse6,100
111175X-Force Vol. 1 Angels Demons$15.99Marvel6,100
112565Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 3 Wind Raiders Taloraan$7.95Dark Horse6,100
1131124Spider-Man Death of The Stacys Premiere HC$19.99Marvel6,000
114516Naruto Vol. 45$7.95Viz6,000
11598Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 Five Nightmares$19.99Marvel6,000
116186Marvel Zombies Vol. 2$15.99Marvel5,900
117204Northlanders Vol. 2 The Cross And The Hammer$14.99DC 5,900
118528Naruto Vol. 34$7.95Viz5,900
11996Green Lantern Agent Orange HC$19.99DC 5,900
120211New Avengers Vol. 8 Secret Invasion Book 01$14.99Marvel5,900
121525Naruto Vol. 40$7.95Viz5,900
122529Naruto Vol. 44$7.95Viz5,900
123229Rasl Vol. 1 Drift$13.00Cartoon5,800
124218Scalped Vol. 4 The Gravel In Your Guts$14.99DC 5,700
125214Jack of Fables Vol. 6 The Big Book of War$14.99DC 5,700
126681Warren Ellis Frankenstein's Womb$6.99Avatar5,700
12787Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 5$19.95Dark Horse5,700
128126Star Wars Vector Vol. 1 Chapters 1 & 2$17.95Dark Horse5,700
129220Preacher Vol. 4 Ancient History New Ed.ition$14.99DC 5,700
1304582Omega The Unknown Classic$29.99Marvel5,600
132586Naruto Vol. 42$7.95Viz5,600
133231Transmetropolitan Vol. 2 Lust For Life New Ed.$14.99DC 5,600
134132B.P.R.D. Vol. 10 The Warning$17.95Dark Horse5,600
135584Naruto Vol. 37$7.95Viz5,600
136592Naruto Vol. 36$7.95Viz5,500
137191Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 2 No Future For You$15.95Dark Horse5,500
138111Batman Battle For The Cowl HC$19.99DC 5,500
139239Fables Vol. 5 The Mean Seasons$14.99DC 5,500
140123Thor By J Michael Straczynski Vol. 2$19.99Marvel5,500
141276Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World$11.95Oni5,500
142496Northlanders Vol. 1 Sven The Returned$9.99DC 5,500
143504Mini Marvels Secret Invasion Digest$9.99Marvel5,500
14470Powers Vol. 12 Coolest Dead Superheroes$24.99Marvel5,500
145243Sandman Vol. 3 Dream Country$14.99DC 5,500
14668Superman Whatever Happened To Man of Tomorrow HC$24.99DC 5,400
14746Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel5,400
148173Fables Vol. 10 The Good Prince$17.99DC 5,400
149521DMZ Vol. 1 On The Ground$9.99DC 5,400
150608Naruto Vol. 38$7.95Viz5,400
151621Naruto Vol. 39$7.95Viz5,400
152614Naruto Vol. 35$7.95Viz5,300
153255League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol. Two$14.99DC 5,300
155261Fables Vol. 6 Homelands$14.99DC 5,300
15676Saga of The Swamp Thing HC Book 01$24.99DC 5,300
157137Dark Entries HC$19.99DC 5,300
158234Empowered Vol. 5$14.95Dark Horse5,200
159141Batman The Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul$19.99DC 5,200
16079Marvel Zombies Dead Days$24.99Marvel5,200
161662Alan Moore Light of Thy Countenance$7.99Avatar5,100
162543American Jesus Vol. 1 Chosen$9.99Image5,100
1631276Fallen Son Death of Captain America Prem HC$19.99Marvel5,100
164271Preacher Vol. 5 Dixie Fried New Ed.ition$14.99DC 5,100
165455Naruto Vol. 46$9.99Viz5,100
166737Star Wars Adventures Vol. 2 Princess Leia & Royal Ransom$7.95Dark Horse5,100
167283New Avengers Vol. 9 Secret Invasion Book 02$14.99Marvel5,000
168358Ex Machina Vol. 8 Dirty Tricks$12.99DC 5,000
