October 2021 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Rankings for Comics Books Shipped to North American Shops

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

Sometime during the first week of November, Diamond Comic Distributors was struck by a ransomware attack that impacted many of its systems. Beyond delaying the shipments of many comics, it affected many of Diamond's reporting mechanisms. Some features, such as its advance reorder reports, became unavailable and would remain so for the rest of the year the entire year. Others, like its reorder reports, would function differently than they had before.

Impacted, too, were its monthly sales charts, which had resumed in June 2021 after a winter pause due to different logistical issues. The unavailability of an October 2021 chart is signicantly damaging to comics sales tracking, as Oct. 1 saw Marvel's move to Penguin Random House as its comics distributor. While Diamond continued to sell Marvel comics to retailers, it was as a wholesaler, buying from PRH. October charts, presumably, would have given an idea of how much of Marvel's business remained with Diamond. While Diamond owner Steve Geppi said in a December 6 interview that Diamond retained 45% of Marvel's business, it wasn't clear whether that meant 45% of its Marvel-ordering accounts, or 45% of its Marvel sales volume.

November charts were not released in December, as Diamond's systems were still being restored — making it the third multi-month pause in its chart releases since the Coronavirus pandemic first impacted the company in April 2020. As in those times — and given that Lunar Distribution and PRH did not release any sales reporting — Comichron has drawn upon a retailer initial order sample to determine approximate unit sales rankings. The dataset represented a sizable number of copies, from which Comichron was able to determine relative sales volumes — but only the rankings are being shared at this time, and no attempt has been made to rank items beyond 225th place. The set provides rankings for retailer orders not just of Diamond-shipped titles, but all comics in the market, including DC. Should official data become available — as happened in June 2021 when Diamond restarted its charts — that information will replace what appears below.

No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out. Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below.

The chart below features every new comic book released by Diamond, Random House, and Lunar in October 2021. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The DC release dates are from Lunar.

Things to remember: As we're not characterizing order levels at this time, ranked comics could be separated by thousands of copies or as little as a single issue. Rankings are most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

This is particularly true, for example, this month with House of Slaughter #1, which Boom on September 21 announced had orders of more than 460,000 copies. The run of our model used to generate the chart below did not detect a very large difference between the issue and Amazing Spider-Man #75 in second place, but that could be attributed to factors within the model itself, which, for example, would not see reorders, or most copies that were retailer exclusives. The comic book actually showed up in fourth place for the month in ICV2's ComicHub point-of-sale rankings, but that likewise could relate to what's being measured: that chart counts sales at register through October 30, and the comic book only came out on October 27. Different measures can be expected to find different things based on what they're looking at.

On the other hand, Comichron's October model is significantly fortified in that it has the benefit of four months of actual Diamond data, released from June through September. This is, again, of most help when it comes to issues of regular monthly series which are past their first-issue sales, which tend to be outliers.