169230Daredevil Lady Bullseye$16.99Marvel5,000
170154Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds HC$19.99DC 5,000
171290Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights And Days$14.99DC 4,900
172617Scalped Vol. 1 Indian Country$9.99DC 4,900
173217Fables Vol. 8 Wolves$17.99DC 4,900
174172Batman Mad Love And Other Stories HC$19.99DC 4,800
175174Sandman Vol. 4 Season of Mists$19.99DC 4,800
176384Madame Xanadu Vol. 1 Disenchanted$12.99DC 4,800
177179Superman Brainiac HC$19.99DC 4,800
178222Fables Vol. 9 Sons of Empire$17.99DC 4,800
17910Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1$59.99Image4,800
18099Dark Tower Long Road Home HC$24.99Marvel4,800
181444Fruits Basket Vol. 22$10.99Tokyopop4,800
182434Wolverine Origins Vol. 1 Born In Blood$13.99Marvel4,800
183135Hulk Wwh$24.99Marvel4,700
184136Freakangels Vol. 2$19.99Avatar4,700
1851525Silver Surfer Requiem Prem HC$19.99Marvel4,700
186232Preacher Vol. 6 War In The Sun New Edition$17.99DC 4,700
187162Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 6$19.95Dark Horse4,600
188799Bleach Vol. 26$7.95Viz4,600
189331Cable Deadpool Vol. 1 If Looks Could Kill$14.99Marvel4,600
190190Batman Cacophony HC$19.99DC 4,600
191427Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.99DC 4,600
192210Star Wars Vector Vol. 2 Chapters 3 And 4$17.95Dark Horse4,500
193273Wolverine Weapon X$16.99Marvel4,500
194244Preacher Vol. 7 Salvation New Ed.ition$17.99DC 4,500
195344Thor By J Michael Straczynski Vol. 1$14.99Marvel4,500
196339House of Mystery Vol. 2 Love Stories For Dead People$14.99DC 4,500
197203Batman The Heart of Hush HC$19.99DC 4,500
198308Hulk Red And Green Vol. 2$15.99Marvel4,400
199227B.P.R.D. Vol. 11 Black Goddess$17.95Dark Horse4,400
200208Batman Dark Victory$19.99DC 4,400
201349100 Bullets Vol. 2 Split Second Chance$14.99DC 4,400
202254Preacher Vol. 8 All Hells A Coming$17.99DC 4,400
203447Noir Vol. 1$12.95Dark Horse4,400
204352Scalped Vol. 5 High Lonesome$14.99DC 4,400
205258Preacher Vol. 9 Alamo$17.99DC 4,400
206134Dark Avengers Prem HC Vol. 1 Assemble$24.99Marvel4,400
207407Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4 Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together$11.95Oni4,400
208185Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 6 Vindication$19.95Dark Horse4,400
209403Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3 Infinite Sadness$11.95Oni4,400
210472Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.99DC 4,400
211474Tiny Titans Vol. 1 Welcome To The Treehouse$12.99DC 4,300
212212Dark Avengers Vol. 1 Assemble$19.99Marvel4,300
213326Wolverine By Claremont & Miller$16.99Marvel4,300
214289Goon Vol. 7 Place of Heartache & Grief$15.95Dark Horse4,300
215129Halo Uprising Prem HC$24.99Marvel4,300
216300Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 3 Book of Iron Fist$16.99Marvel4,300
21778Trinity Vol. 1$29.99DC 4,300
218139Thor By J Michael Straczynski Prem HC Vol. 2$24.99Marvel4,300
219566Fruits Basket Vol. 23$10.99Tokyopop4,300
220475Transmetropolitan Vol. 3 Year of The Bastard New Ed.$12.99DC 4,300
221379Berserk Vol. 27$13.95Dark Horse4,300
22281Y The Last Man Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 2$29.99DC 4,300