You can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This the two lists below include all comic books released by Direct Market Distributors in the month.
Rankings are based on Comichron's retailer inital order sample and do not include reorders.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
1House of Slaughter1$3.9910/27/21Boom
2Amazing Spider-Man75$5.9910/06/21Marvel
3Gunslinger Spawn1$5.9910/20/21Image
6Immortal Hulk50$9.9910/13/21Marvel
7Dark Ages2$3.9910/06/21Marvel
8DC Vs. Vampires1$3.9910/26/21DC
9Amazing Spider-Man76$3.9910/13/21Marvel
10Amazing Spider-Man77$3.9910/27/21Marvel
12Batman Fortnite Foundation1$4.9910/26/21DC
13Star Wars War Bounty Hunters5$4.9910/13/21Marvel
17King Spawn3$2.9910/20/21Image
18Nice House on the Lake5$3.9910/05/21DC
19Moon Knight4$3.9910/27/21Marvel
20Star Wars Doctor Aphra15$3.9910/13/21Marvel
22Batman The Long Halloween Special1$7.9910/26/21DC
23Batman Catwoman8$4.9910/19/21DC
25Task Force Z1$3.9910/26/21DC
26Batman ’893$3.9910/12/21DC
28Death of Doctor Strange2$3.9910/20/21Marvel
29Star Wars High Republic10$3.9910/20/21Marvel
31Batman The Imposter1$5.9910/12/21DC
33Detective Comics1044$4.9910/26/21DC
35Masters of the Universe Revelation4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
36Miles Morales Spider-Man31$3.9910/13/21Marvel
37Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular1$9.9910/05/21DC
38Star Wars Darth Vader17$3.9910/27/21Marvel
39X-Men Trial of Magneto3$3.9910/20/21Marvel
41Star Wars High Republic Trail Shadows1$3.9910/13/21Marvel
43Deadpool Black White Blood3$4.9910/06/21Marvel
44Fantastic Four37$3.9910/20/21Marvel
45United States Captain America5$4.9910/20/21Marvel
46Me You Love In The Dark3$3.9910/06/21Image
49I Am Batman2$3.9910/12/21DC
50Savage Avengers25$3.9910/06/21Marvel
51Darkhold Alpha1$4.9910/06/21Marvel
52Strange Adventures12$4.9910/12/21DC
53Nubia and the Amazons1$3.9910/19/21DC
54Star Wars War Bounty Hunters IG-881$4.9910/27/21Marvel
55Harley Quinn The Animated Series The Eat Bang Kill Tour2$3.9910/12/21DC
56Righteous Thirst For Vengeance1$3.9910/06/21Image
57Arkham City The Order of the World1$3.9910/05/21DC
58Catwoman Lonely City1$6.9910/19/21DC
59Ka-Zar Lord Savage Land2$3.9910/13/21Marvel
60Phoenix Song Echo1$4.9910/20/21Marvel
61DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber1$3.9910/05/21DC
62Batman Urban Legends8$7.9910/12/21DC
63Iron Man13$3.9910/13/21Marvel
65Superman Son of Kal-El4$3.9910/19/21DC
66Deathstroke Inc2$3.9910/26/21DC
67Mazebook2$5.9910/13/21Dark Horse
68Eternals Celestia1$3.9910/06/21Marvel
69Legends of the Dark Knight6$3.9910/19/21DC
70Superman and the Authority4$4.9910/12/21DC
71Black Widow12$3.9910/27/21Marvel
73Kang The Conqueror3$3.9910/13/21Marvel
74Gun Honey2$3.9910/20/21Titan
75Darkhold Blade1$3.9910/27/21Marvel
76Wonder Girl4$3.9910/26/21DC
77Joker Presents A Puzzlebox3$4.9910/05/21DC
78Wonder Woman780$4.9910/12/21DC
82New Mutants22$3.9910/06/21Marvel
83Swamp Thing8$3.9910/05/21DC
84Harley Quinn8$3.9910/26/21DC
85Darkhold Iron Man1$3.9910/13/21Marvel
86Refrigerator Full of Heads1$3.9910/19/21DC
87Batman Secret Files Peacekeeper-011$4.9910/19/21DC
88Mighty Morphin12$3.9910/06/21Boom
89Suicide Squad8$3.9910/19/21DC
90Green Lantern7$4.9910/19/21DC
91Captain Marvel33$3.9910/06/21Marvel
92Future State Gotham6$3.9910/12/21DC
94Star Wars High Republic Adventures9$3.9910/06/21IDW
95Avengers Tech-On3$3.9910/06/21Marvel
97Chicken Devil1$4.9910/06/21Aftershock
98Titans United2$3.9910/12/21DC
99Batman The Adventures Continue Season II5$3.9910/05/21DC
100Justice League Last Ride6$3.9910/12/21DC
101Walking Dead Deluxe24$3.9910/06/21Image
102Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads4$3.9910/13/21Marvel
105Walking Dead Deluxe25$3.9910/27/21Image
106Eat The Rich3$3.9910/20/21Boom
108Gamma Flight5$3.9910/13/21Marvel
109Last Book You'll Ever Read3$3.9910/06/21Vault
110Invincible Red Sonja5$3.9910/27/21Dynamite
111Are You Afraid of Darkseid1$9.9910/05/21DC
112Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog1$3.9910/20/21Image
113Suicide Squad King Shark2$3.9910/19/21DC
114Mom Mother of Madness3$4.9910/27/21Image
115Eternals Forever1$3.9910/13/21Marvel
117Batman Vs. Bigby a Wolf In Gotham2$3.9910/19/21DC
118Blue and Gold3$3.9910/12/21DC
120Army of Darkness 19792$3.9910/13/21Dynamite
124Jennifer Blood1$3.9910/06/21Dynamite
125Aquaman Green Arrow Deep Target1$3.9910/26/21DC
126Black Manta2$3.9910/19/21DC
128Wonder Woman Black and Gold5$5.9910/26/21DC
130Cimmerian Beyond The Black River1$3.9910/06/21Ablaze
131DC Horror Presents The Conjuring The Lover4$3.9910/05/21DC
132Ice Cream Man26$3.9910/20/21Image
133Batman and Scooby-Doo Mysteries7$2.9910/12/21DC
134Red Sonja2$3.9910/06/21Dynamite
135Batman The Audio Adventures Special1$9.9910/12/21DC
136Crush and Lobo5$3.9910/05/21DC
137Challenge of the Super Sons7$3.9910/12/21DC
139Star Wars High Republic Adventures Monster of Temple Peak3$4.9910/27/21IDW
141Ordinary Gods4 $3.9910/13/21Image
142Justice League Infinity4$3.9910/05/21DC
143We Only Find Them When They're Dead9$3.9910/27/21Boom
144Black Panther Legends1$3.9910/13/21Marvel
145Magic the Gathering7$4.9910/06/21Boom
146Sweet Paprika4$3.9910/27/21Image
147Unbelievable Unteens World of Black Hammer3$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse
149Once & Future21$3.9910/27/21Boom
150Power Rangers12$3.9910/13/21Boom
151Not All Robots3 $3.9910/20/21AWA
152He Who Fights With Monsters2$3.9910/13/21Ablaze
153Hardware Season One2$3.9910/12/21DC
154Aquaman The Becoming2$3.9910/26/21DC
155Hellboy Silver Lantern Club1$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse
156Winchester Mystery House1$3.9910/27/21Source Point
157Pop Star Assassin1$3.9910/27/21Behemoth
159Last Flight Out2$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse
160Dune House Atreides11$4.9910/20/21Boom
161Warhammer 40K Sisters Battle3$4.9910/13/21Marvel
162Fire Power16$3.9910/06/21Image
163Norse Mythology II5$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse
164Vengeance of Vampirella23$3.9910/27/21Dynamite
165Star Wars Adventures11$3.9910/20/21IDW
166Search For Hu2$3.9910/27/21Aftershock
167Star Trek Mirror War1$3.9910/13/21IDW
168Swamp Dogs1$3.9910/27/21Scout
170Red Sonja Black White Red4$4.9910/20/21Dynamite
172Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici34$3.9910/27/21Image
173Chilling Adventures of Sabrina9$3.9910/13/21Archie
174Cross to Bear1$4.9910/27/21Aftershock
176Star Wars Adventures Ghost of Vader's Castle3$3.9910/06/21IDW
177Jupiters Legacy Requiem5$3.9910/27/21Image
178Dark Blood4$3.9910/27/21Boom
179Sonic The Hedgehog46$3.9910/27/21IDW
180Sonic The Hedgehog45$3.9910/13/21IDW
181Fight Girls4$3.9910/20/21AWA
183Van Helsing Beast of Exmoor$5.9910/06/21Zenescope
184Star Wars Adventures Ghost of Vader's Castle4$3.9910/13/21IDW
185Grimm Spotlight Cinderella Vs. Zombies$5.9910/20/21Zenescope
186Stranger Things Tomb of Ybwen2$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse
187Hellcop Halloween 3D Special1$7.9910/27/21Image
188Bettie Page & Curse of the Banshee5$3.9910/20/21Dynamite
190Usagi Yojimbo23$3.9910/27/21IDW
191Star Wars Adventures Ghost of Vader's Castle5$3.9910/20/21IDW
192Transformers King Grimlock3$4.9910/13/21IDW
193James Bond Himeros1$3.9910/13/21Dynamite
194Buffy The Vampire Slayer30$3.9910/06/21Boom
195Good Asian6$3.9910/27/21Image
196RWBY Justice League7$3.9910/26/21DC
198Black Hammer Reborn4$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse
199Time Before Time6$3.9910/27/21Image
200Transformers Beast Wars9$3.9910/27/21IDW
202Tales of Terror Quarterly 2021 Halloween Sp Cvr a Barrionuev$8.9910/20/21Zenescope
203Rick and Morty Mr. Nimbus1$4.9910/13/21Oni
204Black Hammer Reborn5$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse
205Trover Saves The Universe3$3.9910/13/21Image
206Transformers Shattered Glass3$3.9910/27/21IDW
208Deep Beyond9$3.9910/13/21Image
209St. Mercy3$3.9910/27/21Image
210Billy The Kit1$3.9910/06/21Blue Juice
211Dungeons & Dragons Mindbreaker1$3.9910/20/21IDW
213Rick and Morty Rick's New Hat3$3.9910/06/21Oni
214Blade Runner Origins7$3.9910/13/21Titan
216Menagerie1$3.9910/06/21Second Sight
217Belle Headless Horseman $5.9910/06/21Zenescope
218White4 $3.9910/13/21Black Mask
219Willy's Wonderland Prequel1$3.9910/06/21American Mythology
220Star Trek Year Five25$4.9910/06/21IDW
221Marvel Action Origins4$4.9910/06/21IDW
222Lucky Devil3$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse
223Space Pirate Capt Harlock5$3.9910/27/21Ablaze
224Almost American2$3.9910/06/21Aftershock
225Verotika Revenge1$4.9510/20/21Verotik