223369Planetary Vol. 1 All Over The World And Other Stories$14.99DC 4,300
224377Mighty Avengers Vol. 3 Secret Invasion Book 01$14.99Marvel4,200
225242Hulk Prem HC Vol. 2 Red & Green$19.99Marvel4,200
226757Unknown Soldier Vol. 1 Haunted House$9.99DC 4,200
227505Green Lantern No Fear$12.99DC 4,200
228278Batman The Black Casebook$17.99DC 4,200
2291418Spider-Man Prem HC One More Day$24.99Marvel4,200
230236Sandman Vol. 5 A Game of You$19.99DC 4,200
231798Ex Machina Vol. 1 The First Hundred Days$9.99DC 4,200
232507Superman Last Son$12.99DC 4,100
233282Justice League of America Lightning Saga$17.99DC 4,100
234148Ultimatum Prem HC$24.99Marvel4,100
235387JSA Vol. 2 Thy Kingdom Come Part 01$14.99DC 4,100
236350I Kill Giants$15.99Image4,100
237394Deadpool Vol. 2 Dark Reign$14.99Marvel4,100
238280Batman The Black Glove$17.99DC 4,100
239399Mighty Avengers Vol. 4 Secret Invasion Book 02$14.99Marvel4,100
240241Spider-Man New Ways To Die$19.99Marvel4,100
241321Goon Vol. 8 Those That Is Damned$15.95Dark Horse4,100
242291Daredevil Return of King$17.99Marvel4,100
243532100 Bullets Vol. 12 Dirty$12.99DC 4,100
2441498Ultimate Spider-Man Venom Prem HC$19.99Marvel4,100
24528Starman Omnibus HC Vol. 2$49.99DC 4,100
2466566Teen Titans Go Vol. 3 Bring It On$6.99DC 4,000
247151Superman New Krypton HC Vol. 1$24.99DC 4,000
248425Berserk Vol. 28$13.95Dark Horse4,000
249224Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks$17.00Random House4,000
250408Jeff Smith Little Mouse Gets Ready HC$12.95Raw4,000
251544Invincible Vol. 1 Family Matters$12.99Image4,000
25249Preacher HC Book 1$39.99DC 4,000
253177Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Prem HC$24.99Marvel4,000
25490Hulk Planet Hulk$34.99Marvel4,000
255165Sleeper Season 1$24.99DC 4,000
2561236Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 1$6.95Dark Horse3,900
257163Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5 Ghost Box$24.99Marvel3,900
258433Transmetropolitan Vol. 5 Lonely City New Ed.$14.99DC 3,900
2591870New Avengers Prem HC Vol. 6$19.99Marvel3,900
260541Green Lantern Revenge of The Green Lanterns$12.99DC 3,900
261607Bone Color Ed. Vol. 9 Crown of Horns$9.99Scholastic3,900
262140Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 6$24.95Dark Horse3,900
263987Bleach Vol. 27$7.95Viz3,900
264422Sword Vol. 2 Water$14.99Image3,900
2651332Resurrection Insurgent Ed.$6.00Oni3,900
266452Berserk Vol. 29$13.95Dark Horse3,900
2671068Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 4 Colossus of Destiny$7.99Dark Horse3,900
268127Angel After The Fall HC Vol. 3$24.99IDW3,800
26945From Hell$35.00Top Shelf3,800
270108Deadpool Classic Vol. 3$29.99Marvel3,800
2711676Punisher War Journal Prem HC Vol. 2 Goin Out West$24.99Marvel3,800
272458Secret Invasion X-Men$14.99Marvel3,800
273365Punisher Max Vol. 11 Girls in White Dresses$16.99Marvel3,800
274180JSA HC Vol. 4 Thy Kingdom Come Part 3$24.99DC 3,800
275619DMZ Vol. 2 Body of a Journalist$12.99DC 3,800
276385Secret Invasion Fantastic Four$16.99Marvel3,800
277413Usagi Yojimbo HC Yokai$14.95Dark Horse3,800
278110Fables Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC 3,800
279501Transmetropolitan Vol. 4 The New Scum$14.99DC 3,800
280374Nova Vol. 3 Secret Invasion$16.99Marvel3,800
281563Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Gifted$14.99Marvel3,800
282419Captain America Man With No Face$15.99Marvel3,800
283483Berserk Vol. 30$13.95Dark Horse3,800
284299Star Wars Legacy Vol. 7 Storms$17.95Dark Horse3,700
285490Criminal Vol. 1 Coward$14.99Marvel3,700
286375Goon Vol. 9 Calamity of Conscience$15.95Dark Horse3,700
287645We 3$12.99DC 3,700
288287Ultimate Origins$19.99Marvel3,700
289288Sandman Vol. 6 Fables And Reflections$19.99DC 3,700
290328Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction$17.95Dark Horse3,700
291629Secret Invasion War Machine$12.99Marvel3,700
292441Captain Britain And Mi 13 Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$15.99Marvel3,700
293574Superman Batman Vol. 1 Public Enemies$14.99DC 3,700
294639Superman Batman Enemies Among Us$12.99DC 3,700
295511Captain America Vol. 1 Death of Captain America$14.99Marvel3,700
296194Sandman The Dream Hunters HC$24.99DC 3,600
297508Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 Worlds Most Wanted$14.99Marvel3,600
298498Wolverine Logan$14.99Marvel3,600
299298Harley Quinn Preludes And Knock Knock Jokes$19.99DC 3,600
300301Batman Dark Knight Strikes Again$19.99DC 3,600
301520Uncanny X-Men Sisterhood$14.99Marvel3,600
302962100 Bullets Vol. 3 Hang Up On The Hang Low$9.99DC 3,600
303310Secret Invasion Thunderbolts$19.99Marvel3,600
304240Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut$19.95Slave Labor3,600
305890Serenity Better Days$9.95Dark Horse3,600
306527Secret Invasion Inhumans$14.99Marvel3,600
307330Conan Vol. 7 Cimmeria$17.95Dark Horse3,600
308206Stand American Nightmares Prem HC$24.99Marvel3,600
309524Secret Invasion Home Invasion$14.99Marvel3,600
310896Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1 Slaves of Republic$9.95Dark Horse3,600
311309Deadpool Prem HC Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$19.99Marvel3,500
312312Nobody HC$19.99DC 3,500
313216Ultimate Origins Prem HC$24.99Marvel3,500
314478Uncanny X-Men Lovelorn$15.99Marvel3,500
315215Deadpool vs. Marvel Universe$24.99Marvel3,500
316479Berserk Vol. 31$14.95Dark Horse3,500
31739Starman Omnibus HC Vol. 3$49.99DC 3,500
318560Justice Vol. 1$14.99DC 3,500
319193Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack HC$24.95Dark Horse3,500
3201104Legend of Zelda Vol. 3 Majora's Mask$7.99Viz3,500
3211129Bleach Vol. 28$7.95Viz3,500
322550Superman And The Legion of Super-Heroes$14.99DC 3,500
323486New Avengers Vol. 10 Power$15.99Marvel3,500
324572Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall$14.99DC 3,500
325324Marvel Zombies 4 HC$19.99Marvel3,500
326555Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man$14.99Marvel3,500
327564X-Force Vol. 2 Old Ghosts$14.99Marvel3,500
328329Deadpool Prem HC Vol. 2 Dark Reign$19.99Marvel3,500
329391Terry Moore's Echo Vol. 2 Atomic Dreams$15.95Abstract3,400
330294Blade of The Immortal Vol. 21 Demon Lair II$19.95Dark Horse3,400
331573Secret Invasion Thor$14.99Marvel3,400
332589Batman And Son$14.99DC 3,400
333303Irredeemable Vol. 2$16.99Boom3,400