The list below includes all the other comics released by Diamond, Random House, and Lunar for which Comichron is not projecting rankings at this time. They appear in alphabetical order; use the arrows to sort by any column.

The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Comic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
A Man Among Ye7$3.9910/27/21Image
Aggretsuko Super Fun Spec Cvr a Starling$4.9910/20/21Oni
American Mythology Monsters Vol. 22$3.9910/06/21American Mythology
Apex Legends Overtime3$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest324$7.9910/20/21Archie
Archie Showcase Digest5$7.9910/06/21Archie
Archies Halloween Spectacular1$2.9910/06/21Archie
Battlecats Vol. 34$3.9910/27/21Mad Cave
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest298$7.9910/27/21Archie
Beyond The Breach4$3.9910/20/21Aftershock
Beyond The Farthest Star2$3.9910/06/21American Mythology
Black Beacon3$2.9910/20/21Heavy Metal
Blacks Myth4$3.9910/13/21Ahoy
Blowtorch3$3.9910/06/21Second Sight
Boston Metaphysical Society Ghosts & Demons$4.9910/27/21Source Point
Bountiful Garden2$3.9910/06/21Mad Cave
Broken Souls Ballad4$3.9910/13/21Scout
By The Horns6$3.9910/06/21Scout
Chamber of Terror1$2.9910/06/21Advent
Cherry Blackbird3$3.9910/06/21Scout
Chessmasters1$3.9910/06/21Second Sight
Chu9 $3.9910/27/21Image
Citizen2$3.9910/27/21Action Lab
Clans of Belari4$4.9910/20/21Aftershock
Clash of Kings15$3.9910/27/21Dynamite
Critical Role: Tales of Exandria1$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
Death By Life7$3.9910/20/21Antarctic
Dejah Thoris Vs. John Carter of Mars4$3.9910/27/21Dynamite
Destiny NY6 $3.9910/06/21Black Mask
Dirtbag Rapture1$3.9910/06/21Oni
Djinn Hunter3$3.9910/13/21Blackbox
Djinn Hunter4$3.9910/27/21Blackbox
Echolands Raw Cut Ed2$4.9910/27/21Image
Electric Black Dark Caravan1$3.9910/13/21Scout
Everfrost4$3.9910/06/21Black Mask
Exciting Comics16$3.9910/27/21Antarctic
Gods of Brutality2$3.9910/13/21Scout
Good Luck5$3.9910/27/21Boom
Grimm Fairy Tales53$3.9910/27/21Zenescope
Grubbs Halloween Spooktacular1$4.9910/27/21Keenspot
Hath No Fury1$3.9910/06/21Action Lab
Hey Kids Comics Vol. 2 Prophets & Loss6$3.9910/06/21Image
Holler4$5.9910/27/21It's Alive
Home Sick Pilots10$3.9910/13/21Image
Howling Snow Kung Fu Fable$4.9910/20/21Comics Experience
Human Remains2$3.9910/27/21Vault
Hyperthick2$5.9910/27/21Floating World
Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters7$3.9910/27/21Oni
Kaijumax Season 64 $3.9910/27/21Oni
Killer Queens3$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
Knights of the Dinner Table287$6.9910/06/21Kenzer
Lady Baltimore Witch Queens5$3.9910/27/21Dark Horse
Laurel & Hardy Meet Three Stooges1$6.9910/06/21American Mythology
Life Is Strange Settling Dust1$3.9910/13/21Titan
Living Corpse Relics3$3.9910/06/21American Mythology
Lunar Ladies2$3.9910/13/21Scout
Made In Korea5$3.9910/27/21Image
Man-Eaters Cursed4$3.9910/13/21Image
Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal6 $3.9910/27/21AWA
Merlin & Hector1$3.9510/27/21Red 5
Monday Monday Rivers of London4$3.9910/06/21Titan