334192Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 7$24.95Dark Horse3,400
335506Marvel Zombies 3$15.99Marvel3,400
336673Marvel Zombies Spider-Man Cover$15.99Marvel3,400
337223Green Lantern Corps Emerald Eclipse HC$24.99DC 3,400
338725Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers$12.99Marvel3,400
3391145Legend of Zelda Vol. 4 Oracle of Seasons$7.99Viz3,400
340553Spawn Origins Vol. 1$14.99Image3,400
341332Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1$19.99DC 3,400
342347Green Lantern Secret Origin HC$19.99DC 3,400
343237Dark Reign Accept Change$24.99Marvel3,400
3441161Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 10$7.95Archaia3,400
345338Batman The Strange Deaths of Batman$19.99DC 3,400
346342Sandman Vol. 7 Brief Lives$19.99DC 3,400
347420Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 1 2nd Hard Goodbye$17.00Dark Horse3,400
348333Heroes Vol. 2$19.99DC 3,300
349820Ultimates Vol. 1$12.99Marvel3,300
350336World of Warcraft Ashbringer HC$19.99DC 3,300
3511135Death Note Vol. 1$7.99Viz3,300
352595Hellblazer Roots of Coincidence$14.99DC 3,300
353353League of Extraordinary Gentleman Black Dossier$19.99DC 3,300
354596Infinite Crisis$14.99DC 3,300
355351Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest$19.99Marvel3,300
356306House of M$24.99Marvel3,300
357356Wolverine Origins Vol. 5 Deadpool$19.99Marvel3,300
358156Walking Dead HC Vol. 1$29.99Image3,300
359158Apes & Babes Art of Frank Cho HC$29.99Image3,300
360410100 Bullets Vol. 4 Foregone Tomorrow$17.99DC 3,300
361249Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Prem HC$24.99Marvel3,300
362363War of Kings Road to War of Kings$19.99Marvel3,300
363354Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 7$18.95Dark Horse3,300
364362Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 5$15.99Zenescope3,200
365624Justice Vol. 2$14.99DC 3,200
3661100Runaways Vol. 8 Dead End Kids Digest$9.99Marvel3,200
367570Berserk Vol. 32$14.99Dark Horse3,200
368787Tiny Titans Vol. 2 Adventures In Awesomeness$12.99DC 3,200
36994TMNT Collected Book Vol. 1$29.95Mirage3,200
370372Justice League of America Sanctuary HC$19.99DC 3,200
371616Batman Battle for the Cowl Companion$14.99DC 3,200
372622Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 1$14.99DC 3,200
373638New Avengers Vol. 11 Search For Sorcerer Supreme$14.99Marvel3,200
374656alped Vol. 2 Casino Boogie$14.99DC 3,200
375634Hitman Vol. 1 A Rage In Arkham$14.99DC 3,200
376585Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness$15.99Marvel3,200
377642Secret Invasion Captain Marvel$14.99Marvel3,200
3781327Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 2$7.95Dark Horse3,200
3791215Naruto Vol. 1$7.95Viz3,200
380523Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 1 Legacy$16.99Marvel3,200
381371Batman Gotham After Midnight$19.99DC 3,100
382401Captain America Man With No Face Prem HC$19.99Marvel3,100
383263Deadpool Suicide Kings HC$24.99Marvel3,100
384268Green Lantern HC Vol. 2 The Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC 3,100
385417Chronicles of Conan Vol. 17 Creation Quest$17.95Dark Horse3,100
386313Freakangels Vol. 3$19.99Avatar3,100
387819Pride of Baghdad$12.99DC 3,100
3882742Lenore Vol. 2 Wedgies$13.95Slave Labor3,100
389655X-Men Legacy Sins of the Father$14.99Marvel3,100
390762Negima Vol. 21$10.99Random House3,100
391651Batman Chronicles Vol. 7$14.99DC 3,100
392274Atomic Robo Vol. 2$19.95Red 53,100
393138Hulk World War Hulk HC$34.99Marvel3,100
3941004Bleach Vol. 29$9.99Viz3,100
395397Sandman Vol. 8 Worlds End$19.99DC 3,100
396667Cable Deadpool Vol. 2 Burnt Offering$14.99Marvel3,100
397183Trinity Vol. 2$29.99DC 3,100
398660Secret Six Unhinged$14.99DC 3,100
399198X-Men Messiah Complex$29.99Marvel3,100
400657Astounding Wolf Man Vol. 2$14.99Image3,100
401485Justice League of America Vol. 3 Injustice League$17.99DC 3,100
4021285Legend of Zelda Vol. 5 Oracle of Ages$7.99Viz3,100
403846Secret Invasion Black Panther$12.99Marvel3,000
404836Air Vol. 2 Flying Machine$12.99DC 3,000
405674Venom Dark Origin$14.99Marvel3,000
406405Final Crisis Companion$19.99DC 3,000
407275Uncanny X-Men Manifest Destiny$24.99Marvel3,000
4081156Vampire Knight Vol. 6$8.99Viz3,000
409533Twisted Toyfare Theatre Vol. 10$12.99Wizard3,000
410875DMZ Vol. 5 The Hidden War$12.99DC 3,000
411415Tales of The Batman Tim Sale$19.99DC 3,000
412582Love & Rockets New Stories Vol. 2$14.99Fantagraphics3,000
413448Star Wars Legacy Vol. 1 Broken$17.95Dark Horse3,000
414786Gantz Vol. 3$12.95Dark Horse3,000
415868Ex Machina Vol. 7 Ex Cathedra$12.99DC 3,000
416685Identity Crisis$14.99DC 3,000
417699Jack of Fables Vol. 4 Americana$14.99DC 3,000
418418Sandman Vol. 9 The Kindly Ones$19.99DC 3,000
419577Showcase Presents Strange Adventures Vol. 1$16.99DC 3,000
420874DMZ Vol. 3 Public Works$12.99DC 3,000
421700Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 4 Mortal Iron Fist$14.99Marvel3,000
42295X-Force Cable Messiah War HC$39.99Marvel3,000
4231038Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 18$9.99Viz3,000
424284Gambit Classic Vol. 1$24.99Marvel3,000
4251113Serenity Those Left Behind$9.95Dark Horse3,000
426850Superman Batman Search For Kryptonite$12.99DC 3,000
427414World of Warcraft HC Vol. 2$19.99DC 3,000
428100Avengers X-Men Utopia HC$39.99Marvel3,000
429580X-Men Forever Vol. 1$16.99Marvel3,000
4301312Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 0 Beginning$7.95Archaia3,000
431689Pax Romana Vol. 1$14.99Image3,000
432341Angel After The Fall Vol. 1$19.99IDW3,000
4331200Superman Death of Superman$9.99DC 3,000
434430Essential Spider-Man Vol. 9$19.99Marvel3,000
435143Invincible HC Vol. 4 Ultimate Coll$34.99Image3,000
436421Batman Haunted Gotham$19.99DC 3,000
437590Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 4$16.99DC 3,000
438714Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 2$14.99Marvel3,000
439735Captain America Vol. 2 Death of Captain America$14.99Marvel2,900
440429Astro City The Dark Age Book 01$19.99DC 2,900
441889100 Bullets Vol. 5 The Counterfifth Detective$12.99DC 2,900
442556Scalped Vol. 3 Dead Mothers$17.99DC 2,900
443887Flash Emergency Stop$12.99DC 2,900
444102War of Kings HC$39.99Marvel2,900
445716X-Men Original Sin$14.99Marvel2,900
446705Invincible Vol. 9 Out of This World$14.99Image2,900
447727Secret Invasion Front Line$14.99Marvel2,900