Money Shot15$3.9910/06/21Vault
Monster Kill Squad2$6.9910/13/21Bad Idea
Montana Diary $5.0010/06/21Silver Sprocket
Ms. Marvel Marvel Tales1$7.9910/13/21Marvel
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic102$5.9910/13/21IDW
My Little Pony Generations1$3.9910/20/21IDW
Never Never4$3.9910/20/21Heavy Metal
Nightmare Before Christmas Mirror Moon3$3.9910/13/21Tokyopop
Nine Stones3$3.9910/27/21Behemoth
Ninja Scouts1$3.9910/13/21Scout
Ninjas & Robots10$4.9910/06/21Keenspot
No One Left to Fight II1$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse
Nobody's Child2$3.9910/27/21Behemoth
OBE Out of Body Experience4$3.9910/20/21Antarctic
Orville Artifacts1$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
Pellucidar Across Savage Seas2$3.9910/27/21American Mythology
Pyrate Queen2$7.9910/06/21Bad Idea
Rick & Morty Presents Snuffles Goes to War1$4.9910/06/21Oni
Rise of the Djinn1$5.9910/13/21Zenescope
Runes4$3.9910/27/21Source Point
S Factor2$3.9910/27/21Action Lab
Savage Hearts4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
Scooby-Doo Where Are You112$2.9910/19/21DC
Second Chances3$3.9910/27/21Image
Second Coming Only Begotten Son6$3.9910/13/21Ahoy
Secret Land4$3.9910/13/21Dark Horse
Seven Swords4$3.9910/06/21Aftershock
Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton5$3.9910/13/21Image
Sleeping Beauties7$3.9910/20/21IDW
Some Strange Disturbances Cold Winters Eve$7.9910/13/21Headless Shakespeare
Strange Attractors5$5.9910/27/21It's Alive
Stud & The Bloodblade2$4.9910/20/21Comics Experience
Suicide Jockeys3$3.9910/27/21Source Point
Super Cerebus Vs. Covid 19 One Shot$4.0010/27/21Aardvark-Vanaheim
Superbabes Starring Femforce8$5.9510/13/21AC
Tales From Harrow County Fair Folk4$3.9910/20/21Dark Horse
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose130 $3.9910/27/21Broadsword
Technofreak2$3.9910/27/21American Mythology
That Texas Blood11 $3.9910/27/21Image
The Lot4$5.9910/06/21Bad Idea
Touching Evil18 $3.9910/27/21Source Point
Transformers Wreckers Tread & Circuits1$3.9910/13/21IDW
Twin Mermaids Princesses of the Sea1$3.9910/27/21ARH
Unborn2$3.9910/27/21Source Point
Undying Queen1$3.9910/27/21ARH
Usagi Yojimbo Dragon Bellow Conspiracy5$3.9910/20/21IDW
Valkyrie Saviors3$3.9910/20/21Antarctic
Victor Crowley Hatchet Halloween III1$3.9910/27/21American Mythology
Wasted Space24$3.9910/13/21Vault
We Dont Kill Spiders2$3.9910/27/21Scout
Wolvenheart8$3.9910/27/21Mad Cave
Wonder Woman The Adventures of Young Diana Special1$9.9910/12/21DC
World of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest9$7.9910/13/21Archie
World of Darkness Crimson Thaw1$3.9910/13/21Vault
World War 33$3.9910/27/21Antarctic
Worst Dudes5$3.9910/06/21Dark Horse
X-O Manowar7$3.9910/27/21Valiant
Zombie Tramp82$4.9910/06/21Action Lab
Zorro Flights1$3.9910/06/21American Mythology

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October 2021 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Comichron did not examine graphic novel orders, but you can see what graphic novels were receiving retail attention at Diamond in the month by looking at its reorders.