448302X-Men Magneto Testament Premium HC$24.99Marvel2,900
449713Hellblazer Scab$14.99DC 2,900
45093Watchmen HC$39.99DC 2,900
451597Showcase Presents The Doom Patrol Vol. 1$16.99DC 2,900
452442Final Crisis Rogues Revenge HC$19.99DC 2,900
453726Planetary Vol. 2 The Fourth Man$14.99DC 2,900
454437X-Men Magneto Testament$19.99Marvel2,900
455915Iron Man Director of Shield Iron Hands$12.99Marvel2,900
456731Planetary Vol. 3 Leaving The 20 Th Century$14.99DC 2,900
457346Classic Gi Joe Vol. 1$19.99IDW2,900
458296Sleeper Season 2$24.99DC 2,900
459720Spider-Man Kravens First Hunt$14.99Marvel2,900
460159Annihilation Conquest Book 02$34.99Marvel2,900
461311Green Lantern HC Vol. 1 The Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC 2,900
462957Neil Gaiman Coraline$9.99HarperCollins2,900
463733Spider-Man Vol. 3 Brand New Day$14.99Marvel2,900
464446Final Crisis Revelations HC$19.99DC 2,900
465899Batman The Cat And The Bat$12.99DC 2,900
466325Spider-Man Prem HC New Ways To Die$24.99Marvel2,900
467938DMZ Vol. 4 Friendly Fire$12.99DC 2,900
468459Essential X-Men Vol. 9$19.99Marvel2,900
469613Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol. 4$16.99DC 2,900
4701166Path of the Assassin Vol. 14 Bad Blood$9.95Dark Horse2,900
471672Tales From Wonderland Vol. 1$12.99Zenescope2,900
472760Secret Invasion Incredible Hercules$14.99Marvel2,900
473460Swamp Thing Vol. 1 Saga of The Swamp Thing$19.99DC 2,800
474738Batman Lovers And Madmen$14.99DC 2,800
4755115Teen Titans Go Vol. 2 Heroes On Patrol$6.99DC 2,800
476881Negima Vol. 22$10.99Random House2,800
477304Superman New Krypton HC Vol. 2$24.99DC 2,800
478470Sandman Vol. 10 The Wake$19.99DC 2,800
4791111Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 19$9.99Viz2,800
480416Saga Solomon Kane$19.95Dark Horse2,800
481469Shazam Monster Society of Evil$19.99DC 2,800
482314Saga of The Swamp Thing HC Book 02$24.99DC 2,800
4831558Runaways Vol. 1 Pride And Joy Digest$7.99Marvel2,800
484636Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 4$16.99DC 2,800
485901Negima Vol. 23$10.99Random House2,800
486770Flash The Human Race$14.99DC 2,800
487327Thor HC Ages of Thunder$24.99Marvel2,800
4881706Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 3$6.95Dark Horse2,800
489643Showcase Presents House of Mystery Vol. 3$16.99DC 2,800
490491X-Force Premiere HC Vol. 2 Old Ghosts$19.99Marvel2,800
4911436Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 11$7.95Archaia2,800
492775Superman Eape From Bizarro World$14.99DC 2,800
493246Y The Last Man Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC 2,800
494318Superman Red Son Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC 2,800
495184Book of Genesis Illustrated By Robert Crumb HC$24.95Norton2,800
496117DC Universe Illustrated By Neal Adams HC Vol. 1$39.99DC 2,800
4971223Path of The Assassin Vol. 15 One Who Rules$9.95Dark Horse2,800
498538Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 23$17.95Dark Horse2,800
499503Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 Unstoppable$19.99Marvel2,800
500499Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 6$15.99Zenescope2,700

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